Game Theory: Logan Paul's FIXED Fight (Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather)

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Theorists, it looks like SEcycle boxing matches are here to stay - at least if you are a Paul brother. Logan Paul is gearing up to fight ACTUAL professional boxer Floyd Mayweather in a match. Well, we think so - with how it keeps getting postponed, who knows if we will get to see it. Never mind that. The REAL interesting thing about this match is that Logan Paul CAN'T lose. Oh, I am not saying that in a battle of skills he would win, I'm saying that he's orchestrated this whole event to FIX a win. Why would Mayweather let that happen? Theorists, it's time to enter the ring.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Koen Verhagen, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Vooyo 5 timmar sedan
shouldnt this have been on film theroy
MattykVT 7 timmar sedan
James Toney
Isaiah_ Cordero!!!!!!!
Isaiah_ Cordero!!!!!!! 8 timmar sedan
Please dont ever talk about this you know nothing about combat sports lmao
David 10 timmar sedan
Yeah of course they're rigged logan paul is a punk
steve loge
steve loge 17 timmar sedan
Just checking in
olaoluwa akomolafe
olaoluwa akomolafe 17 timmar sedan
Dang poor Logan even matpat coming after him
0n1y jake
0n1y jake 17 timmar sedan
I will start training and then Jake will fall to alpha Jake
Benjamin Donato
Benjamin Donato 18 timmar sedan
He wont fight canelo
Lunar_Eclipse 47
Lunar_Eclipse 47 20 timmar sedan
bro floyd wife could no cap clap a lot of ppl she knows all of floyds moves
XGlite015 23 timmar sedan
In recent fights, MMA fighter Frank Mir had a 70 lb advantage when he fought boxer Steve Cunningham in the undercard of Jake Paul vs Ben Askren and Cunningham still won. Size doesn't matter.
George Martinez
George Martinez Dag sedan
Julio C. Chavez went 87-0 before his draw vs P. Whitaker
Riicho Bamin
Riicho Bamin Dag sedan
@8:21 that is a "crisp lead/left hook".
Franco Rodriguez
Franco Rodriguez Dag sedan
Did you really just say “Holds the professional record for most wins with out a loss” You know that’s not accurate, Julio Cesar Chavez, sugar ray Mosley? Lol
D4Real Dag sedan
I still cant tell which is which whenever anyone is talking about either of the Pauls
Steven Roberts
Steven Roberts Dag sedan
Honestly Logan has to play it slow and not opening up
Aaron Max
Aaron Max Dag sedan
like the jake paul fight
nick landak
nick landak Dag sedan
I heard Mike Tyson might get back into boxing I'd love to see that he was a monster in the old videos I watched
Ryan Dag sedan
Maybe you should express yourself more respectful
GoosieBumps Dag sedan
He could have taken a fight with Canelo that would generate a billion dollars but instead he's fighting a youtuber who lost to another youtuber?
Joyce Lopez
Joyce Lopez Dag sedan
Many pacquiao is the champ in the philippines
WellingtonBananas Dag sedan
Logan should drop 40lbs to make it fair. Since he's a boxer now weight control should be easy for him right 😂
Inanimate_ Object
Inanimate_ Object Dag sedan
Reach does not matter when ur trained you know how to dodge rush and get in
Mrjohnnymoo1 2 dagar sedan
If Jack Dempsey vs Jess Willard isn't mentioned, I'll be enthuised.
Xavierthe_elf Eduardo
Xavierthe_elf Eduardo 2 dagar sedan
Support Veterans
Support Veterans 2 dagar sedan
I can't believe you guys are using Logan and Floyd in the sentence.
Noobilisha 2 dagar sedan
alright im just here to ask when jake paul will get his video
Erik Hossler
Erik Hossler 2 dagar sedan
This narrator is such a pick me guy
bigthute 2 dagar sedan
"Matpat hasn't done a fnaf video in a while " let's encourage him with a control shock"" -Dr Hyper
damageing sting
damageing sting 2 dagar sedan
Funny Part never actually won
Not Billy Boi
Not Billy Boi 2 dagar sedan
How is this a game theory
Nicholas Ermey
Nicholas Ermey 2 dagar sedan
Boxing is a sport and a sport is a game
Yup 2 dagar sedan
Put gloves on step in the square circle then what comes out might have value lost views and a sub here
Motivated Dropout
Motivated Dropout 2 dagar sedan
A guy who never lost vs a guy who never won...what a headline
sunken民 2 dagar sedan
It's not happening (duh), but if Floyd was to lose somehow, he would probably move to the mountains and would never be seen again due to embarrassment
BoredmomsArt 3 dagar sedan
At least Logan goes for for fighters in his own class or above, Jake challenging a 45 yr old WRESTLER who is alot smaller than him both in height and weight seemed a bit cowardly
Andres Lopez
Andres Lopez 3 dagar sedan
are you implying Captain America is in the mafia??
