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Pepín 3 dagar sedan
face it straaight for sure
Joshua Clivaz
Joshua Clivaz 21 dag sedan
If you are doing a dinner room/pool house don"t forget add in a sealed roof that connects the different buildings. Otherwise you"ll get wet after/before dinner if it rains
wgraham2410 23 dagar sedan
100% straight
Felix Schilder
Felix Schilder 27 dagar sedan
Love these short updates❤️
Felix Schilder
Felix Schilder 27 dagar sedan
Foxie Dog
Foxie Dog Månad sedan
I have oaks, walnut,cedar, sweet gum, sorry no palms. I don't think I can send any to you 🤔
Friverman Månad sedan
Andreas for the vlog pls
Friverman Månad sedan
Bring AML for the vlog we need him
Kooma Floo
Kooma Floo Månad sedan
Love the process, keep it coming!
Terje Bjelland
Terje Bjelland Månad sedan
Gör som du tänker utsikten blir mycket finnare! Det hade nog blivit konstigt med marinan med alla folk där.. kommer bli kanon bra! hur går det med din båt du bygger?
Caro Wifi
Caro Wifi Månad sedan
i would do more like a round front view to open up the full panorama
O A Månad sedan
Why a pool when you have a lake?!?!
NO NAME Månad sedan
What is the Programm called ???
Tomás Iglésias
Tomás Iglésias Månad sedan
Is it worth having a pool in Sweden, Jon? Keep up with the great content! ⭐️
Markus Dippenaar
Markus Dippenaar Månad sedan
Good day is the angle of main structure on stand not important for your solar roof to maximise sun hour's harvesting? Kind regards Markus Dippenaar South Africa
enric colom
enric colom Månad sedan
Much better
Jesse Rajala
Jesse Rajala Månad sedan
Straight to bay direction. Make sure how much there is bedrock, is it even possible to do pool that size 😅 And you 100% have to do sauna there whit original fireplace "kiuas". Greetings from Finland🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮
Sivnandh Månad sedan
Bro it looks like Batman's house in justice league
Sivnandh Månad sedan
bro I just started I watching ur vids and I luv it ❤❤
Tom Bell
Tom Bell Månad sedan
What programme did these renders get made in?
Electric Petrolhead
Electric Petrolhead Månad sedan
Rhino3D apparently
Mgolf Anderssson
Mgolf Anderssson Månad sedan
Plutus Månad sedan
face it straight, don't open
JarnoM Månad sedan
wouldn't a rounder shape fix your problem of the position of the house?
Damian Hyde
Damian Hyde Månad sedan
Jon, just remember. The drip line of the tree is roughly where the extent of the root system is. If you excavate too much into the root system parts of the tree will die off if it doesn't die completely. I am a civil designer and this is something we consider when working around existing trees.
A Ric
A Ric Månad sedan
Barely open it just so you feel a bit civilized
Jack Grace
Jack Grace Månad sedan
dabble with a unique pool shape and not a normal rectangle
Inji E
Inji E Månad sedan
Jon, you should make the L-shape extra building with a retractable roof so it can be roofless but close it when you need to.
Jochem F
Jochem F Månad sedan
Face the building straight
Cassie Månad sedan
In Scandinavia, the sun and direction of a building is always way to go. Go for the sun👍☀️
Kari Jääskeläinen
Kari Jääskeläinen Månad sedan
In Scandinavia, the sun and direction of a building is always way to go. Go for the sun👍☀️
Daniel Asp
Daniel Asp Månad sedan
En ide för poolen .. eftersom ni har små barn samt träd som fäller mkt kan ske ni skulle haft en liknande denna video då kan ni även stoppa den på det djup ni vill ha ifall ni vill ha grunt så barnen kan bada eller djupt för mortions simmning eller liknande.
Daniel Asp
Daniel Asp Månad sedan
David Zafra
David Zafra Månad sedan
heated pool is a MUST
Cassie Månad sedan
9:16, u cant be serious about keeping the trees?! Get them the fuck out, so you get a better view... And leave them where they belong, in the woods!
