Flywheel Trebuchet

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Tom Stanton

6 månader sedan

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Tom Stanton
Tom Stanton 6 månader sedan
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R3tr0hax Media Group
R3tr0hax Media Group Månad sedan
Why would I tom I’m in America I can just use a shotgun with a blank and scare someone off lol
Brixton Ridge
Brixton Ridge Månad sedan
@Preston Dominik i am trying it out right now. Seems to be working.
Preston Dominik
Preston Dominik Månad sedan
Dont know if anyone gives a shit but last night I hacked my gfs Facebook password by using Siczine. Just google for it enjoy!
Liam Conway
Liam Conway Månad sedan
replace the tennisballs with grenades and the military will recruit you LOL
Sion Månad sedan
I want to see more about this device :D
SDWdidi Timme sedan
Just imagine these tennis balls land in the garden of a neighbor far away and the dude be like "where in the fuck do these come from?! 😂
Sanddyn 11 timmar sedan
Hello Tom! I have a question about this model, I am having a school project to make a Trebuchet and it can only be crafted from cardboard and popsicles. Its length, width, and height must be 25 cm. Please can you show me how to make it? Thanks so much.
Corey Parker
Corey Parker 15 timmar sedan
the thought of this concept scaled up to full size is terrifying...also how much more potential energy could be gained if you had a solid flywheel not just the ring
DespizedICON Dag sedan
You sure sound like you look, You know it.
Carlos Coves Campos
Carlos Coves Campos Dag sedan
Hi, this is amazing , how eficient can be this sistem ?... im thinking in bad thinks
Rafael Ronchi
Rafael Ronchi 2 dagar sedan
Put eletrical engine to turn this.
aekagrasingh 2 dagar sedan
If you had added 2 or 4 arms instead of a single arm it might allow for a multishot trebuchet plus I think it would be better in terms of the stability of the whole system..
John Flynn
John Flynn 3 dagar sedan
I wish he had bolted the frame to a concrete footing. His cranking would have been more efficient.
Ida hoe
Ida hoe 3 dagar sedan
this video is sponsored by simply gay
Thomas Van
Thomas Van 3 dagar sedan
I don't understand anything.
ATLHooligan 3 dagar sedan
I didn't watch the video because 180 mph is really not that impressive for a machine you make... pro tennis players can serve up to 160 mph... make it go 1,000 mph and maybe ill consider watching.
rixille 4 dagar sedan
Have you considered putting tracking devices into the trebuchet projectiles and convert that into a visualization? It would be neat to see 10 shots done and to see its accuracy/grouping.
J E 4 dagar sedan
Matthew Marting
Matthew Marting 4 dagar sedan
I’m a bit late to the party but wanted to thank you for such an excellent course on efficient design.
J-dayday 5 dagar sedan
Your trebuchet equipped with grenades vs mortar launcher, to see which goes farther
J-dayday 5 dagar sedan
I want to do this for fun at like one of those destruction rooms to relieve stress. except now put grenades in the trebuchet. have the mechanism to release pin attached to flywheel and just use wireless trigger.
J-dayday 5 dagar sedan
the reason your metal frame pieces are so strong and rigid is the same reason that curved display phones have a higher resistance to bending
Brandon Funk
Brandon Funk 5 dagar sedan
some camera lenses may cause image distortion (especially near the edges) and distance from the lens because angles. This would affect velocity calculations. Do you have the right lens, or software to correct for this?
Josh 5 dagar sedan
Such a smart video, thx. Disappointed you promote simply safe, it’s a poorly designed product. Had it for a few months and sent it back.
Nikita Nosov
Nikita Nosov 5 dagar sedan
420 joules? damn,,, thats more than Luger ammo generates.
Alexander Grey
Alexander Grey 6 dagar sedan
Please could you build one for my hound !
Ali 7 dagar sedan
It's pronounced "ALUMINUM"
Fluppet 7 dagar sedan
Can you imagine if the gears were steel so he could make a much larger ratio such as a 10-1.
Benjamin Lamothe
Benjamin Lamothe 9 dagar sedan
Could you imagine launching a tennis ball several kilometers hearing a tennis racket and being domed by an even faster tennis ball XD
Benjamin Lamothe
Benjamin Lamothe 9 dagar sedan
I watch both yours and integza's videos yours for science and unusual fuel sourses integza's for his rockets and quirky antics
Benjamin Lamothe
Benjamin Lamothe 9 dagar sedan
davy nolan
davy nolan 9 dagar sedan
Slick transition to simply safe Tom
Tijl Gyssels
Tijl Gyssels 9 dagar sedan
I hope you don't just leave the tennis balls in the field and that you go collect them!
trillbo 10 dagar sedan
Hey Tom did you ever get around to putting a motor on this?
jps99 11 dagar sedan
Crazy science dude!