James Glover
James Glover 3 dagar sedan
Now we see another one after Jakes most recent victory?
Kristine Kelly
Kristine Kelly 3 dagar sedan
2 months late not a year for once
Dominic Jones
Dominic Jones 3 dagar sedan
Thats a theory a food theory because i would eat both of them like a snake
seb ashton
seb ashton 3 dagar sedan
still no test for the p.e teacher that joins the losing team
Charles Fairchild
Charles Fairchild 3 dagar sedan
If you’re reading this, you’ve officially read the 9000th comment.
Dominik Luigi
Dominik Luigi 3 dagar sedan
matt from wii sports is going to SMASH logan paul
Cj Summers
Cj Summers 3 dagar sedan
Floyd Mayweather is supposed to be May from the wii
Bonargez 1967
Bonargez 1967 3 dagar sedan
Floyd would knock him around then destroy him when he gets bored. It's an exhibition... duh 🙄
Samuel Fernández Toledo
Samuel Fernández Toledo 3 dagar sedan
logan better be taking notes
Gaskin Foreman
Gaskin Foreman 4 dagar sedan
Lol. Matt Pat called it! Jake hasn't gotten to Maywether yet, but he certainly convinced astrick to take a dive yesterday.
Zanthia Avery
Zanthia Avery 4 dagar sedan
Me: almost no one ignores tea or doesn't hear it My brain: I.... never hear the tea •_•
koduz21 4 dagar sedan
You should make a new channel called sports theory
EisaGamez 4 dagar sedan
Colt Fathwell
Colt Fathwell 4 dagar sedan
Omg! Just noticed this. Well, wrong brother and fighter but same family. They rigged the lame fight last night too.
Frostbite 141
Frostbite 141 4 dagar sedan
I wouldn’t say a person that’s annoying is a villain they’re just annoying
Louis Foley
Louis Foley 4 dagar sedan
I don't like the Logan Paul slander. I personally think he is actually trying be better and is indeed getting better....
I Speak 4 the Dead
I Speak 4 the Dead 4 dagar sedan
Yeah now jake and bens fight was rigged too
Joe Lopresti
Joe Lopresti 4 dagar sedan
Come on...we’re all thinking it
Preston Hornick
Preston Hornick 4 dagar sedan
ummm, wow,
hajzan 4 dagar sedan
Can you do something about Jake vs ben
Benito Delgado
Benito Delgado 4 dagar sedan
Thanks captain obvious!!!!
SuperHooper 4 dagar sedan
Askren not Mayweather
Devon & Lief
Devon & Lief 4 dagar sedan
Sinkhole gang
Barix5000 4 dagar sedan
Now you have real work to do with the last fight
Jordangaming13 _
Jordangaming13 _ 4 dagar sedan
He could use his slaps
Sam 4 dagar sedan
Had to come back
Aditya Cahyadi Sujanadi
Aditya Cahyadi Sujanadi 5 dagar sedan
Sports theory channel coming soon??
Trent Green
Trent Green 5 dagar sedan
I can believe it to be honest.
Austin Cameron
Austin Cameron 5 dagar sedan
Now we need a part 2 after the "show" Jake put on tonight.
Evander Mursh
Evander Mursh 4 dagar sedan
What happened?
Nub Worthy Cigars
Nub Worthy Cigars 5 dagar sedan
Let’s just hope that sinkhole opens after Paul gets a spanking.
Gabe Robison
Gabe Robison 5 dagar sedan
Those contests are NOT athletic. As a former martial artist who watched pieces of the KSI fight, neither of them had actual guards or threw good ounches
Stan Lee
Stan Lee 5 dagar sedan
do one for jake he won another fight :( must be rigged too
Daniel Moreno
Daniel Moreno 5 dagar sedan
Cesar Chavez 68 no losses the most wins in boxing history get your facts right
Nasty shiz
Nasty shiz 5 dagar sedan
Not gona watch
Nasty shiz
Nasty shiz 5 dagar sedan
He ain't gona even hit floyd
Lanesb 5 dagar sedan
Why is this on game theory?
