Easter vs Martin HIGHLIGHTS: February 20, 2021 | PBC on SHOWTIME

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Robert Easter Jr. scored a dominating unanimous decision victory over Ryan Martin in their super lightweight bout on February 20, 2021, live on SHOWTIME.
#EasterMartin Fight Recap: pbcham.ps/FightNight-2-20-21
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Tom Månad sedan
What happens against Garcia? He's Average at best
Tom Månad sedan
He ain't nothen
Tom Månad sedan
Holds like crazy. Scared to get hit
HOODIZM3 Månad sedan
Congratulations Mr. Eastor, You fought a hard,smart fight and kept smiling.
the GreatRaghsby
the GreatRaghsby Månad sedan
Easter jr jab looks tremendous great way to bounce back looked great Robert
GCM James
GCM James Månad sedan
Starting to finally use his reach could be a dangerous competitor at 140
Darrell Baker
Darrell Baker Månad sedan
Look like he has more snap on his punches
Talent Page
Talent Page Månad sedan
Back again. Been some time.
Manfredie Boyd
Manfredie Boyd Månad sedan
He’s from Toledo 🤫
ZUGZWANG Månad sedan
L!VEFromHOUSTON Månad sedan
If bunny perfects that jab & commits to using his natural gifts, he could change the trajectory of his career drastically. He could be dominant.
D'ario Gutierrez
D'ario Gutierrez Månad sedan
Gotta love when two people show up to work
Mr. M5
Mr. M5 Månad sedan
Ryan Martin is a bust! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
JaviiMolina Månad sedan
His fights puts me to zzzzzz
philthaflippa Månad sedan
Easter was looking real nice
Lermer Månad sedan
Easter looks badass when keeping his distance. He loves to brawl though
School Work
School Work Månad sedan
Damn bro Easter fell off after the Mikey fight. If he would have won that fight.. his clout woulda been off da roof ‼️‼️
Ronald Brown
Ronald Brown Månad sedan
Robert Easton going somewhere he going to be the next world champion they don't have many boxes out here that know how to move slick like him Easter going a long ways f****** fighters that want to be sluggers he going to box their head off and make the fight look easy Mikey Garcia will never beat Robert Easter in a rematch I'm going to be one of the first that say it Robert Easter will beat the f*** out of tank Davis, Devin Haney and Ryan's Garcia but the fight probably won't never happen because them guys and their trainers does not have the heart to step them in the ring with Robert Easter and that's real talk I
Bobby Romero
Bobby Romero Månad sedan
Good thing I watched this fight because the highlights showcased NOTHING. Proud of Rob's fightin style, no bullshit shoulder roll philly shells I dig it. Same wit A.B. proud.
Hanzo Assassin
Hanzo Assassin Månad sedan
Man, Easter Jr is fast.
Jay Pete
Jay Pete Månad sedan
These guys need to fight more often. They’re boring and fights once every few years.
Special-T-419 On Urban Dictionary
Special-T-419 On Urban Dictionary Månad sedan
Good win for easter he doesn't dodge a fight he deserves it good boxer.
Lionsonly Boxing
Lionsonly Boxing Månad sedan
Ryan fight like Spence
MairDarth Månad sedan
You just trolling bro, think we don't know that this is a burner account, you are either a Crawford fan or from one of those Mexican channels.
Lionsonly Boxing
Lionsonly Boxing Månad sedan
Martin should fire his coach
Luiz Rosario
Luiz Rosario Månad sedan
When Bunny uses his reach he's great.
Chris Trucker
Chris Trucker Månad sedan
Facts , that jab be snappy.
Observer Månad sedan
If easter fought like this against mikey he would have won easily
Red Lee
Red Lee Månad sedan
He looked good but he’s sparred this guy numerous times. He knew his advantages already.
Nez Månad sedan
Just cause he’s black like you u wanna hate on Mikey 💀💀😹 stfu there’s a reason he couldn’t fight Mikey like this
Dizzy B
Dizzy B Månad sedan
I'd love to see Easter in the Kronk Gym, get that Tommy Hitman Hearns style happening
ajfan 017
ajfan 017 Månad sedan
@Gun em down Villy Tommy Hearns had little knockouts in the amateurs before Kronk.
abey Broker
abey Broker Månad sedan
@Timothy Grant aa
P&P Månad sedan
@Timothy Grant MOTOR CITY COBRA WAS 6'1 NOT 5'11
Timothy Grant
Timothy Grant Månad sedan
He straight. He just needs to be the ring general with poise, controlling distance, and footwork improving defense...
abey Broker
abey Broker Månad sedan
@Gun em down Villy a
Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy Månad sedan
That was a typical Easter shit show. BORING
Bianca A
Bianca A Månad sedan
Martins fight hell no
The Bleu Child
The Bleu Child Månad sedan
Easter next up at 140! AB need to retire!
