Denver Nuggets vs Memphis Grizzlies Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

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MLG Highlights

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Burak21 22 dagar sedan
Ne maçtı amk
Champ Magat
Champ Magat 25 dagar sedan
Where is Gordon?
miles davis playing guitar
miles davis playing guitar 25 dagar sedan
Ja Morant is insane
JLen #26
JLen #26 25 dagar sedan
Ja morant.. Not a good decision not passing the ball😔
Milos 25 dagar sedan
Awzin Chella
Awzin Chella 25 dagar sedan
Seth curry would be a perfect addition to the nuggets . It jus makes sense
LaDarren Wells
LaDarren Wells 25 dagar sedan
It’s crazy how Will Barton comes off the bench for a injured player and hoops 🤝💪🏾🏀💯
Nekys Acherontios
Nekys Acherontios 25 dagar sedan
Did Jokic kick it at 6:40?
holA 26 dagar sedan
Braulio Montano
Braulio Montano 26 dagar sedan
Grayson Allen fucked up the game
Laura Márquez
Laura Márquez 26 dagar sedan
Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene asechados,
Soy La comadreja
Soy La comadreja 25 dagar sedan
great ass!!
Ignacio Sosa
Ignacio Sosa 26 dagar sedan
Idk why but Aaron Gordon reminds me to Michael Beasley :D
Brotha Box
Brotha Box 26 dagar sedan
Campazzo-Speedy Gonzales👍 Jokic-Boss rest of team desreve respect 👍
JJ LL 26 dagar sedan
Why no 4K? NBA get it together
King Shango Sound
King Shango Sound 26 dagar sedan
MmbMntlty 003
MmbMntlty 003 26 dagar sedan
Perfect game
Wyatt Hunter
Wyatt Hunter 26 dagar sedan
MPJ Jokic and Murray will be a scary big 3
Lamar Goated
Lamar Goated 26 dagar sedan
Yessit the joker
Fillipe Gsk
Fillipe Gsk 26 dagar sedan
Ja on a suicide mission against the MVP 🃏 and his nuggets
Guerrini1975 26 dagar sedan
ehhhhmmmmmm....TROJKA.....AMIN and out! Who takes so many clutch throws???? Yup just one man, the Joker.... Therefore MVP
E E 26 dagar sedan
That smudge on the camera freaked me out. Here is a Jokic MVP signature game, carried the team to victory. The Big Tipper, I like it.
W T 26 dagar sedan
Grayson cost the Grizzlies this game.
Anniah Richards
Anniah Richards 26 dagar sedan
hollywoodcharmz 26 dagar sedan
4:25 so we giving technicals for showing frustration lol nonsensical
Trump Ameri
Trump Ameri 26 dagar sedan
NIKOLA JOKIC MVP this season sealed
Trump Ameri
Trump Ameri 26 dagar sedan
NIKOLA JOKIC is like great white shark nobody can stop this domination player
tropickman 26 dagar sedan
As long as Gordon has his hair tied back, Nuggs be winning! Let's go!
nemanja vasiljevic
nemanja vasiljevic 26 dagar sedan
MPJ will be an All-Star player next year, mark my words.
apolonio mendoza
apolonio mendoza 26 dagar sedan
Tiny morant is so good hes body is just like a high school player..
Jari Braeckman
Jari Braeckman 26 dagar sedan
Kyle Anderson and Jokic should be playing together.
herphunt 26 dagar sedan
joker led in every major stat for denver
D Young
D Young 26 dagar sedan
Get these mistakes out the way in the season can't make these watch film and prepare 4 playoffs
Mariano Andrt
Mariano Andrt 26 dagar sedan
Campazzo = Defensive Player of the Year
JoVi 26 dagar sedan
Wake up AG, solid Orlando Magic...
JoVi 26 dagar sedan
Where is the aaron gotdon of Orlando Magic? Scrapped AG ,waived AG Back to Orlando , Nuggets you made AG scrapped low scoring less offense...