SeveralEnd 8023
SeveralEnd 8023 5 dagar sedan
So I got a Paul v Askren before this
pickel juice
pickel juice 5 dagar sedan
Jake is set to have another boxing match on the 14th of July
Organik Strukture
Organik Strukture 5 dagar sedan
Jake paul's fights are also rigged. Money talks
James Arthur
James Arthur 6 dagar sedan
Hey Mat do you still not think Logan has changed? Not trying to make that sound edgy just want your opinion
ISOVEX 6 dagar sedan
Ksi only won cause of that illegal punch by logan meanwhile ksi fans cant seem to stop bringing up ksi when it comes to boxing as if hes actually any good
Bad Animations
Bad Animations 6 dagar sedan
Wait this isn’t a “game” theory
Aly-Noor Game
Aly-Noor Game 7 dagar sedan
Funny the ad at the literal beginning of the video is about jake Paul’s next fight
Yo Know
Yo Know 7 dagar sedan
I lose 15% of my nut when I train a feminist!
Cap Corn
Cap Corn 4 dagar sedan
@Yo Know just beat her up in the name of training
Yo Know
Yo Know 7 dagar sedan
Most of it usually ends up all over her face!
Paula Estrada
Paula Estrada 7 dagar sedan
As I was seeing the video an ad about Jake Paul boxing an boxer. What are the odds?
M1LK 8 dagar sedan
I didn't see the fight
Stuff&Stuff 8 dagar sedan
I used to do Taekwondo (itf so we did use punching in competition) and was actually really really good. I am 5'10 and at the time was 95kg of muscle. Wanted to improve my hand skills so started boxing, first time i got in the ring to spar was with a child, who battered me. Mayweather is an actual boxer, logan is a youtuber.
Thetreeboy 8 dagar sedan
3:30 Matt part casually says he hopes they die I don’t disagree though ngl
Alex Trevell
Alex Trevell 8 dagar sedan
Was pondering whether this would be Game or Film theory, but sports are indeed games. You'd hear people saying they would go watch "the game" before watching "the show" when sports are involved.
AlphaWolvesGamer 8 dagar sedan
So, Logan Paul admitted to be a psychopath
IcIwatch 8 dagar sedan
floyed will hilariously beat on toehead douche
Lee Rios
Lee Rios 8 dagar sedan
When you get to that level everything is rigged
Cain Wallace
Cain Wallace 8 dagar sedan
Come on man relax w the hate on Logan hes a lot more mature than he used to be. I didnt like him at first either then i started watchin impaulsive. I understand if you apply this to Jake but come on man
Melody Yue
Melody Yue 9 dagar sedan
6:28 ‘Russian Giant’ Where my Haikyuu fans at?
Chara 9 dagar sedan
so youre telling me i can easily clap both of them thanks to me being 7'2"?
Aishi Jelly
Aishi Jelly 9 dagar sedan
Watching this video just reignited my love for journalism... I competed on two conferences back in 6th and 7th grade, both in Sports Writing, with a specialty on boxing. Though didn't get a position back in 7th grade (because I moved to a new school at that time and our coach was not as hands on as my former coach from elementary, I got 3rd then).
Gavin Gibson
Gavin Gibson 9 dagar sedan
Because Floyd Mayweather what is producer of 50 points and zero losses overseas SEcycle boxer
Anneke _yep
Anneke _yep 9 dagar sedan
Legit just got an ad for this fight lol
Leroy821000 9 dagar sedan
Logan’s gonna get some clout alright.
Danzo Shimura
Danzo Shimura 9 dagar sedan
Will fight novice youtuber and comeout of retirement, Wont give the rematch to pro boxer manny paquiao. Gives props to pro puertorican boxer tito, Wont rematch tito. Gotta love maywether.
El Cid Gaming
El Cid Gaming 9 dagar sedan
DUDE Even if Logan gets beqt up..its still an honor and advantage to logan LOGAN STANDS NOTHING TO LOSE FIGHTING MAYWEATHER
Michael Dougherty
Michael Dougherty 9 dagar sedan
MatPat a little mad huh lol, talk about holding a grudge that has nothing to do with you lolllll
Xavier Ryan
Xavier Ryan 10 dagar sedan
still Logan defeated by ksi
Jean Villanueva
Jean Villanueva 10 dagar sedan
You guys do know that mayweather is one of the smarter business man right? Mayweather knows what he’s doing he ain’t setting the fight with someone he’ll lose
Edna Gaming
Edna Gaming 10 dagar sedan
I don't think this is a game theory
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