Game Theory: Did Reddit Just SOLVE FNAF?

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You may be thinking, "Hey MatPat, don't we already know everything about Crying Child?" No, Theorists, we do NOT and you proved it! "Crying Child" is what we've referred to the victim of the Bite of '83 as since the beginning but that child has a name! A name I have figured out! This is one of the oldest mysteries of the franchise and I am sure that we've cracked it wide open! Theorists, no FNAF mystery will go unsolved as long as I am on the case.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
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EvanTubeGaming 12 dagar sedan
guess im the crying child guys
J night
J night 14 timmar sedan
Top Knotch
Top Knotch 11 dagar sedan
I mean Evan made my childhood
Train guy 1 A
Train guy 1 A 11 dagar sedan
EvanTubeGaming huh funny WAIT
Bettina Sherwood
Bettina Sherwood 11 dagar sedan
if anyone remembered the bite of 83 FAN animation they didnt contain the voice lines of the accual fnaf actors also they didnt sound british
Bettina Sherwood
Bettina Sherwood 11 dagar sedan
@Jasmin Batajoy no that was never a name confirmed by scot that was the name of fans also gacha steros deciding to give him a name simular to c.c. scot never said his name was cgris. end of story
Mochi Who
Mochi Who Timme sedan
I feel that the name "Evan" goes along with the crying child's name very well but we have to think about the con's of this theory, now the evidence about the Jake story is heavily helpful in a way seeing that Jake's father name is Evan and he has a brother named Michael, but we also have to think about Jake's father more, if he is the crying child in a different universe then that would throw everything and I mean everything we've learned so far except from Scott's proven evidence out of the window. My first reason for saying this is that if it somehow does have something to due with all the evidence it would be illogical, I say this because how could the crying child be in the military if he literally has the front part of he's brain chomped off I mean you couldn't say surgery because how would they be able to attach all those nerves together again, also why would the military recruit someone with that serious of an injury without first having heavy precautions that would be set. That's just what i came up with for right now and im heavily sure there are many whole's in this Con theory but this is just something i came up with watching this video but pretty solid evidence i can't wait for for the next video. 😄
Undo 001
Undo 001 Timme sedan
2:07 Relatable
Vusumuzi Ncube
Vusumuzi Ncube Timme sedan
Hers a theory. So Micheal has an older brother which died named Terrance Afton. So if you go to the place where most FNAF videos are made which is Gacha club, the story consists mostly on micheal. Now the theory the reason why micheal bullied CC with the FOXY mask was to tell him secratly that MICHEAL is NIGHTMARE FOXY. this has a connection with his dead brother.
Shark Shrek
Shark Shrek Timme sedan
Matpat you made a mistake for the ultimate custom night theory and it was including what nightmarionne said even tho she isn't canon
Charlotte Wade
Charlotte Wade 2 timmar sedan
Its crish
Cadence Perkins
Cadence Perkins 2 timmar sedan
Fazbear frights 7 came out I think
3.0L TFSI Supercharged DOHC V-6
3.0L TFSI Supercharged DOHC V-6 3 timmar sedan
dude i think you can just assume the answer to anything involving solving fnaf is 'no they didnt' now
FNAF GAMER 1987 3 timmar sedan
Isn't golden Freddy still alive?
Lextra 3 timmar sedan
have you ever considered that golden freddy is fredbear, 'cause if you use the death coin on him in ultimate custom night you get jumpscared by fredbear?
Karleigh Chelf
Karleigh Chelf 3 timmar sedan
Ok, so I have this theory. Basically, William only wanted daughters. So when Mike was born, William was upset since he wanted a daughter. He decided to torment Mike for the rest of his life. Then Elizabeth was born. William was so happy he made her a whole robot (but William being William had to make it a murder machine) So eventually William wanted another daughter, so when Crying Child was born William just completely snapped, and made the Nightmare animatronics to torment him. And William went so insane that he built a whole fake version of his own house. And every night William would take the poor cyring child to that place. That's really it. I know it's all over the place but I could be on to something I don't know.
