Evidence for Ancient High Technology - Part 1: Machining

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Part 2: secycle.info/lift/video/kpCsspRre8d6rmY
Part 3: secycle.info/lift/video/q4fdu9Z3fahsp3s
An investigation into the evidence for ancient high technology found across the world. We look into the evidence for machining and advanced methods of shaping and polishing stone, as well as the varying levels of technology found on ancient sites and artifacts.
I spend a bit of time explaining the context around the claim for ancient high technology, as well as address the mainstream attachment to the 'status quo' story of history.
In part 2 (coming soon) we'll get into logistics and construction methodologies, and take a deep dive into the evidence for advanced precision in ancient artifacts both big and small, and I'll give my opinions on what I think it is that we're really looking at when we seen these types of objects.
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Cosmic Tusk Article - Jumping though Hoopes: cosmictusk.com/john-hoopes-university-of-kansas-trolls-science/
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Brenda W.
Brenda W. Dag sedan
Another excellent video!
cornz38 Dag sedan
We have no idea what technology ancient civilisations had because they aren't here any more but one thing IS for certain, it was NOT aliens.
Keith Bickerdike
Keith Bickerdike 3 dagar sedan
People are brainwashed and conditioned into believing that modern man has invented everything . how does anybody understand when they are closed mind ... anything could have been possible in the past ... The future of modern man is not looking good its a shame we cannot learn from the past... life was better life was simpler life was life.... don't get trapped by the Matrix.. don't become a zombie!
Conrad Meyer
Conrad Meyer 3 dagar sedan
........looks like some of those carved stones were in fact cast the casts or a cast should be found its there look for it!
Al B
Al B 4 dagar sedan
We've lost so much knowledge about ourselves...the old world was built with skills we should still have but we went a different way with technology 😦
unreal 99
unreal 99 4 dagar sedan
42:55 First Smiley Ever!!! Before Forrest Gump!!!
trinishipp 5 dagar sedan
have any of yall seen all the drill holes and rocks with straight edges, sharp edged rocks in the hikes in yosemite? i was hiking there last month and i was astonished to see all the rocks there and how unnatural and man-made they looked
7Earthsky 6 dagar sedan
The so called engineers and geologists in the comments ought to be ashamed at their own lack of basic knowledge...I wouldn't trust you to build a snow man or carry a pebble.....This man moved stone blocks with very basic tools very much available in antiquity and all on his own. secycle.info/lift/video/fmvWvpmnh5mtmZk&ab_channel=MysteryHistory
Donald Beaudry
Donald Beaudry 9 dagar sedan
This video raises a lot of excellent questions.
jlucasound 9 dagar sedan
Ben. Even back then they were in denial. They didn't know what they were looking at so they said, "I can do that!" and failed. (The "cheesy carvings") People today are still blind. Or ignorant. Or in denial. That, I think, is one aspect of this planet, I will never understand.
jlucasound 9 dagar sedan
That artifacts are removed because they don't "fit" (?)...Criminal.
jlucasound 9 dagar sedan
@27:08 I would think Mr. Hopkins rues the day he decided to join in on this ridiculous demonstration. I am so glad he has come to his senses.
jlucasound 9 dagar sedan
Thanks Ben! I love how you get right to the root of "it". The ones who are ignorant (or paid to be) are the ones who yell. It will become too much for mainstream to deny. It has to. The evidence is overwhelming. Say hi to Erich for me. :-)
Fred Farkle
Fred Farkle 9 dagar sedan
Michelangelo created the amazing statue of "David" with anatomical features of fantastic reality. He did not use any power tools or usual technology. So why is it that amazing that the ancients were able to do similar things? Why do we assume they had no talent or knowledge capable of doing these things? History has lots of sculptors and architects in out own modern times using tools common to all era's.