David Zafra
David Zafra Månad sedan
what program do u use for the 3d??? looks great
Electric Petrolhead
Electric Petrolhead Månad sedan
Rhino3D apparently
chambraedits Månad sedan
I would open it up, more sun during the long swedish winter!
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Månad sedan
What a beautiful piece of property….love being on the “journey” with you!!
Emily An
Emily An Månad sedan
I genuinely thought Benni was back at the start. Hopefully he’ll visit soon!
StarVoyager9 Månad sedan
You live in Marabella. Tons of modern/ contemporary homes there including the traditional contemporary one you live in. So why bring Marabella style to Sweden? In that setting you display in this video, and as a summer retreat, a log home seems more apt to the environment. There are contemporary log home designs. The freedom to be creative with the design. Anyway, all I’m saying is that it’s important to keep the material and design in suit with the location. Otherwise it will look out of place and locals will point and say, Aw Jeez, look at what some Bone-head foreigner did to ruin the shoreline view. does that make sense Jon?
The Uber Gypsy
The Uber Gypsy Månad sedan
Be careful about not letting the pool steal too much of the sea view!
james dixon
james dixon Månad sedan
Beautiful plot, excellent vlog. The house is going to be stunning, but tread lightly. Form follows function. Any decent architect will simplify the project with skill. With this stunning view the building should never 'compete'. Doesn't need to. Enjoy the process.
Emily An
Emily An Månad sedan
I think the new vlog plan will work extremely well! Love seeing the updates and of course the updates of the fam!!
chrysa kapai
chrysa kapai Månad sedan
I loved this vlog!
Linus Nygren
Linus Nygren Månad sedan
Gillade inte att du skulle sätta så pass stor köttyxa i berget med poolen. Hade försökt hitta en lösning för att bevara det så naturligt som det bara går. Sen hade det nog sett ballt ut. Men låt naturen styra. Tycker jag personligen.
mikoy huio
mikoy huio Månad sedan
Really cool, I dream to hae a house with entry on one side and exit in an oder side or at least a roundabout in the front of the house.
Wolkify Månad sedan
i am sure the house will look amazing in the end! i will keep an eye out for it whenever i am in the archipelago 😉
juan Månad sedan
Pierre Hammarström
Pierre Hammarström Månad sedan
Du gör ju som du vill och jag gissar på att du tänkt tanken hundra gånger om, men ska du ha kvar så mycket träd som möjligt kommer du få ett helsike med poolen, ni kommer få rensa den hur mycket som helst från tallbarr och tallfrön som flyger omkring. Men det kommer bli ett super fint hus och en grym investering för er och barnen! :) Jag har följt dig sedan du hoppade ner från en lift mitt i intervjun, massor har hänt sedan dess och det är så kul att få följa med på resan! :D
mikoy huio
mikoy huio Månad sedan
I would keep it straight like the current house, not angled
KKINDRIT Månad sedan
I am an architecture student from Germany and i really feel this VLOG. Hyped to see the realized building.
Fynn Prümer
Fynn Prümer 9 dagar sedan
Würde ich auch gerne wissen :)
Henri Kopp
Henri Kopp Månad sedan
Hi, weißt du welches Programm er nutzt?
Marius Andersson
Marius Andersson Månad sedan
9:16, u cant be serious about keeping the trees?! Get them the fuck out, so you get a better view... And leave them where they belong, in the woods!
Gerhard R.
Gerhard R. Månad sedan
Oh boy, you were so clever for years, now show us how you will get your carbon footprint down. Don‘t show us your silly Show: „My house, my car, my boat!
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Månad sedan
you better at this time in your life as we grow older and lives change and our priorities change enjoy the process sending lots of love to you and the family
razvan ionut
razvan ionut Månad sedan
brooooo. this land is awesome. please leave it to the architects , don't ruin the lot
Wildpixel Photography
Wildpixel Photography Månad sedan
Straight! Look at nature and not the marina.
