Finals Weekend | EUphoria | 2021 LEC Spring S7 EP12

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Drakos and Caedrel discuss the results of Playoffs Round 2 and make their predictions for the Finals. Featuring interviews with Broken Blade and Elyoya.
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0:00​ Intro
0:36 Start of segment
0:58 Posh Caedrel and Southern Drakos
2:43 What happened?
6:41 Draft
8:56 Reflection
Interview w/ Broken Blade
13:15 Welcome Broken Blade
13:45 Looking back on the FNC Series
14:45 Were you surprised by the FNC draft?
17:24 Looking back on the RGE series, Game 1
19:10 Game 2
20:12 Game 3/4
23:44 What went wrong for S04 in this series?
25:19 How was this season for you?
27:27 Looking forward: Summer Split, Worlds
32:19 Stage games
34:04 Thoughts on RGE vs. G2
36:33 Your Spring winner?
37:14 Thank you Broken Blade
Interview w/ Elyoya
38:17 Welcome Elyoya
38:49 How is it to be a LEC finalist?
41:23 Beating the best LEC junglers
44:53 How can you improve further?
47:00 What is your read on RGE?
50:30 Lane phases weakpoint of MAD?
51:50 Who will win G2 vs. RGE?
52:38 How will Europe do internationally?
56:17 Final prediction
57:32 Thank you Elyoya
58:03 Start of segment
58:15 Caedrel's prediction
59:45 Most hype matchup
1:01:55 The coolest thing about our league
1:03:35 Outro

Aurora 26 dagar sedan
Carmpulse 26 dagar sedan
Looks at title. Good Anime. 10/10. Would watch again.
Adam 27 dagar sedan
Love ya people
Dana and Frank Stokes and Stone
Dana and Frank Stokes and Stone 27 dagar sedan
The flawless sousaphone phytochemically manage because girl behaviorally welcome apropos a bright number. quixotic, slimy department
4ukundur12 28 dagar sedan
G2 Elyoya when
Schildkröte 28 dagar sedan
What happened to FNC? Schalke happened, I feel like Schalke has earned some respect to their name so far. Heavy game against G2, stomps FNC 2 games and capitalizes on FNC mistakes in game 3. They're on a good roll.
Ludivine Frémaux
Ludivine Frémaux 28 dagar sedan
G2 are still the MSI champion right ? As there was no MSI last year due to COVID.
Tante cose nel mondo
Tante cose nel mondo 29 dagar sedan
A the start of the split: Selfmade G2 incoming At the end of the split: Selfmade NA incoming
patriarch paramour
patriarch paramour 29 dagar sedan
no YOU’RE cracked~~~ what a bromance 🥺
Archulu 29 dagar sedan
Hans sama top 1 .
JgHaverty ̈
JgHaverty ̈ 29 dagar sedan
Mac is such a great coach; Im a G2 fanboi till I die; sure, but anyone that doesnt realize a lot of MAD's success stems from Mac's ability to consistently guide those boys is missing the point.
JgHaverty ̈
JgHaverty ̈ 29 dagar sedan
One thing I've noticed about brokenblade - he has this interesting thing about him in games... where he never seems to be able to force his own leads; he almost always relies on the enemy laner screwing up or needing his jungler to give him a lot of resources to get ahead. I dont know if its a confidence issue or what, but something changes when he DOES get a lead... holllly shit hes a monster. His whole playstyle and dynamic changes. Hes flashing in to 1v3 and comes out on top, hes over extending almost BEGGING people to come into him, hes omnipresent because of his strength. If he can manage to develop his own leads, I think hes going to be one of the best top laners in the world.
Maurice B.
Maurice B. 29 dagar sedan
Guys like Elyoya make me proud of our region. Young, talented, super likeable, hungry, performs amazingly well in his rookie split and is handsome af.
MaiaBang 29 dagar sedan
Great content as usual, thank you!
Maurice B.
Maurice B. 29 dagar sedan
BB: Kalista wasn’t the problem. Also BB: their bot lane was always winning and ahead, which created many problems.
Tom Clements
Tom Clements Månad sedan
Lun Channel
Lun Channel Månad sedan
Caedrel-Drakos finals? YES!!!
