Former gang member joins FOX News to discuss racial tensions in US

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Fox News

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John Turnipseed says people need to speak out against injustice on 'Fox News Primetime.' #FoxNews #FoxNewsPrimetime
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BIG Jumbo
BIG Jumbo 5 dagar sedan
Abused by police? Beat up by police? Talked bad to by police? Oh, so nothing really compared to how his brothers in the gangs treat innocent people in the community.
Cordell Massey
Cordell Massey 6 dagar sedan
"When good men fail to act evil prevails ."if you can't qoute the words please don't reference it
kentucky woman
kentucky woman 7 dagar sedan
I never heard anybody in my circle of friends say anything against black people
Angry Squirrel
Angry Squirrel 12 dagar sedan
Lend my privilage? Yeah you can borrow my work boots.
Kristi S
Kristi S 13 dagar sedan
Dude I love this guys voice so deep and calming.
Winnie Edme
Winnie Edme 14 dagar sedan
For the first you have a guest that speaks the truth not that Sellout Tim Scott
Veronica Hillery
Veronica Hillery 14 dagar sedan
Give sound minded people who are God fearing good citizens a break. Please!!
Raven Stone Healing Oracle
Raven Stone Healing Oracle 15 dagar sedan
Racism is most strongly learned when the news shows certain groups of people constantly rioting and looting.
l R
l R 16 dagar sedan
Free deryck chauvin
l R
l R 16 dagar sedan
Y did the cops talk rough to him... Could it be u are a gang member.... Please cops handle the thugs with kid gloves.. They have rights.
Irish Joe
Irish Joe 16 dagar sedan
Racism is learn also in the hood. When will people start taking some responsibility and stop always looking at what police do.
Robert Canning
Robert Canning 17 dagar sedan
has he treated police bad or was the police always hard on him...he was a gang member, not a saint at that time. tell the entire story please.
Mommagongs channel
Mommagongs channel 17 dagar sedan
Don't let yourselves be used by BLM
Normandy Black Market Cichlids
Normandy Black Market Cichlids 17 dagar sedan
Lol he wasn’t a gang leader nothing to hear here
Lorenzo Pascual
Lorenzo Pascual 17 dagar sedan
This is my first thumb 👍 up EVER for a FOX NEWS video. They used facts and common sense without hatred on lies on their face and mouth
c smith
c smith 18 dagar sedan
Ya listen to the gang banger thats a good idea👀👎🏻
Nik 18 dagar sedan
Lend my privilege? What effing privilege??? I'm sick of hearing that all white people have this magical skin privilege that shoots them straight to success with no pitfalls or uphill, unfair battles to fight.
Mamie,lea THOMPSON THOMPSON 18 dagar sedan
Becca Sharkey
Becca Sharkey 18 dagar sedan
He said that the sheer number of accusations should result in a firing. So if enough members of a gang or a criminal's buddies make a complaint, that in itself is grounds to fire an officer regardless of validity?
paul TRUMPER 18 dagar sedan
i no this man his a killer and his on here
Dillon 18 dagar sedan
Can someone lend me their white privilege? Just for the day... I need to raise my credit score and deplete my debt.
Rhonda Coleman
Rhonda Coleman 18 dagar sedan
Well one simple answer the black community in urban areas are the only ones complaining police your own area and let the rest of us police our area o can't get a job on the police force because you are a felon oh okay
Rhonda Coleman
Rhonda Coleman 18 dagar sedan
Nobody's complaining but criminals most Police Department do investigations on their complaints only criminals when they get mad make bogus complaint let's do need to shut the hell up
Rhonda Coleman
Rhonda Coleman 18 dagar sedan
Is this guy for real he just said he was a gang member so most likely he was involved with gang related criminal Behavior but I guess the police are supposed to kiss their asses why you guys even running this crazy story if you comply you will not die you fight the police they will fight back
Joseph Brabander
Joseph Brabander 18 dagar sedan
Although I'm sure it's been happening for much longer, starting with the incident in Ferguson Missouri it became obvious to me that the media was injecting race into every possible story. As long as they can get away with such biased reporting I don't see how things can ever improve.
Monte carlo
Monte carlo 18 dagar sedan
He is so right that teaching children must begin at home. Genetics show that every person on this planet is descended from the same 2 people. There are no "races". We are all 1 race, the human race. This is what I taught my children. Opinions of others MUST be based on the individual. I would have missed out on knowing some truly wonderful people if I would have judged the book by its cover. This subject is so crucial parents!
cybersekkin 18 dagar sedan
A police officer doing his job will get complaints too. The question isn't do they have them as much as what they are for and do they have substance behind them.
Brian White
Brian White 19 dagar sedan
Fact is, the courts protect dirty cops. Direct and extrajudicial measures are the only solution for dirty cops. No decent officer would come to the aid of a dirty cop who is being brought to the only justice that a dirty cop deserves. No decent officer should fear justice. Only support it.