Saint Wretched
Saint Wretched 26 dagar sedan
2OT and yet only 8 assists from Jokic? The nuggets are either expecting Nikola to do his thing and not getting into space when he gets double-teamed, or they are simply clanking the open shots instead of cutting to the basket for easier buckets. Quite disappointed to not see Gordon get himself open with better movements.
tatinomichin 26 dagar sedan
Nothing against the nuggets, simply i want everyone to beat AG. Kid thinks hes a star and hes been 8 years in the league and hasn't won crap, in Orlando we gave him everything and in those 8 years he scored one game just one and only game 31 Pts and he demanded a trade.. LOL what a clown. Now that Murray is out he is in the same situation he was in Orlando, now he will be asked to make plays and score and HE CAN'T. He can only play at 4 that's it. Nuggets fans just wait when he stars missing shots, 3's and bunch of turn overs, just like this game, or get injured (Hopefully no) he spent more time injured than playing. that's what he did all the time.
Celathian Aaron
Celathian Aaron 26 dagar sedan
Sergio Trevisan
Sergio Trevisan 26 dagar sedan
El Ginóbili campazo
Blanqkanvas 26 dagar sedan
I'm just shocked at why Ja is doing the most in OT
Blanqkanvas 26 dagar sedan
@nemanja vasiljevic I mean some of these dunk attempts could’ve been a simple floater , as opposed to a self oop. In OT
nemanja vasiljevic
nemanja vasiljevic 26 dagar sedan
Well... in these tough situations you gotta go on clutch players Ja is pretty clutch no doubts
Aisha Shah
Aisha Shah 26 dagar sedan
I’m a big fan of you my favourite player is Aaron gordon
Mirza Milak
Mirza Milak 26 dagar sedan
Kyle Anderson has such a wired looking game lol but it's effective for him
sarito xm
sarito xm 26 dagar sedan
Good game Nugget. Well played by Morant.
Marcin Olszewski
Marcin Olszewski 26 dagar sedan
Damn it pains me that Murray is out. With him it was the best starting 5 in the conference, now it's gonna be very hard in playoffs.
Omondi Georgies
Omondi Georgies 26 dagar sedan
Why does he not play javale mgee
J TC 26 dagar sedan
Jokic fouled Allen in overtime. Terrible missed call there.
Dragica Andrejevic
Dragica Andrejevic 26 dagar sedan
The Joker has more double-double games than Embid games. The whole team plays for Emid, and the Joker plays for all the players on his team. MPJ and Aaron Gordon are the biggest misconceptions of coaches. If he doesn't speed up Melon's game, this Denver is a loser. Melone must stop listening to her father and copy Greg Popovic
Guerrini1975 26 dagar sedan
Its a difference if the entire team plays one person or one person plays for the entire team... This is the difference.... Joker plays for the tram and therefore MVP
Abel Correa
Abel Correa 26 dagar sedan
Aguante Facuuu!! Saludos desde Argentina!!
Jorge Frank Ureña
Jorge Frank Ureña 26 dagar sedan
Faku MVP
Khalid Dacula
Khalid Dacula 26 dagar sedan
Damn Jokic! That pivot move in the paint so smooth, Hakeem Olajuwon move in this era.👍👌
Grey Fox
Grey Fox 26 dagar sedan
that was such a hustle game, big reepect for the Grizzs, hope to see them in the playoffs
Games Harden
Games Harden 26 dagar sedan
Thanks for including the failed dunks!
truth truth
truth truth 26 dagar sedan
Jokič is MVP its over great game both teams
박찬수 26 dagar sedan
6:13 beautiful move
Bruce Patawa
Bruce Patawa 26 dagar sedan
Memphis needs Taiwanese player, Jeremy lin !
Omar Craft
Omar Craft 26 dagar sedan
Memphis...rookie mistakes. Why would u make a fastbreak when u are leading the ball game.
