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All In The Kitchen

16 dagar sedan

Gordon Ramsay visits The Keating, a sports car-inspired hotel.
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Confidential 3 timmar sedan
31:19 thank me later
John Janssen
John Janssen 7 timmar sedan
Excuse me, but I'm not American. Whats a "lifestyle concierge" ?
FACELESS GIRL 8 timmar sedan
Ouch 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Costin Ionescu
Costin Ionescu 9 timmar sedan
are we all going to ignore Gordon's 🍑?
Oxford Trenter
Oxford Trenter 9 timmar sedan
20:16 poor guys even shit himself :( You can hear him farting and gordons like gises christ
granath55 9 timmar sedan
Me: Clicked on the video for pizza with nutella Also me: Cried for the chef, forgot the pizza
eUxZVia 10 timmar sedan
i want to hug that chef omg
Pelumi Daramola
Pelumi Daramola 13 timmar sedan
Brian is such a sweetheart ❤️❤️
TheNicest 22 timmar sedan
hahaha good 1..Ramsay king
Ivan Mijailovic
Ivan Mijailovic Dag sedan
16:43 :D
Smelly Dag sedan
"He spent penis on the things the hotel really needs." #1 sentence of all time.
CJ train
CJ train Dag sedan
Yo WTF, the owner looks like my old Econ Professor from Uni
mcprinceska Dag sedan
Is it me or this chef looks like Steve Jobs?
Dispie Dark
Dispie Dark Dag sedan
I been to a formula 1 hotel you know on the side of a freeway, cost about 85 euro a night, but the sheets were pressed, floor was clean and the pizza came in a box form the pizza joint around the corner within 15 min. was a good oversized pizza and for 10 euro i could not complain. To me Mercure hotels in germany are mostly on par to my standards, there not big rooms, but i found those to be comfortable, nice bed, nice lazy chairs, small desk, but the fact you get a water cooker and a coffee machine in the room excellent. And the really nice breakfast all you can eat. From english to fruit, to multiple muesli breakfast they had it all. But here the thing those are 250-500 euro a night and mostly weekend deals for 500 euro. If i paid 850 euro i expect a palace like you see in the movies, But this hotel looks more like the places were you get free champagne , caviar and a prostitute.
sdentato27 Dag sedan
Brain is the best 😄😄😄😄❤❤
Dodex Dag sedan
Blub Dag sedan
I thought the chocolate pizza actually looked tasty
A M Dag sedan
... and the day after that manager: "Hey guys, let's put a red carpet at the entrance."
Rosa M
Rosa M Dag sedan
I felt so sad when the chef fainted 😔.Life is not fair sometimes,he is an experienced chef 👩‍🍳 he deserves better.
Hellblazer 2 dagar sedan
3 things I've learned from hotel hell/kitchen nightmares: 1) if you see Gordon Ramsay enter a kitchen of a restaurant you are eating in, get up and go to the hospital (unless you haven't eaten yet, in that case enjoy the show and smile for the cameras 2) a lot of hotel/restaurant owners aren't what you would consider normal and lack common sense 3) i have a sweet spot for cute waitresses
Lorenzo 2 dagar sedan
Is It still opened?
Cut a Nut
Cut a Nut 2 dagar sedan
Eddie looks and sounds like he has the word entrepreneur in his twitter bio
Nyxie 2 dagar sedan
when Ramsey confirmed the lobby looked like a brothel LMAO
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar 2 dagar sedan
The 2nd restaurant manager's honesty is killing me😂😂
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar 2 dagar sedan
Dude i have never ever ever seen Gordon Ramsay with glasses on-😂😂😂
Zicky Sissypaw
Zicky Sissypaw 2 dagar sedan
20:08 When Pokemon Brilliant Diamond is 1 day from comeing out.
Emmanouil Giourgis
Emmanouil Giourgis 2 dagar sedan
why was there a firetruck with the paramedics ?
Mikey2111 2 dagar sedan
That dick blaming Gordon for his chef collapsing. He needs to take responsibility for his actions and not blame everyone but himself. I love airplanes but that doesn't make me qualified to start a business building airplanes. He never had anything to do with an hotel and expects that if he hires staff it will work out.
Chaoitcme 3 dagar sedan
He must be paying the general manager and executive chef really good salaries if they have stuck around for so long.
Emir 3 dagar sedan
That Brick Chicken looked absolutely bomb
Cissly 3 dagar sedan
Ik ben kkrgay
colezane 4
colezane 4 3 dagar sedan
31:19 I didn't want to see that 🤮🤮
Wally Spencer
Wally Spencer 3 dagar sedan
35:24 the d dude looks like "who s gonna pay for all of those?"
Wally Spencer
Wally Spencer 3 dagar sedan
i like hiw Gordon said "i m not trying to embarass you " it shows how much he want the owner to get the right path
Vivienne Chacaliaza
Vivienne Chacaliaza 3 dagar sedan
Omg brian you‘re such a kind warm hearted person. Gordon saved this man he was clearly at the end of his strength. To see him happy is very beautiful
OUTFIT 3 dagar sedan
8:01 sums up the episode perfectly
Luka Cerar
Luka Cerar 3 dagar sedan
Nice ads...
