BEFORE and AFTER Anthony Joshua

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4 Times Anthony Joshua's Opponents before and after the fight!
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singhisking landa
singhisking landa Dag sedan
I'm not saying anything! Because the weakest man is the man that talk lots
KashTime24 Dag sedan
What makes AJ so great...its because hes not afraid to lose. So all the trash talk doesnt phase him mentally. He also knows hes the most skilled heavy weight in the world. You can see in his eyes he knows he a monster
Brian Dixon
Brian Dixon 2 dagar sedan
This is complete bullshit. Joshua was scared of Wilder. Fury out boxed Wilder. Out of shape and all. Joshua is just hype. A fraud. His management set him up. That's all. Riddick bowe would kill Joshua in his prime and afraid to say what Tyson would have done to him.
Bith Longar
Bith Longar 2 dagar sedan
AJ is the truly African man,, no yapping , African man don't talk much ,, all the best to him
thelastpolygonbender 4 dagar sedan
I feel so uncomfortable watching these guys fake trash talk.
Shawn 4x42500
Shawn 4x42500 5 dagar sedan
Oops! Accidentally watched part of this. Boxing alone, totally sucks and is for kids! MMA is the chess match and is for mature adults!
Ismaila Mbye
Ismaila Mbye 5 dagar sedan
The last fight was very funny the Kevin guy was just a story teller. I like Jushua he don't talk much he do it in the Ring
Colin Nembhard
Colin Nembhard 5 dagar sedan
Lol johnson aj retired is ass talk is cheap
Vlado Hujs
Vlado Hujs 6 dagar sedan
Ne parlons pas d'un combat qui ne se feras jamais. Du bla bla bla dans le monde de la boxe.
H R 6 dagar sedan
Charles Martin... Trash talking nobody, you got KTFO silly man 🇬🇧 AJ THE BOSS 💪
Jhing Lumaghan
Jhing Lumaghan 6 dagar sedan
I bought the book..i want refund pls
OG Gh 9 dagar sedan
Fury gonna smash him
Dayo Okeleye
Dayo Okeleye 9 dagar sedan
Talk is cheap 👅
Shawn Sprinkle
Shawn Sprinkle 10 dagar sedan
all these bums trash talk Joshua, he just reminds them where i'm from talk is cheap, So will Fury trash talk like a bully, loudest in the room is the weakest, AJ is a smooth operator, to bad we all got to get old, grew up watching Mike Tyson, he talked trash too, but not AJ, Wish AJ all the best, may all his dreams come true,
Isikeli Dexter
Isikeli Dexter 11 dagar sedan
most fighters mouths are just more than what they really are. I really want to know who will be the undisputed champion in the heavyweight division.
Biggurs Bigz .
Biggurs Bigz . 15 dagar sedan
at 13:45 the smallest guy there comes and stands inbetween the two like he's really going to be able to keep them apart once fists start flying
松口むねひさ 15 dagar sedan
Lekima Qiolevu
Lekima Qiolevu 16 dagar sedan
Kwamela Construction
Kwamela Construction 16 dagar sedan
These pipo talk, talk & talk too much ,,nonsense, that's what makes Anthony Joshua angry over them during the match day, viva AJ💥👊
Ayokunle Ayoko
Ayokunle Ayoko 17 dagar sedan
The humbling interviews after they lose 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Colspiracy 18 dagar sedan
He got battered by a shite Ruiz in fight 1, that wouldn't happen to a true champ. He'l make a good number 2, til Fury retires.
Michael Horn
Michael Horn 19 dagar sedan
That Flamenco guitar playing while Kevin is talking about "he doesn't have power"will make this documentary classic and Kevin's end result was the same when men go into prison talking crazy and come out a changed man
Precious Glimpses Roundhay
Precious Glimpses Roundhay 19 dagar sedan
A. Jashua is a knob slayer . Its so funny they all do the bich talk on stage when it comes to ring Jashua does the talk after the ring they all sound like a gentleman 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Abdul Ahmed
Abdul Ahmed 21 dag sedan
When he said I walk this Earth as a Gog I realised that he would lose.
