Denis Cyplenkov's Steroid Cycle - The Strongest Arm Wrestler Of All Time?

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Jon Chapa
Jon Chapa 7 dagar sedan
Lots of NAFLD patients in my area. They reverse it with diet on about 2-3 months.
Bravis Tagent
Bravis Tagent 16 dagar sedan
These guys are hilarious, speculating that russian armwrestlers must be chernobyl mutants ffs 😂🤦‍♂️
SEVOU KC 25 dagar sedan
Yoo guys need to have correct information guys all lies, denis had ruptured a small blood vessels around his kidney that's why hes resting now to fully recover his kidneys were and are normal and don't need replacement
Clay Beverly
Clay Beverly Månad sedan
I think Dave Chaffee has proven he is stronger than denis almost every time they’ve met.
GRSL Månad sedan
Euro people are super fond of steroid use and ends up slumping at early age.sheeesh
Avery Triggs
Avery Triggs Månad sedan
It’s nice that this was finally covered as he and Igor ( Russian owner and promoter of PAL) will NEVER admit to any supplement usage. They even denied denis had a stroke when he needed a stent inserted to open up his blood vessel again... so fake and sad! Thank you guys for delving into this! Truly needed!
Earl The Pearl
Earl The Pearl Månad sedan
Denis is the man! Undefeated on his left hand. A living legend and one of the most powerful human beings to ever walk the earth.
adnaanu Månad sedan
Plot twist: the guy with the goatee is Sacha baron Cohen
Ripcookiethief Månad sedan
Denis can crush walnuts with his fingertips. Dude is a peak freak. His career won't be long. Which is common with eastern European and Russian armwrestlers. They burn bright and burn out.
Cute Bunny
Cute Bunny Månad sedan
Nooo he's nattyyy
Hornytoad Månad sedan
No amount of steroids is gonna get you hulk-mitts like that. Dude's a legit freak.
AKüMæ_ JP_
AKüMæ_ JP_ Månad sedan
John brezenk 1).
Natalie Zementbeisser
Natalie Zementbeisser Månad sedan
Now Cyplenkov is one of the weakest arm wrestler of all time thanks to his steroid cycle
Andrew P.
Andrew P. Månad sedan
You should do an analysis of john brezenk and what you think he took
Andrew P.
Andrew P. Månad sedan
Lupkes disagrees
S H Månad sedan
denis almost killed himself taking shit, hes finished
Zach Cunningham
Zach Cunningham Månad sedan
To say he was the best Arm Wrestler of all time is a little bit of a stretch IMO. John Brzenk beat him several matches.
John Lucas
John Lucas Månad sedan
Who are all these brainlets?
Dave Adams
Dave Adams Månad sedan
Well, first of all, Denis wasn't unbeatable, John Brzenik won most of the times agains Denis.
Paultical Månad sedan
Can't wait to see the reaction video's of this video 20 years from now , you guys are just Monday's experts, as an elderly man speaking from decades of experience, not years of experience, it would be wise to take a wider view of what the web has to offer to make yourself famous and in the future take less risky moves in analysing the past and back your self in predicting the future that is what will define your intellect. this is just creational advise from and avid follower, I enjoy your content, but I will be the point in which a paradox is formed for the future of intellectual viewing.
SamW Månad sedan
Was not expecting that boom box voice to come from the bottom guy lmao
Łunar ƛpollo
Łunar ƛpollo Månad sedan
Haagen Neldeberg
Haagen Neldeberg Månad sedan
I love that armwrestling is becoming so much more popular. But guys, the greatest of all time is John Brzenk, and that is not an opinion. John was undefeated in his own weight class the middleweight class for over 30 years, and for over 20 years he was undefeated in the heavyweight and open class. John Brzenk has won an estimated 500 titles. The movie Over The Top was even very loosely based on John Brzenk's win in the real Over The Top tournament.
Giannis Tsoukatos
Giannis Tsoukatos Månad sedan
I don't think he is stronger than Pushkar in 2017 who destroyed everyone and i don't think that he could beat Levan of 2021 in any point of his career.
