Epic Cycling on Ice

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Epic Cycling on Ice
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome bike with circular saws instead of wheels that can easily ride on ice - icуcycle 😂
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Syari Andayani
Syari Andayani 11 minuter sedan
Asif S
Asif S 14 minuter sedan
Roh!t Mishra
Roh!t Mishra 21 minut sedan
Meri Atlas Lao re..
your smoto babe
your smoto babe 27 minuter sedan
all fun and game until you fall or trip your leg or foot on the wheel
Fynix Jr
Fynix Jr 34 minuter sedan
Гитара KING
Гитара KING 42 minuter sedan
круто смантировал!
AA Aa 47 minuter sedan
Ada orng indonesia?
AVIJIT Timme sedan
I was just watching cycle's parts totally dustless
gjergji veriga
gjergji veriga Timme sedan
The Greater Good
The Greater Good Timme sedan
Something Blackie Lawless would ride.
ПРОХОЖИЙ 17 Timme sedan
Вот это я понимаю зимняя резина
Ravina Roy
Ravina Roy Timme sedan
By mistake you slip down back side
Aviici I love you
Aviici I love you Timme sedan
Is cool😃
vibin 2 timmar sedan
Sliding off the seat onto the wheel
Titan 2 timmar sedan
Imagen accidentally breaking with your front and you fly and the bikes still coming at you super fast
말바이크Tube.MalBike 2 timmar sedan
?? Why are you riding a bike on the ice? It's a waste of time.
blood tzy
blood tzy 3 timmar sedan
?????? 3 timmar sedan
Ahh an icecycle... Wait...
Uzumaki Naruto
Uzumaki Naruto 3 timmar sedan
Dont try to do wheely on this or else your ass will tear off.
Creeper Is Missing
Creeper Is Missing 3 timmar sedan
Still tho, the worst bike in DA WIRKD
Creeper Is Missing
Creeper Is Missing 3 timmar sedan
I mean world
Creeper Is Missing
Creeper Is Missing 3 timmar sedan
Wow 59 mil views
pablopolski 3 timmar sedan
I thought he was going to ride in a circle and just fall in. Cartoon like.
Mohua Bhattacharjee
Mohua Bhattacharjee 3 timmar sedan
Dipper Fly
Dipper Fly 4 timmar sedan
Manda o grau nessa bicicleta aí KKKKKKKK
Razfan Syabil
Razfan Syabil 4 timmar sedan
It's all fun and games till the orca attacks..
Alone&LifeStyle 4 timmar sedan
see ya under the water : D
I love my dad
I love my dad 4 timmar sedan
Pt.Mi_X 05
Pt.Mi_X 05 4 timmar sedan
Нога попадёт и минус нога)
Apri & Nia Chanel
Apri & Nia Chanel 4 timmar sedan
Trending in indonesia..☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️
Sandy Agung
Sandy Agung 4 timmar sedan
Selamat anda mnemukan komentar bhsa indo
Matthew Chennette
Matthew Chennette 4 timmar sedan
4 30 if u wanna see him ride it
BLAZING CRYPTO 5 timmar sedan
The way i see it it's a bike for like a zombie apocalypse
Beezer 5 timmar sedan
Clickbait thumbnail! The Ice looks so blue!
Tio Mael ツ
Tio Mael ツ 5 timmar sedan
Gnaneshwar Rao
Gnaneshwar Rao 5 timmar sedan
THis is how you make an interesting self explaining video
sykotestbild 5 timmar sedan
Not to be pedantic - but couldn't you also just burn out two hollow circular saw shapes and weld to either side of the rim? More material wasted, but maybe a bit quicker.
Eric Banana
Eric Banana 5 timmar sedan
Ricardo De Paiva
Ricardo De Paiva 5 timmar sedan
Mr. Allen
Mr. Allen 5 timmar sedan
Why is this being recommended to me in 2026?
Mentari Bagawan
Mentari Bagawan 6 timmar sedan
Yang Indo komen
Jeffery 6 timmar sedan
Or a studded fat bike, that thing is a death trap.
Jay McHue
Jay McHue 6 timmar sedan
This is truly cutting-edge technology!
Mr.McNugget 0.0
Mr.McNugget 0.0 6 timmar sedan
I wouldn’t recommend trying to do a wheelie
Ronald Tha Trillest
Ronald Tha Trillest 6 timmar sedan
Atilla Ozturk
Atilla Ozturk 6 timmar sedan
Dude, You must be soooo bored. All that work into something that is dangerous to ride. Please use all that energy into better inventions🙄🙄
Greg AlwaysBored
Greg AlwaysBored 6 timmar sedan
You dont wanna go over someone’s foot in this
The Shake
The Shake 6 timmar sedan
So now ,, where is the snake that cross the road the other day !!!!
HardDie 6 timmar sedan
F that !
Karl.Car.Tech.Vlog1 6 timmar sedan
I like this. Interesting.
Илья Радионов
Илья Радионов 6 timmar sedan
Что будет если случайно упасть с этого велосипеда
nicolas avariano
nicolas avariano 6 timmar sedan
U r smart.
