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Casso SK
Casso SK 6 timmar sedan
why are you digging it?
John Green
John Green 9 timmar sedan
Some nice Collyweston slate there Colin. Lovely gardenrocks - if you want me to collect them
V I B E S 18 timmar sedan
14:11 im crying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
HandsomeStranger1963 19 timmar sedan
The British Batman
laserborn 88
laserborn 88 23 timmar sedan
I wonder how much he’s spending on steel and rock removal
christopher cardenas
christopher cardenas 23 timmar sedan
Please tell me you are test panning that dirt before you discard it.
Nick Martin
Nick Martin Dag sedan
Priceless ! - Lovin your work Colin!
PyroMotteFullHD Dag sedan
Amazing tunnel. Good job
FC BARCELONA - Clash Royale
FC BARCELONA - Clash Royale 2 dagar sedan
How can you make sure to be at the exact good height and at 0° level ?
~Potterhead Edit's~
~Potterhead Edit's~ 2 dagar sedan
Turkey is on very big fire! Please help Please help us... 😭
~Potterhead Edit's~
~Potterhead Edit's~ 2 dagar sedan
Turkey is on very big fire! Please help Please help us... 😭
~Potterhead Edit's~
~Potterhead Edit's~ 2 dagar sedan
Turkey is on very big fire! Please help Please help us... 😭
~Potterhead Edit's~
~Potterhead Edit's~ 2 dagar sedan
Turkey is on very big fire! Please help Please help us... 😭
~Potterhead Edit's~
~Potterhead Edit's~ 2 dagar sedan
Turkey is on very big fire! Please help Please help us... 😭
Andrew Almodovar
Andrew Almodovar 2 dagar sedan
“We Getty do it quiet” Proceeds to post video on SEcycle for the world to see 😂
Dunkle sans
Dunkle sans 2 dagar sedan
"is this a miner's pov?" I think yeah and it's cool
Scott Worland
Scott Worland 2 dagar sedan
Did any of the handles break on those plastic bins? Seems like it could easily rip and fall down
Mitch Ruebush
Mitch Ruebush 2 dagar sedan
What did you do during the pandemic? Built a secret tunnel. :)
Chris Berry
Chris Berry 2 dagar sedan
Bud I love the videos but holy hell normalize your levels. I have to turn you up when you speak then you blow out my ears with the music
sonnenrad8_8 3 dagar sedan
Building an escape tunnel for when the feds come for your unloicensed flamethrowers
Horochov 3 dagar sedan
TerryTheTunnel: the hydraulic pike boogaloo
Kacper Cieśla
Kacper Cieśla 3 dagar sedan
Wow, the music is like a parallel story. Amazing.
Tom Chitwood
Tom Chitwood 3 dagar sedan
Hello Colin, Great stuff. Came here from Alec Steele's channel.
Cornelius Sawatzky
Cornelius Sawatzky 3 dagar sedan
Without the music, this looks like a five minute slap-together video from windows movie maker. smh
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 4 dagar sedan
Man's doing things that he's gonna be remembered for for literally ever.
Generator 4 dagar sedan
Unfortunately 3mm plate is not strong enough to support the weight without eventually buckling, then collapsing.
joe selzer
joe selzer 4 dagar sedan
let's just hope that where he lives there's no earthquake because yes England does get earthquakes thy just don't know what causes them
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 4 dagar sedan
1000 r$
Overdose 4 dagar sedan
I wish I could help you. I'd love to live nearby and just come dig for you sometimes!
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 4 dagar sedan
"... this part must be done in secret ..." Puts it on SEcycle.
Ingmar Eggers
Ingmar Eggers 4 dagar sedan
Just started watching this so why does he have to be so quiet?
marwerno 4 dagar sedan
Your are using untreated blank steel. Wouldn't rust that all away in a short while?
Donald P Paul
Donald P Paul 5 dagar sedan
What if rain starts there will be water taps under
Blubus 5 dagar sedan
Me in the US: Permit required to even think about touching my backyard for anything other than cutting the grass. Colin Furze across the pond: Builds an entire underground city in his backyard.
Agent Hp
Agent Hp 5 dagar sedan
First bunker, now a tunnel, are you preparing for nuclear war, colin?
Agent Hp
Agent Hp 5 dagar sedan
1:04 Me: yeah, yeah, very secret, especially now when you have told it to everyone who is watching your youtube channel
AyP FoOT 5 dagar sedan
i wonder what would happen if he moved and someone else moved in haha
ju tub
ju tub 5 dagar sedan
Dont you have to have archologists there?
tango tastic
tango tastic 5 dagar sedan
10:15 ayo was no one gunna tell me that the new minecraft came out already. Looks hella realistic.