Nicholas Tracy
Nicholas Tracy 10 dagar sedan
Egyptians had creative mode
Donald Beaudry
Donald Beaudry 10 dagar sedan
Very well done video
In process to delete
In process to delete 10 dagar sedan
I was reading some article about how the pyramids, and someone proposed they were made of concrete, and looking at it, it made a lot of sense. I myself am not very knowledgeable on these things, not in practice at least. So I brought it to my father, as he has worked in and around fields of construction, and he said it made sense. Seems reasonable to me
JD M 10 dagar sedan
Wael Fouda
Wael Fouda 10 dagar sedan
hello there if we can change our concept that beginning of humanity started on this planet then you fix our timeline then we will have a good explanation if humanity reached the technology of living on another planet we will built a complex or base which could be the giza Plato and when the energy used vanished humanity had to survive with the basic science if humanity had different energy then we have different devices and if this energy was biologic then we dont need to search for a device or a machine we should look for the energy
Trommari 11 dagar sedan
didn't Dracula in the Netflix Castlevania series say humans forget the sciences of long past? it's literally the first episode, but i can't quote it to save my life!
salty roe
salty roe 11 dagar sedan
It is clear that ancient had secret techniques used to make fantastic items. The keepers of the secrets didn't share or document their processes because that would loose there advantage. BTW if you ever watch a tool scrapper work you will not be suprised about ancient machining or machines
Wamimaster 11 dagar sedan
If the river was used to power the giant saws, the over cuts can be explained quite easily. If it was left to cut on it's own, it could get overcut in between "checks" by the caretaker of the giant saw.
blackbirdxx928 Giffin
blackbirdxx928 Giffin 12 dagar sedan
Technology....a society does not figure out how to machine solid rock without developing other technologies.....Nobody has found any kind of tools........and if you have ever beaten on a piece of rock with a 5lb hammer and a modern day hardened steel chisel you would understand how unlikely it would be to carve anything out of a piece of rock....straight lines, smooth finish, precision..aint gona happen.... difficult as hell with tool steel.....copper chisel cut rock...lol.....add to that....somebody beating on rocks with hammers and chisels every day of his life might last 10 years...what is it ackams razor...the simplest answer is usually the right one....outside help..
Orcmand DeGormak
Orcmand DeGormak 15 dagar sedan
thatd be like me carving my name in the washington momument with a rock with a date, and claiming i made it with only rocks to bash away at it all. i agree the tools dont match the end result. i have always been curious as to how even today 30 foot wide blades cut flat surfaces laterally and not bend... much less the chicken scratch on such magnificently cut stones mystery.
Anas Nabil
Anas Nabil 18 dagar sedan
The Quran indicates that before Adam and Eve there were creatures on this earth. When God told the angels he’s creating humans and putting them on earth, the angels asked God “are you going to create people who will cause harm and bloodshed when we are here worshipping you already?” God said “I know what you do not know”. Therefore, it shows that the angels had already witnessed the catastrophe creatures on earth brought before Adam and Eve were created. Is is possible that those creatures reached an advanced civilization, built the pyramids, and then a catastrophic event came that took them out? And God selectively left their achievements as a sign for human beings who come after them, that no matter how advanced you become, be humble because you will still die and return to God to answer for your actions. There is a verse in the Quran that tells people to wander the earth and look at the achievements of previous civilizations who were of greater strength than us. This is a sign and reminder for us to remain humble infront of God.
Author Authority
Author Authority 18 dagar sedan
Dont like it ? Pay a smear.
Alex MacDowell
Alex MacDowell 18 dagar sedan
I support Hancock!
Eoin 19 dagar sedan
Fantastic video. Fascinating and immaculately produced
Gerald Henton
Gerald Henton 20 dagar sedan
nothing more frustrating than having such great mysteries hidden from the people, I would think the way to solve them would be to expose them as many eyes as possible. The answer will probably come from another discipline,
Etcetera 6 dagar sedan
What is hidden exactly?
Duath 20 dagar sedan
Mainstream "marionettes" called scientists by mainstream corporate media are not wrong.. nor are they biased.. nor stupid.. they are lying!