TheTimberwolf90 26 dagar sedan
The worst part about the Nuggets is their weaknesses on defense. Even though they won this game their were plenty of times when Memphis got to the rim. Ja Morant is one of the best finishing point guards in this league. Overall I was impressed by what Grizzlies were able to do. Denver was just the more fortunate team last night. Barton by the way is really taking steps forward. Not only does this guy give Nuggets the ability to score but gets down the court pretty quick. Ugly win but props too.
Eric Reid
Eric Reid 26 dagar sedan
Announcers in the 4th quarter " jokic with 32" Me: HOWWWWWWW!?!?!
Boris Čolić
Boris Čolić 27 dagar sedan
Scot Hastings needs to retire.
Whitey O'Banion
Whitey O'Banion 27 dagar sedan
Now the pundits are trying to give Joker's MVP to the 29 win Steph Curry. SMDH.
Ari Dolphin
Ari Dolphin 27 dagar sedan
10:40 if ja made that dunk 😱
Don Chicho
Don Chicho 27 dagar sedan
Campazzo's defense made of Argentina.
John Doe
John Doe 27 dagar sedan
I can't believe Nuggets won this one. Their defense was so poor, and they made so many mistakes. Memphis had great fight, but still not enough...
Guerrini1975 26 dagar sedan
F. M.
F. M. 27 dagar sedan
Damn, Jokic is simply MVP, no question about it. He can do it all..... But this Nuggets team is soft, the only guy busting his A off is Facu, the rest is trash including Malone. Who benches the MVP in crunch time for 5+mins?
Natasha Bolton
Natasha Bolton 27 dagar sedan
Great win for nuggests in double over time , but gizzles had great games 🙂🇬🇧🙃
Menelaos Petridis
Menelaos Petridis 27 dagar sedan
Yes my Nuggets fuck them all. Do it for Jamal 🏀
Ross Mungcal
Ross Mungcal 27 dagar sedan
Ref's forgot their whistle when Grizzlies has the ball.. 😪🤦‍♂️
ChaosPrototypeIX 27 dagar sedan
They dont whistle for Nuggets either, in this and previous games too. Just this season Jokic had 5 games with 0 FT. In one game he one dude literally jumped on his back like he was piggy backing and refs totally ignored that.
Marko Vujanović
Marko Vujanović 27 dagar sedan
Nikola is type of player that has to be role model for upcoming generations. When you see his game you can only say "This is the right way of playing basketball" and that is so crazy, because when you watch Nikola you have felling that he doesn't put an extra energy and everything flows smoothly like a water. You can be like it's nothing special, looks so easy and even the guy is chubby :)
Damir Damir
Damir Damir 27 dagar sedan
Third stupid loss by the young Grizzlies in 10 days . Against Knicks +8 last 2 minutes and lost in OT. Against Dallas +4 last 30sec and lost. Today +5 last minute and lost in OT.
jebestakonesto 27 dagar sedan
MVP conversation doesn't exist
TheRealhunter elrohirelensar
TheRealhunter elrohirelensar 27 dagar sedan
wow refs gave this one to the nuggets
Abhey Wasdev
Abhey Wasdev 27 dagar sedan
Jokic looking depressed without Murray, but still managing to score 50...real MVP
Leo B
Leo B 27 dagar sedan
He's so depressed he cried and tried to cut his wrists on court
Karl Ave
Karl Ave 27 dagar sedan
Ja has more missed dunks than made istg lmao
Long Term
Long Term 27 dagar sedan
Barton a ball hog was the reason they was down he wants to be the guy but he’s not
Savage 27 dagar sedan
The joker makes hof centers look like bum boys lol
Marko Ilic
Marko Ilic 27 dagar sedan
Christocentric 27 dagar sedan
Invest into #MOONTOKEN now and be rich like the NBA players! #MOONARMY let's gooo!
PG 13PACERNATION 27 dagar sedan
Joker for MVP even tho Curry been a killer
beboutbidness 27 dagar sedan
Grizzlies should have won in regulation and the 1st OT. Ahhhhhh growing pains...