[GACHAJEON THESIMP] 3 timmar sedan
when the gacha says C.C OR EVAN'S name is CHRIS:
Laurent Morel-à-l'Huissier
Laurent Morel-à-l'Huissier 4 timmar sedan
This is cool
Stephens gaming clips
Stephens gaming clips 4 timmar sedan
Aza Adama
Aza Adama 4 timmar sedan
Crying child name is Christopher/chris
Dab Squad Leader
Dab Squad Leader 5 timmar sedan
Uh Matt, I’m not sure if you knew but the name of Jake’s father in Blackbird is Evan. I don’t think that’s a coincidence
krisp 5 timmar sedan
Can mat like make a 78 hour long fnaf theory recap vid
Dante Von Crowlley
Dante Von Crowlley 5 timmar sedan
*Can they solve Fate universe?*
mr fastlane
mr fastlane 5 timmar sedan
Look carefully at the sercurty breach trailer
AlicetheNeko 6 timmar sedan
Hey MatPat, I took a look at the most recent image on Scott's website and upon closer inspection, there is something shown on the bottom right-hand tv screen. I'm not exactly sure what it looks like, but it could be some sort of face looking directly at the camera which could be referring to security tv screens. That could possibly confirm that it is in a mall and if it is a face, it could be Glitchtrap overlooking Vanny. I know that may be a stretch, but it could be possible. There was something on the left side of the tv screen, that if you look very closely, resembles an eye. Something is telling me, whatever is showing on that screen could be important. Not to mention, in a few other screens, there's a purplish color, specifically on the tv screen to the left. Another thing, looking at the conversation and those last two lines "have you selected one?" and "I have." could be hinting towards the possibility that Vanny has chosen a victim and that victim is Gregory. I think the second Security Breach trailer made that clear. I may be reading too much into this, but it's something for you to think on.
SpaceBro 6 timmar sedan
Little Nightmares 2 theory?
Terrax Gaming
Terrax Gaming 6 timmar sedan
It's been so long since I quit the fnaf fandom, that I forgot every theory video that I've ever watched so far, I dunno who this Charlie, Elizabeth people are. Oh well, guess I gotta start all over again
Mackenzie Woloschuk
Mackenzie Woloschuk 6 timmar sedan
Well,time to mess with my headcanons again-
Roon Lin
Roon Lin 7 timmar sedan
The crying child is named Chris
Xinyu Tiew
Xinyu Tiew 7 timmar sedan
MATPAT MATPAT THIS IS an EMERGENCY If u seen the trailer for fnaf security breach u might know what im talking about. I think i just solve something!!!!! at a scene where u can see a creepy hand on the ground behind a cabinet(i think its a cabinet) I think i know who's hand is that ITS WILLIAM, here are the reasons: 1.the sharp claws are springtrap's claws because when the fire started and fazbears u can see most of the animatronics have sharp claw example scrap baby and u know that William is springtrap and he has been through to FIRE AND HE BECOME PENUT HEAD!!!! 2. As u can see closely, the arms are purple and my theory is, when i the minigames u can see William becoming more and more purple same goes as Micheal and u know that micheal afton is rottening, so william must me rottening to right? PLEASE DO A VIDEO ABOUT THIS IM VERY CONFIDENT WITH MY THEORY thanks for everything matpat
Zero Null
Zero Null 7 timmar sedan
So dumb theory the struggling Golden Freddy we see at the end of UCN is the Crying Child and Cassidy fighting over control for the golden Freddy?
Evie Anne
Evie Anne 7 timmar sedan
Dear Evan Hansen, the darker version
kadmiel ezekiel carillo
kadmiel ezekiel carillo 7 timmar sedan
The crying child name is Chris
Lionel Aiden Salama
Lionel Aiden Salama 12 minuter sedan
Hey bon bon
Lionel Aiden Salama
Lionel Aiden Salama 12 minuter sedan
Lionel Aiden Salama
Lionel Aiden Salama 12 minuter sedan
Yeah bo
Gsgsghs Gsgsgsy
Gsgsghs Gsgsgsy 6 timmar sedan
Lionel Aiden Salama
Lionel Aiden Salama 8 timmar sedan
Everyone says Chris afton not his name it's Evan I saw in the book logbook and its paper with blood and in website Michael is foxy mask in fnaf 4 in the book I read and Funtime foxy in trailer we saw puppet in sister location u guys should know better
Lionel Aiden Salama
Lionel Aiden Salama 8 timmar sedan
But hey that's just a theory a game theory
Trey Gojon
Trey Gojon 8 timmar sedan
395248 from fnaf 3 what if we need to use that in the foxy grid
Ainah Chargualaf
Ainah Chargualaf 8 timmar sedan
Please do a game theory on Little Nightmares 2!