Tirahvi 3 dagar sedan
That fainting thou. No!! You should never give water to a person who just fainted, they might drown. Just never give them water, never ever! I am serious here! Like what were the writers thinking? I have a nurse's degree and I can safely that DO NOT GIVE WATER to a fained person!
Pawie 3 dagar sedan
"Chief collapsed, call 991!" >A fucking firetruck arrives
Anfisa Dorokhova
Anfisa Dorokhova 3 dagar sedan
tbh Gordon did not lie the owner should just have hired his own staff to serve him instead of making it a hotel
Well mate that sucks
Well mate that sucks 3 dagar sedan
Brain honestly deserves so much, my guys so passionate and was so broken.. I'm so happy for him that Gorden could help him like u could see how happy he got
Galaxy Niall
Galaxy Niall 3 dagar sedan
17:58 is where he eats it
Leechy Leech
Leechy Leech 3 dagar sedan
00:56 He spent wha..??
MrSwedeProductions 3 dagar sedan
8:02 'I designed the Keating to be the perfect hotel for me.. not for him'. Well, there's your answer right there
MeminatorDaMonki 3 dagar sedan
brians crying made me cry :(
dropdeadkatja 3 dagar sedan
Brian just I want to hug him 😭❤️
Mohade3 D
Mohade3 D 4 dagar sedan
Good for the owner. He really listened and didn't cause any unnecessary drama.
Google made me do it
Google made me do it 4 dagar sedan
Chocolate pizza: *exists* Gordon Ramsay: "Fuck me." Dr. Oetker: "This is free real estate!"
Michal Sýkora
Michal Sýkora 4 dagar sedan
I miss kent weed
Ur mom Gay
Ur mom Gay 4 dagar sedan
Omg the chef nohomo but I love him
Melody -Mellybyte-
Melody -Mellybyte- 4 dagar sedan
31:18 This was soo unnecessary why did they even record that? no one watches Gordon Ramsy expecting to look at his arse.
Houssain Al ahmafi
Houssain Al ahmafi 4 dagar sedan
I wouldve been happy with that desert ngl...
Houssain Al ahmafi
Houssain Al ahmafi 4 dagar sedan
Imagine being so bad of a boss your staff is literally dying from stress on the work floor
LikelyToNap 4 dagar sedan
Don't blame the dog.... he/she is beautiful 😁
Egor Astakhov
Egor Astakhov 4 dagar sedan
well, you can look when it's boring
StainderFin 4 dagar sedan
Try out chololate, strawberry, onion, Pineapples and tuna pizza it is very popular XD i would rather die then taste it it sounds disgusting...
Adrian Reverse
Adrian Reverse 4 dagar sedan
fishbutts in my net
fishbutts in my net 4 dagar sedan
Did we just witness Gordon stripping and seeing his but??? On camera??
Daniel Almeida
Daniel Almeida 4 dagar sedan
That chocolate pizza looks tasty as hell
GoldCat 4 dagar sedan
The Chef is so wholesome and sweat. I wish him the absolute best. Like if he was my uncle or something I would be mad at this Eddie character.
MrVampir 4 dagar sedan
Ramsey to the dog: god you are ugly Dog: *cries and run*
Aquawolff 4 dagar sedan
WOW..Gordon has superpowers He made other chef collapse without doing anything
Felix Palmberg
Felix Palmberg 4 dagar sedan
I’ve seen chocolate pizza being served at multiple places. It’s not bad
Freya Carnevale
Freya Carnevale 4 dagar sedan
tbh Gordon did not lie the owner should just have hired his own staff to serve him instead of making it a hotel
Biggieboss power
Biggieboss power 4 dagar sedan
20:49 he farts when hes unconcious ^^
yuhaleks 5 dagar sedan
i feel bad for the staff like the girl and the chefs
Evi Lardi
Evi Lardi 5 dagar sedan
This is how it is after Gordon's change. Back to how it was. Lowered the price and no more restaurant neither room service. secycle.info/lift/video/pYDd2Lylm698yqE
TGorefiend 5 dagar sedan
I watched few episodes of Hotel Hell and I am kinda bored with the concept that the major change is made by Gordon´s team and not the hotel workers themselves, they just came to new environment that is fully ready to go. In Czech we have similar thing called "Yes, boss" where the helping chef is mainly giving instructions, his insight and cooks. But the reconstructions and changes in environment are up to staff of restaurants or hotels, so they remember the change much better and in many cases honor it much more, for it was their work and effort put into the process.
TehMoron 5 dagar sedan
Sometimes Gordon is a big shouty man, but hes heart will always be good.