D’angelo 19 dagar sedan
Ya know, I love Fox News but this was some bs.
F. D. R. / F. D. R.
F. D. R. / F. D. R. 19 dagar sedan
People we should not have one race looking over their shoulders to see who is being racist. We do not need others looking over their shoulders to see who is calling them racist. What we do need is both groups to be looking over their shoulders together to see who is keeping us at each other while picking our pockets.
Conservative Destroyer
Conservative Destroyer 19 dagar sedan
Former Gang Member wow! Thanks Fox News
John Scott
John Scott 19 dagar sedan
What race has the highest high school dropout rate in America. Maybe if more people would actually graduate high school things wouldn't be so bad.
Lydia Sinclair
Lydia Sinclair 19 dagar sedan
When you start out by using the word "Privilege" to describe any white person, you will automatically lose that person's attention or effort to create peace. I grew up in the worst part of the city, moved every 3 months because we were being evicted. Then went into foster care for 3 years. My skin is white but I can tell you that I have never been Privileged. I work my butt off to pay my bills and never had my hand out for any government cheques. Even as a single mother. I worked 2 jobs to make ends meat and had no support from the father or government. Still can't figure out how my skin colour makes me Privileged.
Deborah Sinclair
Deborah Sinclair 19 dagar sedan
Thank you. I live in a predominately black household and have lots of friends but I have been offering another point of view. They like me. A lot of them said they never knew a white person before plus we have to keep our manners and our hope in Jesus.when George Floyd died imadeablm sign and hung it in my window and when they shot the first policeman I took it down.
Snarf Monster
Snarf Monster 19 dagar sedan
As a WHITE American, I'm sick and tired of these THUGS being criminals and NO ACCOUNTABILITY. All of this crap blaming police officers, why doesn't ANYONE look at the basic cause of ALL OF THIS CRAP? The thug who won't COMPLY and who feels they can do whatever they want with no consequences. I'm SICK of this bull crap. GOD BLESS OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS!
Aaron Moore
Aaron Moore 19 dagar sedan
Your a gangster. Be one. Instead of bitching about getting caught dont get caught lol. You know if your in the wrong
Lovely Love
Lovely Love 19 dagar sedan
As I read the comments I believe some of you are missing the point. I'm an African American woman and have encountered police who did not VALUE my life. Did I do anything wrong, no! They pulled me over for going 5 miles slower on a 45 mph street. They walked up to my car with guns drawn as my 5 year old nephew was in the back seat. They made my nephew get out the car and put his hands on the trunk of the car. They had me stand on the side of the car with one officer gun pointed on me and the other officer run my license. He returns to the car, hand me my ID and told me to have a good day. Have you guys ever encountered that? A person can only encounter that behavior for so long before they become agitated. So, please look at all sides before thinking we are crazy caged animals.
Bilinda Mueller
Bilinda Mueller 19 dagar sedan
Marc Sammacicci
Marc Sammacicci 20 dagar sedan
George Floyd had a long rap sheet too and was walking around free! It goes both ways race baiter! You said racism starts in the home, so does teaching kids good values and respect to the police by a 2 parent household. That is real problem in this country!
Brother Carlton
Brother Carlton 20 dagar sedan
Better police officers need to be hired with better training. The answer isn't to defund the police like so many liberals advocate. Racism will never be solved until the heart of man is changed and the love of God possesses it to respect God's law and mankind made in God's image. Treat your neighbor as your brother and sister and you'll never harm them.
Roger Moore
Roger Moore 20 dagar sedan
That was 1 of the "good apples" that took action in Ohio. He protected and served valiantly. But in the same way there is largely consensus on this, there should be also on the Chauvin case. 'Sad that there is not.
#Not My Potato
#Not My Potato 20 dagar sedan
f 📴
Frances Cardenas
Frances Cardenas 20 dagar sedan
How About Learn to RESPECT the Police and your fellow man?
c m
c m 20 dagar sedan
I'm a white American and I am very troubled by the BLM hatred I see. I'm also troubled by the glorification of thug life in black communities. Stop glorifying thugs.
ohbogey 20 dagar sedan
Now go door to door through your community and apologize for making your community look bad.
MasterBlaster29 20 dagar sedan
At the end of the day, Everyone needs to start taking personal responsibility.....
Alan Gould
Alan Gould 20 dagar sedan
Most white people use their privilege to work 40,50 or 60 hours a week!
Lauren Sauvageot
Lauren Sauvageot 20 dagar sedan
As the old saying goes "one bad apple will spoil it for everyone" It's always important to weed out the bad. People who blame the whole are not being fair to themselves
Richard Huffman
Richard Huffman 20 dagar sedan
John is 100% correct!!!!
