Clarkson Is Astonished By The Self-Driving Tesla Model X | The Grand Tour

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The Grand Tour

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Making sure we aren't susceptible to any legal action, Clarkson takes a team of lawyers to test out the Tesla Model X.
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Join Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as they travel across the globe on their Grand Tour. A show about adventure, excitement and friendship… as long as you accept that the people you call friends are also the ones you find extremely annoying. Sometimes it’s even a show about cars, reviewing Italian classics, hot hatchbacks, muscle cars, pick-up trucks, luxury vehicles and more. There’s something for everyone (If you like middle-aged men doing things with cars, then this is the show for you!)
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Paul Hudson
Paul Hudson 13 minuter sedan
Still, you just don’t “get it” the public wants an affordable commuter EV, by the way $40,000 is not affordable! I don’t need electric windows and eight speaker stereo! EV bug!
Devang Sankhala
Devang Sankhala 19 minuter sedan
1:03 pretty patterns 😂😂😂
Aerospace Education
Aerospace Education 23 minuter sedan
According to a quick google search (So grain of salt time). NTSB indicates that a car catches on fire once every 19 million miles driven for an average car. For Tesla's the average is one out of every 205 Million miles. ***IF*** that is true, thats 10% of the car fires of a gasoline car. So that seems pretty good to me if it's true.
why bother
why bother 26 minuter sedan
The best social experiment was how we got along on the road , computers distance people every chance they get , someone's utopia is not my utopia
why bother
why bother 28 minuter sedan
Its just a overly complicated car, dont misunderstand me im not aiganst electric but the intrusive technology
why bother
why bother 29 minuter sedan
The day I give up the weel im to fd up to drive
Dev Ram
Dev Ram 46 minuter sedan
Anybody else saw him draw a d**k at 1:06
Samit Timme sedan
I wanna see an episode of Michael Scott driving Tesla.
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones Timme sedan
I still think the doors might open lol
kokoko 875
kokoko 875 Timme sedan
1:03 wtf
kary lemay
kary lemay Timme sedan
Why is this showing upon my feed? This is such old. News you donkeys
frobiloida Timme sedan
Xpeng wird ein ganz großes Ding, da bin ich mir sicher!
Michael Barton
Michael Barton Timme sedan
But but but ... I like Audi R8 !!!
Jose Ayala
Jose Ayala 2 timmar sedan
This old man is still alive
Nicholas James
Nicholas James 2 timmar sedan
Now this is Top Gear!
X 2 timmar sedan
Wait did he draw a dick on the sketch pad
Finan Muhammed
Finan Muhammed 2 timmar sedan
1:04 legends thinked it was a pen**
kshitij chauhan
kshitij chauhan 2 timmar sedan
Just like the toy car we had😂 in our childhood.
Perry2zero22 2 timmar sedan
Man he must have been paid a lot for this one! Wonder how many bite marks are on his tongue
Ladykofnyc2 2 timmar sedan
He drew a penis...
Ladykofnyc2 2 timmar sedan
I want it.
失明の刈り取 3 timmar sedan
Don't care if this is the future. These cars have no soul at all! Combustion cars forever!
Miro Vinac
Miro Vinac 3 timmar sedan
This is not driving. Awful, ugly plastic box. I really can't understand your humiliation, is everything for money or you just got senile?
Bazz Arh
Bazz Arh 3 timmar sedan
He did script in a older video saying Tesla isnt good, now he's a suck up lol
Spacegoat92 3 timmar sedan
I bet it's nice when everything is working. But to me it screams "Horrendously expensive if something goes wrong!!!!".
chemical mike
chemical mike 3 timmar sedan
2:44- 2:29 When drawing dick pics becomes more important than driving safely. smh.
Charles Nolan
Charles Nolan 3 timmar sedan
Having a few months of access to these amazing vehicles every day, i am forever sold on these cars. You just need some driving time. Drive one. Be a passenger in one. Talk to someone (Respectfully safe, of course) at a Supercharger near you....
Christian Hansen
Christian Hansen 3 timmar sedan
this guy reminds me of Freddy Munster and his accent sounds like he is yawning constantly.
Gerard Talk
Gerard Talk 3 timmar sedan
Is it me... Or is it weird to see Clarkson actually worshipping an EV?
jack 3 timmar sedan
156000£ for a car that looks like a 22000£ Korean car LET THAT SINK IN
TheTripol 3 timmar sedan
isn't this video quite old already :D
William H Bonney
William H Bonney 3 timmar sedan
Yeh who's gonna pay 156k for a family hatchback ?