Aaron Mcconnell
Aaron Mcconnell 21 dag sedan
I've never seen any video where anyone has ever addressed the lifting points on stones like the one you see at 35:45
Aaron Mcconnell
Aaron Mcconnell 21 dag sedan
I've been in construction trades my whole life and it used to be tools were passed down even if a tool broke it ould be fixed if possible there is proof of more advanced technology like the iron hammer infused in stone but of course it's a fake
Aaron Mcconnell
Aaron Mcconnell 21 dag sedan
Just like people attacking the Bosnian pyramid because a amateur found the evidence it's not true hell it could be where the idea for Egypt's pyramid came from we don't know but why not try
Cute Critters
Cute Critters 21 dag sedan
Yeahh good onya Ben good keiiiiint
Dave Shumard
Dave Shumard 22 dagar sedan
How can mainstream archeology dismiss so much in Egypt when all records of their ancient civilizations were destroyed in the Alexandria Library? Pretzel logic?
Hugh Tran
Hugh Tran 26 dagar sedan
The slim sharon globally appreciate because waiter curiosly crash out a colorful beaver. satisfying, sweltering eel
The Commenter
The Commenter 26 dagar sedan
I have a small Channel and I am planning to create a videos on Egypt in my local language. Can I use some of your video parts in my youtube video. I will provide "this video's link" in my description. And in the video I will add "Courtesy Unchartedx".
J W 27 dagar sedan
finally another channel worth bingewatching. thank you!
Rob Aldridge
Rob Aldridge 27 dagar sedan
When I was in school I wanted to be an archeologist...until I realized archeologists don't do archeology
nickacelvn 29 dagar sedan
130 million years of advanced human civilisation with 53 major extinction level human resets. Id say we are about due for number 54.
Matt Armstrong
Matt Armstrong Månad sedan
Great video
Chandra Purba
Chandra Purba Månad sedan
We think we have higher technology compared to ancient but we don't
dakotamax2 Månad sedan
Perhaps the original builders did not have a written language.
dakotamax2 Månad sedan
They just don't build 'em like this any more.
Erica Fiore
Erica Fiore Månad sedan
They knew about 24T 48T and so on. Lets say they used water to power the drills . The Antipharum computer. It would not take a massive leap to use ratio, 24T 32T 48T. Gearing .
ObiWanShinobi1 Månad sedan
I don't believe the historical sciences are as interested in exploring the past with impartial eyes as they are in reaffirming things they already believe - to the degree that they will proactively ignore or conceal hard evidence that contradicts their choice of proofs. If they did that in mathematical or chemical sciences, we'd still be building wooden bridges and using leeches for medicine.
Daz Heb
Daz Heb Månad sedan
When you look at some of these stones, especially the ornamentle ones, you've got to question the narrative. Yeah pure manpower and dedication can achieve alot. But why would they make things as complicated as they did?
Viktor Vatazhko
Viktor Vatazhko Månad sedan
None of the scientists wants to study this for the reason that for this you will not receive a degree and will not defend a dissertation. It's easier to rewrite someone's work or, in extreme cases, to unearth someone's grave, find some kind of coin and write another nonsense.
john harris
john harris Månad sedan
Wow. I find this so fascinating. Excellent videos
Kamil Glaza - Schody drewniane
Kamil Glaza - Schody drewniane Månad sedan
It's all inside Vatican library. It's not like they have the biggest library in the world, hidden from public, with nothing interesting in it.
O.G.Moose Månad sedan
The part with the writing is where I said ok, something doesn't add up. 40:44 they can't even make a straight line... Like come on, on the same piece you can clearly see the writing was added after the construction, and the writing is of a cruder form as those who wrote it did not have the same tools and level of knowledge as those who made the item in the first place. Surely Egyptologist know this, and the fact they do not share the provenance is either 1: because they have no clue or 2: the truth is so outrageous that is unacceptable . At the end of the day egyptologist rely on what egyptians wrote and whatever they wrote is what they hold as fact, its easy for the people at the time(pre-egypt w/e) to have found those and started claiming they made it. later people (egyptologist) read those statements and think it must be true, if not them then who? ... and here we are.