Jelly For The Babies
Jelly For The Babies 5 dagar sedan
This is clear evidence of the oppression of quality workers in companies where the main word is given by an unprofessional person. This is clear proof that sometimes you simply have no choice, so you have to work for idiots who transfer all their negative energy and complexes to workers, who might improve something in the company, but you as a small ordinary worker must not contradict his idiotic ideas. We live in such a world today ... in a world where one does not ask the one who really knows his job, but the one who has money, and in most cases these are people like this who run the hotel, idiots.
lanmi lanmi
lanmi lanmi 5 dagar sedan
Everybody praising on this chef. Dude lost all credibility to run a crew and remain an authority figure. He is weak and cant work under pressure. Unfortunately. I love the guy, i want to give him a hug
lanmi lanmi
lanmi lanmi 5 dagar sedan
Gordon has a rich person bravery. He cant even hold a guy properly from falling on the concrete. Idiot
Michael Broccolati
Michael Broccolati 5 dagar sedan
Well, Nutella pizza is actually a thing in Italy, so...
Andreas Glad
Andreas Glad 5 dagar sedan
1 class handling of the chef collapsing Gordon. Respect.
Lilith esg
Lilith esg 5 dagar sedan
Gordon handeled the chef fainting so well, did everything right
The Black Diamond
The Black Diamond 5 dagar sedan
I am just crying when Gordon tried the jacuzzi.
Iridescent Dragon
Iridescent Dragon 5 dagar sedan
Damn this whole video is violation.
Unentered_Name AV1
Unentered_Name AV1 5 dagar sedan
I like Brian But so many years of being a good chef wasted in that hellhole. I feel bad for Brian
David Simic
David Simic 5 dagar sedan
i want to do a Balkan Baseball Bat Drive-by on the Owner
The End
The End 5 dagar sedan
MartijnOPO 5 dagar sedan
Claus Larsen
Claus Larsen 5 dagar sedan
20:28 Chef be like: Yo, can I get up now? No? *closes his eyes again*
Rune Møller-Melholt
Rune Møller-Melholt 3 dagar sedan
Tobias M
Tobias M 6 dagar sedan
37:22 cap
Maitha Al Habsi
Maitha Al Habsi 6 dagar sedan
not me crying after watching the chef cry from happiness
RV 6 dagar sedan
[17:44] 💩
Dom S
Dom S 6 dagar sedan
tell me something... why would you hire a chef if you want to tell him what to do if you don't have a clue about kitchen...???
daan guis
daan guis 6 dagar sedan
I'm sure that chef does way more then the owners what a guy that chef I swear he is a legend ❤️
Shappo00 6 dagar sedan
Hey daddy Gordon
Happy Hyena
Happy Hyena 6 dagar sedan
Theres this themepark in Italy called Etnaland and I had a nutella pizza in there. It was the absolute best dessert I ever had.
pati9122 6 dagar sedan
when i saw half of this video, i was so pissed.. like.. how can u be so selfish? just seeing dollars (talking about owner).. how can u be so selfish and childish "i want this i want that", and not even see the issues.. when i saw those people how hopeless they were... it hurts to watch this.. some people just shouldnt be owners
Twiho 6 dagar sedan
I love how Gordon let the guy fall down to the ground and bang his head on the box. Lol. Not regards :D
w j
w j 6 dagar sedan
God i love the chef so much i got so emotional
w j
w j 6 dagar sedan
Can’t believe this dude is blaming Gordon for ”STRESSING EVERYBODY OUT” jesus
Lux 6 dagar sedan
Vasilis Arnaoutis
Vasilis Arnaoutis 6 dagar sedan
19:45 i feel sorry for that man
Deniz Ates
Deniz Ates 6 dagar sedan
Introverted Spider
Introverted Spider 5 dagar sedan
CC Murphy
CC Murphy 7 dagar sedan
I felt so bad that Brian (the chef) would be paying $450 dollars for the ambulance alone. Added to the dead look in his eyes I just... so sad.
PXL BITS 11 timmar sedan
@Diland vRooijen What you mean? It's an investment far better than going bankrupt like the Americans. You're paying for others who are in need and when you're in need of medical attention others pay it right back. I don't see why that's a waste. At any point in life, people get sick or something bad happens to you or someone you know. It's inevitable, I don't see a point in the existence of private healthcare where you have to be rich to earn the right to live.
Ahmed Maged
Ahmed Maged Dag sedan
Move to Norway! Free healthcare! Even if you’re a tourist and get injured!
antun nutna
antun nutna Dag sedan
@Michelle considering how much you guys earn in Norway thats peanuts. I got friends there so they told me. But you get my point of the comment in a normal country anyone will be able to afford fucking healthcare.
CC Murphy
CC Murphy Dag sedan
@ACID 303 Americans have to pay for an ambulance. I live in Ireland, we pay for them too but if you have a medical card, it’s free.
CC Murphy
CC Murphy Dag sedan
@Barry I’m European I know 😂
lone warrior
lone warrior 7 dagar sedan
Gordon...what a fucken lame attempt to stop a guy from falling directly on to sharp edges....and concrete....sheeet!
TOXIC GAMErS 7 dagar sedan
if you run a hotel, or a restaurant, you should keep in mind that all this is to the liking of customers and guests, not the owner. otherwise, let him turn it all into his home ... then why bother to like someone?
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