Amarhi Bailey
Amarhi Bailey 27 dagar sedan
They could’ve won this if they didn’t try to dunk everything
D.K 27 dagar sedan
4:41 Oh my God Ja
Yl Lee
Yl Lee 27 dagar sedan
Allen got tipped
Vid Ognjenovic VI3
Vid Ognjenovic VI3 27 dagar sedan
Normally i dont like barton because he is a ballhog but great game this time, and also MPJ and Campazzo and the usual Jokic
Khải Tăng
Khải Tăng 27 dagar sedan
No.3 Mem really saved the game!!! Not sure why he had give clutch chances twice!!! any, Ja is so explosive if he really plays energy like this!!! go go!!
Marko R
Marko R 27 dagar sedan
Respect to curry embiid and dame but nikola jokic has been the best and most valuebale player for the whole season
Simon 25 Man
Simon 25 Man 27 dagar sedan
Jokic & curry were on fire that night 🔥
Mad Max_88
Mad Max_88 27 dagar sedan
Joker MVP!🔥🔥🔥
richmiamibeach 27 dagar sedan
Marko. editzz
Marko. editzz 27 dagar sedan
Joker MVP
nemanja stevanovic
nemanja stevanovic 27 dagar sedan
Jokic mvp🏀
Not me.
Not me. 27 dagar sedan
SERBIA IN THE EAST 27 dagar sedan
Yunan 27 dagar sedan
With Gordon out for six weeks, Jokic will have to carry more load again. He's gonna average 30 for the next few weeks
augusto espeche
augusto espeche 27 dagar sedan
Vamos facu 🇦🇷. Jokic for MVP 🔥
Trump Ameri
Trump Ameri 26 dagar sedan
Argentina Serbia basketball connection country
BANJALUKANEKTAR 27 dagar sedan
Jokic is the MVP and he shows it every single night! He are the walls of the team. he carries the whole team!!! Jokic MVP!
Danijel Jakovljevic
Danijel Jakovljevic 26 dagar sedan
@Grey Fox not only tonight. I mean his energy the whole year and in the nights when nobody hits the shots he delivers.
Grey Fox
Grey Fox 26 dagar sedan
shut it, the whole team played well tonight, thats why they won. no got caried, they lifted eachother up, chump
謝佳哲 27 dagar sedan
Curry MVP
JoshJustDied 27 dagar sedan
Facu with those clutch defensive stops. Woah.
tropickman 26 dagar sedan
Barton had a clutch block on Morant, right at the rim.
I’m The shit
I’m The shit 27 dagar sedan
Grayson lost them this again what a clown. How u miss an easy dunk to make it a 5 point lead with 54 secs left!
Ari Dolphin
Ari Dolphin 27 dagar sedan
Grayson is a choking hazard
Gorkie 27 dagar sedan
facu hero with 0.2%FG.. facu PURE TRASH SHIT player
Elvis David
Elvis David 27 dagar sedan
Campazzo´s defense is very solid
Joe Walker
Joe Walker 26 dagar sedan
Lol not really, Ja had 36 and some of his easiest looking buckets on him look at him falling asleep on D @ 9:40
Desmond Lavin
Desmond Lavin 26 dagar sedan
@Sebastián A yeah but he doesn’t make enough threes for that to work. Also that 2nd is pure ass and the reason we lose most of our games, ion think it’s mainly facus fault but he def doesn’t lead them well
Sebastián A
Sebastián A 26 dagar sedan
@Desmond Lavin He excels at commanding that 2nd unit with the ball in his hands, one or two 3s when they let him shoot so he can use it to fake after and then setting the pick & roll
tropickman 26 dagar sedan
Team's energy and morale were sapped by the 24 turnovers,. Many players showed poor effort on defense; but somehow it seems as if Porter had the poorest night in that regard. Several instances of him seemingly uninterested with playing defense and/or helping his teammates during Grizzlies transitions. Not sure why Gordon wasn't guarding Morant, who carried the Grizzlies with 36 - 8 - 12
Marcin Olszewski
Marcin Olszewski 26 dagar sedan
I'm glad someone noticed that. As much as I like Monte Morris, I thing Campazzo should start, he's the only good defender among Nuggets' guards.
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