Łunar ƛpollo
Łunar ƛpollo Månad sedan
All of denis cyplenkov's prime strength numbers are higher than levan's. Levan hasn't touched denis's best lifts neither does he have the endurance of tsyplenkov. He is insanely strong tho.
Gregory Valania
Gregory Valania Månad sedan
RIP Pushkar
deci bel
deci bel Månad sedan
Chernobyl radioactive roids. 😁
Mathieu Fredette
Mathieu Fredette Månad sedan
You should always speak of him at the past tense. Example: he "was" the strongest. Etc...
REVOisMYname Månad sedan
Looks like Jason Genova if someone sold him actual roids instead of just sugar in a plastic bag
ivo 1
ivo 1 Månad sedan
A few years ago Denis had a post on his instagram selling Somatropin and said "this is what I use, contact me if you want to buy from me", of course he removed it.
Иосиф Steelin
Иосиф Steelin Månad sedan
No, he said it was a vessel rupture due to high pressure during heavy training. A lot of the stuff this guy is saying is VERY inaccurate.
CIZOPASNIK Månad sedan
That guy on top right thinks too much, but actually knows shit about armwrestling and Im pretty sure he knows the same shit about what Denis was using :)
Justin Millette
Justin Millette Månad sedan
His accromegaly comes from the excess of growth hormone he took, basically your bones stop growing in lenght at the end of your adolescence, but by taking growth hormone they can continue to expend on width, that's why he looks like that, saying that he's from Tchernobyl is a myth, it's simply a biological explanation
Modnar laudividni
Modnar laudividni Månad sedan
Not the strongest if you cheated.
TheJancharles Månad sedan
James Fischer
James Fischer Månad sedan
Is that Louis Rossman's brother? What the fuck?
Andres Rivera
Andres Rivera Månad sedan
This is the section I was interested in at the end of the podcast you posted recently. Thank you for posting it. Denis was so massive and wide before the kidney issues, that he even has a bit of a midget look to him in pictures. For reference, he’s over 6 feet tall. They don’t call him the Ukrainian giant for nothing. He crushes wallnuts with his fingertips.
Jon Schnabel
Jon Schnabel Månad sedan
Oleg Zhok is the other Ukranian guy with the crazy large left forearm and hand. He only competed on his left arm as his right arm is pretty normal compared to his freakishly large left arm.
Timothy Norris
Timothy Norris Månad sedan
Dude I like you’re solo content much better
Arnab das
Arnab das Månad sedan
It's really unfortunate that most of the arm wrestlers in Russia is using roids, Mike todd is too enhanced I think, they have huge biceps, but what about dave Chaffee?
J C Månad sedan
You need a reality check of you think arm wrestlers are natural
TheJancharles Månad sedan
Vishnu Cr
Vishnu Cr Månad sedan
Where can I find the full video of this???
Chris P Duck
Chris P Duck Månad sedan
Does Leo get long when Steve becomes vigorous? Anyone?
CharlesOffdensen Månad sedan
Denis Cyplenkov has acromegaly, and yet he takes GH? Btw he was born before Chernobil.
MrArchy1986 Månad sedan
Jesus fk, he raptured one blood vessel in his kidney, started to get blood in pee. Got fixed. doctors dont let him do heavy exercises any more. But he slowly ramping up. WTF this guy gets his information from BABUSKA?? There is videos with him swimming in lake. No scars.
MrArchy1986 Månad sedan
@TheJancharles had. Over it now.
TheJancharles Månad sedan
Denis has Covid now
Mortensencoaching Månad sedan
Damn Steve is looking like he just turned 18!
Rory Douglas
Rory Douglas Månad sedan
1:45 Oleg Zhokh, I think he has all 10 fingers
FICTORIA Månad sedan
Shit is hillarious
Leo and Longevity
Leo and Longevity Månad sedan
Derek has the best comment section.
