Checking my boyfriends search history

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Aileen and Deven

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Rachael John
Rachael John 2 timmar sedan
Do guys like Deven even watch porn? He seems too pure for that. Are there guys like that that exist?
Samruddhi Paiyawal
Samruddhi Paiyawal 3 dagar sedan
I tried it on my browser ....showed nothing more than x², x eqauals?, x equations 😅😒
Rebecca Essuman
Rebecca Essuman 9 dagar sedan
Please is that the color of your nail or it's nail polish? If that's the color of your nail, as in the black line on each nail, then please take it to the hospital because it is one of the symptoms of a particular cancer. Take note. May the Lord be with you. Stay safe.🙏🙏
Laila Morad
Laila Morad 11 dagar sedan
You have to go to the doctor because of your nails, the black lines ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️
Sad bunnies chilling together
Sad bunnies chilling together 11 dagar sedan
i expected xbox lol
Charith Hewawasam
Charith Hewawasam 13 dagar sedan
Incognito helps me there...
Aidan Badger
Aidan Badger 14 dagar sedan
all he wanted was an xbox
Momsrecipe 16 dagar sedan
So basically it was a large size diamond engagement ring 🎈❤️🥺
SJ Gaming
SJ Gaming 18 dagar sedan
Who tf even searches xxx
Arindam Singh
Arindam Singh 18 dagar sedan
Bro you need to get those black lines on ur nails checked it's a sign of rare kind of skin cancer
Wahab Walker
Wahab Walker 19 dagar sedan
Friend you may have a cancer Please tell him 😶
Ashutosh Das
Ashutosh Das 20 dagar sedan
Who else wanted to see 'videos' after X?😂
Sancheeta Sharma
Sancheeta Sharma 20 dagar sedan
Is that line nail paint
mr. wolf
mr. wolf 20 dagar sedan
Wait it says diamonds for engagement
Jamie Kheng
Jamie Kheng 21 dag sedan
Haha 🤣
Borakthrash 21 dag sedan
If this is real I’m happy for you both but spoiling this moment and then posting it really violates his privacy.
lostcoastlocal 707
lostcoastlocal 707 22 dagar sedan
Men be turning in to straight b****s.
Annika Welling
Annika Welling 22 dagar sedan
The guy in this video has melanoma it’s a kind of cancer.
InfinityAce 22 dagar sedan
Sara Dobson
Sara Dobson 22 dagar sedan
Just nail polish in his nails right? Lines like that mean melanoma
Sean Gonçalves
Sean Gonçalves 22 dagar sedan
Xvideos could come up and i would still have a straight face my relationship with my hand is stronger than with my gf
Suvankar Dash
Suvankar Dash 23 dagar sedan
Guys is Indian I think
Dustin Abner
Dustin Abner 23 dagar sedan
stereotyped medico
stereotyped medico 23 dagar sedan
He is sooo cute ☹️❤️
Blaze Ashu
Blaze Ashu 24 dagar sedan
So what? I mean
Tankgirl 25 dagar sedan
He's sporting some cool nails.
Luna 25 dagar sedan
If my bf does this to me i hope he's gonna be fine with finding some random website for a translated BL novel or manga lol
Just Love
Just Love 4 dagar sedan
Same here😂 with mangago too
Wassup Bitches, It's Myoui Mina
Wassup Bitches, It's Myoui Mina 17 dagar sedan
@I'm sungjae's melody. The snort eating manchild. I like Sungjae too
Luna 24 dagar sedan
@I'm sungjae's melody. The snort eating manchild. Lmao this is the reason why i started clearing my browser history every once in a while. Now i just tend to bookmark stuff that i want to read or continue reading for later hehe
I'm sungjae's melody. The snort eating manchild.
I'm sungjae's melody. The snort eating manchild. 24 dagar sedan
oh my God same I just went to my browser typed x, n theres list of bl mangas
FOX GUARD 25 dagar sedan
Davide Cacchione
Davide Cacchione 26 dagar sedan
His nails if not manually put there are a type of skin cancer which puts a vertical black lines on your nails
Man Patel
Man Patel 26 dagar sedan
if he deletes his history he shouldn't be ashamed then 😝
david russell
david russell 27 dagar sedan
Guy has painted nails! Petty girly!
Jeffrey Leung
Jeffrey Leung 27 dagar sedan
Xtube? No body?