Marva Rosalva
Marva Rosalva 11 dagar sedan
The courageous clipper operationally wobble because whiskey intraorally introduce throughout a wandering crow. mountainous, premium mother
Desertoctopus 12 dagar sedan
this content is great but what really blows me away is the complexity of what this man able to think about while completely not thinking about simple stuff
_ Slack _
_ Slack _ 12 dagar sedan
that segue into the ad had me laughing, subbed.
Dmytro Vasyanovych
Dmytro Vasyanovych 12 dagar sedan
why would you use calculator siting in front of calculator machine (laptop). also invite some people
Raging Ultimate
Raging Ultimate 13 dagar sedan
I wonder what would happen if you added rockets to it...
J-dayday 5 dagar sedan
if the rocket launch and trajectory was timed perfect, supersonic would happen
David Spector
David Spector 13 dagar sedan
I like that this is faster than the fastest tennis ball in any tennis championship.
Benjamin Coram
Benjamin Coram 13 dagar sedan
Him standing next to a massive pole spinning fast enough to (probably) kill him is making me nervous.
Max Lorek
Max Lorek 14 dagar sedan
You can see a ball fall back down in the background to the right of Tom at 7:52 meaning that it was flung almost perfectly upwards
Kevin 14 dagar sedan
I want to see you ramp this up and break the sound barrier with a trebuchet.
Elijah Canning
Elijah Canning 14 dagar sedan
"Maybe I should use baseballs and put a motor on it". So, basically a pitching machine.
Data Point
Data Point 14 dagar sedan
Just casually firing 180g masses off into the distant.. masses.. Brutal.
aebe 15 dagar sedan
Great machine! How about four or more balls mounted on more arms, you even could have select fire.
Dr. Ramon de Torres
Dr. Ramon de Torres 15 dagar sedan
Why not add additional arms and slings and balls? That way you can ripple release.
käffi 15 dagar sedan
6:17 the face of determination
Trenty Boi
Trenty Boi 16 dagar sedan
Now do it with a robot that launches at the perfect time depending on the situation!
MC Osprey
MC Osprey 16 dagar sedan
He is the sole reason Isacc Newton discovered gravity
Siege Cats
Siege Cats 16 dagar sedan
Add mass to the flywheel.
Noah Bandy
Noah Bandy 16 dagar sedan
you should connect a bike to the thing you spin to get it up to speed, make sure the bike has gears or use the electric bike. Might get you faster throws of the tennis ball.
j 17 dagar sedan
There's a dog a couple miles down the road that just got a bunch new tennis balls
CANADIANMOO5E 17 dagar sedan
Still the superior siege engine.
D Peterson
D Peterson 18 dagar sedan
Yeah, That's great you made it work... Well you forgot your two most important aspects of using this method.. why did you use the gear ratio and not go for a higher gear ratio, to the length of the throw for your crank, to the amount of wait of the flywheel. if your going to use this sort of mechanism other than just make it work how can you optimist the throwing speed to take it to the strength of what a man can produce.
Joe Owens
Joe Owens 18 dagar sedan
Flywheel "Pumpkin" Trebuchet?
iTeerRex 18 dagar sedan
This vid was released on sep 24 2020, and I've been a sub since before that. How did I miss it?
Sinusoidal 18 dagar sedan
So who's getting all these free tennis balls
Coastfog 19 dagar sedan
Launches a half a pound unguided projectile on an uncertain trajectory at almost 200mph: "This video is sponsored by SimpliSafe"
Sans. 19 dagar sedan
The treebuchet didnt age well
J-dayday 5 dagar sedan
wtf if anything this video taught you is that it did age super well. Imagine using grenades with this? the range would be as good as a rifle.
N37BU6 19 dagar sedan
So, does SimpliSafe data mine you like everyone else does?
Walter Holm
Walter Holm 20 dagar sedan
Today you can use an AR15
J-dayday 5 dagar sedan
but when the trebuchet range on the battlefield is equal or better, that still provides some impact, imagine sending a claymore or c4 grenade down range at that distnace
TheTyphoon365 20 dagar sedan
Launch a pool cue ball.
Emil Hanning
Emil Hanning 20 dagar sedan
why is this hand cranked instead of like a drill with a simple clutch system
J-dayday 5 dagar sedan
simpler design = less points of failure. engineering 101
Steve W
Steve W 21 dag sedan
MATH, a hell of a drug. lol
Jimmy joe
Jimmy joe 21 dag sedan
How about throwing GPS signal devices. So you can tell and show graphically how far it went the projectiles goes. Or using a go pro cam would be amazing and also to see how it looks when it's traveling the cam
J-dayday 5 dagar sedan
a 360 view cam would be better
flooberjobby 21 dag sedan
Why not use a power tool to spin it?
ronan okennedy
ronan okennedy 21 dag sedan
"Unfortunately, my old Trebuchet hasnt aged very well". How may people can honestly get to say that ? Brilliant work Tom
mmhhjj34 22 dagar sedan
Was anyone else thinking that making a flywheel light defies the point
JC130676 22 dagar sedan
0:05 So SimpliSafe is sponsoring a vid about a device that is anything BUT SimpliSafe. Oh, the irony...