XMB45 Månad sedan
Whoever said Ryan Martin was a good fighter, please don't talk again 😂
Eco Kanjukuoh
Eco Kanjukuoh Månad sedan
Kahwai Leonard is a good boxer too
Justin Humphrey
Justin Humphrey Månad sedan
Themilio xperience
Themilio xperience Månad sedan
Good showing but the problem is he doesn’t keep his opponents at bay and at range. Top fighters at 140 will beat him and probably by TKO honestly. But hey good showing by Easter
Ricardo Reyes
Ricardo Reyes Månad sedan
I thought the captions said highlights
easy life
easy life Månad sedan
Martin looks like spence
Ahmed James
Ahmed James Månad sedan
Yea Martin was just there didn’t even go for broke Easter did well but only knows how to move to left The top guys will beat him easy
AL Rozay
AL Rozay Månad sedan
Looked like a sparring match
Red Lee
Red Lee Månad sedan
They were sparring partners at one point and time lol.
AL Rozay
AL Rozay Månad sedan
@RozaythaDon looks like they thought it was 2016 again
Ahmed James
Ahmed James Månad sedan
@RozaythaDon that still a long as time ago Both of these guys ain’t gonna make any noise anyway
RozaythaDon Månad sedan
Basically They were sparring partners in 2016 🍒🤏🏽
Ahmed James
Ahmed James Månad sedan
Yea Martin was just there didn’t even go for broke Easter did well but only knows how to move to left The top guys will beat him easy
Midnight LaPlaya
Midnight LaPlaya Månad sedan
Huh 🤔 was watching berchelt vs Valdez
Marcus Garvin
Marcus Garvin Månad sedan
Pedro Joubert
Pedro Joubert Månad sedan
Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones Månad sedan
Robert always fights credible guys good win
Chris Trucker
Chris Trucker Månad sedan
Easter was sharp 💪
James Stpatrick
James Stpatrick Månad sedan
419 in this bitch/ glass city stand up
Cubes Anthony
Cubes Anthony Månad sedan
Beautiful . Boxing Robert Easter, just Beautiful. . Keep fighting Tall. Its a Blessing for ypu.Robert
Cin City TV
Cin City TV Månad sedan
Good performance E Bunny!
Jose Guerrido
Jose Guerrido Månad sedan
Martin kinda looks like errol
Al Jackson, Jr.
Al Jackson, Jr. Månad sedan
I said that same thing. Very similar styles too
Raymond Morales
Raymond Morales Månad sedan
Richard commey vs eastern..
Zac preston
Zac preston Månad sedan
@no name rematches exist
no name
no name Månad sedan
They already fought, stupid🤡
Keenyn Lofton
Keenyn Lofton Månad sedan
They was tryna play football in there lol
Jerry Alexander
Jerry Alexander Månad sedan
Not "they" Just Martin.. Easter was in there styling and profiling on him
Champion Månad sedan
I didn't know this was super lightweight bout, I bet they BOTH felt STRONG & GOOD, becuz both guys are HUGGE natural lightweights . 👏💯
Champion Månad sedan
@no name Yeah bro, they been " stretching " there bodies 4a loooonggg time bro, especially Easter, I knew he was ready 4Super Lightweight soon . Blue Chip big too bro . I want 2$ee Easter vs Felix Verdejo soon bro, that bout would be interesting bro . 👍💯
no name
no name Månad sedan
Bro fr they look like middleweights in there
James Humphries
James Humphries Månad sedan
Keep fighting TALL He a be hard to beat !! 👊🏾💯 OHIO STAND UP 🤘🏾
Nez Månad sedan
And Broner
bang time
bang time Månad sedan
Both from O state ❤️
The D Hive
The D Hive Månad sedan
Great comeback fight for Easter. Excellent boxing. Glad he learned to fight tall. Once he throw the right hook and cross off that jab more he can actually stop some people.
Marquis Månad sedan
I am extremely proud of Robert eastern keep being tall and range in high level fight you will be champion soon and a force to be wrecking with
Chris Trucker
Chris Trucker Månad sedan
Big facts
Red Lee
Red Lee Månad sedan
@Marquis prograis stops Easter. He fought his sparring partner.
Marquis Månad sedan
@FighTiming he definitely can beat prograis he fighting tall now he looked sharped tonight look how Ramirez looked in last fight 🤔
FighTiming Månad sedan
no, he never will be a world champion again, he escaped 135 lbs because of the high level of competition but at 140, he doesnt beat Josh taylor, Prograis, and Ramires :) he just a decent fighter.
Leo Davies
Leo Davies Månad sedan
Damn straight. He looked smooth
Rojai Månad sedan
This is the style he needed to use against Mikey
Lions Truth
Lions Truth Månad sedan
@M Strong Fighting tall requires certain fundamentals n that’s to step in with the jab not to the side which Easter still has the flaw in his game. There’s a major difference in the jab that guys like Bud, Spence, Haney have vs Easter which is why u seldom see them out of position n they are always in position to land
Bin Rich
Bin Rich Månad sedan
@M Strong nigga cus mikey didn’t let him🤣 he jus won
M Strong
M Strong Månad sedan
@Bin Rich stop it
M Strong
M Strong Månad sedan
@Lions Truth go watch the fight again way off track 😂😂
M Strong
M Strong Månad sedan
It would of been to easy ido t know why he didn't fight tall
Westside of Corpus Christi
Westside of Corpus Christi Månad sedan
Easter vs Progais needs to happen.