Jaime D
Jaime D 8 timmar sedan
Hey MatPat! Long time fan here! Just wanna ask you a quick question - one of my favorite FNAF videos GT made was the one about the original book trilogy possibly revealing that the crying child, the house in FNAF 4, and the mustard man are not Afton, but Emily (with mustard man being Henry, not William, and Michael being Henry's son), but I noticed that moving forward you went back to calling Michael "Michael Afton" and the crying child as William's son. I guess I found it oddly inconsistent of you. Just wanna know which one are we supposed to stick with in your theories now? Ngl I'm definitely in the Emily camp, but I wanna hear it from you :) cheers!
The King 72
The King 72 8 timmar sedan
Wait my name is Evan
noob king
noob king 8 timmar sedan
the crying child nae is criss
Regular Hooman
Regular Hooman 8 timmar sedan
Who is criss?
Lionel Aiden Salama
Lionel Aiden Salama 8 timmar sedan
No its evan
Wolfwalker w.
Wolfwalker w. 8 timmar sedan
I thought crying child was Chris Afton ;-;
Regular Hooman
Regular Hooman 5 timmar sedan
@Lionel Aiden Salama scott is Chris?
Lionel Aiden Salama
Lionel Aiden Salama 5 timmar sedan
Lionel Aiden Salama
Lionel Aiden Salama 5 timmar sedan
Guys chris is not crying child
Regular Hooman
Regular Hooman 8 timmar sedan
Omen OwO
Omen OwO 8 timmar sedan
heey, wanna try valorant lore?
Benny Vazquez
Benny Vazquez 8 timmar sedan
I don’t think this is true but I think jake is the crying child, and look at the cover of book 7, it’s shows a broken bear plush, possibly the crying child’s plush, but that’s a theory, a game theory and I’m a big fan!!
Zacvh 9 timmar sedan
I think what it means by " he is really intense about making money " is that micheal from the story is the same character from pizzeria simulator that you play as and that is also supposed to be michael afton so I think the michael in the real jake story is actually micheal afton and not just scott reusing names to throw us off like how the name jeremy is
Riley Afton
Riley Afton 9 timmar sedan
Mike Zaldy
Mike Zaldy 9 timmar sedan
If you think about it golden Freddy has three spirits
Cassidy Hoefer
Cassidy Hoefer 9 timmar sedan
There is a new trailer for security breach
Puppymcpupsters 9 timmar sedan
can't wait for you to solve FNAF again in a month
Lyric Pratt
Lyric Pratt 9 timmar sedan
Its chris
Lionel Aiden Salama
Lionel Aiden Salama 5 minuter sedan
@Regular Hooman its evan
Lionel Aiden Salama
Lionel Aiden Salama 5 timmar sedan
Micheal is foxy maskand purple guy in sl
Lionel Aiden Salama
Lionel Aiden Salama 5 timmar sedan
You should read the book
Lionel Aiden Salama
Lionel Aiden Salama 5 timmar sedan
Its evan
Lyric Pratt
Lyric Pratt 5 timmar sedan
Idk y chris is crying
Lexie Rose
Lexie Rose 9 timmar sedan
Now i may be completely wrong, but we see an action figure that Gregory is inside of freddy. Meaning could gregory could die while inside of Freddy causing his soul to be lost inside of him? (the main theory is he could die inside of the freddy suit causing his soul to be stuck inside of him)
Daniel Rauch
Daniel Rauch 10 timmar sedan
not a theory (yet) but a theme I noticed in ALL the Fazbear Fright books: Each of the three stories have something in common in order of the story: Story 1: The main character has regret and deals with the consequences for actions or feelings they do or have toward family or friends. Story 2: A character (usually the main) is body swapped or replaced with an animatronic (nearly all are established animatronics) Story 3: Someone (usually the main) dies by an animatronic.