ModulusOrbis Månad sedan
High technology : ROCKS
nhindori Månad sedan
Precicion carved rocks = high technology
Fearless Fosdick
Fearless Fosdick Månad sedan
For further insight into the lack of evidence in the form of tools or other recyclable items, watch this episode of Modern Marvels for how the ancients left little if anything to go to waste. secycle.info/lift/video/nKarzqmdgKaazK0 I suggest archaeologist and scientists assume the ancients lived as we do today in a disposable society when in fact that is not true.
Guns and Moses
Guns and Moses Månad sedan
Been in construction my whole life. Why do we listen to archeology when we should be listening to the people who construct and build with these materials TODAY!
Marc Månad sedan
Dude, you're a legend.
Michael Middleton
Michael Middleton Månad sedan
What builder worth their salt would leave their tools behind once the job is done?
Crazyayy Månad sedan
The craftsmanship is just impeccable .. amazing what you can accomplish when your life is on the line I guess
Ryan Kane
Ryan Kane Månad sedan
the Egyptians did not build these pyramids and structures. They date to 12,000 years ago or even earlier. The civilization was wiped out due to a series of cataclysmic events, namely a meteor that crashed and coronal mass ejections (sun flares) that literally wiped out most of their evidences. Any people who survived would have had to burrow underground for hundreds of years. The reason why modern Egyptologists who live in Egypt so strongly believe that it was their ancestors who built these structures is because of an emotional connection. They want to believe that their ancestors built them, and nothing more, even when most all sciences have different conclusions.
ihate 28 dagar sedan
You would get crucified if you mention the current egyptians have no connection to the pyramids. God forbid you actually say Africans built the pyramids. They love to twist EGYPT as if its a separate region in Africa. Like there weren't different African civilizations who once lived there prior to arabs and europeans mixing in.
Mark Colnan
Mark Colnan Månad sedan
This is so good
Kimo Månad sedan
I think the egyptians utilized sound in a way we don't yet have rediscovered. The resonance of the kings chamber is proof for me. Egyptians were all about sound.
dave doogan
dave doogan Månad sedan
I guess they had no TV and a lot of time.
Profyt Månad sedan
dude, you saw the rock with two people, then finish it afterwards. doesnt seem impossible at all...
Vinesh sinhmar
Vinesh sinhmar Månad sedan
visit 'Mahalakshmi Temple' in the state of Maharastra, India (City Kohlapur). Its almost 5000-6000 year old temple with astonishing work on the blocks and the way temple is built. I have visited the temple personally
Chris Simpson
Chris Simpson Månad sedan
Finally a video that questions how these things were made without talking about aliens. Great video
Etcetera 6 dagar sedan
​@Richard Kroll The tools get stored or repurposed.. even today people don't just leave their tools behind, broken or not. "therefore aliens", lol so ridiculous.
Richard Kroll
Richard Kroll 9 dagar sedan
@Peter Jolliffe Bingo. Where are the broken tools to cut straight sheets, drill holes and to measure angles. Look at the "Nazca Lines"animal figures all over Peru. No transits, no giant balls of string yet parellel, straight lines (The Parrot) on many wings converging on central locations. 500BCE? Stonework at Machu Picchu? Perhaps the stone cutting shop slid down the mountain. I think not. Aliens
Peter Jolliffe
Peter Jolliffe 17 dagar sedan
@Knoton yes ..It is an excellent channel
Knoton 17 dagar sedan
@Peter Jolliffe I'm so happy to have found this channel. Thank you for the dialogue. I'm hoping to find more than aliens but currently agree with you. Cheers
Peter Jolliffe
Peter Jolliffe 17 dagar sedan
@Knoton the trouble is, although I don't like it much, theories about aliens are actually far more plausible than theories about long lost high tech civilizations... I just still haven't seen any explanation that makes me go ..'aha yes that's it!!...that's the explanation' ..I like hearing people's theories but It's still all an unexplained mystery as far as I am concerned.