IrishSavage87 22 dagar sedan
Gingers are soulless creatures of the night
jagovalkparkietje 22 dagar sedan
clearly the superior siege engine
elson ramos
elson ramos 22 dagar sedan
The steep laborer spindly hope because numeric metrically pack pace a ubiquitous quality. low, complex gauge
5002strokeforever 23 dagar sedan
The whole point of a flywheel is to store lots of energy, add some weight to that thing
Thomas Boneck
Thomas Boneck 23 dagar sedan
Did you recover the balls?
Bruno Jozef Durcek
Bruno Jozef Durcek 23 dagar sedan
0:37 deez.....
Jenson Cripps
Jenson Cripps 23 dagar sedan
The debonair country lovely press because seed conjecturally visit towards a well-to-do tile. boorish, dysfunctional scissors
MrHanzfree 23 dagar sedan
And I'm suddenly reminded why I find fly wheels terrifying. So much energy in such a simple mechanism
Yuriy Postrekhin
Yuriy Postrekhin 23 dagar sedan
launch gliders with this thing
Mark R
Mark R 24 dagar sedan
You have loss of energy in your side to side motion. Simple fix. Screw the thing to a couple of aluminum beams running left to right and pin them to the ground with concrete stakes. Longer handle.
Dusin Bonnema
Dusin Bonnema 24 dagar sedan
Alternative title at 3:50 - man shoots himself with trebuchet!
Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar 24 dagar sedan
everyone: let's have a snowball fight! that one kid:
Rageing Rat
Rageing Rat 24 dagar sedan
im doing a project and i was wondering if i could get some help on making a trebuchet
Кристиян Миланов
Кристиян Миланов 24 dagar sedan
3 days later: man going for a walk in a forest killed by a tennis ball
John Bickford
John Bickford 25 dagar sedan
Man what a segue from medieval weaponry to home security.
IrishSavage87 22 dagar sedan
I’ll stick with my AR and my Glock...I sling lead at 3400ms
elson ramos
elson ramos 25 dagar sedan
The decorous man intraorally separate because squirrel acromegaly tease times a hulking parallelogram. aboard, right cat
robert golding
robert golding 25 dagar sedan
some friends of mine made a cannon using airbag detonators. fired a 4 inch projectile though both sides of a washing machine . i have very strange friends. glad to see the younger generation carrying on the tradition. keep it up tom. bob
Chris Hurd
Chris Hurd 25 dagar sedan
5:55 escape velocity achieved.
joshua chamberlain
joshua chamberlain 25 dagar sedan
have you considered adding a weight to the crank leaver to reduce the imbalance?
Dean Molyneaux
Dean Molyneaux 25 dagar sedan
This guy is a genius
MrTheDAtlas 25 dagar sedan
This man could single-handedly siege a castle
Larry Temen
Larry Temen 26 dagar sedan
Where is the next video with baseballs or apples?
SnapFive Beats
SnapFive Beats 26 dagar sedan
That was a smoooooooth segway!
Tyler Lowder
Tyler Lowder 26 dagar sedan
How do you find the tennis balls?
Gert Gybels
Gert Gybels 27 dagar sedan
How to detect a true nerd, when on a laptop still uses a hand calculator :-D
Gert Gybels
Gert Gybels 27 dagar sedan
Tom... that's a beautifull design.
gaskan666 smith
gaskan666 smith 27 dagar sedan
Thanks but my shotgun works well
Tom Cartmill
Tom Cartmill 27 dagar sedan
Yep, Simplisafe, you can simply, safely, watch you thing go out the door. Police are too slow. Just my opinion. Live happy and safe.
STOTS 27 dagar sedan
Man you are THE BOMB Smart, inventive, and skilled Good Job
Notyourtipicaltechguy 27 dagar sedan
See if you can launch something at mach 1
TurboDieselDan 27 dagar sedan
Imagine having a spinning flywheel that you could couple to with a clutch.
Devin Hiatt
Devin Hiatt 27 dagar sedan
You're frickin insane and I love it.
Mike Franckhauser
Mike Franckhauser 27 dagar sedan
I like videos like this .we have thrown away technologies that we think we have a better ways with but with today’s materials carbon fiber ,neodymium magnets ,rethinking old technologies. Is where I believe we should go .perfecting steam reusing the water especially when it comes to regenerative heating .and so much more sound wave technology today can heat water incredibly fast .new turban designs and materials could make a vast improvement any electric generation not to mention. gravity a constant it doesn’t depend upon the sun or the wind thank you again.
Wayne Werner
Wayne Werner 28 dagar sedan
ADAAAAAMS! Sorry judge!
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