Sebastian Delgado
Sebastian Delgado 10 timmar sedan
So now, who is Michael Afton?
Shoto Milk
Shoto Milk 10 timmar sedan
A Stranger On Youtube
A Stranger On Youtube 10 timmar sedan
I would also hit my head
Colm Aiguier
Colm Aiguier 10 timmar sedan
That's the most original intro ever
Princess lucky Charm
Princess lucky Charm 10 timmar sedan
Wait Evan I keep seeing Chris as his name
Shattered Matrix Incorporated
Shattered Matrix Incorporated 10 timmar sedan
Watching this as a Jake was weird.
Princess lucky Charm
Princess lucky Charm 10 timmar sedan
The crying child is Chris
Bob The Builder On Steroids
Bob The Builder On Steroids 10 timmar sedan
You know the blackbird book it could be relevant to the fnaf 4 since foxy always was in a closet and we don't know the child in the room. But fnaf 4 wasn't in a bedroom it was in a hospital as you could see a drip in one of the nights. This is just a conclusion i put together :D thanks for listening
Bob The Builder On Steroids
Bob The Builder On Steroids 10 timmar sedan
I'm also not sure on the name Evan. In New security breach ad they say the name Gregory this is just a hunch? Could one of the animatronics be made out of golden freddy? :)
Randoo arch
Randoo arch 10 timmar sedan
It's Kris afton
Regular Hooman
Regular Hooman 8 timmar sedan
donkeykong 64 2
donkeykong 64 2 10 timmar sedan
2:06 need help child
εἿιὃͲ ϏςἿᾇδ
εἿιὃͲ ϏςἿᾇδ 10 timmar sedan
I thought his name was Chris- Wait- where did the name Chris for C.C come from?-
Agent Walrus
Agent Walrus 11 timmar sedan
I may be wrong but going back to one of your last theories, and the info that is laid out for us. Isnt crying child Henry's son. Because we now know that the house from Fnaf 4 is Henry's (due to the books), shouldn't the crying child who is trapped in the house be Henry's son not Afton's. This probably makes no sense and I'm no expert but just my thoughts. Ps. Thanks for reading the books so indent have to
Miຮຮ Aຮperiτy
Miຮຮ Aຮperiτy 11 timmar sedan
im just super shocked this is crazy
Vegatable Kingdom
Vegatable Kingdom 11 timmar sedan
Me now: thinks security breach is the last game and that fnaf is close to being solved Me 20years in the future: “it’s far from over” Me 40 years in the future: “it’s never going to be over”
Help Friends Services
Help Friends Services 12 timmar sedan
but doesnt crying child or evan or chris soul be in shadow freddy
King Of Hearts
King Of Hearts 12 timmar sedan
Legit thought the intro was just MattPat finally losing his mind because of these FNAF videos.
Ainat Negron
Ainat Negron 12 timmar sedan
Beth_04 12 timmar sedan
I'm gonna need a new timeline at this point
Kenneth Smith
Kenneth Smith 12 timmar sedan
Kenneth Smith
Kenneth Smith 12 timmar sedan
Scarlet pinxity
Scarlet pinxity 12 timmar sedan
I am going to *s c r e e c h.* Now I have to explain why I'm changing my Chris to Evan and have people attack me because either I don't ship Mennard or their just jerks. *F M L*
Dembones skeli
Dembones skeli 13 timmar sedan
Line up all the family members names of the afton family and see if the letters make a name that's just a quess
Sleepy Mocha
Sleepy Mocha 13 timmar sedan
By this point the definition of “solved FNAF” to Matt is just when he makes a discovery and assumes what will happen and crossing his fingers the next game is the last Scott makes.