Open Roader
Open Roader Månad sedan
Brilliant work
TEAM GFR 42 Månad sedan
Hi Ben, Before I begin, I want to let you know that I am not an archeologist, historian or even a self-proclaimed ancient theory idealist. I am though an engineer. For some time now I have been studying how the pyramids were built and then I realized I was asking the wrong question. We should all be asking the question 'Why were the pyramids built?' This question I believe will lead us to the truth in understanding how they were built. I fully understand how materials for structures are cut and shaped, and I fully agree with your discovery that the slabs were cut with a machine. Only a person who has never used a constructional tool in their life would guess that the slabs were rubbed down smooth with another stone or even soft copper. Have you ever heard of a diamond wire saw? They are used in the construction and fabrication industries to cut through.....well anything! They are a very strong and high tensile wire rope that is coated in diamond shards and tensioned between two wheels that drive it around, similar to a band-saw. When you place cutting tension on the diamond wire it will naturally curve due to the force placed upon it, similar to a plank when you walk across it. This gives that curved cutting effect that you discovered. Now I know that not all cuts could be achieved with such a tool, like the internals of the granite boxes, but it may help to understand the kind of advanced technology that may have been used 10,000 years ago. A machine like this requires much less energy to move and occupies much less space for ease of maneuverability. (Just to add, the tools that were apparently discovered near the sites were tools of graffiti.....much the same as you would find a 6 month old empty aerosol can of paint near a 100 year old abandoned factory. So I don't believe that hieroglyphics were any part of the original construction and the tools were definitely not used to slice granite.) I will get flak about this post from others, but hey! Love your research Ben, I will be following.
Sophia Nílsson
Sophia Nílsson Månad sedan
So I'm in a unique position where my dad is a highly respected geologist/vulcanologist and we are also both LDS (Mormon) and very interested in the origins of humankind. There is an openness to ideas he taught me, about approaching things with an open mind and the scietific method that makes the idea of ancient higher technologies in prehistory totally viable to me, especially given the evidence we can't explain. What about the cocaine/marijuana found in mummies? The researcher who found them was absolute eviscerated by her colleagues, until further unfalisifiable tests were done that validated her, and ancient trade routes to the new world from Greece & Egypt were given far more evidence. What about Vinland, and the Norse explorers that were mentioned in sagas but laughed at by professionals...until the site at Newfoundland showed clear Norse settlement. True scientists or historians deal with the evidence they can see, and change their narrative to fit the facts, not distort or ignore the facts to support the narrative. Confirmation bias is well and strong in all scientific and historical communities.
Someone OutThere
Someone OutThere Månad sedan
Nailed it about the vandalism tagging of ancient works
rob rick
rob rick Månad sedan
Makes sense. Homo Sapiens go back 100,000 years yet all of sudden within the last 200 years or so we suddenly develop advanced technology. Technology which none of our ancestors could make despite being physically and mentally equivalent to us. How many geniuses have there been in the last 500 years? I'm sure the Pyramid builders had their own Teslas and Newtons.
JesusLovesU Månad sedan
kool music i wanna digout and be groovi and be faar out maaan
Tim A.
Tim A. Månad sedan
There was clearly higher technology at work. Theres tangible evidence of that. But where are the tools? It's baffling.
Pual Ryan
Pual Ryan Månad sedan
Main stream science full of is BS just like msm is.
Phillip W.
Phillip W. Månad sedan
They call themselves scholars and historian, yet they are so afraid of being wrong, in the study of human history, that will needs adjustments with every new evidences that are found, we will never learn our true history with those stubborn "historians" getting in our way.
Keith Naylor
Keith Naylor Månad sedan
Fascinating. The cut on the block at 23:44 looks curved too! Seems no doubt that items are being 'officially' and wrongly classed as 'Egyptian' simply due to the inscriptions on them. It seems to me that the items themselves originated from some much older civilisation which had machinery and technology of which there is now no trace! Some of the items look like they have been handled, positioned and machined as easily as we would machine a block of wood. Who could easily handle large heavy rocks and machinery? I am now thinking of beings of great size and strength, perhaps getting into the realms of fantasy, like Corporal Jones?
