EU Masters 2021 Format Explainer

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EU Masters Is Here.

kritesh gokool
kritesh gokool 11 dagar sedan
KCORP for the win
Jan Solil
Jan Solil 21 dag sedan
Holy fk this is so bad ONLY two best of ones?? Then go into BO3?
Alexandre Bella Onana
Alexandre Bella Onana 22 dagar sedan
I think the winner of eum should have chance to compete in LEC
ShiFt_ loczek
ShiFt_ loczek 22 dagar sedan
Polska gurom BloodTrail
Zelder 24 dagar sedan
jims factions
jims factions 24 dagar sedan
Πότε θα παιχτούν οι αγώνες?
Antek Solok
Antek Solok 24 dagar sedan
0:39 kurwa moje oczy fuuuc my eyes
Vasil Nikolov
Vasil Nikolov 24 dagar sedan
Frank Vaso
Frank Vaso 24 dagar sedan
Falinesti Xiao Long
Falinesti Xiao Long 24 dagar sedan
Can someone explain to me why Scandinavians, being the beasts they are, don't participate in EU Masters ? Are they in their own region ?
Il dile
Il dile 24 dagar sedan
The Scandinavians league and the english one fused and became one (i think it’s called the Nordic league). In this league fnc and xl academy are used to dominate that’s why there wasn’t any team from Scandinavians country but only from uk
Good Old Dude
Good Old Dude 24 dagar sedan
awesome, now ditch the Bo3, no one likes it
Ganker'93 24 dagar sedan
PixelConcept 24 dagar sedan
I like how whenever LEC or Worlds tries to explain the format, it just gets more confusing.
Xythiera 24 dagar sedan
How was that confusing ?. It super easy to understand
Eren Samet Karataş
Eren Samet Karataş 24 dagar sedan
they love to make things complicated with flashy animations
Nikolas Barthold
Nikolas Barthold 24 dagar sedan
#MouzWin Leggo
Dragon Playz
Dragon Playz 24 dagar sedan
Ez for rhuckz and Portugal
Rotuj 24 dagar sedan
Go Gadget go
Repl1ka 24 dagar sedan
Bro we are not Chinese lpl fans , we are not going to sit through bo3's for Quarterfinals just do bo5's for semifinals and finals and everything else best of 1 , pls change that next year
PPgod 24 dagar sedan
pretty funny how they post this after the whole play-in stage has already ended kekw
VorseRaider v1
VorseRaider v1 24 dagar sedan
Joao Lopes
Joao Lopes 24 dagar sedan
portugal caralho
Tomek Łach
Tomek Łach 24 dagar sedan
I think that ago rogue will defend the title
Boker toujours sérieux
Boker toujours sérieux 24 dagar sedan
Zombo 24 dagar sedan
Stefan Kaczor
Stefan Kaczor 24 dagar sedan
Tylko kick i puki style
jean-rodolphe Reynaud
jean-rodolphe Reynaud 24 dagar sedan
LFL will win anyway. Kcorps will be first.
Kader Loop
Kader Loop 24 dagar sedan
Karmine Corp ftw!
JCVgamer50 24 dagar sedan
Karmine Corp > All.
Lekten 24 dagar sedan
Spoiler alert, KCORP will win
PhantomDJ 24 dagar sedan
Bo3 and not seeding teams in knockout play in stage is simply trolling. Pls change that for next EUM.
Flow Dearneckflow
Flow Dearneckflow 23 dagar sedan
It may be like this because of budget reasons. But I do believe that next year may be more complex considering how much talent is shown. All they need is viewership
jean-rodolphe Reynaud
jean-rodolphe Reynaud 24 dagar sedan
Karmin Corps will rekt them all.
Finn Mag man
Finn Mag man 24 dagar sedan
I'm missing key elements here. It was too fast and too compromised: 1) WHEN does it start? 2) Is it already clear how the groups are being made? When is the draw? Can the teams from the same region end up in the same group? And what about the teams that are already qualified? I like simplification. But this was too simplified.