Promise shah
Promise shah 7 timmar sedan
Max Rotondi
Max Rotondi 7 timmar sedan
Who made it?
lol foll
lol foll 7 timmar sedan
This is cool
Damien Galvan
Damien Galvan 7 timmar sedan
Moises Alonzo
Moises Alonzo 7 timmar sedan
Try not to fall off and land on the wheels when their spinning as you go fast especially your fingers and neck
Moises Alonzo
Moises Alonzo 7 timmar sedan
Might not seem that sharp from the look but I guarantee you dry skin will get shredded by any kind of metal forced against the skin especially with edges that will cut for sure
Mhmdanjas 321
Mhmdanjas 321 7 timmar sedan
Indo mana ni
Shreyash Raut
Shreyash Raut 7 timmar sedan
Imagine at the top speed he drop on the back wheel😂
Sledge The Second
Sledge The Second 7 timmar sedan
Imagine losing you grip and falling back the blade or a shoe lass gets caught
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider 7 timmar sedan
I have my final exams tomorrow. They depend on whether i pass or not, but this is far more important.
Jeff Davis
Jeff Davis 7 timmar sedan
Just don’t fall off the back of the seat...unless you _want_ a really high singing voice.
LionBrawl 7 timmar sedan
Alien X:
Real Deal
Real Deal 8 timmar sedan
you wipe out and you will have some serious stiches
kingdom music
kingdom music 8 timmar sedan
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Jonathan Diosa
Jonathan Diosa 8 timmar sedan
You started with the front wheel backwards.
hxydyn 8 timmar sedan
imagine just riding that in public
Darrin Lowney
Darrin Lowney 8 timmar sedan
Very good quality video, must’ve took a lot of time
Евгений Кудасов
Евгений Кудасов 8 timmar sedan
Евгений Кудасов
Евгений Кудасов 8 timmar sedan
Евгений Кудасов
Евгений Кудасов 8 timmar sedan
James Trively
James Trively 8 timmar sedan
That seams like a really hella bad idea
BIGDAWG1252 8 timmar sedan
this guy gets his clicks from riding a bike with saw blade wheels and then at the end he adds things so it doesn't actually saw it cmon man
Ihsan Fikry
Ihsan Fikry 8 timmar sedan
It's better for me to just bike it right, it's a shame if it's like that 😁
gci786 8 timmar sedan
Epic Cycling on Ice requires Epic Balls of steel. Epic
Goku Jojo
Goku Jojo 8 timmar sedan
I dare someone to ride on the back
Zeta Male
Zeta Male 8 timmar sedan
Not sure if you know ... ice skates have been around for a very long time ?
Christopher Angell27
Christopher Angell27 8 timmar sedan
imagine moving your leg a few inches to far and slicing your leg with those wheels....
May Hang
May Hang 8 timmar sedan
I've chicken legs
I've chicken legs 8 timmar sedan
I would not want to fall on that bike
phil smokehouse
phil smokehouse 8 timmar sedan
Youd literally cut your asshole in half...wtf guy...skills son....
Bob Name
Bob Name 8 timmar sedan
Picture this You're in a dark alley you been there for days, there is seemingly no exit, but then suddenly you see light, you turn around only to see this cycling at you at full speed
Mike Floyd
Mike Floyd 9 timmar sedan
Imagine falling over the handle bars towards the blade.
Bob Name
Bob Name 8 timmar sedan
Or you hit a tree stump
Иосиф Джугашвили
Иосиф Джугашвили 9 timmar sedan
Тут главное жопой на заднее колесо не соскочить. 😁😆
Kevin Luis Batista
Kevin Luis Batista 9 timmar sedan
Zombie Apocalypse Me:🧟🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟🚴
Ruab Ali
Ruab Ali 9 timmar sedan
imagine if someone hopped on to amazon and bought massive saw blades the size of a small truck Me neither i dont believe it
Chase Adams
Chase Adams 9 timmar sedan
Why would it take all of that effort for one ride
BANG DILLS. 9 timmar sedan
Wow primitif
Kanalike 9 timmar sedan
Kayum Karim
Kayum Karim 9 timmar sedan
Pov: ur riding the bike and magically u slip off the seat and fall on to the back wheel. Thats gotta hurt😅😅
Bob Name
Bob Name 8 timmar sedan
You how some bikes have them little pegs on the back wheel, if your standing on those and the driver hit a pot whole or bump
Sam ASP 10 timmar sedan
WHY WAS THIS BUILT THO? It could get people hurt ya know?
S K 10 timmar sedan
This is stupid
h0take 10 timmar sedan
yeah i wouldnt ride that thing
Lizandra Barreto Villalba
Lizandra Barreto Villalba 10 timmar sedan
Nuna Yobusiness
Nuna Yobusiness 10 timmar sedan
🤔 shredding on ice I wonder what’s next
Joe Mobama
Joe Mobama 10 timmar sedan
Imagine how cool it would be if it could glow in the dark... you would have something from TRON lol
Yaşar Alkan
Yaşar Alkan 11 timmar sedan
Happy wheels
Alexis Galeano
Alexis Galeano 11 timmar sedan
Charlie Bond
Charlie Bond 11 timmar sedan
Lol as it you thought the first version would work
Madelaine Petrin
Madelaine Petrin 11 timmar sedan
Beautiful ice, love to skate on it before he tracks it all over.
raees rosan
raees rosan 11 timmar sedan
one slip and his foot gone
inkstickart 11 timmar sedan
This gave me anxiety lol
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