Gorilla Funk
Gorilla Funk Månad sedan
Cudos! FINALLY. A SEcycle video that addresses the fact of these artifacts free from the hype & BS that does more harm to the exploration of these "anomolies" than support objective scientific analysis. My father was an industrial engineer with 7 design awards and 33 design patents. When you grow up in that environment you get an almost instinctual ability to discern constructual technology. The given "establishment" narative makes zero sense. There has been a highly organised effort to hide, debunk defame and cover up any anomaly that does not fit the lie we are fed. From the Smithsonian institute covering up the discovery of giant skeletons throughout America that are still recorded in newspaper archives in libraries. To high tech artifacts that don't fit into the narrative of their timeline. Its almost like the film "idiocracy" where WE ARE the idiots. It seems to me at one time we were FAR more advanced than we are today. Keep up the good work!
Bj Murrey
Bj Murrey Månad sedan
I find myself going back over your episodes like this many times. I mine the bibliographical references. Dr. Marvin Sweatman is a freaking amazing one. Reading serpent in the sky by john anthony west as well as a book you recommended elsewhere by bill fix. Excellent materials and I can see the influence of these thinkers in your analysis and synthesis. Keep up the great work my friend
Motherkuen Månad sedan
what if they used some type of water jet with sand( or some type of abrasive substance) in it to cut the stones? (just a thought) as I sit here sanding gemstones with wet sand paper while watching this.
T. Cruz
T. Cruz 2 månader sedan
Me clicking on this video: Alright let's get into some spoopy trash. The into music: This. Me: ...
Angel hunter
Angel hunter 2 månader sedan
ancient doesn't mean stupid! Well that's what i tell my parents anyway 😁
Ocean Sep
Ocean Sep 2 månader sedan
I’ve been to Egypt multiple times and it’s quite clear the differences between clean laser like engraving to Ramses engraving/graffiti style workmanship. Science has shown when you hold certain frequencies near water it’s nature changes, imo the ancients tools were harmonic not physical to manipulate stone in the same way because of the level of accuracy. History is written by the victors so one can only guess who is in possession of the original tools, meanwhile civilians are stuck guessing and assuming.
Liam Featherstone
Liam Featherstone 2 månader sedan
Of cause it was aliens that helped them back then as the aloud thrm to now days people would panicking try to kill them or even eat them if they were in a bundance
Simon Haestoe
Simon Haestoe 2 månader sedan
The roughtness, of the hiperoglyps, can't it have been a style choice? Just like we, in our hi-tech age, sometimes choose to represent people with stick figures.
Josh Mann
Josh Mann 2 månader sedan
Simply graffiti tagged onto everything. The more I learn the about this ancient architecture and its beauty, the more annoying the hieroglyphs become, almost to the level of what we would refer to now as vandalism.
M H 2 månader sedan
i think that if the library of aleksandra hadent bured, we would probably have been able to find out a lot more about the past
Beau Bunch
Beau Bunch 2 månader sedan
The writing was done by a very over worked scribe that ran from stone to stone with ridiculous deadlines...like end up dead if lines weren't done on time. Nowhere near the scilly level of the stone carvers that made the structure.
Cameron Butler
Cameron Butler 2 månader sedan
Do you think it's reasonable to suspect that ancient civilizations had knowledge of how to produce small quantitates of iron or even steel, and that these artifacts simply rusted away into dust? If so, a steel or iron tipped swinging saw could certainly make the cuts seen on those granite blocks. It wouldn't necessarily require a large spinning saw blade or even much iron at all. The bulk of the blade could be made of wood, clay, or brass, and it could be attached as a swinging pendulum to a wooden support. Give it enough back and forth force, and lower it down slowly with each cut, and it'll make it through. If a tool like this was used, the only evidence we'd find would be the mineral byproducts of small bits of refined iron. Given the amount of these minerals already found in ground soil, it's unlikely we'd ever detect or notice such evidence.