Kalle Månad sedan
I think that a modern glass house with a huge pool is too much marbella for the beautiful swedish archipelago. The house should be one with the nature if you understand my point of view. Wood, wood, wood. I think more classic wooden mansion is the way to go. Too many rough lines and ”hard” looking surfaces dont look as good in pine forest as they do in the mediterrian or in marbella. I know you are team overkill and i love the idea but the lot deserves a bit more classic house, not a 21st century glass house…
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Månad sedan
Rakt, helt klart!!
kaptein kork
kaptein kork Månad sedan
I think I would have it straight. One question tho. Isn't the pool going to be hard to keep clean sinse its so big/long?
Brad LeMaster
Brad LeMaster Månad sedan
I think the new vlog plan will work extremely well! Love seeing the updates and of course the updates of the fam!!
serry ciok
serry ciok Månad sedan
Finally. Been waiting 4 years for vlogs to be relatable again. Stoked.
Charles Marlow & Bros
Charles Marlow & Bros Månad sedan
We are here for the journey!
peter peters
peter peters Månad sedan
in which region of sweden is this place ?
TheParisto Månad sedan
It's in Stockholm
Bob Månad sedan
riktigt avundsjuk på eran utsikt
Jasper Debast
Jasper Debast Månad sedan
Open the view! you can turn yourself to see the bay, but you cant turn your house when its in the way to watch the sunset... 🤙😁
Angel Trejo
Angel Trejo Månad sedan
I would keep it straight like the current house, not angled
Simon Hoerler
Simon Hoerler Månad sedan
you could do a swimming pond instead of a pool. this way you wouldn‘t be needing chlorine plus you would contribute a habitat for insects and plants which is much more environmetally justifiable.
Nils Engberg
Nils Engberg Månad sedan
Whats the name of the peogram he is using
Pedram K
Pedram K Månad sedan
what is the software you use?
ToonsOf Fun
ToonsOf Fun Månad sedan
Mockups of the house starts at 4:21. No one wants to see the other BS.
Quattr_o Månad sedan
Make the house on a rotating platform 😏💎
Mark Bates
Mark Bates Månad sedan
God there’s 15 minutes I will never get back yawn
NivanaA Månad sedan
Rakt, helt klart!!
SuperHddf Månad sedan
no 4k, no view
Lisa_ and_Christian
Lisa_ and_Christian Månad sedan
Tip for measuring when alone: Stick a screwdriver in the whole in the first end of the tape measure to hold it down while you pull it out as far you need. (REALTOR tip 😉)
Professor Voluck
Professor Voluck Månad sedan
The pool is not needed with such a beautiful lake but if you’re set on it why not make the shape more fitting to the natural surrounding environment?
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Månad sedan
Keep straight! You’ll still be able to see the Marina in the pool. But the sunset in line is 👌🏼
Mark Anthony Retiban
Mark Anthony Retiban Månad sedan
I did not understand most of what you're saying but I enjoyed you talking about what you actually enjoy doing. This channel's named after you anyways 😂
Olof Lidström
Olof Lidström Månad sedan
Anyone who knows what program that is used for the cads?
Dany Mailly
Dany Mailly Månad sedan
I'm very happy to see you again vloging and love to see the new house plan
Samantha Blomberg
Samantha Blomberg Månad sedan
Looks like a really exciting project I would go with the straight view it makes more sense and I think it would be good in the Longrun very exciting I think this way of logging suits you better at this time in your life as we grow older and lives change and our priorities change enjoy the process sending lots of love to you and the family
Christian Westling
Christian Westling Månad sedan
Riktigt fin tomt! Jag röstar på riktat mot runda "utomhusbalkongen". Och muddra kanalen; riktigt fint med sådana!
Stefan Kostet
Stefan Kostet Månad sedan
Vatför inte både och? Halvmåne form på huset
Jonar hellen
Jonar hellen Månad sedan
i would have the pool straight because you get a privat view of the sun and your boat
Ola Kongo
Ola Kongo Månad sedan
the neighbors will go crazy 😂 I drive a bus in the area and live / grew up in the municipality. Know what fucking life was there when they built several semi-detached houses on the old summer cottage plots. I think it's fun that you bought the plot and are building your dream summer house. Good luck!