Money Maker
Money Maker 22 dagar sedan
Punches speak louder than words.
kuliglig gamu gamo
kuliglig gamu gamo 22 dagar sedan
more talk more loose.............anthony josua he is so humble less talk and has respect to his opponent.
Baybars Han
Baybars Han 22 dagar sedan
AJ during all of his interviews in fact says one thing: I let these guys do the talk and have fun before the game I dont do the talk with my mouth but with my fists in the ring. After the fight the big mouth opponents have had their fun and shut up !
Reuben Wanjau
Reuben Wanjau 23 dagar sedan
The trophy goes to Eddie Hearn for selling the pre-match hype. Seems part of fighting Joshua is trash talk before the fight.
R earl
R earl 23 dagar sedan
did ruiz not whhoop his ass
SiMk 5’s World
SiMk 5’s World 23 dagar sedan
angel yanes
angel yanes 23 dagar sedan
If you close your eyes when about to get hit and stand passively covering your face what you are saying is I am already defeated. Look for another job you are not a fighter.
Jahmai Judah
Jahmai Judah 23 dagar sedan
Last guy went from anime villain to Bob Ross real quick
Jahmai Judah
Jahmai Judah 23 dagar sedan
He so satisfying to watch
Lee Fair
Lee Fair 23 dagar sedan
A j. U. Bummmmmm
Ted Jones
Ted Jones 23 dagar sedan
Tyson fury is due to skilled for Anthony Joshua
obinna ofor
obinna ofor 24 dagar sedan
i googled the book one day away... it's still out there bdw...
Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas 24 dagar sedan
Eddys looking at Johnson as if hes trying to figure out what drugs hes on.
Feisal Abdikadir
Feisal Abdikadir 25 dagar sedan
Am mean.. like.. It was just a good clean shot that i didnt see.. yeah i didnt see .. it was like tuh tuh.. it was two left hands .. two good lefts hands.. am mean like .. he gat.. ar uh he.. he's.. he is a better man
Jay Mathis
Jay Mathis 25 dagar sedan
Wright is like that boxer we all hate.... just say you got your ass handed to you lol
Teddy Oparanya
Teddy Oparanya 25 dagar sedan
Fury is a tough Street fighter.
martin Bamigwojo Biachi
martin Bamigwojo Biachi 26 dagar sedan
They end up eating the humble pies. This documentary is like a movie on being mouthy and end up being flattened out. The last fighter talked about writing a book , He needs an updated version of that same book . I.mean a new chapter about how he boasted and got beaten and truly acknowledged the prowess of Joshua he had earlier rubbished . Those fists are massive and clinical.
abiodun neyo
abiodun neyo 27 dagar sedan
Torquemont Wheeler
Torquemont Wheeler 27 dagar sedan
Good showing on Anthony Joshua's part: Boxing IQ, quick reflexes, arsenal choices, mental stability, K.I.-focus: THAT brother learned his craft WELL since losing to Dillian White in the amateurs. But to me most impressive; AJ with Breazelle outside. (please forgive any misspellings); Joshua's words to "TROUBLE" S.O.S.: [Spot On Splendid]. If you are deceived by 🇺🇸 propaganda, the 2020 electoral proceedings, the religious "Free Will" and not liberated from the Proverbs 17:4 vs Proverbs 26:28 "Narrative of Bullshit", then you can fully appreciate AJ's dismissal of following the FIGHT promo narrative- script. Period. NOTE the eloquence prophetic fulfillment of his warning to Breazelle. In short AJ demanded his personal space, and now because of covid- 19, what is the protocol concerning personal space? And as prior stated: "I am not actor." Recognize REAL when you hear it. Epilogue: AJ spoke against Satan in that day, in that park, not his opponent but against whom his opponent was serving in promotional "character". Keith Thurman, Manny Pacquiao pre-fight seated face off: same thing. Manny took the silent opposition method. When you fight Tyson Fury, insist on having ALL things checked, PLEASE. Your life may depend on THAT. Bless you brother. Watch.
