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DM Arcanum
DM Arcanum 16 minuter sedan
2 extremes California Hollywood - Florida men
Rakha Abshori Setiawan
Rakha Abshori Setiawan 34 minuter sedan
It isn't America when you don't have guns
The Stray Sheep
The Stray Sheep 44 minuter sedan
You know what? Thanos was right.
Alexander Bartram
Alexander Bartram Timme sedan
God. It took me a few seconds but fucking lost it and my sides died with skull emojis at "black people should be free".
BNGamesReviews Timme sedan
As a consider it.
boi boi
boi boi Timme sedan
Dang I didn't realize you'd be based
Control Z
Control Z 2 timmar sedan
Most covid deaths are by elderly people in nursing homes. So, no, locking everyone inside of nursing home petri dishes didn't result in fewer deaths. Free states had fewer deaths than lockdown states. The lockdowns have been a disastrously moronic idea.
Emanuel Sanchez
Emanuel Sanchez 2 timmar sedan
How the hell did this man make a youtube channel with an artform that is the equivalent to a preschooler drawing.(No offense man)
HOLDEN- -HUFFINE 2 timmar sedan
Watching this after the Apsuh exam....
Joaquin Vazquez
Joaquin Vazquez 2 timmar sedan
Why is Texas America’s shlong 😂
AndyRock1 2 timmar sedan
I think your humor has reached levels that make it difficult for even your most discerning channel patron to grasp. 😉
Bree The Bitch
Bree The Bitch 2 timmar sedan
This is one of my favourite videos you've ever made thank you❤
Zach Turner
Zach Turner 3 timmar sedan
Dude that’s not a lifted F150... It’s a lifted F450
Dawson Demro
Dawson Demro 3 timmar sedan
This has massive Sam O'Nella vibes
AsianCurls 3 timmar sedan
Can you casually explain Standing Desks???
AhKeelU 3 timmar sedan
I can almost guarantee the majority of the likes are from Americans because we like to laugh at our country, even the patriots. And the majority of the dislikes are also Americans, because "my self diagnosed mental illnesses are valid!", and the left doesn't understand humor. And now you know why improv is a thing.
Raven Manuel
Raven Manuel 3 timmar sedan
America is a continent, not a country.
Timmy innit
Timmy innit 3 timmar sedan
This is America, speak American.
chumleyok 3 timmar sedan
Why do Casually Explained videos get auto captioned to Russian? HMMMMM
Mundane 3 timmar sedan
I was expecting the average pessimistic haha 'merica bad, but this was surprisingly wholesome :)
UngusBungusFilms 4 timmar sedan
Welp, you have a good night
Derek Handson
Derek Handson 5 timmar sedan
The USA, the crackpot of the world. That crazy kid in class who kind of smells and you don't want to go near
Rumple-chan 5 timmar sedan
And that's *MY* argument for wanting to flee to New Zealand. I'm surrounded by dead-brain idiots kowtowing to megalomanic robber barons while that little island just past a law for extended grievance period over miscarriages.
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips 6 timmar sedan
we do have a lot of nuclear subs
Greg Daweson
Greg Daweson 4 timmar sedan
Why don't you get a job.
C guy !
C guy ! 7 timmar sedan
“To truly live the American dream” damn right electric wheel chairs guns food we think is exotic and fire works what more do you need
Mike T
Mike T 7 timmar sedan
The shut downs weren’t country wide though, a lot of those deaths could be prevented
Extra Timmyish
Extra Timmyish 7 timmar sedan
This man knows American culture schockingly well for a canadian.
Nora 7 timmar sedan
Haha the thing about alcohol and europe is true 😅
Elijah Anderson
Elijah Anderson 7 timmar sedan
Had to take a step back and reevaluate my life after he said "Black people should be free"
Nick Beck
Nick Beck 7 timmar sedan
I checked out and disregarded everything you said after “As a Canadian”
The Stig
The Stig 7 timmar sedan
He woke up and, as a first Canadian ever, chose voilence
Tristan de Sade
Tristan de Sade 7 timmar sedan
Honestly, given not the mere size, but given the percentage of obese, narcotics use and lack of universal health insurance, I am very surprised corona death toll in USA is not larger. On the other hand, true number of corona deaths in USA is much lower than half a million. That is because methodology used aimed at inflation of those numbers. In reality, many of deceased died with corona, not from corona.