Potato Enjoyer
Potato Enjoyer Månad sedan
I didnt know Caedrel was British, I'm British and his accent sounds very European to me
Luke McDougald
Luke McDougald Månad sedan
Cameron Aitken
Cameron Aitken Månad sedan
More southern Drakos please. That was beautiful
Pog Champ
Pog Champ Månad sedan
Elyoya speaks exactly like Carzzy lmao
Mat Koz
Mat Koz Månad sedan
can you make alter ego like: Crakos and Daedrel and make some not lol related podcast?
Gary Yu
Gary Yu Månad sedan
I hope S04 goes to worlds. He really didn't deserve the showing he and TSM had in 2020. It'd be a nice redemption narrative.
Gustav van der Westhuizen
Gustav van der Westhuizen 28 dagar sedan
If S04 was in the LCS they would win the split XD
ShradCat Månad sedan
Wunder won’t say „you can’t die“ anymore, it’s gonna be the „you will die“ to the poor enemy top-laner
Minjoph Månad sedan
Hmm... Broken Blade is very pleasant to listen to somehow...
MeBotheringYou Månad sedan
I too fear for our International play, LPL and LCK were fire thus far. Fantasy team rn EU; Odoamne, Elyoya/Jankos, Caps/Humanoid, Rekkles, Treatz/Vander. ... I think this says a lot. (I wish EU teams would skrim LPL/LCK more often :l
Jacob Barnes
Jacob Barnes Månad sedan
as a fnc fan.....this hurts cya in summer :)
Gustav van der Westhuizen
Gustav van der Westhuizen 28 dagar sedan
50% of our losses was them inting so if they just play smarter they end top 3
Jacob Barnes
Jacob Barnes Månad sedan
NiyaCathrel Månad sedan
Love this podcast
Cepheus Månad sedan
Man, Elyoya is a really nice honest guest for once and finally letting everyone know of the TOP JG gap from LPL/LCK. LEC/LCS has the weakest top and jungle talent. Meanwhile G2 fans are so delusion that they can "Win Worlds" with this roster. Nope. G2 already peaked in 2019 and that was their best chance. When for 2 years, G2's biggest weakness internationally have been Jankos and Wunder. Just watch LPL and LCK analysts voice the same thing, but western fans wouldn't know that. They're delusional Jankos and Wunder fans. Wunder was inting his face of against Bin, Nuguri, Gimgoon, Sword and even losing lane to Rascal and getting solo killed by Khan. Jankos going 1/6 vs Tarzan and was flamed by how bad he was vs Canyon by LCK analysts. Even LPL and LCK prod have said G2 weaklinks are Jankos and Wunder.
Das Projekt
Das Projekt Månad sedan
@Jimmy i would suggest you watch the interview woth elyoya again, he admitted that inspired individualy outperformed him, but mad was stronger as a team
Jimmy Månad sedan
@Das Projekt then you heard wrong xd, he can compete with the best junglers on the LEC and he still go smashed by Elyoya, imagine against Canyon, f.e xd
Das Projekt
Das Projekt Månad sedan
I dont rly watch much LPL and LCK but what i heard from analysts is that Inspired can compete with their best junglers. Top gap is huge though
tylor dobey
tylor dobey Månad sedan
Southern drakos
No hay sonido
No hay sonido Månad sedan
I see Wunder in soloq and I feel terror
Joshua Kim
Joshua Kim Månad sedan
35:20 "Do you always give that respect to G2?" What a dumb question . . . he literally just came from playing in Turkey and then in NA.
Deegii Tasty
Deegii Tasty Månad sedan
I miss frosk
Green SNK
Green SNK Månad sedan
Terrific Life
Terrific Life Månad sedan
2022 G2 Elyoya
G2 CrimsonArchlight
G2 CrimsonArchlight Månad sedan
Aww. Bless Elyoya thinking it’s gonna be a close 3-2 with MAD taking the trophy 🙂 In all seriousness, can’t wait for G2 Vs MAD on Sunday for the finals. G2 is gonna swing bigger than ever. Mark my words.