FMSP8 Månad sedan
I wanna see the entire vid
ScycoSnake Månad sedan
Actually John Brzenk could beat him pretty easy
TheJancharles Månad sedan
In 2008 and 2009 on right. On left never. Also he lost in 2010 on right.
Jean-sebastien Ouellet
Jean-sebastien Ouellet Månad sedan
prime john brzenk would give these enhanced freaks a run for their money
Cody Flasch
Cody Flasch Månad sedan
Getyour facts straight john brzenk is the greatest of all time.
Cody Flasch
Cody Flasch Månad sedan
Strongest at armwrestling.
TheJancharles Månad sedan
Not the strongest.
CornBread Crypto
CornBread Crypto Månad sedan
What even more insane is John Brzenk literally beat all of them except Alexi Voeveda buts that cause he quit arm wrestling & went to olympics instead so Only pulled him once. John Brzenk is the Goats of Goats
CornBread Crypto
CornBread Crypto Månad sedan
Yes denis used a massive amount of roids but his genetics were absolutely insane also I know someone who met him & he said he literally the nicest guy
Unchained Månad sedan
Why would he be using HGH if he has Acromegaly? Shit doesn't make sense.
TheJancharles Månad sedan
HGH is extremely expensive. Also he was huge at 20 years old when he took a picture with Ronnie Coleman. He worked at a car wash... Yeah... He has enough money for HGH. Lol
NWman13 Gmail
NWman13 Gmail Månad sedan
Dennis was insane looking and strong af. Destroyed Devon
R-Type4 Månad sedan
The hands of Denis Cyplenkov look like the hands of 'the thing' from 'the fantastic 4'.
Shirtless Dude
Shirtless Dude Månad sedan
Rodrigo Yanez
Rodrigo Yanez Månad sedan
Denis mentioned that overgrown hands run in his family .... in one of his many Russian interviews
Mergim J
Mergim J Månad sedan
He has a brother and he is skinny normal dude lol
Axe2Grind Månad sedan
John Brenzik beat him.
The Barre
The Barre Månad sedan
How can 3 guys sit around and gossip about another. Straight slander. None of you know what another man does with his personal health choices. Nor any of you are even considered credible in the industry
Μr Santa
Μr Santa Månad sedan
Oleg "s arm is not a result of chernobyl accident. When he was in the womb the umbilical cord made a loop around his shoulder and cause some difficulties in the development, he does not have less of more than five fingers, he has exactly five, they are just a bit unatural . Dennis on the other hand , in some photos of him when he was 18 years old or something like that, anybody could see that he has a big frame, he wasn't that freak he is now, he was looking more of a young well shaped man, close to ordinary gym builts. But you could see the big palms and bone structure, so I believe he want using anything at his teen years, so Dennis is just his genetics, plus the peds afterwards. What can I say, some of us were built by God and some of us were farted out by God.
Daniel Bermingrud
Daniel Bermingrud Månad sedan
I heard Denis said he snapped the veines or something to his kidney.. think its on Armbetstv or some..
Žan Gjuveleg
Žan Gjuveleg Månad sedan
Devon said that the tendons on Denis's arms were big like on Devon`s legs
Matt Epton
Matt Epton Månad sedan
My favorite arm wrestler of all time...
BE PE Månad sedan
Igor Mazurenko posted a video with Denis saying that the kidney problem was a ruptured blood vessel, or something along those lines.
BG Resjek
BG Resjek Månad sedan
Let's go baby!!! I love videos like this we need to see more talks dude.
Jakob Haffner
Jakob Haffner Månad sedan
Nice Video, gut two things to note: Levan is not "new" to armwrestling, not as long in it as Denis, but he has already been in it for years. Secondly, Olekh Zogh didnt die in the carcrash :)
ANKIT Månad sedan
🤣😂😂😂😂😂 Denis is unbeatable. Ever heard of john Brezenk?? If you know nothing of the sport then just shut the fuck up.
