Beyoncé & Bruno Mars Crash the Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show | NFL

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5 år sedan

Beyoncé and Bruno Mars join Coldplay and have a dance-off during the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show.
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Julio Roca
Julio Roca 11 minuter sedan
Vale. Vamos. Ángeles.
Carina Tupaz
Carina Tupaz 4 timmar sedan
Beyoncè you nailed it!
LLOYDINE GARCIA 8 timmar sedan
Wow I'm speechless. All I have to say is that was spectacular
haboab0216 9 timmar sedan
Bruno is ridiculously amazing he has it..
La Ke-Ke Htown
La Ke-Ke Htown 11 timmar sedan
I love the dance battle
Myia La-Shika
Myia La-Shika 11 timmar sedan
This was awesome!!!
IAN FAWCETT 12 timmar sedan
Is nobody talking about Beyoncé’s fit?..... That’s Micheal Jackson af..
Connie And The Twins!
Connie And The Twins! 13 timmar sedan
Man we not gone leave out Coldplay !! They ALL killed it !!!
grace c
grace c 13 timmar sedan
why is no one talking about how that one guy from Coldplay just showed up at the end and was like🤠
Kevon Morrison
Kevon Morrison 18 timmar sedan
This is the best performance ever
mchayz78 20 timmar sedan
I saw when beyonce was doing a dance battle she almost tripped
Lucas Mamedio
Lucas Mamedio 21 timme sedan
The best
Pepin Federez
Pepin Federez Dag sedan
be yonce no les parece el traje muy parecido al de michael jackson
Flintair Dag sedan
Bruno Mars is another level of talent and a try definition of talent ! Bruno’s voice is sooo pure talent ! Plus the dancing skills
Charts Dag sedan
this is the second best performance making michael jackson's one the best of all time
Lee Lester
Lee Lester Dag sedan
I think it's funny she's singing about pride in natural african american hair while she's wearing someone else's on her head lmao the hypocrisy is real bro
orlando sequeira
orlando sequeira Dag sedan
Who was better. Shakira Beyonce Lady gaga Katy perry
Ricardo Francisco Jacob
Ricardo Francisco Jacob 18 timmar sedan
Beyoncé no question. She’s the supreme.
S J Dag sedan
Superbowl performances haven't been the same since this. Smh. Bring back our true stage performance!
Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones Dag sedan
I honestly forgot Coldplay was even there
Arvind Dhaliwal
Arvind Dhaliwal Dag sedan
Bruno just won everything at 3:39
47imagine Dag sedan
I prefer U2
Mary Beach
Mary Beach Dag sedan
Why is her hand always near her crouch??? Gross
evita safitri
evita safitri 2 dagar sedan
Moneebah Hussain
Moneebah Hussain 2 dagar sedan
What song is Beyoncé singing?
Boutabia Ayman
Boutabia Ayman Dag sedan
Leyla Hendemova
Leyla Hendemova 2 dagar sedan
I love you video
Prokash Limboo
Prokash Limboo 2 dagar sedan
lotso2121 2 dagar sedan
Pikachu Guy
Pikachu Guy 2 dagar sedan
Fun Fact: Beyoncé's outfit is based on Michael Jackson's also Super Bowl outfit ;)
Aero Bru
Aero Bru 2 dagar sedan
M G 2 dagar sedan
Beyoncé is most raciest singer in the world. She doesn’t hire other people than black.
Tim Tam
Tim Tam 14 timmar sedan
But black will tell you they can’t be racist! Lol 😂
daniel cosemans
daniel cosemans 2 dagar sedan
bruno mars ( playback) trop parfait meme les harmonies vocal . et tout ça au super bowl ???
rebecca antonia
rebecca antonia 3 dagar sedan
imagine u in there, and sit in chairs and u cant hear anything
Neema Zephania
Neema Zephania 3 dagar sedan
Omg this is GOLD
Baş harfi S
Baş harfi S 3 dagar sedan
05529216691 plase call
Reynand Benitez
Reynand Benitez 3 dagar sedan
cold blood
cold blood 3 dagar sedan
I thought to myself, well gay canada, bring in the body bags, covid spread like marijuana in mexico tonight Then it hit me this was 5 years ago
Revrse Reflex
Revrse Reflex 3 dagar sedan
OK I’m sorry, but this is black excellence at its finest. Everybody on that stage, and all the dances your beautiful black people having fun
Daniel Kapanui
Daniel Kapanui 3 dagar sedan
Bruno is king of swag
Teté Soares
Teté Soares 3 dagar sedan
beautiful presentation went down in history one of the best
Mister BlackJack
Mister BlackJack 3 dagar sedan
Beyoncé took that fall like a champ. It looked like it belonged in the choreo the way she pulled that off!
Julio Roca
Julio Roca 3 dagar sedan
Silencio. Vale
sam 3 dagar sedan
Imagine a collaboration album from these two?! And the live performances would be amazing.
Tommiedam 4 dagar sedan
Police refused to work at her concerts in stadiums after this performance and still Beyoncé chose to perform Formation. Truly a pioneer and an icon
Beatriz Gomes
Beatriz Gomes 4 dagar sedan
Tipo de show que eu amaria assistir ❤
이순신 4 dagar sedan
This video must last forever
Fabiana Augusto
Fabiana Augusto 4 dagar sedan
Genteeeeeeeeee que encontro foi esse?? EU AMO O BRUNO MARS😍
ela hacioglu
ela hacioglu 4 dagar sedan
best thing ive seen today
Karolína Rašková
Karolína Rašková 4 dagar sedan
It was better in your face.
harly1978 4 dagar sedan
Good, but doesn't top Prince's performance.