Redmaw69 Månad sedan
never mind the podcast, could we have posh Caedrel and southen Drakos cast the finals.?
Leon Hoffmann
Leon Hoffmann Månad sedan
damn im already so sorry for elyoya to get destroyed in finals by either g2 or rogue :(
MrNotagoodtime Månad sedan
if Elyoya isn't both Rookie and MVP of the Split then it's a troll
Ted Månad sedan
What languages does caedrel speak?
Kirsten Claiden-Yardley
Kirsten Claiden-Yardley Månad sedan
English, Spanish, German
cssghost Månad sedan
1:01:58 - where is the * *QUACK* * sound? LEC?
35:56 Yeah G2 and TSM might be pretty similar but we all know who is better... 🇺🇸
Hresvelgr Månad sedan
At any% airport speed runs
Milos Vasic
Milos Vasic Månad sedan
Posh Drakos and Southern Caedrel please :D
Hresvelgr Månad sedan
Wunder has been grinding solo queue. Odo and Armut are probably in for a bad time
Hresvelgr 28 dagar sedan
@Gustav van der Westhuizen In the past Wunder has utterly dominated every top in the LEC. If this week of training hard has gotten the intended results it is likely Wunder will dominate again
Gustav van der Westhuizen
Gustav van der Westhuizen 28 dagar sedan
They are both very strong weak side and its finals they wont fight him also remember all these players are challenger not the diamond players he has been fighting.
Tressi L
Tressi L Månad sedan
Was a joy to hear how candid and blunt Elyoya was.
Joep vdM
Joep vdM Månad sedan
The boys are back, let's go
Seafaringtea Månad sedan
"Posh-Spanish Caedrel" and "Southern Draw Drakos" .. is the kind of content I'm here to see
Grant Suttles
Grant Suttles Månad sedan
Both. Posh Caedrel and Southern Drakos.
Skyliav Månad sedan
For me personally the interviews are getting a bit too much. A pro players insight into a certain topic is really valuable, but with the interviews taking up most of the epsiode, I feel like I'm watching an interview more than an analysis broadcast. The main issue I have with interviews is that, even though pro players have a lot of knowledge, quite often the way they communicate is a bit all over the place, which is perfectly fine because it's not their job to be good at it. What Drakos and Caedrel do so well is transforming their game knowledge into an easy to understand and listen to format, which is what I enjoy the most about EUphoria. I just think that the focus shifted a bit away from that, but then again, that's only my opinion.
Pedro Carvalho
Pedro Carvalho Månad sedan
What I find impressive about fnatic is that they kept their playstyle. They were over aggressive throughout the split and kept doing the same in playoffs. It's not like the playstyle worked super well during the split either, they just refused to accept that. I don't blame any of the players individually (love the memes though), I blame the team as a whole, including coaching staff. In previous years we have seen teams being oppressive by maintaining tempo so high that the enemy can't match. This, more often than not, was associated with fighting all the time for objectives and gold/xp. This iteration of fnatic ignores the tempo and objectives and just fights all the time, resulting in not all fights being good for them and often not gaining much from winning fights
Yamibi Månad sedan
Wait.. But I'm here to listen to posh Caedral and southern Drakos :(
Ivailo Ivanov
Ivailo Ivanov Månad sedan
Man I'm a G2 fan but you just can't hate Elyoya and Mad Lions, every player on their team has such a cool personality and they are so sweet and humble, respect!
Lanel Rose Cordova
Lanel Rose Cordova 29 dagar sedan
Pls don't generalize g2 fans :( some of us just came to appreciate gameplay and proplayer personalities
鹦鹉 29 dagar sedan
thats ironic, cuz most g2 fans are anything but humble lol
Lanel Rose Cordova
Lanel Rose Cordova 29 dagar sedan
I completely agree! Like g2 they have so much fun and generally just really smart players even though most of them are new in LEC~ Humanoid has been popping off lately, Carzzy has grown a lot as an ADC, Kaiser is just a chef's kiss support, and the rookies are doing so good despite being new. We gotta give credit to that~ I'm just happy that EU is getting more competitive and talents are rising I love G2 and all but it wouldn't be as thrilling if they just won every game.
