G2 Rekkles | 2021 #LEC Spring MVP

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Your 2021 #LEC​ Spring MVP: Martin “Rekkles” Larsson!
KDA - Ratio of players kills and assists to deaths
DMG/M - Damage dealt to champions per minute
DMG/M-D - Difference of a player's damage per minute to their opponents
GOLD/M - Gold earned per minute
DTH% - Share of team's deaths

Szajn 4 dagar sedan
0:30 FOUR
Name 2
Name 2 14 dagar sedan
"We're in Sweden"
STE ZeZo 22 dagar sedan
who edit this
Giorgio Ancora
Giorgio Ancora 25 dagar sedan
i love every single arcade graphic, that is a sick editing. The best part is the street fighter cam rekkles vs renekton.
Lorenzo Donati
Lorenzo Donati Månad sedan
and yall keep hating on him
Boruski 332
Boruski 332 Månad sedan
Zacharie Guillerey
Zacharie Guillerey Månad sedan
How about his Karma...uh ? UUUUHHH?
Egon Montage
Egon Montage Månad sedan
Jhorman parra perez
Jhorman parra perez Månad sedan
Caitlin Månad sedan
The one who edited this video deserve a raise.
Colo Månad sedan
Παυλος Κουρεας
Παυλος Κουρεας Månad sedan
G2 will take them over next time
Antoni Kukus
Antoni Kukus Månad sedan
zasłużył chłopak
iMavionX Månad sedan
KDA Player
Nikolay Kaloyanov
Nikolay Kaloyanov Månad sedan
Rekkless MVP? With all due respect but he didn't even reach the Finals. I know how much of value he brought to G2 but the same roster without him won a plethora of trophies in LEC. I love Rekkles, he is an insane ADC. Probably the best in Europe. But man, Kaiser was The Guy in #Spring2021. It's almost impossible to become an MVP playing a supporting role, just like winning a Ballon d'Or playing as a right back.
John kayle Cantor
John kayle Cantor Månad sedan
that fucking edit!!!!!!!!!! holy shit
D Salvatore
D Salvatore Månad sedan
Stop this weird ass special effects crap. Yall give us epilepsy
Jan Kowalski
Jan Kowalski Månad sedan
Still for me Tore, Trymbi, Elyoya, Armut, Larssen and Hans Samma deserve MVP more
apoche 2003
apoche 2003 Månad sedan
noob edit
Mystツ Månad sedan
K/DA Player
Kaleb MacDonald
Kaleb MacDonald Månad sedan
So much for the mvp i guess.... Next time don't pick a player that just has to position and right click I guess
Va Mage
Va Mage Månad sedan
@Kaleb MacDonald Yea welcome to the hardest role in pro play :)
Kaleb MacDonald
Kaleb MacDonald Månad sedan
@Va Mage welcome to adcs. U wood 5 kid?
Va Mage
Va Mage Månad sedan
"Just has to position and right click.." Iron?
coex lol
coex lol Månad sedan
Why does rekkles have less % damage than any other adc in lec, playoffs stats
Marcel Pacut
Marcel Pacut Månad sedan
Imo, inspired deserved for MVP more. Rekkles had too poor championpool, and enemies could target ban him easily.
Greifvogel Månad sedan
The dude was literally first in all of those categories, holy shit
Paulo Almeida
Paulo Almeida Månad sedan
Rekkles is a great player and G2 have the best players by far but Mad and Rogue staff had the best read on the meta and prepared very well. GG see ya next split.
Georgi Bodurov
Georgi Bodurov Månad sedan
Definitely the most consistent player in the LEC. Rekkles always delivers.
Joker Månad sedan
Kaiser robbed
DUŻE ELO Månad sedan
When he hit braum's shield... I felt that.
Luciano Tavares
Luciano Tavares Månad sedan
I love arcade theme!!
NHZ /csgo
NHZ /csgo Månad sedan
w0w nice edit !