Adhunik Manav
Adhunik Manav 8 timmar sedan
What? South didnt want black people to be fr.....oooooh!
Regan Bond
Regan Bond 8 timmar sedan
God I love this country
NeverSaySandwich1 8 timmar sedan
"I saw on reddit" Your first mistake was going on reddit
Wheezer 8 timmar sedan
Americans say Canadians are nice. This Canadian says AMERICANS are nice. That is a stretch of a compliment And it made me smile.
airpeguiV2 9 timmar sedan
who got tricked by the trampolines website??
Spud 9 timmar sedan
How da fuq did i get a notification of this when i wasnt subscribed
bill dipperly
bill dipperly 10 timmar sedan
Everyone was obliterated in this one. Only our northern neighbor could know us so well lol.
Jayesuu 10 timmar sedan
u explained it with the thumbnail wdym.
Inferna Craft
Inferna Craft 10 timmar sedan
I'm so glad I'm not the only one pointing out that the US's death total is a result of population over response, the UK has arguably had a harder response to things such as lockdowns and it has more deaths per capita than the US
Beans 10 timmar sedan
"Black people should be free" Damn, the rest of the world won't like that one
Subject 10 timmar sedan
Jack Ass
Jack Ass 11 timmar sedan
2:10 Texas lookin chunky
Victor Martínez
Victor Martínez 11 timmar sedan
The lockdowns did nothing to control the spread
Brendan Birdfield
Brendan Birdfield 11 timmar sedan
Both the South and the North were saying the same thing 'black people should be free' umm... Thats not what I heard 😂 funny vid as always though
D L 11 timmar sedan
"when you get a kid from California to march to the deep south and sees a house for 100k..." lmao I died laughing
Daniel Contos
Daniel Contos 12 timmar sedan
Buddy the south did not say that at all. One of the biggest reasons they wanted to start their own country was so they could keep their slaves. And if you ever read collections of diary from foot soldiers you'll find that a majority of them were fighting so they could keep their slaves too and didn't want some president taking away their property.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 12 timmar sedan
The disney world encounter sounds 100% believable tbh I can’t tell if he’s only being sarcastic.
Just Vienna
Just Vienna 12 timmar sedan
As a Floridian i can confirm that we don’t deserve Universal Healthcare or anything good
Akira Thorson
Akira Thorson 12 timmar sedan
I dont understand why americans dont just adapt a welfare state such as the Swedish or Norwegian. Or like litteraly any other welfare state is better than what they have now
Steyreon 12 timmar sedan
I learnt nothing but had a great time ^^
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 12 timmar sedan
Speaking as an American, everything in this is true 🇺🇸 💯
thelmn 13 timmar sedan
2:47 I laughed so hard
Explodinghoust 13 timmar sedan
gosh why didnt i think of getting a vpn
Eumo 13 timmar sedan
Now do all countries of the world.
Elijah Camper
Elijah Camper 13 timmar sedan
Wheres hawaii lol
Constanza Coscia
Constanza Coscia 13 timmar sedan
why are the captions auto generated in russian
gunman 13 timmar sedan
The most accurate description of modern day America
rbetts20 13 timmar sedan
Just a reminder though There are more than 2 parties Trump was not pro gun The AR is a semiautomatic carbine, not a military grade rifle.
Leo KiltGuy
Leo KiltGuy 13 timmar sedan
Pure genius.
Andrea C.
Andrea C. 14 timmar sedan
United States not America.
Sam Dodson
Sam Dodson 14 timmar sedan
looking at the comment section I was expecting an actual argument
Grant Lewis
Grant Lewis 14 timmar sedan
Talk about your prime minister and his tendency to keep wearing blackface
idkfa 14 timmar sedan
this is a very accurate representation of the "Land of the Free". And by "Land of the Free" I am referring to some idiots who think that COVID doesn't apply to them since it goes against their freedom rights or something.
Greg Daweson
Greg Daweson 3 timmar sedan
It isn't that is doesn't apply to them, they just want to live their lives as normal and see closing businesses as authoritarian and as an attack on the working and middle class by the government and large multinational corporations like amazon. Something tells me you are a leftist who sold out and likes corporations who tow the progressive line. : /
최 San-shine
최 San-shine 14 timmar sedan
Damn I srsly didn‘t get the ‘black people should be free’ joke, only when I read the comments..