H R 27 dagar sedan
No trash talking AJ, just let his hands talk 🇬🇧
Adebisi Oluwafemi
Adebisi Oluwafemi 27 dagar sedan
Young kids, strong kids.......😀😀😀😀😀😀 Keep it up AJ more winning as you keep respecting your opponent. Nice fight
Chizaram Nwankwo
Chizaram Nwankwo 27 dagar sedan
AJ literally punched Kevin Johnson into retirement 😅😅😅 I love when loud mouths get shut. Silence is priceless
Kambuli black born
Kambuli black born 28 dagar sedan
😂😂😂fury learn from others they were also talking too much like you keep humble son of africa
Kambuli black born
Kambuli black born 28 dagar sedan
I like the way AJ humble him self always
REAL_AMATEUR101 17 dagar sedan
Great fighters are not humble they are humbled
Jeremy Green
Jeremy Green 28 dagar sedan
Not only one of the best top 6 heavyweight boxers of all time he is pure, class,! There's nothing to not like, about him? Ali Tyson Holyfield the best ever from the US! Lewis Fury n Joshua The . Best ever from Britain! Those top 6 are the best ever heavyweights and the stats bear that out! The 2 best at the moment are 2cif the, 3 best ever in Britain Anthony Joshua. Vs Tyson Fury! Both so likeable n Both so good!
Deepak Arvind
Deepak Arvind 28 dagar sedan
Kevin Johnson 😂 seriously I think he has to go back and read his own book,he didn't want to fight with his hands up he just wanted to get knocked out by AJ. Lesson learnt never disrespect anyone.
The shadow knows
The shadow knows 29 dagar sedan
Before and after. boasting before.... apologies/excuses after. Don't knock the hype, especially after it's earned and proven.
nìck Atta
nìck Atta 29 dagar sedan
@20:52 well, ì guess the "this clown" messed his Book🤡 🤫😄
david oluwatosin
david oluwatosin Månad sedan
I love the comment about the last fighter he admitted
#NelsonEnglish - Tiếng Anh Cho Người Mới Bắt Đầu
#NelsonEnglish - Tiếng Anh Cho Người Mới Bắt Đầu Månad sedan
Losers are usually considered a boaster but when they are considered an underdog they need to talk like a boss to draw people's attention for more view and likes. That's the way the business goes.
gordon peden
gordon peden Månad sedan
Love the way AJ sits patiently whilst the latest USA "Stumble bum" Disses him .....then beats his arse flat in Da' ring. He he he! And "stumble Bum " Is so stupid he doesn't realize he's being beaten (Self delusion) And comes out for more of the same ?? Darwin's theory of "Natural selection" The dumb weak one's die!"
elsaid nemais
elsaid nemais Månad sedan
Big mouth for nothing
Ernest Valdez
Ernest Valdez Månad sedan
Wilder fan her, but I have to keep it 💯!!!!Martin: " I wasn't hurt, it was just a clean punch. ( Ok, but if you weren't hurt, why did you go down 🔻⬇️ and not get up the second time!!! ) Another point: it is so funny how all this boxers run their mouth and tell their little story before the fight ( Joshua looking bored on the other side 😆 ) and then talking all humble after getting knocked the F$#k out!!!!! / what makes it more embarrassing is all the shit they said before the fight!!!!!!!
Benjamin Scharf
Benjamin Scharf Månad sedan
Problem, he is too soft for beeing a Monster. No bad and evil soul in him.
Full Game Therapy
Full Game Therapy Månad sedan
Anthony Joshua is just a spectacle to watch.
Morgan Ndlovu
Morgan Ndlovu Månad sedan
joshua do not fight tyson fury
kamran mughal
kamran mughal Månad sedan
what happened to the book?
D B Cooper
D B Cooper Månad sedan
He hasn’t fought any quality except Ruiz and a spent klitchco and he was on his arse a good few times . Fury win for me
Paul Omoteso
Paul Omoteso Månad sedan
Fury should learn from these guys against AJ. Talk trash, get trashed. Can't wait for the fight!
Michel Far
Michel Far Månad sedan
I learned one thing in life an that is not to talk junk.