Benedikt Gilgenreiner
Benedikt Gilgenreiner Månad sedan
Such a cool video. Loved every second of it
Yiğit Månad sedan
Tekashikimo Månad sedan
The editing on this is absolutely and utterly amazing
Lyner Månad sedan
KDA player lmao.
The White
The White Månad sedan
You just know Inspired deserved more ;)
HucaPuca Månad sedan
Feels overrated... He played for a dominant team with his playstyle built to top these statistics. Not sure if this includes playoffs, but Armut or Inspired felt miles ahead of their counterparts most of the time.
iHalveien Månad sedan
With that kind of award i hope he enjoys his vacation
Christian Fernandez
Christian Fernandez Månad sedan
Please for God sake stop drafting karma next split
snaggiz Månad sedan
He was a fantastic addition to G2, as us fans hoped he would be, but to see him nab MVP of the split the first time of asking? Geez, the guy is soooo good.
dark star
dark star Månad sedan
the video is very well done
Blu Bot
Blu Bot Månad sedan
Nicolai Meredith
Nicolai Meredith Månad sedan
This video is an epic edit!!
Pff Nerv net
Pff Nerv net Månad sedan
Inspired robbed
JC Månad sedan
G2 loses one time and all the sweaty lcs fans and even lec trashtalk do hard. Actual psychos.
LEC KoreLana
LEC KoreLana Månad sedan
Perkz wins 8 times the LEC title for G2 - casters hate him. Rekkles comes to G2 and for the first time in so long G2 loses the LEC title - casters love him and make him MVP. Great! Guys, go on and keep listening to casters like Vedi, who evaluate players by what they DON'T do (don't die), rather than by what they DO! That is why LEC is going down and LCS is going up - because they got the most hated by LEC casters, but most DOING in game player - Perkz. Am I the only one who sees how passive and KDA Rekkles is actually in game? Casters like Vedi should retire or just stay as entertainers. Bring some young blood by the mike like Caedrel!
Dziadek Henio
Dziadek Henio Månad sedan
When u have biggest carry in LEC and in semifinals plays 2 times Karma
Nastumoto Månad sedan
Best LEC video ever
First Day Lions
First Day Lions Månad sedan
Congrats Rekkles! Well deserved
dajeitj Gonper
dajeitj Gonper Månad sedan
who says rekkles is kda player has no lol idea
Annika Lindholm
Annika Lindholm Månad sedan
I love him soooo much :D
Qworst Månad sedan
Master edit
mad__moO Månad sedan
Hahaa... this a fking Joke!
mighty midget
mighty midget Månad sedan
what is this montage omfg
Deenus Parker
Deenus Parker Månad sedan
He's been useless
Natjimo Månad sedan
this is a joke.. rekkles is trash.
Pietraszekk Månad sedan
Anyone know the last song?
Mirai Sekai
Mirai Sekai Månad sedan
when you chose 1080 but it's 360 my eyes....
TahirK. Månad sedan
looool this loser got mvp. it's unfair. loserrr don't cry we will give you next split again mvp 😄
No hay sonido
No hay sonido Månad sedan
I believe in the old kings to rise once more to claim their place
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez Månad sedan
Boas Enkler
Boas Enkler Månad sedan
Well deserved. still missing him at fnatic
Kasikovva B
Kasikovva B Månad sedan
Phương Tin Tran
Phương Tin Tran Månad sedan
Voi lai choi toan nham mat mat ca hung
Phương Tin Tran
Phương Tin Tran Månad sedan
Minh dut vao day so khoc nua mat cong
Phương Tin Tran
Phương Tin Tran Månad sedan
Phương Tin Tran
Phương Tin Tran Månad sedan
Chua dut vao choi thi ai noi yeu minh nhan
Cristian Siica
Cristian Siica Månad sedan
this is beyond cringe
Matija Santic
Matija Santic Månad sedan
Ah yes, my favourite loser being the MVP for everyone NOT on G2. The most expensive downgrade in history. Poor Caps back must've hurt from carrying the plague boy all the way to the third place. He doesn't even need to lose the game to lose confidence and spread it. All it's needed is a little upset* in his otherwise perfect KDA. (*pun not intended) You wanted be the bad boy tearstacker, but only thing u bad at is raising the atmosphere and giving confidence. And don't worry, when you say "you will come stronger in the summer", we all know what it means. So do you. As soon as it doesn't go your way (which even you don't have a slightest clue what it is - like a 13 y old girl), u r gonna start emmiting your weakness, negativity, and alibi solutions, then grief when it goes even worse. It's all your fault, and you can't snap out of it bcs it's your character. You are a loser and a little rat. Have fun in the summer. And remember, Carlos is ruthless (almost like me), it would hurt if u had to retire before your contract ends. Oh thats right loser, that's why you keep your precious little KDA intact, so it doesn't look like it's you. Keep goin Smeagol, it's not doin anythin bad. Oh yes, there is an option of joining your washed up jungler in the NA retirement home aswell. Or was this split all his fault?