লেফাফাদুরস্ত 15 timmar sedan
Title: America *proceeds to talk about USA*
Seth Johnson
Seth Johnson 15 timmar sedan
Speaking as an American, everything in this is true 🇺🇸 💯
Lone Wolf Gaming
Lone Wolf Gaming 15 timmar sedan
Trump Won
Trump Won 16 timmar sedan
United States of Israel
Shane McDowell
Shane McDowell 16 timmar sedan
King 5202
King 5202 17 timmar sedan
You are literally like the best short video SEcycler I’ve ever seen, love all of your content especially the stuff about relationships and stuff, absolutely amazing
Anthony S
Anthony S 17 timmar sedan
Wait there’s more than America?
Jay Thomas
Jay Thomas 18 timmar sedan
I got an ad for the Marines while watching this
Dah 18 timmar sedan
This is the most accurate thing I've ever seen
Petr Vermul
Petr Vermul 18 timmar sedan
4:05 where did the person go?
Derill Troy Tacang
Derill Troy Tacang 19 timmar sedan
The purge being casually explain. Possible?
Eldeion 20 timmar sedan
Except the south wasn’t saying “black people”
Minecraft Shorts
Minecraft Shorts 20 timmar sedan
CAN YOU explain INDIA 🙂
Greg Daweson
Greg Daweson 3 timmar sedan
England colonized it Wars with Pakistan and china The caste system Poo in loo This was a joke
FumingStation 20 timmar sedan
4:07 did they...did they just steal that guy on the scooter? O_O
David Soegiarto
David Soegiarto 21 timme sedan
Mental illness as poke-badges. Jesus, fuckin ruthless lol
PurplePanda 8
PurplePanda 8 21 timme sedan
Come on down south, just don't proceed to elect the same politicians that turned California into what it is.
Bilal Gill
Bilal Gill 22 timmar sedan
2:37 took me a second but holy shit that's good
Jack Halverson
Jack Halverson 22 timmar sedan
4:13 green shirt dude got kidnapped
Egg Socks
Egg Socks 23 timmar sedan
This man needs discord server
A human
A human 20 timmar sedan
Hello verified SEcycler
Carl Anthony
Carl Anthony 23 timmar sedan
Lmao 😂
Ziggity Official
Ziggity Official Dag sedan
4:15 and the smiling green shirt man was never seen again
Andrew Hoop
Andrew Hoop Dag sedan
You don't have to worry, no one on Twitter will ever escape to the real world.
Commander Louie
Commander Louie Dag sedan
Halo 3 lobby. X,3
Mac Cregar
Mac Cregar Dag sedan
Who is he? I forgot his name
Who is he? I forgot his name Dag sedan
Every thing that comes out of this country is so absurdly dumb that you begin to think cartoons are more real than you would realize
Greg Daweson
Greg Daweson 3 timmar sedan
Yeah, our election was worse than a lot of shit you see in south America. Then there are the hundreds of days of rioting. For some reason the president fed the Japanese prime minister burgers and called him son. A riot labeld an insurection for breaching the capitol when the same thing happened during the Kavanaugh hearings and when BLM was rioting. And SCOTUS isn't taking up big cases anymore.
zane Dag sedan
2:11 *sad oklahoma noises*
Henrique Marani
Henrique Marani Dag sedan
zachary black
zachary black Dag sedan
I’m an American and I can confirm
Price Co
Price Co Dag sedan
This was a masterclass on how to avoid the angry sides of the American political machine
HeyItsPumpkinz Dag sedan
i could not agree more about the pokémon badge thing, but i mean, gotta be the very best right? *slams head on table*
Michael Bullington
Michael Bullington Dag sedan
Magnificent video, if your an American, and it makes perfect sense; so I'm confused.
Cheyne Murdoch - Hall
Cheyne Murdoch - Hall Dag sedan
ok but what did miami dolphins dude do to green dude 3:40
AztekM1 Dag sedan
I'm just here to confirm that there are absolutely no left wingers who own guns in America. Thank you.
Brandon Akers
Brandon Akers Dag sedan
Jase Goryan
Jase Goryan Dag sedan
You’re the only SEcycle whose ads I don’t skip
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