A A 29 dagar sedan
@Ivailo Ivanov Its internet you kinda have to ignore the dumb and the toxic
Ivailo Ivanov
Ivailo Ivanov Månad sedan
@Adam Ko Imagine posting a harmful comment to me for no reason.
Fenrisulv987 Månad sedan
"You just CAN'T let Rogue draft Senna + Chogath"... Unless you're Mad Lions! Yeeeeeeee baby!! Can't stop won't stop Carzy + Kaiser boyieee
shX27 Månad sedan
It's funny, how Elyoya caught some czech accent in MAD.
Arne H.
Arne H. 28 dagar sedan
just sounds like spanish accent to me xD
Mathus 28 dagar sedan
he is spanish actually,so that's why his accent is like that
hanus kamenik
hanus kamenik Månad sedan
Češi útočná formace bráško
Vianvi Månad sedan
Kieran Corson
Kieran Corson Månad sedan
Definitely do the accents and don't tell the interviewees about it ahead of time
Can Sari
Can Sari Månad sedan
27:36 Drakos said 4th place gets you to worlds. Thats incorrect right? Thats decided after MSI, right?
Mahdi Månad sedan
no its correct. top 4 go to worlds.
PowerOfMid 1
PowerOfMid 1 Månad sedan
Guys don’t worry. G2 is gonna win this split again. Because Wunder uninstalled wow and is now tryharding solo q
CrazyOrc Månad sedan
The thing is, they are saying all these things to Fnatic fans, but 90% of the fans on the subreddit for example already think this. Apart from a few manchildren (probably actual children tbh), most people already think Upset was really good, and most people see that Bwipo and Selfmade didn't perform to the level they should, but also that they themselves know this. Nisqy is just rated as he is, he's not absolute top tier, and his series vs Schalke wasn't great, but most fans also see and remember he was very good during the rest of the season. People act like the Fnatic fans are all rabid dogs, but it's really not true.
Cristian Posadas
Cristian Posadas Månad sedan
You guys are cool! Really miss Fros tho 🥺
MrLowbob Månad sedan
im actually hyped to see hans sama against rekkles, i feel like hans sama had his number lately, but perhaps my memory is shit
Marshall Smith
Marshall Smith Månad sedan
It's funny when they flirt. Ha! I will say, I like the focus: Either go hard on bringing in multiple guests, or just let Drakos and Caedrel just go hard on the league and let their chemistry shine and skip the guests. It seems to work better imo.
BlastItWithRain Månad sedan
Drakos doing that thicc Southern accent is my sexuality.
CrazyOrc Månad sedan
These guys have grown into my favourite caster duo in any English speaking broadcast already. Only other caster I like close to this much is Phreak (who brings a very straightforward no bs attitude to NA recently which I really like for the same reason). Also, Drakos has good taste in energy drinks.
Quinton Bekeur
Quinton Bekeur Månad sedan
27:36 No it doesn't. EU will have to win MSI to have 4 worlds seeds.
Shin Månad sedan
Shoutout to Bwipo, he predicted that Elyoya will have the biggest impact on his team. Look at MAD now - they're in LEC finals, and Elyoya is a HUGE part of every MAD win.
Gustav van der Westhuizen
Gustav van der Westhuizen 28 dagar sedan
Future best jungler in Europe
Nicolas Orellana
Nicolas Orellana Månad sedan
Is euphoria available at podcasting apps? like spotify, etc?
Shin Månad sedan
Elyoya's smile is absolutely contagious, I love this man so much
Nat Månad sedan
After watching G2 performance and heard players thoughts I think, and my heart is broken because of that, they should lose to be better. They had lack of Perkz and they wanted to be equal with everything - that was bad for them. I hope Jankos can take the charge, he is smart af about the game, but the others need to listen and be focus to win. I love to see MAD happy as well, they deserved appreciance :) but I still hope G2 make it to MSI and lose there to some Korean stomp. They need to learn so much to win internacionaly, they are at least the new team without the lider through the whole split. If we want EU to perform or even win Worlds we need to believe in our champions. MAD and RGE could win the summer and go to worlds stronger, it would be amazing :D Now all teams play just to beat G2 and G2 ... Well they don't know what they're doing rn xD
Juaanchoo Rodriguez
Juaanchoo Rodriguez Månad sedan
7:25 problem is Bwipo has good knowledge of matchups but his 1v1 decisions and lane management are horrible. Even when he has the counter pick he'll go for a bad trade and lose, base, get his lane frozen, hard push to try to fix it and get killed because he's too greedy
UltraJack299 Månad sedan
G2 is so DAMN trolling.