Il dile
Il dile 23 dagar sedan
@Maksymilian Jaroni Well... The eum production has always been a bit late unfortunately. Last year was the same
Maksymilian Jaroni
Maksymilian Jaroni 24 dagar sedan
@Il dile i know but i mean why are they doing format explanation during the tournament and not before it
Il dile
Il dile 24 dagar sedan
@Maksymilian Jaroni Play ins must be over because they need to see from which regions teams come from. For example mks are an italian team that got out of play ins. If they did the extraction before it could have happened that mks would be in the same group of the other italian team (mck), which is not possibile according to rules. So they wait for play ins to end before doing them, but unfortunately they don't show us the extraction
Maksymilian Jaroni
Maksymilian Jaroni 24 dagar sedan
1) tomorrow 2)draw is already done but we dont now how it happened they just posted groups on twitter I dont know why they released it when playins are already over
Il dile
Il dile 24 dagar sedan
14th aprile (tomorrow). Go to leaguepedia if you want to see how the groups are
Svetoslav Lazarov
Svetoslav Lazarov 24 dagar sedan
Bavary dos santos
Bavary dos santos 24 dagar sedan
Herokqn 24 dagar sedan
Make bo5 before the finals ffs
BF Devorta
BF Devorta 24 dagar sedan
Still don't understand why the quaterfinals and semifinals are in Bo3
Dinko Dragnev
Dinko Dragnev 24 dagar sedan
@ezlyfe well, there is no point in offering a product if there is no demand, as simple as this.
F!KkØö 24 dagar sedan
@Newber92 but take in the fact that balkan is a small region for now and is kinda underdeveloped. For our derbys we have around 10k ppl watching ,but average is 1k or 2k
Matine Naderi
Matine Naderi 24 dagar sedan
@ezlyfe LFL 200k viewers for KCORP match.
Niko Adesina
Niko Adesina 24 dagar sedan
You might not remember but they did BO5 in 2019 for the EUM semis, and I'm guessing they didn't get good viewing figures? I think its a shame though because definitely the ERLs are getting a lot more coverage and hype now so I think we'd defo get a good amount of people watching. Plus this is the only international competition G2 are in at the moment ;)
Newber92 24 dagar sedan
@F!KkØö Ho that's actually a lot less than I thought D: I haven't tuned in every games of LFL this split but the main ones were followed by +40k viewers, with the "derby" between Solary and KCorp easily reaching +80k. the finale of the split was also around that number.
Seller 24 dagar sedan
And only one BO5 its a joke
vincent daniel
vincent daniel 24 dagar sedan
no bo5 before finals :'(
Bartłomiej Wolski
Bartłomiej Wolski 24 dagar sedan
pls next time do seeds in play-in stage
Alkaratus 24 dagar sedan
hisoka i buđav leba
hisoka i buđav leba 24 dagar sedan
No polska BAKA!!
matixX_ 24 dagar sedan
hisoka i buđav leba
hisoka i buđav leba 24 dagar sedan
no polska
Mr kylex9
Mr kylex9 24 dagar sedan
How can we still have in 2021 a BO3 format in quarter and semi . Thats fucking insane just let them play BO5
Mr kylex9
Mr kylex9 24 dagar sedan
@Paulo wait they had 2 weeks of pause for play in teams and even then worlds are played like this . I swear that players rather play BO5 than BO3 .
Antoine Roger
Antoine Roger 24 dagar sedan
True, at least for the semifinals. I understand that up to 40 games for quarters only are a bit dense but for the semis it is necessary for competitiveness !
Paulo 24 dagar sedan
Man, these guys will be playing a group stage into a bracket into another group stage into another bracket, imagine having to play 6 Bo5s after 2 groups, that's too much
MaciaZ 24 dagar sedan
this format is bullshit, bo3 in knockout stage, not funny
lázár boti
lázár boti 24 dagar sedan
this was better explained than the last year one LULW
Gas 24 dagar sedan
Acehole - CS:GO Videos
Acehole - CS:GO Videos 24 dagar sedan
Don't sleep on Anorthosis
Just In Case
Just In Case 24 dagar sedan
NoFlex Lark
NoFlex Lark 23 dagar sedan
exis full dikio
javier pastor matesanz
javier pastor matesanz 24 dagar sedan
Superliga hype
Hong yejii홍예지
Hong yejii홍예지 24 dagar sedan
Furkan Namusluoğlu
Furkan Namusluoğlu 24 dagar sedan
Newtune 24 dagar sedan
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