No Name
No Name 5 dagar sedan
Imagine he does all this, to then move house the following year 😂
amierull ridzwan
amierull ridzwan 5 dagar sedan
Professor la casa de papel wanted to hire you.
Michael Sprenkle
Michael Sprenkle 5 dagar sedan
This would go so well with the song Diggy Diggy Hole
The Gaming Lizard
The Gaming Lizard 5 dagar sedan
Dude you have to go to Y11 for diamonds
Szabina Kálé
Szabina Kálé 6 dagar sedan
1000 r$
Kirk Maynard
Kirk Maynard 6 dagar sedan
I'm from the USA, and those buckets are amazing! our buckets cant hold up to the abuse of what yours do
LeeOne 2000
LeeOne 2000 6 dagar sedan
Obvious joke… minecraft irl:
Bryan M
Bryan M 6 dagar sedan
simply amazing
Inżynier Umysłu
Inżynier Umysłu 6 dagar sedan
U are most crazy man I saw on this planet. Im pretty sure I love U not in gay way for sure :). Your ideas , projects are ... cant find a word.
Jay 6 dagar sedan
What are you doing with all that rock? 😂
Paul Frank
Paul Frank 6 dagar sedan
other than the king of random (rest in peace ) your my favorite how to SEcycler
Dimitar Dobrev
Dimitar Dobrev 7 dagar sedan
But seriously where is he dumping all that soil and rocks?
Bellen Video
Bellen Video 7 dagar sedan
MAD respect Mr Furze 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽❤️❤️❤️
Pepper 7 dagar sedan
Seeing how tedious digging a tunnel, let alone entire rooms, can get, I kinda feel bad for supervillains now.
Miner Jim
Miner Jim 7 dagar sedan
Definitely won't need a gym membership! Great videos! You really should wear a hard hat just for safety, someone will copy what your doing you know! Safety first.
John Osman
John Osman 7 dagar sedan
Just a note you might need to adhere to, … when digging into limestone, yes, you might dig right into a hole, that might be a part of a cavernous void, & I would try, to reuse the chunky sections of stone, for a perimeter wall around your yard’s border, … utilizing all of your property, … And I’m wondering what your local building department will say, once you’ve completed your project, (if you can), …because doing such projects, as this, is bound to affect your neighbors property, as well, … as a general contractor, who has also been through the Mine Safety & Health Association for Underground Mining school, in Madisonville, Ky. USA, I can probably be assured, that you did not get a permit to vacate the removed soil(s), & aggregate, in accordance with the regulations of your community, or country, … that being said, I do not know how strong your tunnels roof is, or will be, once the weather begins to change, …as clay, can be quite a dissolute material to work near, or with, …
Demon D
Demon D 7 dagar sedan
How is that hyrdolic press so small, yet gives that tool enough power to destroy the dirt and rocks? wow!
Johnny D
Johnny D 7 dagar sedan
How do you stealthy remove that much debris and where?
Robocat899 7 dagar sedan
Someone give Colin a mini tbm
Exploring with warrior
Exploring with warrior 7 dagar sedan
If u was my neighbour and I know what u was doing would not care and would help u out wit it
mllop aeet
mllop aeet 7 dagar sedan
he actually is taking safety measures😲
Cory F
Cory F 7 dagar sedan
Just imagine the permits you would have to get to do this in a residential area in the US
guts2 7 dagar sedan
You should patent the hydraulic pointy thing
kamil uddin
kamil uddin 8 dagar sedan
Me:wondering what he did with all the rocks he destroyed
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 8 dagar sedan
I can't imagine having to do all of this work and in the end being a couple meters off of where you're suppose to be ;-;
fabio40 8 dagar sedan
Dude, I can almost guarantee you are not married because no woman is going to put up with this. LoL
Sussy Monke
Sussy Monke 8 dagar sedan
imagine accidentally hitting the gas mains
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 8 dagar sedan
you need GoPro 360 and the GoPro magnetic clip/mount. that would be really handy for you
Jacqueline Mcconnell
Jacqueline Mcconnell 8 dagar sedan
Bram van der Sanden
Bram van der Sanden 8 dagar sedan
Finally took the Minecraft advice to not dig straight down. 😁
Ur fav LT
Ur fav LT 8 dagar sedan
This guy deserves the comment and like
hen ko
hen ko 8 dagar sedan
So Colin. when are you planning on telling your wife about this "little project"?