Bastian Polst
Bastian Polst Månad sedan
With this mindset and talent, Elyoya is going to play for G2 one day!
wowJhil Månad sedan
Great interviews! Great episode!
The Teamx
The Teamx Månad sedan
27:27 Wtf do you mean 4th place gets you worlds? You have to win MSI for that and then the 2nd region to get 4 seeds is decided on championship points. And it’s not going to be EU a getting 4 seeds I can tell you that right now lmao.
Hresvelgr Månad sedan
@The Teamx Your point is? No one could have predicted that the MSI 2019 final would be EU vs NA but guess what happened
The Teamx
The Teamx Månad sedan
@Name 2 just speaking facts bro. MAD literally got the finals in LEC. Not a good look for the region at all
Name 2
Name 2 Månad sedan
@The Teamx "That's not gonna happen" Well, well, look at that trust right there!
The Teamx
The Teamx Månad sedan
@Stefan katsarov no, EU is far behind LCK and LPL in championship points. There’s a 0 percent chance EU will get 4 seeds in championship points. They can only get it from winning MSI and that’s not gonna happen
Stefan katsarov
Stefan katsarov Månad sedan
the 4th seed is based on your performace in the past 2 years of international events. And since there was no MSI last year they are counting this year and the one from 2019. There is also a 2nd seed for the minor regions which i gues will still be given to Vietnam.
Ghanou Månad sedan
As someone Who is not a fnatic fan i do believe that the problem is bwipo hyli. Yes nisqy showed some weakness but for the majority of the Split he was put on seraphine duty so he was a supportive mid all season long. Upset in my opinion had a strong Split espescially when He was put on kaisa. Selfmade was also disapointing but when i saw insiders like rekkles and nemesis say that bwipo and hylissang were the ones always making the calls and always forcing fights and engages it made me believe even more that this team doesnt really have a future. Yes hylissang has big and even genius moments but he really really feeds a lot. You could see at one point in the shalke game he gives first blood for literally no reason. Bwipo has been calling the shots and asking for replacements in players etc but it Just doesnt work. At least in the past he was a strong top laner and a very impactful payer but this time we only saw him lose lane all the time and have 0 impact on the game. I agree about the rebuild argument and i believe they should replace them or at the very least if they want to try again in summer force them to listen to their carries more to try and temper their agression which honestly didn't work
Lucas Moreno
Lucas Moreno Månad sedan
Pog caedrel
Midas the Unwise
Midas the Unwise Månad sedan
Commenting at 10:00 (so maybe they address this later), but another thing to consider in Fnatic's disappointing result is just how good the upper half of LEC is this year. It really feels for the first time ever that if worlds happened right now, our top 4 teams would all be good enough to stand a decent shot at making it out of groups. G2 are G2, Mad Lions REALLY showed up in playoffs and look even better than they did in 2020 summer regular season, Rogue's macro and fundamentals continue to be world-class, and Schalke look fantastic too, with BrokenBlade's true carry potential being unleashed now he's unshackled from TSM, and Abbedagge managing to show up on stage. Don't get me wrong, Fnatic's roster has enough taw talent for them to be a top 3 team, but they need to be more disciplined. The skill gap just isn't big enough for them to win on that alone.
Midas the Unwise
Midas the Unwise Månad sedan
@Zentrix I usually only catch the playoffs for other regions. But usually I've been pretty on-the-mark just based on the quality of gameplay in Europe. You can see that the top half of the region in general is much stronger on the whole than ever before, even if G2 themselves aren't as dominant as their 2019 form. For the record, I don't think any team from Europe can win worlds at their current level, but I do think all of the top 4 are good enough for making quarters not to be impossible. That's not to say they all will, because at least one of them will end up in a brutal group of death, but all of them could make it out of an easier group.