Jean Tremblay
Jean Tremblay 20 dagar sedan
Racism isn't learn at home, it's learned at school with CRT!
Manuel Rojas
Manuel Rojas 20 dagar sedan
8PM 8
Richard Ahern - LifeLine Media
Richard Ahern - LifeLine Media 20 dagar sedan
The left are no longer the party of the working class, they represent the 1% of CEOs, government officials and the Hollywood elite. That’s an indisputable FACT! ‼️‼️
Ken Welch
Ken Welch 20 dagar sedan
More BS, everyone else needs to take responsibility.
Foong Meng
Foong Meng 20 dagar sedan
Criminals use excuse of race to commit crime
Kristyn Sotelo
Kristyn Sotelo 21 dag sedan
So if racism is learned at home, how is it systemic?
willfade 79
willfade 79 21 dag sedan
There is no such thing as white privilege. There is only money privilege in America!
The Word is Truth
The Word is Truth 20 dagar sedan
Hi There. I would agree and disagree. I do think there is some white privilege, but we are completely overlooking the class differences in this county amid racial tensions. I think a white person and black person who were similarly situated (meaning similar educational backgrounds, similar mannerisms, similar deportment, similar experiences) I think the white person would have a leg up on the black person in a job interview. But I think if you compared an educated black person with a high school graduate white guy, I think the black man would come out ahead. I think a rich black person would come out ahead of many white people. For instance, Oprah Winfrey because of her wealth and celebraty has more of a chance of speaking to the President of United States than I would, even when Trump was in office.
home bound
home bound 21 dag sedan
If BLM really love black people why wouldn't they pay those black protesters to hold black lives matter signs just saying BLM is using black people like slaves for their own purpose so you tell me who's racist.
home bound
home bound 21 dag sedan
BLM is a corrupt organization it's only purpose is to divide the country and take advantage of those less fortunate. exactly why the founders of BLM don't live in the communities they support but yet in white neighborhoods yet we don't talk about .if BLM really cared about black lives they will be building tons of new buildings places to work everything inside the black communities yet none of this is happening wake up we're not brown and black people like the Democrats label us we're Americans.
Midnight Rider
Midnight Rider 21 dag sedan
Make a list of all the GOP swamp creatures that didn’t get it done when we had the house and senate. Now reaping what they sewed.
Jean Hubley
Jean Hubley 21 dag sedan
I don't care who is being hurt I will help I believed if you teach your children to respect police it would be easier but there are criminals dangerous to others who would we call for help
Jean Hubley
Jean Hubley 21 dag sedan
White did not black then it changed
Alexander Shtraykher
Alexander Shtraykher 21 dag sedan
Biden is not our president.
Mike Melino
Mike Melino 21 dag sedan
This guy was talked bad to by police well maybe cuz jr a violent gang member???? Ever think of that smh
Aireana Balderrama
Aireana Balderrama 21 dag sedan
Lend me your privilege 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😂😂
Judi Sullivan
Judi Sullivan 21 dag sedan
The problem is the criminals on the streets. The other problem is the DEMS fighting to keep criminals on the streets.
Roger Armstrong
Roger Armstrong 21 dag sedan
So your saying its still the white mans fault your damed if you do damed if you dont .
Norman Sawyer
Norman Sawyer 21 dag sedan
This guy sounds racist because he assumes that all white people are " priveledged". I think some black guy mustve stole mine. I cant find it anywhere.
Thomas Street
Thomas Street 21 dag sedan
Be a part of the solution not a part of the extremism. History needs to be revisited. Change the way you view history including the church and folk will stop and think
Robert Rees
Robert Rees 21 dag sedan
Simple solution, to avoid thumpers don’t get involved with criminality, if you’re not breaking the law it’s unlikely that you will have any interaction with the police, unless you are a victim of a crime, it seems to work for me, I don’t know how people don’t understand this ?
Real Music Real Artist
Real Music Real Artist 22 dagar sedan
Make the unions pay the lawsuits instead of the tax payers and then we will see some change.
Brandon Fountain
Brandon Fountain 22 dagar sedan
I sympathize with him when he said that chauvin had multiple complaints and had no repercussion. I believe that they get away with it because they are under staffed so I think that the police department is reluctant to fire officers. I think an honest solution would be for more honest people to join the police force. The community develop better relations with law enforcement. Many communities help criminals by refusing to speak up when someone in their neighborhood is hurting innocent people but they’re quick to speak up when a cop does something wrong. People need to stop looking at gang bangers as heroes and cops also need to stop treating the public like the enemy.
Anne* 411
Anne* 411 22 dagar sedan
Former gang member. Man where do you find these idiots at who works there??