Lil Dingdong
Lil Dingdong 27 dagar sedan
Always Delete ut history after every use 😌
Tessa Martin
Tessa Martin 27 dagar sedan
Most men it would probably get them dumped. Be prepared if you're gonna do this to your man
KARTHIK NAYAKA 28 dagar sedan
L S 28 dagar sedan
Did u know that black lines on ur fingernails happens bc of a type of cancer unless they were drawn on
nowsin islam
nowsin islam 29 dagar sedan
Why does the has the black line in his nail check his cancer he might has a cancer
MegaMacMan 29 dagar sedan
He knew what would come up lol, so he made the diversion
Arklight 29 dagar sedan
Plot twist: it was a diversion
Shitty Reposter
Shitty Reposter Månad sedan
This dude is so sweet I swear to god lol
𝔸𝕓𝕓𝕚𝕖 ♡︎
𝔸𝕓𝕓𝕚𝕖 ♡︎ Månad sedan
Please please tell me his nails are painted like that and he don’t have a natural black line through his nail 😵
isabella murati
isabella murati Månad sedan
He has Cancer
Ngolo O
Ngolo O Månad sedan
Staged. Get a life outside of tik tok Eileen :)
lakshmi priya
lakshmi priya Månad sedan
First one said xxxdiamonds for engagement and second one said Xbox one price
Obito Uzumaki
Obito Uzumaki Månad sedan
If he did not paint his nails, then go to the hospital now, he is in the late stage of cancer and I am shocked I know this but I am 12
Gianna Huertas
Gianna Huertas Månad sedan
xbox one price😭
Jessie-jo frake
Jessie-jo frake Månad sedan
If people have lines on there fingers dosent it mean they have cancer?? -_-
BlackTeraByte Månad sedan
"Open your browser" this is where i failed
OG golden freddy
OG golden freddy Månad sedan
I really hope those black lines are drawn on cause black lines in your fingernails is or can be a sign of skin cancer
❦꧁Naomi-chan꧂❦ Månad sedan
why does he have lines on his nails can anyone tell me why?
Yashmit Gaur
Yashmit Gaur Månad sedan
Make sure you get seven checked for a rare skin cancer because of those lines in the nails of the thumbs of his I think it could be a huge problem
Jim Giardina
Jim Giardina Månad sedan
What are those lines on his fingers, I’m not trying to be rude at all.
Swaggysoka Månad sedan
omg their nailssss
andy Stubbs
andy Stubbs Månad sedan
Are those lines on his nails drawn/painted or are they natural? If not he might want to get it seen. My grandmother had them and went to get seen. They first thought it was anemia (which still isn’t good) found out it was melanoma
Aesthetic Addict
Aesthetic Addict Månad sedan
Its def painted nail art
Tired of bullshit
Tired of bullshit Månad sedan
His nails😍
Roblox todo gacha
Roblox todo gacha Månad sedan
We not gonna talk about the melanoma lines on their nails
Angelita Gahlinger
Angelita Gahlinger Månad sedan
Akriti Singh
Akriti Singh Månad sedan
Man...I don't think women find x rated sites offending ....cuz it's just a human fodder🤔
Meyl Baktiar
Meyl Baktiar Månad sedan
Girl Your Mans got cancer
Lady Lee
Lady Lee Månad sedan
This is why I use incognito 😁🤟
Just some Ushanka Doggo with Crazy internet access
Just some Ushanka Doggo with Crazy internet access Månad sedan
I hope my girl likes X-videos
boldbearings Månad sedan
It's this, or she skips a pill. 😬
Rähûl Sîñgh Lødhí
Rähûl Sîñgh Lødhí Månad sedan
3x is a type of diamond.
preppyxsummer Månad sedan
Man those lines on your thumbs are a sign of a type of cancer. You need to go to a doctor
Natalie Smith
Natalie Smith Månad sedan
That line on his nails means he has cancer girl
Eclipse asomeJFK
Eclipse asomeJFK Månad sedan
You know those lines on his thumbs can be cancer right?
Tae & Asa Gaming
Tae & Asa Gaming Månad sedan
I said that
Paracraft Månad sedan
Me who uses PHub : I’m 4 parallel universes ahead of you
Maya Duran
Maya Duran Månad sedan
Ummm, i dont know if your bf just has nail polish on but you might want to go talk to a doctor about those lines on his finger. It is a sign of cancer
Karma Mallory
Karma Mallory Månad sedan
TheNerd Månad sedan
I thought it was gonna be porn.