Ian Bick
Ian Bick 13 timmar sedan
It’s Ethan because it’s better than Evan
Loser_Rosey 13 timmar sedan
Speaking of c.c my friend had this theory if you look at this image: file:///var/mobile/Library/SMS/Attachments/af/15/81032371-65E8-446E-9C64-6C0CF7012737/IMG_8209.jpeg my friend saw two stripes like c.c in someone’s trailer, so she told the group chat cause yes- and since she barley watches you I told you for her I honestly just thin Gregory might have stripes on his shirt cause- l.I.f.e but yeah-
Dembones skeli
Dembones skeli 13 timmar sedan
Hello everyone welcome to fan theory
Waxtermellon__RobloxYt Official
Waxtermellon__RobloxYt Official 13 timmar sedan
What I thought it wwas Chris?
cadergator10 13 timmar sedan
While watching fnaf 4 again (specifically markiplier) and I noticed that a kid actually had a spring bonnie toy that matched almost exactly with the plush trap toy in one of the books. It was in part 3 of markiplier's fnaf vid at 12:41 . Not sure if you got this, but wanted to put this up anyway
Foam Stag
Foam Stag 13 timmar sedan
Well, that penny's intro was fun
Br1ttanyxo 13 timmar sedan
Danial Khan
Danial Khan 13 timmar sedan
Where’s our DAD THORRY STOP WITH THESES BOKS TOO PROOF THORIES (sarcasm) but please more dad he’s got something going on
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller 13 timmar sedan
Gotta love Emotionally Repressed Child
FazeUp 22
FazeUp 22 13 timmar sedan
The puppets name is not Charlie its Charlotte Emily
summr thundr
summr thundr 13 timmar sedan
1:42 my brain really just quoted that dude from veggietales... "they've never given me a name. i've been here since day one and i STILL don't have a name."
The firestar
The firestar 13 timmar sedan
The crying child name is chris
Akshit Singh
Akshit Singh 14 timmar sedan
Shitposting on another level XD
Thomas Angell
Thomas Angell 14 timmar sedan
Honestly fnaf needs to come to an end it feels like it’s just getting dragged out now
lizzy ._.2
lizzy ._.2 14 timmar sedan
My life is over why I thought the crying child's name was Chris like Chris Afton
thatpvcguy 15 timmar sedan
The lore in a nutshell: *confusion*
Jenisah Tejeda
Jenisah Tejeda 15 timmar sedan
Wolfy: it must be Evan! Me: it must be Evan! Mattpatt: it just can’t be Evan! Also me: it just can’t be!
Xer Rex
Xer Rex 15 timmar sedan
Before you get mad at me for this, just listen. We know Aston is springtrap, since in ucn it called scraptrap “Afton” and scaptrap is springtrap who is purple guy. But what if mustered man is William and purple guy is mike? When does it actually say that purple guy is WILLIAM afton? This would seem to solve a few points that have bothered people, although I am not saying that this is definite. Just think about it and what it can mean for the lore. Please like this so Mattpat sees it. The only time it would be weird for the games is in ucn in the old man consequences part where afton is screaming “mike.” Other than that I don’t see anything in the games that disproves this. Again, just something I would like for people to think about.
Gsgsghs Gsgsgsy
Gsgsghs Gsgsgsy 15 timmar sedan
wait, are you saying that there are 2 springtraps?
FASTPACKMAN2 7 15 timmar sedan
haha my name is Evan
Adelle Hagley
Adelle Hagley 15 timmar sedan
The game theorists, Ruining your childhood since 2011.
Max chihai
Max chihai 15 timmar sedan
Can crying child be Michael
The One You Shouldn’t Have Killed
The One You Shouldn’t Have Killed 15 timmar sedan
I have come to RIP everyone’s souls that is in my way!!!!! Vengeance SHALL BE MINE
Keepongoing446 15 timmar sedan
MatPat: blackbird was the saddest Me: *laughs in The Cliffs*
Detwand 15 timmar sedan
How big brain do you have to be to come up with this?!
Awesome Bread
Awesome Bread 15 timmar sedan
It’s reddit, it’s a hard maybe
Samuel Ramos
Samuel Ramos 16 timmar sedan
What if jake is the crying child just Scott changed it to trick us into thinking there not relatable
Art Block
Art Block 16 timmar sedan
I always thought crying child was chris
Darkness Cosplays
Darkness Cosplays 16 timmar sedan
Sooooo, we gonna see a video about the new trailer or what? :3
Nelson Navarro
Nelson Navarro 16 timmar sedan
LogicAlt 16 timmar sedan
yes im sold with crying child being evan
The RPG 17 timmar sedan
And 4 days later fnaf security breach trailer gets released... Coincidence...I think not.
Donlee Tv
Donlee Tv 17 timmar sedan
I just missed alot of stuff
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