Cristi Burca
Cristi Burca Månad sedan
How about his book 😂he had to change the end 🤣
Mushy Mannyman
Mushy Mannyman Månad sedan
Lol he wrote a book and got Hit hahha
abdullah zain
abdullah zain Månad sedan
خصوم أنتوني جوشوا يتكلمون خارجها وهو يترجمها داخل الحلبه
Brian Steele
Brian Steele Månad sedan
Not til the Gypsy King!
Brian Steele
Brian Steele Månad sedan
Now, for the Gypsy King time! Why so long a wait?
Brian Steele
Brian Steele Månad sedan
Ruiz knocked him out!
Brian Steele
Brian Steele Månad sedan
So , why not fight the gypsy king? He is the real fight!
Don Huntley
Don Huntley Månad sedan
If he could only take a punch.
Lou martha Kouassi kouadio
Lou martha Kouassi kouadio Månad sedan
Josh look you, he broking you mouth sir
Lou martha Kouassi kouadio
Lou martha Kouassi kouadio Månad sedan
Thank Joshua my big boss, my son
Lou martha Kouassi kouadio
Lou martha Kouassi kouadio Månad sedan
Dolan you are crazy, joshua broke his mouth
Wai Lee
Wai Lee Månad sedan
The guys that talks shit, always shit
Deer Breeder
Deer Breeder Månad sedan
11:30 he fears a man now !!
Rembemo Murry
Rembemo Murry Månad sedan
Aj is confident to ko any one but he don't insulting anyone and trash talk to his opponent.Aj
Zaki El Zaki
Zaki El Zaki Månad sedan
Are you sure the book wasn't 'one day to retirement' ??? 😅
Star Wonder
Star Wonder Månad sedan
Castillo Tati
Castillo Tati Månad sedan
lulu book it over jjjjjjj
D Amico
D Amico Månad sedan
He still has yet to fight Charlie Zellanoff!
sean jones
sean jones Månad sedan
the man he is today,,, are you fkn kidding me,,, one word, Ruiz
Abria Angel
Abria Angel Månad sedan
Like him or not, Anthony's resume speaks for itself.
Obeta Innocent
Obeta Innocent Månad sedan
Talk is cheap my broda. That's how we say it in 9jia.
Stephen Taylor
Stephen Taylor Månad sedan
Pride comes before the fall anyone how claims to walk this earth like a god is and was going to get KO, no matter how good of a fighter he was or his looking forward to Joshua and Tyson big fight who ever stairs humble will be the winner of that fight.🥊🥊
Gerard Jones
Gerard Jones Månad sedan
no chance against fury.
james walker
james walker Månad sedan
I want to be calm and cool like AJ when people talk bad to me to get me upset, he is a smart champion and fighter, I wish and pray that he wins his match with Fury
I love how little AJ talks.
J M Månad sedan
Dominic needs (as Kasmo Kramer would say) a manssiere
Luk Mart
Luk Mart Månad sedan
This 100% man jst rocked it verbally. Jst cant stop smiling as he waters his mouth.
Everyone that runs their mouth until they get hit
Dean Everlast
Dean Everlast Månad sedan
Fury sees what I see....Aj has evolved.....Fury wants no part of it..Furys style is taylor made for AJ. Remember you saw it here first people.....
Cheeze Smoker
Cheeze Smoker Månad sedan
Dmc 10
Dmc 10 Månad sedan
He was ducking, the real champ, the Gypsy is going to smack him down!!
Charlie Mandine
Charlie Mandine Månad sedan
Action speak louder than voice,,AJ one of them..(.4rom Papua New Guinea..)
Robbie wilson
Robbie wilson Månad sedan
why do i think the guy time stamp 3 seconds looks like joe weller
Tonia16 I
Tonia16 I Månad sedan
Damn! Anthony redesigned Breazeale’s face!
Tonia16 I
Tonia16 I Månad sedan
The way Anthony took that weasel Dillian out was beautiful to watch! He punched his lights out!!!
Alberto Mus
Alberto Mus Månad sedan
Aj is the man and the champion
Tshepiso Mokoena
Tshepiso Mokoena Månad sedan
"i wasnt Hurt" lol yeah right
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