TheJancharles Månad sedan
Unbeatable in the last years. U can't start armwrestling without loosing bird brain
Erik Armwrestler
Erik Armwrestler Månad sedan
Just clean mountain air and some good wodka, nothing to see here 🙃!! John Brzenk is the GOAT 💯 dont think this is sustainable for 25 years 🤣. Denis Cyplenkov and Arsen Liliev are just a few examples......
XL Tee
XL Tee Månad sedan
Neanderthal man
Oliver Rivera Pessi
Oliver Rivera Pessi Månad sedan
So basically those Tchernobyl mutations made them real life Hulks
Up & Above
Up & Above Månad sedan
he doesn't have acromegaly and Chernobyl disaster has nothing to do with him being strong lol
Santiago Carvajal
Santiago Carvajal Månad sedan
Oleg Zhokh is still alive, he is still recovering! I think he plans to come back to armwrestling
Keranu Månad sedan
Derek fire your video editor. He is really bad at clipping the teaser intros.
Jonathon Månad sedan
K Månad sedan
He’s not the best , John brzenk beat him at half his size looking natty to lol denis looks like he’s on his death bed
TheJancharles Månad sedan
@K tren for armwrestling is one of the worst especially in tournaments. You're done.
K Månad sedan
@TheJancharles they do make you hella stronger especially tren
TheJancharles Månad sedan
@K u can't just take the same thing as another dude and that would make u bigger or better. Trubin was champion when he was clean, now he is on the sauce and he isn't better
Rob K.
Rob K. Månad sedan
@K I'd rather have John be alive, everyone reacts differently to these types of drugs.
K Månad sedan
@Rob K. imagine if he took the same ped as Denis he be insane
But wait!
But wait! Månad sedan
Most of what he is saying is utter hearsay.
NormalStyleCrew Månad sedan
bloat shall finally combine with aesthetics to create bloatstetics.
Bob Evans
Bob Evans Månad sedan
They are a freaks of genetics not some kind of chemical
Justin A
Justin A Månad sedan
Dude looks like a jacked Jason Genova
Kevin van Haren
Kevin van Haren Månad sedan
Best arm wrestler ever? Imo that would be John Brzenk. He beat Denis aswell.
Chad Eren
Chad Eren Månad sedan
Denis has beaten him 2010 and Denis peaked post 2013, Brzenk couldn't compete with that and age was catching up as well.
Joshua Renacia
Joshua Renacia Månad sedan
Best but not the strongest in terms of time specificity
Dale Gribs
Dale Gribs Månad sedan
I abuse hgh harder than my girlfriend
Kevin Månad sedan
Derek you are a great listener..not many youtubers are like that..
Alex Black
Alex Black Månad sedan
do a video on bpc157
Robert Roundtree
Robert Roundtree Månad sedan
sounds like he had that disease they refer to as trenbolism.........
HoldenCoughfield Månad sedan
Dude Denis is au naturale shut up
Nicholas Gayer
Nicholas Gayer Månad sedan
Glad you posted this. The other video cut off right when you guys mentioned his name and I was like wtf!? Great discussion guys
Papa Bilby
Papa Bilby Månad sedan
Haha. Unbeatable? My guy. Do your research before you start spouting non sense. Several people have beat him including the REAL best arm wrestler of all time, John Brzenk. And almost every arm wrestler can’t straighten their arms. Michael Todd is one. Cyplenkov was unbelievably strong, but not unbeatable. Never was and never will be.
Papa Bilby
Papa Bilby Månad sedan
@TheJancharles Racing motorcycles
TheJancharles Månad sedan
@Papa Bilby better at what?
Papa Bilby
Papa Bilby Månad sedan
@TheJancharles I also did not say Todd beat him.
Papa Bilby
Papa Bilby Månad sedan
@TheJancharles 0:27 He said he’s unbeatable and the strongest arm wrestler to ever live. Absolutely not true. That’s what I’m addressing. Are you suggesting that Cyplenkov is better than Brzenk?