B C 3 timmar sedan
"So you can draw pretty patterns and so on..." 😂
Lapis Goblin
Lapis Goblin 3 timmar sedan
Tesla has done the Impossible... They've made Jeremy Clarkson admit to being impressed by an American car
Marty Key
Marty Key 3 timmar sedan
wish the fit and finish and reliability was better on there products.
dadab0y 3 timmar sedan
What Top Gear did with the tesla roadster is sad. Lost a fan.
DSC 4 timmar sedan
Once they get electric cars down to under $20000......
Lawrence Tate
Lawrence Tate 4 timmar sedan
You all know what's coming, right? There will come a time, too soon for us and not soon enough for human safety freakazoids (a lot of those lately), that driving a car will be outlawed. You heard me. Think about it. Mind you I said DRIVING a car. Cars that drive themselves will become as law bound as seat-belt use. Can't you just see the wimps of the world banding together to protest driving? The Left shall rejoice, the Right shall weep.
wormer66 4 timmar sedan
until you wanna go somewhere far away.... sighhhhhhhh RECHARGING.... uggggggghhhh
TropicTom 4 timmar sedan
Depending on how many hours of filming and which law firms those lawyers worked for, they might have cost as much as a decent down payment on that car.
Martin Doherty
Martin Doherty 4 timmar sedan
Watch the starlet on the motorway 😍😍😍
WhisperQN 5 timmar sedan
Can the original cast come back? Please!!!!
mouser58907 5 timmar sedan
A little disappointed he didn't get to try navigate on autopilot.
ittotaq 5 timmar sedan
This video is long overdue lol
Justin Steel
Justin Steel 5 timmar sedan
Just ridiculous
steveo R
steveo R 5 timmar sedan
except the auto pilot killed people that fell asleep just the other day.
Abe Abe
Abe Abe 5 timmar sedan
Clarkson,is born to do mind blowing reviews, where he stands out from the rest.
F4ckNu Gaming Channel
F4ckNu Gaming Channel 5 timmar sedan
1:03 OHH NO🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👈
Lucas Ton
Lucas Ton 5 timmar sedan
1:03 chill
Landed Zentry
Landed Zentry 5 timmar sedan
slower than my motorcycle that cost £4195
Gary T.
Gary T. 6 timmar sedan
Thought Clarkson was dead! No idea why this popped into my SEcycle feed. What a pr1ck this man is.
Entartika S
Entartika S 6 timmar sedan
I love beating loud obnoxious cars with my quiet family sedan ☺️
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 6 timmar sedan
The anti car! It needs holy water !
DrFeast 3000
DrFeast 3000 6 timmar sedan
I never actually knew the model x had a celebration mode, but I'm glad I know it does now.
steph Blafr
steph Blafr 6 timmar sedan
I can a company design such an incredible machine and make it so damn ugly. It's like they tried to make it so...
Mr. Anderson
Mr. Anderson 6 timmar sedan
Why did he draw a penis? Weird
Steve Walsh-Balshaw
Steve Walsh-Balshaw 6 timmar sedan
Trouble with ev's for normal folk is that we feel we're been told we must have them by upper class twits who have no idea how normal folk live also the prices are ludicrous
Mandrake Xanadu
Mandrake Xanadu 6 timmar sedan
Tesla should start a road construction company world over so that they can build roads of the future to accommodate self driving features. I would like to have a more colorful Tesla logo say green, blue, and gold. The car design is so boring no aesthetics in it. The interior is fabulous but the exterior is like a barrel. Steve Jobs would design a better car than Elon musk. The sheen seen on say a Merc or BMW is rarely seen in Tesla because the front of the car nor its wheels give out a sense of the car being of premium value. Buy it because it's electric, self driving, but it is not showy. Musk is a pathetic designer and this will bring him down because the technology will no longer be his bastion anyone. My feet stop just to see in awe a beautifully designed Aston Martin, Lamborghini, or mercedes but this has never happened with Tesla.
Jacklo Gaming
Jacklo Gaming 6 timmar sedan
Keep digging lads we’ll find a quote to meme about
easystreets70 6 timmar sedan
DHL product placement.
Anthony Strunk
Anthony Strunk 7 timmar sedan
Now a Hyundai Sonata can come to you now too without being in the car
Qwesd Asdfert
Qwesd Asdfert 7 timmar sedan
Whats the music track called at the begining?
Nathan Higgers
Nathan Higgers 7 timmar sedan
Finally a car designed by and built for top tier wankers
koko lores
koko lores 7 timmar sedan
Sooo... are you finally going to switch to right side driving, now that you can draw dick pics while driving?
Tentai 7 timmar sedan
Electric vehicles will impress me the day they can recreate engine sounds properly that doesn't sound like some shitty assetto corsa mod
hojokono 7 timmar sedan
but... they arnt stuck... the doors are designed to oppen in tight spaces.... *sigh* i reallly hate how u all write lies into ur script... not to mention Model X prices start from £87,980... not £156,000
Jake Eka
Jake Eka 7 timmar sedan
imagine pulling the car over and seeing no driver 😳
Sparkey Jones
Sparkey Jones 7 timmar sedan
Isn't this the same dude who hated Tesla? Said he would never go electric?