Mia Mildh
Mia Mildh Månad sedan
Håller me dom andra, ha huset rakt, som de är nu. Du ser no hamnen ändå, o glasad ända på polen e fint, som nån sa med. Blir bra me fler kortare vloggar istället, gillar kortare vloggar annars med så. Blir snyggt ba färdigt sen nångång, o kul att du är så extremt insatt, att du sku ju kun va hus arkitekt efter detta projekt. Synns att detta e viktigt för dig, o att blir bra, att man int ångrar sig sen, att man sku ha kunna gjort saker annalunda el.bättre, o störa sig efter åt på saker sen ba i onödan. O planera väl till minsta detaj, e bra från början o göra. De int som man vill göra om o göra rätt senare, när man just lagt ner fler år, o bygga ju sen, o störa sig senare på saker, o ångra att man int la ner tid på planeringen, o to ibeaktan allt innan, o de de kommer o synnas på slutet, att man tat i hensyn till minsta detalj allt, o bli perfekt, o helt underbart sen, o att man e nöjd me resultatet sen, de ju viktigt, när man lagt ner så mycket tid på nått man älskar, o brinnerför 😂❤️👍🤗🙏🍀
Adriaan Neelis
Adriaan Neelis Månad sedan
you should let treehouse masters make a tree house on your lot
JTray Blah
JTray Blah Månad sedan
Open towards the bay!
anh thanh
anh thanh Månad sedan
make it straight. The sun gonna hit beautifully through out the day.
Johanna Karlsson
Johanna Karlsson Månad sedan
Fy fan va jag fiser surt!!
Platypus Hatstand
Platypus Hatstand Månad sedan
Keep the house facing straight to enjoy an unbroken view of the water and distant islands, also you have the bonus of being able to see your own boat. A driveway that wraps around is known in the UK as ‘in and out’.
Kyle Oliver
Kyle Oliver Månad sedan
Definitely straight.
Albino Tomat
Albino Tomat Månad sedan
What happened to lombok villa????
Ties Brink
Ties Brink Månad sedan
What an awesome project Jon! Looking forward to this. Also great to see that you can not sit still. Personally, I would keep the house facing straight.
Maxime Verhaeghe
Maxime Verhaeghe Månad sedan
I usually never comment but I really love the new vlog! And I'm glad to see that you're definitely back to the SEcycle game while still enjoying some family time!
Nicolaj Funck
Nicolaj Funck Månad sedan
Love the new season and thank you for sharing the process! However, I really don’t like how much you cut the clips when talking. Benny started doing that as well, it’s really noticeable and distracting. It might not know much about filmmaking, but I’ve watched pretty much all of your vlogs to know this can be better 💪🏼👍🏼
Magnus Dolleris Schroll
Magnus Dolleris Schroll Månad sedan
hammarbeck Månad sedan
No brainer, STRAIGHT!!! 👌
J Mueller
J Mueller Månad sedan
Open it up slightly, but not because of the sunrise. Because of more water views and the cliffs all day long
Camilla Nissan
Camilla Nissan Månad sedan
Unpopular opinion but maybe face the house to the marina and have curve side to the house to see the sunset from x
H. Katsaros
H. Katsaros Månad sedan
Go get an architect man.😅
jarosehlo Månad sedan
The flora of your property is unique and valuable. Therefore I believe you should work less with visible concrete and design the pool rather like a natural pool / swimming pond with no straight lines but rather round shapes and especially water plants :)
ALEZZANDRA Månad sedan
Nicebear Månad sedan
Go with the bay and keep it straight. You can enjoy the sun outside etc. Views are so, so, so important!
Cian Liu
Cian Liu Månad sedan
Looking forward to see 3 upload per week!!! But where is 4K? We definitely need 4K.
Emma Olson
Emma Olson Månad sedan
Jag älskar hur du formar husen efter träden och liksom tar vara på naturen! Mer sådant!! 👏🏻
Mubbasher Niaz
Mubbasher Niaz Månad sedan
Hey! You could do a weekly vlog like a long 30-60 minute video of your days and upload on a Sunday- get a good long nice vlog where you know you’ll have content to record over the week and less stress about having content to record every day or other day if that makes sense
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