Moon Ohno Takenaga
Moon Ohno Takenaga Månad sedan
i really like the idea that the LCS is hugging the idea of retro style. it fits the org perfectly.
Victor Vergara
Victor Vergara Månad sedan
Déjense de joder con rekkles wn
Duygu Findikci
Duygu Findikci Månad sedan
Yes, the video is great, yes the lec production team is amazing but can we appreciate all the Rekkles moments here? He was monstrous this split and that mvp of the split title? He deserved it more than anyone else! We love you Martin 🖤❤️
Pawel S
Pawel S Månad sedan
No single karma clip. Please G2, take this as lesson.
Robin Alexi Novion
Robin Alexi Novion Månad sedan
Holy shit this video is lit
Zelder Månad sedan
Even if they didn't get to finals rekkles still 100% deserve that mvp. His positioning his always flawless and he just never dies its crazy
Lalli Månad sedan
Marc Orquin
Marc Orquin Månad sedan
val1dus ._.
val1dus ._. Månad sedan
I voted for Inspired, imo Rekkles is kinda overrated.
matejisko Månad sedan
kda player
Klorgbane Månad sedan
armut robbed
Julius Månad sedan
absolutely stunning production, such good work.
ᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏ Månad sedan
Lalli Månad sedan
well deserved
raoul demeyere
raoul demeyere Månad sedan
Ray-an Guanzon
Ray-an Guanzon Månad sedan
Who edited this?
Wolffalcofox Månad sedan
Mykhailo Nikolaichuk
Mykhailo Nikolaichuk Månad sedan
To all the "why not release earlier": production probably expected G2 to win the whole thing and post the video after finals for better timing.
Sameer Ahmed
Sameer Ahmed Månad sedan
Yep..... King of adc's
Blahbzeh Månad sedan
please put this man on an actual team. G2 is washed af and rekkles has to much potential going to waste
beyond confused
beyond confused Månad sedan
wunder and jankos got outplayed by thier counterparts in both the madlions and rogue series. worest playoffrun by wunder especially really sad.
Hamza Ishtiaq
Hamza Ishtiaq Månad sedan
Reckless you love 😍😍😍😍😂
Tito Rodrigo Ludeña
Tito Rodrigo Ludeña Månad sedan
I think he deserves it. He played really well the entire split.
Ashs Månad sedan
First in every stat.. That shows how good he is.
Jacek Jarosiński
Jacek Jarosiński Månad sedan
Masterpiece animation.
Sensitive Uwú
Sensitive Uwú Månad sedan
I LOVE these Edits/ Graphics / Style. Remembered me of the old final fantasy /Tekken, very nostalgic. ^---^
Divine_Trickster Månad sedan
Rekkles, my favorite player of all time. Du är bäst!
José Ricardo
José Ricardo Månad sedan
Team very unconsistent
Adrian Sav
Adrian Sav Månad sedan
Damn, this video is out of this word.Congrats to Reckless and congrats to the artists who put this video togheter.
BMAE・브매 Månad sedan
God of Edit
BeeTB1 Månad sedan
Awesome production video
Tấn Đạt Võ Văn
Tấn Đạt Võ Văn Månad sedan
omg the sound and edit is epic🤯
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