Zentrix Månad sedan
Uuuh. Do you watch other regions? You can’t just compare Europe with Europe. Also g2 has always ramped up at the tournament, they weren’t as good when they got there. And it wasn’t Europe generally being good. It was only g2 that was ahead of the rest. (If you wanna go back so far you could say fanatic in 2018 but that was caps too.)
Jet G. Eighty-seven
Jet G. Eighty-seven Månad sedan
I'm so into Broken Blade! He's so young, doing well in his role, and has a winner mindset. Must protec at all cost
Pavel Soják
Pavel Soják Månad sedan
Totally agree, but I'm kinda scared he won't reach his potential without a better roaster. Dude deserves the best western team imho.
Pio ZenSen
Pio ZenSen Månad sedan
Słowackiego for oficer kontaktowe Fryderyk off gmina all
Nile Lynch
Nile Lynch Månad sedan
I love these podcasts, I do prefer it though when you go over the previous games in more detail. I know it's tough to find the right balance though! Great episode as always.
Iniee Månad sedan
Ah yes Javier "polishslayer" Prades Batalla
Oguz Han
Oguz Han Månad sedan
I guess if BrokenBlade may pick more carry toplaners Schalke could win more.
Matthew Rose
Matthew Rose Månad sedan
Here for the wap, stayedd for the accents.
El Zed
El Zed Månad sedan
G2 just values the bonus practice in the lower bracket :^)
Giorgio Iamoni
Giorgio Iamoni Månad sedan
Brokenblade is so fucking wholesome
Khalin Bahonsua
Khalin Bahonsua Månad sedan
Can't wait to see the games this weekend with you guys casting them. No more monologues please!! Congratulations for Caedrel for his first final.
Jojokahs Lol
Jojokahs Lol Månad sedan
Caedral analysis is kinda delusional
Jovan Krstic
Jovan Krstic Månad sedan
58:01 that is so sweat
Clear noh
Clear noh Månad sedan
Lec finals and my bday on the same day.. couldnt ask for a better gift
Mii Merr
Mii Merr Månad sedan
Please make the posh Caedrel and Southern Drakos euophoria happen!!!
David Saldaña Medina
David Saldaña Medina Månad sedan
get out caedrel
Phil Mayr
Phil Mayr Månad sedan
vlassis chatzis
vlassis chatzis Månad sedan
show some highlights and fights while you talk about the game. that would be nice cause we dont have the games/series in memory like you and sometimes is hard to follow. some clips with the topic you talk about would be gr8. nice duo and show beside that. keep it up
Papejo P
Papejo P Månad sedan
Okay dud
SomeoneWhoIsEpic1 Månad sedan
Give me the accents
Norbert Linczer
Norbert Linczer Månad sedan
caedrel: "everyone is playing hella good" G2: "am I a joke to you?" XDD
Thai Tom
Thai Tom Månad sedan
drakos is southern? cool
Mr Voldis
Mr Voldis Månad sedan
Broken blade low-key mentioning the 0-6 tsm worlds, you can tell it hit him hard. Hope he gets to worlds this year to show the world what he really has
XcessPain 28 dagar sedan
LCS should just drop to one slot so we can have more good teams from other regions.
Marco Neves
Marco Neves 28 dagar sedan
@Gastón Zumbo should be 4 lpl 3 lec 3 lck, only lpl has talent to bring 4 teams
Natsu Helljoka
Natsu Helljoka 29 dagar sedan
@Gastón Zumbo unless they win msi which is unlikely but still 😂😂
Gastón Zumbo
Gastón Zumbo Månad sedan
@Profity I'm pretty sure that with lec getting only one team to 2020 worlds semis, worlds this year will have 4 lpl and lck teams
Bowser Månad sedan
@Agaryunaer well wunder had good showings internationaly in his good times. Beating shit out of khan in 2019 etc. Was smashed by prime theshy though
Galador Månad sedan
The interviews are interesting, but too long
Jag vet inte hur jag ska fortsätta med Youtube...
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