John Long
John Long Månad sedan
U have cancer because of the lines on fingers
S A Månad sedan
When you set your boyfriend up to buy you an engagement ring
John Smith
John Smith Månad sedan
Is that Joyner Lucas?
Precious u
Precious u Månad sedan
Wait why do your nails have black lines
RAZE Månad sedan
I thought it's gonna pop up the X X X Site ya know😂
Salma Almutairi
Salma Almutairi Månad sedan
His nails are on fire 🔥
Roblox todo gacha
Roblox todo gacha 24 dagar sedan
@Aiden Slate melanoma cancer-
Aiden Slate
Aiden Slate 24 dagar sedan
No they’re not fire since he has black lines on there oh that means he has cancer
Dusty Månad sedan
@Roblox todo gacha nah mate it's painted dw, I'm pretty sure if it was that they wouldn't be posting anymore and be more concerned
Roblox todo gacha
Roblox todo gacha Månad sedan
Pretty sure its melanoma
suck your mum with a straw
suck your mum with a straw Månad sedan
@Aine Thomson no they’re not panted. they’re painted
Frankenstein gaming
Frankenstein gaming Månad sedan
This girl heard of incognito?
Melva Julie
Melva Julie Månad sedan
Gf: type X on browser Browser : XXX free po*n 😂😂😂😂😂
Princess Avery
Princess Avery Månad sedan
Hey are the black lines on his finger nails painted on? I remember seeing something about that being a symptom of something that can be fatal so I just want to make sure he’s ok.
c Månad sedan
p sure they're painted : ) it's super shiny and slightly raised and he has other nails painted fully black too
Rinzler Official
Rinzler Official Månad sedan
Amateur incognito mode
ZyhnS1 Månad sedan
Btw that line om hes finger it looks like that one thing what is a really deadly ilness think i dont remember the name i hope this guy is fine and if not then RIP....
Elijah Perez
Elijah Perez Månad sedan
Yooooo he either has cancer or those are just random black lines he put on
Flame Blade
Flame Blade Månad sedan
Bro he has black lines on his nails that means he might have cancer 😱
Elias Deck
Elias Deck Månad sedan
Anyone else notice the lines on his nails? Ok so those lines can be related to cancer... people normally don't think much of them but if you ever get a physical and your doctor checks your nails it's cause of stuff like this.
FavoredROYALTY Månad sedan
This is why you use incognito.
Weronika Maria Iljasow
Weronika Maria Iljasow Månad sedan
Learn how to use the incognito mode...
Mihailo Zdravkovic
Mihailo Zdravkovic Månad sedan
Yo dude does black lines on your thumbs are deadly go check it out by a doctor asap
Saleh Ahmed
Saleh Ahmed Månad sedan
he has line on hes thumbs skin cancer get that checked out
Gamingnerden 09
Gamingnerden 09 Månad sedan
Wait doesn’t that black line on his nail mean that he has some kind of cancer or something?
eloqhuent Månad sedan
why did he have lines on his nail?
Daniel Lorenzo
Daniel Lorenzo Månad sedan
Least it wasnt xvideos😂
Kishwar wahid
Kishwar wahid Månad sedan
I think those line on your thumb are cancer marks get them checked
jotunn hime
jotunn hime Månad sedan
Why dont you play russian roulette while you're at it :")
Are those lines painted on his finger, if not he needs to see a doctor could be melanoma. Just an fyi good short
552 Anuhya
552 Anuhya Månad sedan
There are black lines on his nails...does he have melanoma?
Quitkid Diprest
Quitkid Diprest Månad sedan
Damy history first thing that starts with a x is xxvibes
Nezue Nezue
Nezue Nezue Månad sedan
Ethereal Hydra
Ethereal Hydra Månad sedan
whats on his nails? is it just nail polish?
Ili Pip
Ili Pip Månad sedan
Ryan Glidden
Ryan Glidden Månad sedan
Hey not to be negtive here but the black strip on his nail if thats not painted on that usaully a bad sighn for health bro you needto get checked if thats not painted on. Ive read certain cancers do that or other very serious health issues. For real thou get thay checked.
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