John Brown
John Brown 22 dagar sedan
The DOJ? 🤦‍♂️😂🤣😜
another one
another one 22 dagar sedan
Victims complain about privilege
Alex O
Alex O 22 dagar sedan
Where there are Democrats there is racism. If there's none they'll manufacture it. Democrats feed on racism like maggots feed on corpses
Tim Neal
Tim Neal 22 dagar sedan
Of course the first step should be comply with the cops and things will probably go okay I would imagine just saying
Jack Mikeson
Jack Mikeson 22 dagar sedan
LeCrybaby should donate to this man.
Richard Iwanski
Richard Iwanski 22 dagar sedan
well if people would look at one another as Americans not a color it stupid
Citizen Cat
Citizen Cat 22 dagar sedan
A lot of good White folks are sick of this "y'all are Racists" crap.
speny spen
speny spen 22 dagar sedan
what I'm worried about is that they will no longer be able to keep actual statistics of crimes. they are already not prosecuting most criminals if arrested. it's all part of the plan. the politicians won't be the victim of these criminals. our country has failed and there is no repairing this. stay safe
James Bartlett
James Bartlett 22 dagar sedan
White people are not the only racists. Recognizing that the American experiment is all of us NOW trying to live on this hunk of land and make it better starts at home.
John Smith
John Smith 22 dagar sedan
ya gonna have to get rid of the media that portrays the 1% bad incidents as being the norm
Robin Gillespie
Robin Gillespie 22 dagar sedan
Lol another Criminal on fox.
Gizmo 22 dagar sedan
Immediately stopped listening when he started in with the privilege talk.
Cece Villa
Cece Villa 22 dagar sedan
Start with educating our youth they are my future
Monte carlo
Monte carlo 18 dagar sedan
Parents must do the educating. This is far too important to leave to the schools. They are too busy indoctrinating to do much education anyway.
Debra Kampa
Debra Kampa 22 dagar sedan
If the system doesn't change, the children now and in the future will make this chaotic, hateful era seem like sunday school. Children are being taught to hate America, they narrate the textbooks just like the Fake News narrates their reports. You only see/hear what they want you to. (So happy to not have any kids that have to grow up in this world.)
J 9
J 9 22 dagar sedan
Until the community talks about this issue “honestly” on both sides, it will never be resolved. Both sides do not want to talk about both sides of the problem. Is there a police “problem”? Yes, they are human. Is there a community problem with a certain percentage of the population that is constantly looking to break the law? Absolutely! Where does the problem start? We all know if you are following the laws 95% of us do, chances are you won’t have a problem. Push the envelope and you open yourself to what could possibly come next. If a percentage of the community lifts up their thug population as saints, it will never get resolved. If the law enforcement community continues to support their thug population, it will never get resolved.
charles smith
charles smith 22 dagar sedan
if America is such a racist county......why do I see a lot of whites in the rally videos.
Sheri Densmore
Sheri Densmore 22 dagar sedan
lance R
lance R 22 dagar sedan
I've heard black ppl say the same thing as racist white ppl. Stop making a one sided issue.
Khalid Jones
Khalid Jones 22 dagar sedan
I’m so tired of hearing about Race on the left and the Right .
Chilly Winters
Chilly Winters 22 dagar sedan
Oh yeah when I was a gang member I got thumped.
Fredrick Hayes
Fredrick Hayes 22 dagar sedan
Nobody never said all cops are bad LOL
Fredrick Hayes
Fredrick Hayes 22 dagar sedan
I know a man 90 years old saying this was when he was young
joe s
joe s 22 dagar sedan
Racism certainly is learned at home, overwhelmingly in black homes
Louis White
Louis White 22 dagar sedan
The good cops aren't babysitters. The hiring of cops is the duty of the Mayor. Therefore it's the voters (citizens) that are asleep at the wheel. Evaluate before assigning blame. Even the criminal side of the coin, if you will, ultimately comes from the citizenry. Clean up of this problem begans at birth. Relying on rehabilitation is futile. Phycology is a con. You would think the idea, let alone the actual incarceration of potential law breaker's would stem the tide of criminal behavior? You can't undo what is reality. The answer for me is Sunday school. Our brains are computers. ...We can only get out what we put in...
A Person
A Person 23 dagar sedan
There is no white privilege your ignorant idiots. You guys are racist if you think all white people are racist and have "privilege."
Morris Phillips
Morris Phillips 23 dagar sedan
Don't you love double standards? One for the rich, one for the poor, one for cops and insurrectionist and one for protestors and black lives matter. Think about it.
Jose Olivares
Jose Olivares 23 dagar sedan
In my younger years we could not even talk back to our parents much less to the police. Now a days parents cannot even correct their own children much less can the police. Just saying.
Sammy On1
Sammy On1 23 dagar sedan
His head is so long
Biden America GREAT
Biden America GREAT 23 dagar sedan
California schools reopened and we have the lowest COVID cases in the country under the superb leadership of Gavin Newsom and Joe Biden
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