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 5 dagar sedan
Man's doing things that he's gonna be remembered for for literally ever.
Joseph Peterson
Joseph Peterson 8 dagar sedan
I wonder if he ever figured out that dirt is a very good noise barrier. lol
Carter Fuehr-Bush
Carter Fuehr-Bush 9 dagar sedan
The real sponsorship is those tubs!
R picard
R picard 9 dagar sedan
Have you ever started a project and wish you hadn't? I bet he was thinking that at some point.
jeevan preetham
jeevan preetham 9 dagar sedan
he actually is taking safety measures😲
hen ko
hen ko 8 dagar sedan
Clayton Coffey
Clayton Coffey 9 dagar sedan
I’m curious to know how your council is so lenient. How do you manage to get these permits
Ti. Wi.
Ti. Wi. 9 dagar sedan
0:55 I had to go back, stop the video and take a screenshot of “tunnel shoes / sneak shoes” brilliant man
Patricio Gomez
Patricio Gomez 9 dagar sedan
Such a cool style yours
Vishva Kumara
Vishva Kumara 9 dagar sedan
Minecraft. But for real.! :-)
SugiBoi 9 dagar sedan
Imagine in like 60 so years when Colin’s family has moved out and moved on, someone buys this house and then couple years later that person’s child just accidentally finds this secret tunnel, the bunker and all of that.
Baranina123 6 dagar sedan
It will how you said plus this briliant guy will be inside this tunnel on throne.
BarnStangz 9 dagar sedan
Those buckets are the real MVP!
elorz007 10 dagar sedan
Silly question, how does he know there are no underground sewage or whatever pipes underground? Also, what about air, don't you need like a fan or something?
kio haha
kio haha 10 dagar sedan
you need GoPro 360 and the GoPro magnetic clip/mount. that would be really handy for you
Imad Islam
Imad Islam 10 dagar sedan
Anyone realised he's basically playing Minecraft irl
Tom Ruta
Tom Ruta 10 dagar sedan
This would be a killer workout
Longarms 10 dagar sedan
Might be a stupid question but how do you stop the water coming through the old flower bed? Surely it'll leak into the tunnel
Ayush Sharma
Ayush Sharma 10 dagar sedan
Can't even imagine the amount of hard work put into this. Absolutely incredible. Hats off to you.
Jaali Madden
Jaali Madden 10 dagar sedan
I think Pablo Escobar would approve.
เนี๊ยบ โมบาย
เนี๊ยบ โมบาย 10 dagar sedan
เนี๊ยบ โมบาย
เนี๊ยบ โมบาย 10 dagar sedan
Geoff English
Geoff English 10 dagar sedan
Colin's neighbours: "you heard Colin lately?" "No." "Me either. Its quiet... Too quiet"
Zion 10 dagar sedan
i'd be afraid of that thing exploding while he's down there working lol
Matt Na
Matt Na 10 dagar sedan
it's very dangerous, don't make this at home !
ดันทุรัง-ดั้นด้น 10 dagar sedan
It's like watching a serial killer movie, but I like it.
EvanWoods 10 dagar sedan
is this the new minecraft update
Mc Master Mummy
Mc Master Mummy 10 dagar sedan
Is nobody gonna talk about how he should have play Secret Tunnel from Avatar in the background?
Perks 10 dagar sedan
This guy screams positive energy
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 10 dagar sedan
THIS IS THE COOLEST STUFF EVER. How in the ever living fack does SEcycle know I want this?
Jason Edlund
Jason Edlund 10 dagar sedan
I just came across your channel! This alittle crazy! If I attempt to do this and video it OSHA would show up and fine me. Not real sure how you doing this without any trouble from authority
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 10 dagar sedan
James Rodwell
James Rodwell 10 dagar sedan
The magnificent fireman predictably telephone because college sequently mine with a bouncy keyboard. unknown, skillful periodical
gergyhead 10 dagar sedan
this guy is an absolute beast. 1 adventure after another
David Taylor
David Taylor 10 dagar sedan
Colin, with your track record why ever are you not using explosives to excavate your tunnel, and some kind of conveyor belt affair to take the spoil away and up the shaft, depositing it automatically into a remote controlled dump truck that drives it to the middle of your garden, where a full on stealth radio controlled helicopter picks it up and flys it to the local resevoir and dumps it undercover of night !!!
chuckmomo 10 dagar sedan