Blaclpilled reaction
Blaclpilled reaction Månad sedan
Ok use those tools and make it
Andre Groft
Andre Groft 2 månader sedan
At 31:40 I see 5 holes not 4 holes
Bill V
Bill V 2 månader sedan
TheCanyonhopper 2 månader sedan
"Ramses was the last guy who wrote his name on it." That was a little harsh don't you think?
ULLA Haunia
ULLA Haunia 2 månader sedan
When I visited Malta, I went to this place where there were antiquated buildings. I picked up this lime stone, which I think it was. It had a huge hole, and it looked like a giant drill went through it. I picked it up and took it home. It was light yellow, and turned to bland grey quickly. Nevertheless, when friends took a gander at this piece I took home, they all remarked they dont make huge drills like that. Then I tell them where I picked it from.
john alexander
john alexander 2 månader sedan
you can see that some of this is concrete. make the circular saw and do your experiment and you will see that it was not a giant saw.
Adrien Gary Lucca
Adrien Gary Lucca 2 månader sedan
This source on stone vitrification may be interesting for you: www.siftdesk.org/article-details/On-the-reddish-glittery-mud-the-Inca-used-for-perfecting-their-stone-masonry/264 Today, Ehtyl silicate is used to reinforce stone surface. In practice this leads to the impression that a very thin glass coating is applied on stone. Not long ago, sodium and/or potassium silicate were used for this purpose.
The Spotlight Kid
The Spotlight Kid 2 månader sedan
We are today ver far from the hi-tech of Ancirnt Mankimd. I.m.o. taught ancient history is a memory test & just came from peer-aproved doctorate thesis that wouldnt have got of the ground if tjey didnt toe the internationally accepted party-line of national education boards United in what was taugh in last 250 years of taught history. Where Mezzo-Americans added to the existing monuments made by mankind who existed there long before those mezzo cultures moved into that area ..one can easily see the sheer-drop in architectural technology where the later Inca cultures repaired & added-to walls & architecture around them Yes, ancient Egyptians didnt suddenly go from hunter-gatherers to ultra-high tech' builders. Maybe the strong evidence from all cultures from Aboriginal to middle-east to far north Canadian Indian cultures all have cultirsl stories & depictions of a worldwide flood that could have killed-off nearly all the previous ultra-high tech mankind along with their technical knowledge. Ancient Aliens on tv tells you "everything that looks difficult to make from ancient times must have had aliens helping them ...utter crap just like taught ancient history we were all once taught. Great video & it makes sense out of what can be observed ....aliens?My Ass
T.A 'TRIGGER' SHEARD 2 månader sedan
... something has always been afoot in regards to this Puzzle, How, Who, What...etc????
Stefan Filipov
Stefan Filipov 2 månader sedan
I'm Really Curious on how does someone can date when was a stone made object created???
John Maxwell
John Maxwell 2 månader sedan
Don't waste your time looking for "impacts" for which there is no evidence. That's all been convincingly discounted. Catastrophism is all about plasma discharge and repulsive shock. Start with Jno Cook's "Saturnian Cosmology".
RICHARD CONNER 2 månader sedan
JR 2 månader sedan
Can you not see the simplest solution, the stonecutters was master in there work (doing the coffin) but the scribe was not (doing the hieroglyphs) for all we know the master scibe did die and his not yet fully trained apprentice did do the work. Or there was a idea that only a "high priest" is sacred enough to cave holy hieroglyphs compare to a "not-so-holy" artisan scribe, and after that horror show of hieroglyphs, the idea was scrapted.
Rick A
Rick A 2 månader sedan
Where are the tools? RFID chips they took them all with them...
Tommy Petraglia
Tommy Petraglia 2 månader sedan
Like he said... Ask anyone"Where are the tools? We have these products of whatever tools have made. So where are the tools? " Then turn around and walk away
harikili 2 månader sedan
Agreed, read the Bible, what you see is pre-flood and post-flood.
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