Baylor vs. Houston - Final Four NCAA tournament extended highlights

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March Madness

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Baylor jumped out to a huge lead over Houston and never looked back in this Final Four matchup, clinching their spot in the national championship game. The Bears led by 25 at halftime, thanks in large part to Jared Butler's 17 first half points. Watch the extended highlights here.
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Red King
Red King Månad sedan
Who’s here after they won the championship zaga should’ve watched this game cuz these boy are some grown men 😂
Ced 2x
Ced 2x Månad sedan
sasser was carrying 😂😂😂
Trunks: The Black Saiyan
Trunks: The Black Saiyan Månad sedan
backpack! 💯
David Ogutu
David Ogutu Månad sedan
Who is here after watching the finals of Gonzaga Vs Baylor?
John S
John S Månad sedan
David Li
David Li Månad sedan
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Dennis Regondola
Dennis Regondola Månad sedan
not even Zaggs could do against a well oiled Baylor Ha Ha Ha Ha
Jeo Layen
Jeo Layen Månad sedan
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Steven Miller
Steven Miller Månad sedan
First and foremost hats off to Baylor they took it to the Zags BUT DID ANYONE LOOK HOW OLD THEY ARE?? 22, 23, 24, 26!!! For God sakes these Baylor players must have played inner city basketball for 4 years BEFORE THEY WENT TO COLLEGE!! I didn't turn 18 till my freshman year in college. Hats off to Baylor but they looked like MEN PLAYING WITH BOYS...
Brandick hunter
Brandick hunter Månad sedan
Gonzaga is trash you call yourself having Pros in NBA players but have to play a Zone just to keep up in the first half Baylor Bears has real NBA players Get Buckets how they want too !! Gonzaga play that girl West Coast basketball
TheDizzleHawke Månad sedan
Looks like Gonzaga has their work cut out for them.
William Dee
William Dee Månad sedan
Baylor will beat Gonzaga PERIOD
Kahn Yoo
Kahn Yoo Månad sedan
Baylor is so good, too bad Gonzaga is better
Racer Fast
Racer Fast 4 dagar sedan
@Unbias Cowboy LMM?AO
Unbias Cowboy
Unbias Cowboy Månad sedan
I’m from the the future Gonzaga lost by 16
Razvan Kirchoff
Razvan Kirchoff Månad sedan
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Joseph Gutierrez
Joseph Gutierrez Månad sedan
Unbias Cowboy
Unbias Cowboy 16 dagar sedan
Sic em bears!!!
Frank White
Frank White Månad sedan
Nah bears
ClevelandRox24 Månad sedan
Go anybody but Baylor
Unbias Cowboy
Unbias Cowboy 16 dagar sedan
Baylor national champions
Claudina Laukitis
Claudina Laukitis Månad sedan
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Claudina Laukitis Månad sedan
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zeke henning
zeke henning Månad sedan
Starting to think Baylor’s gonna destroy the zags 🤦‍♂️
Unbias Cowboy
Unbias Cowboy Månad sedan
You were right
El J wop OMA
El J wop OMA Månad sedan
Who got tonight comm
Jody Joe
Jody Joe Månad sedan
Gonzaga will never be able to hold anyone to 20 points at the half! Shows you how great Baylor is on the defensive side of the ball and offense! Well rounded team! I took Baylor Moneyline out here in Vegas! +175 and under 159.5....
Stiff Jabzz
Stiff Jabzz Månad sedan
I can see a lot of money Going for Baylor after this then the zags and VEGAS get involved!!
Yenting Wang
Yenting Wang Månad sedan
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SySpamsR2 Månad sedan
Can you please stop putting the score and the winning team in the thumbnail? It ruins it
SySpamsR2 Månad sedan
@MTEN14 bro I was literally born in 2007 💀 I just want to watch the highlights without knowing who won yet calm down 😂
MTEN14 Månad sedan
The internet is full of information everywhere that gives the result of the games. If you can't stand seeing a highlight reel that shows the results first, then stay off the internet, buy a VCR, and tape the game. Sorry you're stuck in the 90s.
Rick Postier
Rick Postier Månad sedan
Good job Baylor. Baylor has a great chance of beating Gonzaga Monday night if Baylor turns Gonzaga over and cashes in on most of those turnovers throughout the game. If Baylor has a bad shooting night? Gonzaga goes undefeated 2020/21.
Rick Postier
Rick Postier Månad sedan
I like Houston's Bball team. I love Baylor. I could not care any less than I do about Gonzaga. GO BAYLOR!!!
Jasen Jahn
Jasen Jahn Månad sedan
Either Houston is sloppy or that’s good D.
jharapla sunitha
jharapla sunitha Månad sedan
vEaster Bunny
Jeffry Hammel
Jeffry Hammel Månad sedan
Both The Zags and The Bears got a plethora of great shooters and quick guards. Zags will be favored, but it should be a good one.
Jake Smith
Jake Smith Månad sedan
Curse that Succubus, did these cougars have to suffer too. Was this payment for the Houston Astros 2017 world series run as well? When will the payment be finished?
Southern_Tea_Ur_Girl_N Me
Southern_Tea_Ur_Girl_N Me Månad sedan
Gonzaga’s gonna win the title for sure now . That lucky shot saved them .
Unbias Cowboy
Unbias Cowboy Månad sedan
You should’ve known when they had a hard time with an 11 seed lol. Baylor was head and shoulders above those boys.