TheJancharles Månad sedan
Michael Todd never defeated Denis. He took rounds. And Brzenk lost to many guys. Taynov, Pushkar, Liliev, Ivakin, Laratt, Bagent, Johnny Walker, Gary Goodrige, Zokh on left, Voevoda. Nobody starts with 0 losses. He was saying he was super dominant in the last years.
Lucas Hand
Lucas Hand Månad sedan
Where can I watch the whole thing?
Charles Picard
Charles Picard Månad sedan
You won’t find Denis’ family because the mistake that’s being made is that you’re looking for humans.
Dustin Loyal
Dustin Loyal Månad sedan
Derek, do you guys have trial sizes of the gorilla mind? I am a stim junky but also really enjoy a good beta-al pre work out itch and noticed it did not have that in the formula. Would like to try it before committing to a full tub
Fathom Månad sedan
Denis can straighten his arm more fully than Michael Todd can, that guy exaggerated. Lots of elite pullers are like this, and I'm not sure that the vast majority of people think Denis would beat Levan. Levan is an absolute animal. Denis probably had him beat on pure bucep strength, but Levan is likely stringer on virtually all other arm wrestling specific lifts.
Fathom Månad sedan
@TheJancharles Levan has only "maxed" once on video that i know of and it didn't really seem like he waa giving it his all. He stops short on a lot of lifts. And strict backpressure is also very bicep heavy. I already stated Denis had stringer biceps.
TheJancharles Månad sedan
@Fathom on armbets tv. Also the had alot of videos on Ironrating. Also Oleg had better numbers in back pressure, fingers than Levan.
Fathom Månad sedan
@TheJancharles the only exercise you named that was arm wrestling specific was backpressure. Levan stopped early before his max on that lift. Where is the video of Denis doing 85.5kg's?
TheJancharles Månad sedan
How he is stronger if Levan did in those lifts less than Denis. Levan had like 60 kg's back pressure, Denis 85.5 kg's. Levan did an 142 kg log, Cyplenkov 180 kg in a competition. Cyplenkov's benchpress 290, he said he could do 300 kg's, Levan 250 kg's. Cyplenkov strict curl 113, cheat curls 150 kg's x 5 and 170 kg's x 1. Also look at Denis, he can press, hook and have a kings move. When Denis was a champion, Levan was getting into this sport. Also check these: Cyplenkov vs Genadi, Genadi vs Levan, Zokh vs Levan, Zokh vs Cyplenkov. Right now Denis is sick, he had that problem with that blood vessel and he has Covid
Liam Ward
Liam Ward Månad sedan
Wait.... who's the other freaky arm wrestlers??
TheJancharles Månad sedan
Oleg Zokh, the guy with the freaky forearm. Other would be Matthias Schilde, other is Jeff Dabe, and Levan Saginashvili
Sherman 616
Sherman 616 Månad sedan
Denis dad does look the same lol it’s not all drugs. Also Oleg has ten fingers you fricken fruit cake it’s called hemihypertrophy
Malhobek Abdulov
Malhobek Abdulov Månad sedan
Leo is a real jerk, pseudo-egghead
Bruno Iwasaki
Bruno Iwasaki Månad sedan
So Armwrestling's got onto Derek's channel as well. Interesting.
Miguel Kukura
Miguel Kukura Månad sedan
Algo brother
Lil Trump
Lil Trump Månad sedan
Slavic genetics
slevin kolebra
slevin kolebra Månad sedan
Dennis has been pinned by quite a few but yeah he's a beast, good dude
Earl The Pearl
Earl The Pearl Månad sedan
He's never lost left handed and he's won multiple world titles right handed as well. (which is his bad arm)
Braden Blauvelt
Braden Blauvelt Månad sedan
yea most definitely not the best armwrestler ever but absolutely one of the best. Brzenk 4 life
Belhamel Wail
Belhamel Wail Månad sedan
The gentleman in the left knows nothing about armwrestling a lot of wrong information
Tom McGivern
Tom McGivern Månad sedan
C&B 🐥🌳
doloman77 Månad sedan
Very cool
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