Ed H
Ed H 7 timmar sedan
I don’t want a car that could be remotely accessed and drive me into a tree. I need no help with that sort of thing as it is...
eugkra33 7 timmar sedan
2:12 He says it's driving by itself, but he has only 3 fingers on the wheel. doesn't it need 2 hands?
DK Danis
DK Danis 7 timmar sedan
3:38 it can come from parking lot its called smart summon both Europe and America have it little bit different limitations between eu and usa versions not sure if they changed the law.
Gary S
Gary S 7 timmar sedan
Just read elons book 👌 glad to watch this through .
M Kuprys
M Kuprys 7 timmar sedan
0-62 mph in 3.5s, has 7 seats and celebration mode? £150k sounds about right😂
Seenalot 8 timmar sedan
JC had the same parking issue with the Ford GT, if I remember well... :)
Chamil Kaziev
Chamil Kaziev 8 timmar sedan
Love lawyer part happiest people in world 😆😆
Stephen Thomas
Stephen Thomas 8 timmar sedan
Clarkson is a pompous old fussy duddy. What a Tossa
John Nolan
John Nolan 8 timmar sedan
American engineering! You don’t Tesla’s ingenuity with a lot of other companies
Bill K
Bill K 8 timmar sedan
Stop drinking kids. You see what alcohol can do to your life right here.
G Hrt
G Hrt 8 timmar sedan
As most people are right handed it is clear it's better to have the steering wheel on left, and thus drive right.
Soop 8 timmar sedan
This guy, along with James and Richard, will never be replaced!
Kal Taron
Kal Taron 8 timmar sedan
"There's no engine." Are you sure? Edit: Nice Tesla commercial.
radoncombe 8 timmar sedan
Elon won't be suing Clarkson now. Ha.
Nathan Sharp
Nathan Sharp 8 timmar sedan
God I miss this man on my TV
Joe Sweeney
Joe Sweeney 8 timmar sedan
Cars can be powered by hydrogen very easily, and nearly for free to us , pollutant free.
Paul R
Paul R 8 timmar sedan
How stupid is that to drive automatically between the white lines be so easy to create big problems just paint some white lines over the existing white lines into the other lanes of traffic major problems, oh no faded white lines, oh no more white lines on road etc etc etc !
Joe Sweeney
Joe Sweeney 8 timmar sedan
Electric cars are rubbish.
Yucca Farmer
Yucca Farmer 8 timmar sedan
I won't be caught dead driving in that thing
Edward Millership
Edward Millership 8 timmar sedan
CLARRRRKSONNN. You’ve ruined Top gea…. The Gand Tour
kostasbillo 8 timmar sedan
I too wanna draw willies in my future car
Clip Roulette
Clip Roulette 9 timmar sedan
3:13 😂😂😂 so British
Thomas Carter
Thomas Carter 9 timmar sedan
Jeremy first hating tesla, now doing a demo on the 'old' X when the refresh X interior is out 😂😂😂. Surfing on the tesla trend now?
A-Camp *
A-Camp * 9 timmar sedan
That Audi that lost really is the winner
Ramon Dijkgraaf
Ramon Dijkgraaf 9 timmar sedan
its a great car, that's why i hate it
Liam Burns
Liam Burns 9 timmar sedan
Surprised bezos is letting Amazon prime letting Jeremy Clarkson advertise Elon musk Tesla car
Paul R
Paul R 9 timmar sedan
Self driving cars more power and control over your human life :(
Eric Krouse
Eric Krouse 9 timmar sedan
Wasn't he the one who lied about the Tesla dying on him when they first came out??
Jacob Fair
Jacob Fair 9 timmar sedan
Tesla sucks!
Dmitry Salnikov
Dmitry Salnikov 9 timmar sedan
This is a very old video
Jeff Renman
Jeff Renman 9 timmar sedan
well I'm here I will add fact about technology… It's the easiest criminal advantage in history. This was taken from an expert in a Ted talk when he said hacking and performing cyber crimes has made things easier than ever before for criminals. To put a smart lock on your house would be the stupidest thing you could do. Oh this car yeah it can be hacked 123 it's done. Technology is like what my dad said when I was growing up he said locks are made for honest people as a little boy it confused me not anymore. Anybody can kick through a door. Anybody can kick through technology. Were actually moving in the wrong direction technology is making things easier for criminals and worse for us. But you don't have to take my word for it
Henry Hamilton
Henry Hamilton 9 timmar sedan
1:00 “I can draw pretty patterns!” Proceeds to draw a peeing PP
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