Ranj Nones
Ranj Nones 4 dagar sedan
diamondhanddutchess 4 dagar sedan
That one time there was a football game at a Bruno Nars concert.
Evonda cargo
Evonda cargo 4 dagar sedan
Ok Bruno I'll see Beyonce Beyonce
Undaunted2012 4 dagar sedan
Aradana Karthigeyan
Aradana Karthigeyan 4 dagar sedan
We don’t deserve queen B
Aradana Karthigeyan
Aradana Karthigeyan 4 dagar sedan
We don’t deserve this. PERIOD
Shirley Mara
Shirley Mara 4 dagar sedan
Adam Lewis
Adam Lewis 4 dagar sedan
Worst lip syncing ever not even ashamed
Lu ci
Lu ci 4 dagar sedan
Cintya Riquelme
Cintya Riquelme 5 dagar sedan
Grande Yenifer López
MentoOriento808 5 dagar sedan
When the half time shows were good! Bruno, Beyoncé, and Katy Perry hands down the best
iin octhaviani
iin octhaviani 5 dagar sedan
Love bruno and beyonce
iin octhaviani
iin octhaviani 5 dagar sedan
Oh my God
Daniel Baldwin
Daniel Baldwin 5 dagar sedan
Even though my Panthers lost this game at least we had a fire halftime show:)
Aya Lachgar
Aya Lachgar 5 dagar sedan
That was just WOW!
sweetgirl4u247 5 dagar sedan
Honestly... my favorite show!
Julia N
Julia N 5 dagar sedan
0:12 guy looks so happy in the back
Amie Eyre
Amie Eyre 5 dagar sedan
This was the best show ever the energy created was on another level
Daniel Weckler
Daniel Weckler 5 dagar sedan
Amie Eyre
Amie Eyre 5 dagar sedan
I love how they always put on a good show
duvalll glee
duvalll glee 5 dagar sedan
5 years ago and it still hits different
Julio Roca
Julio Roca 6 dagar sedan
Solo. Un. Par. De. Canciones. Para. Dejar. La. Marca. Power. Vale. Beautiful. Ángeles. Vamos
Yes 6 dagar sedan
SEcycle is getting bold with these double unskippable ads
Julie Peterson
Julie Peterson 6 dagar sedan
This is NATURAL !!!!!! Covid= LIE
Julie Peterson
Julie Peterson 6 dagar sedan
Ronalyn Bautista
Ronalyn Bautista 6 dagar sedan
Richard Zamayla
Richard Zamayla 6 dagar sedan
Autumn Jemalle
Autumn Jemalle 6 dagar sedan
My Favourite 'Performance' of all Time!! 😊
LuvHartSapin 2018 Valence
LuvHartSapin 2018 Valence 6 dagar sedan
The good "old" days...
rael peter
rael peter 6 dagar sedan
The best performance ever
Alev Cetin
Alev Cetin 6 dagar sedan
0:56 o nasıl bir hareket zalım 😂
Cry baby
Cry baby 6 dagar sedan
Why is every body calling beyonce queen she doesn't even a that big song
Wyatt Albert
Wyatt Albert 6 dagar sedan
Super bowl 50 half time show > super bowl 55 half time show
tammy crawford
tammy crawford 6 dagar sedan
Don't like Beyonce have no respect for her anymore. She's racists and a hateful person. God will be judging her
Judy Ann Jison
Judy Ann Jison 6 dagar sedan
Cant keep my eyes on you love you so much bruno mars. Great performer.
Sia 7 dagar sedan
Did anyone recognize that beyonces outfit kinda relates to that outfit mj wore when he performed on super bowl in 1993?
Niki Landella - Gaitanelis
Niki Landella - Gaitanelis 7 dagar sedan
This is why you need to have mixed babies...
Dominique 7 dagar sedan
You can train people to perform, but these people were born for the stage
Toukal Manel
Toukal Manel 7 dagar sedan
Fox Gabanna
Fox Gabanna 7 dagar sedan
This is for real probably the best performance of all time. Beyonce and Bruno are crazy.
Jenni yann
Jenni yann 7 dagar sedan
aimée bilong
aimée bilong 7 dagar sedan
Amazing performance !!!
Anshu Choudhary
Anshu Choudhary 8 dagar sedan
3:33-3:37, Ladies and Gentlemen, a meme was born.
kara Gonzalez
kara Gonzalez 8 dagar sedan
The best 2021
wrharris05 8 dagar sedan
Who the crap was the whole guy at the end who bombed??
Isabella Villasenor
Isabella Villasenor 8 dagar sedan
This will NEVER not be my favorites performance
Crazyhands Hands
Crazyhands Hands 8 dagar sedan
MC Hammer and Micheal Jackson give ☝
Farah Casanova
Farah Casanova 8 dagar sedan
Best super bowl performance ever!!!!!!
cacia ferreira
cacia ferreira 8 dagar sedan
Q coisa de loco esse showwww
Kelly Fonseca
Kelly Fonseca 8 dagar sedan
O melhor!!!
Ja Mill
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