Boxing Knowledge
Boxing Knowledge Månad sedan
@Lions Truth I never said anything about adrien broner idk what you’re talking about
Lions Truth
Lions Truth Månad sedan
@Boxing Knowledge Easter scared to call Mikey out smh
Lions Truth
Lions Truth Månad sedan
@Boxing KnowledgeEaster, AB will never call Regis out period.
Boxing Knowledge
Boxing Knowledge Månad sedan
@Lions Truth exactly he’s basic with very tight fundamentals and good timing Regis isn’t nearly as tight fundamentally and doesn’t have the timing Garcia does that was the point
Lions Truth
Lions Truth Månad sedan
@Boxing Knowledge Garcia is basic n he beat Easter off a basic azz gameplan period. Easter makes his fights hard due to his fundamental flaws. Regis will get him out of there n Haney will outbox him becuz Easter still hasn’t fixed his flaws after being out of the ring for so long
krombopulous michael
krombopulous michael Månad sedan
Remember when we thought Easter was a good fighter? He has regressed so badly
krombopulous michael
krombopulous michael Månad sedan
@The D Hive how are you saying that I went away from boxing to give myself a pat on the back? You're the one who brought up your beloved Master's Degree first. Also, I never said that anyone who has taken an L has regressed, I am speaking on a particular boxer who has not had any big fights since 2018. That's career regression plain and simple. Once again, you're assuming that I'm using my emotion when I have a perfectly legitimate view. Also, I got accepted so far to University of Washington and University of Oregon. UW has a Median LSAT of 163 and I received a 167. But back to boxing, I have no emotion on the matter. I like E-Bunny, I think he's trying to put a new style together to go forward and learn from his loss without a doubt. But the facts are, Robert Easter has not won a big fight since 2016 and has not has not been a champion since 2018 nor has he had any big fights since Mikey. Those are the facts about his career and the facts state that he has regressed.
The D Hive
The D Hive Månad sedan
@krombopulous michael Again, you notice how you have to stray from boxing to try to give yourself a pat on the back for being smart? lol I didn't answer that question because it would involve my personal feelings on the matter which are irrelevant. I am letting you use your emotions to guide your arguments not me. By your logic, everyone who has ever taken an L has regressed in their boxing career. Again, you're getting emotional. Let me know when you want to actually talking boxing lol yeah law schools with a median LSAT of 145 like to accept morons to load them with debt so they stay open lol your money is going to them and me (full-ride scholarship recipient). Even the US government thinks I know how to spend your money better than you. Appreciate it!
krombopulous michael
krombopulous michael Månad sedan
How does it sound stupid? you made an accusation and I responded to you that you have no actual proof that my statement was feelings based. As far as Robert Easter goes, I never said he wasn't learning any new boxing skills, my contention is that his career has regressed substantially, which it has. That's a fact. Also, you never answered my question as to whether you think that Easter from the Commey fight would have stopped Martin easy? Also it seems like you're arguing a different point altogether. I agree that Easter's new style will definitely get him less brain damage, but I don't think he is integrating it well enough to get his career back to where it was, and thus I still see regression in his career. Lastly, your writing and grammar is awful so its apparent that your Master's Degree didn't teach you much. What's your Master's in anyway? Social Work, Business? Get the fuck out of here with the pissing contest, I just got accepted to my first 3 law schools I applied for so you can put your Master's in basket weaving back into your pocket.
The D Hive
The D Hive Månad sedan
@krombopulous michael Right so because you couldn't actually refute my argument with facts of your own you're over here trying to break down the etymology of a word to sound smarter lol Robert Easter is finally learning that he needs to fight tall and not give up his advantages. keep people away with the jab, throw the right hand when they step around, and move his damn feet, and go to the body (all things Hurd and Ugas need to learn tbh). People may call him "boring" or "pillow fisted" but he will have less brain damage and win the majority of his fights. Ain't no real Mike Tyson's out there for him that know how to work inside like that anymore. Let me know when you are actually going to talk some boxing. I'll be graduating with a Master's in June. To people that are actually smart without Google all that still sounds stupid lmao
krombopulous michael
krombopulous michael Månad sedan
@The D Hive Yes, you may be using facts, but your judgement is on a scale of non realistic factors in this fighters career. While he may have done better in this fight than in his last fight, I can still reason that he has regressed from his peak. I still reason that the Easter from before the Mikey fight or the Easter that showed up to fight Commey would have stopped Martin easy. And by the way, saying, "I really think" does not necessitate the inclusion of emotion. "Think" is a verb that means to have an opinion or believe about a certain topic. Whether that opinion or belief is based on logical reasoning or emotion is not included in the statement and is therefore an incorrect presumption on your part. I recommend that you not assume things when debating. If you disagree, please point out and explain which part of the "I really think" has language that necessarily indicates emotion and not just a broad assumption on your part.
Justin Guo
Justin Guo Månad sedan
Easter looked like he was bouta shit himself back in the forth round
Gusto Piv
Gusto Piv Månad sedan
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