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha Månad sedan
Aged like milk
marcus edwards
marcus edwards Månad sedan
Rick Hutchinson
Rick Hutchinson Månad sedan
They could but I’m not so sure🤷‍♂️
Kevin Månad sedan
Based on this, and UCLA v. Gonzaga, I think Baylor can win it all comfortably.
Kevin Månad sedan
Grimes was locked up by Mitchell! Outmatched.
Charles Carter
Charles Carter Månad sedan
Dats what Houston get for talking all dat smack while they were beating the other teams. Karma. Good game BAYLOR!
Chuck Morton
Chuck Morton Månad sedan
Sic 'em Bears!!
Adrian Johnson
Adrian Johnson Månad sedan
Finally texas can be in nba 2k
Rocket Boy
Rocket Boy Månad sedan
Coogs came out aggressively to start but their scrappy ways turned into them just running around like madmen. They never recovered and Baylor was just smooth throughout the entire game.
PapaEmo TV
PapaEmo TV Månad sedan
i swear lookin at the jerseys of these kids (along with the zags ucla) feels like 80's/90s lol
E-Ninth Krueger
E-Ninth Krueger Månad sedan
Who is the commentator who goes woooooo after every good play he's the GOAT lol he's hilarious hope he calls the Championship game he makes it so much better without a full crowd
Terry Dixon
Terry Dixon Månad sedan
It's probably Bill Raftery.
#Godbledd4theworld Månad sedan
The two best teams in college are in the national championship ,should be a exciting matchup
Tee Mo
Tee Mo Månad sedan
This Didn’t Age Well😂😂
Menghan X.
Menghan X. Månad sedan
Blowed out
720cm Månad sedan
Baylor remind me of 2013 Louisville team
Trap Ak
Trap Ak Månad sedan
I hate that the thumbnails give it away
Sean Morae-Alvarado
Sean Morae-Alvarado Månad sedan
8:51 the language 😂
José Liborio Sánchez Olvera
José Liborio Sánchez Olvera Månad sedan
The biggest congratulations to Baylor make Texas proud!!! - a cougar freshman 💚❤️
walterlv01 Månad sedan
I think Houston is a better team than what they showed but their road to the Final Four, only having to beat four unranked double-digit seeds to get there (not their fault, they have no control over who wins other games), did not prepare them well for a national title-caliber team like Baylor. They hadn't played a ranked team at all since November.
Recreation & Profiles TV
Recreation & Profiles TV Månad sedan
5:55 Obvious foul that the referee's missed the call
Andoran7 Månad sedan
Threes ruined the game of basketball.
bald So In the building
bald So In the building Månad sedan
rattlehead54321 Månad sedan
I guess son has outsmarted his old man.
LeRon Jon
LeRon Jon Månad sedan
Baylor will beat Gonzaga. I don’t think it will be close. After closely watching both teams, I can confidently say I believe Baylor will win by 10+. Just my opinion but Baylor seems to be the more defensively sounds of the two and the better shooting team, (I don’t care that Gonzaga is good at making layups to boost up their efficiency lol).
bald So In the building
bald So In the building Månad sedan
@LeRon Jon you was 😂😂
LeRon Jon
LeRon Jon Månad sedan
Boy was I right. Gonzaga was too overhyped
bald So In the building
bald So In the building Månad sedan
Who’s guarding drew 🤔
Benjamln Lewis
Benjamln Lewis Månad sedan
#24 everytime he came 2 get the ball from the elbow he kept the ball n his left hand. Never did he cross over the defender 4 the Cougars. He wasn't putting pressure on the defence
Jesse Farr
Jesse Farr Månad sedan
3:33 sounds like morty
Hermès-stan LV U
Hermès-stan LV U Månad sedan
Final Four was interesting, West Coast & Texas war
Brandick hunter
Brandick hunter Månad sedan
Anybody that knows basketball can see Baylor has too much speed and athleticism in death for Gonzaga to keep up with all game. Baylor can get 8 players scoring in double figures... Gonzaga only relies on three scores... Not going to be enough.. UCLA played them tough cuz they were tha best team they seen all year .. Zaggs play a weak schedule let's be real !! UCLA out played them they lost it at tha free throw line !!
Racer Fast
Racer Fast 4 dagar sedan
@Juan Espinosa enjoying a championship>LOL
Unbias Cowboy
Unbias Cowboy 16 dagar sedan
You were right
idontwaitfor420 Månad sedan
@Juan Espinosa well one of those BIG 12 teams just took a natty back home to waco. So there's that.
Juan Espinosa
Juan Espinosa Månad sedan
Thats what all the other teams said, and where are they now?,, and where are all your big 12 teams at ?
MATTBARNZ Månad sedan
Come on Baylor you got this against Gonzaga. Yall beat Htown handily. Kings of Tx
sukuna cat
sukuna cat Månad sedan
This is gonna be a good natty game
Tony Pynes
Tony Pynes Månad sedan
I want to see more TODD RICHFIELD!!!
Paul Månad sedan
Absolutely amazing performance by Baylor
Fortnite Gamer
Fortnite Gamer Månad sedan
The hanging plot anecdotally polish because blowgun intraoperatively delay aboard a loving sheet. incredible, spiritual skin
preston martin
preston martin Månad sedan
Gonzaga will beat them. I think UCLA would’ve beat Baylor and maybe even Alabama
Unbias Cowboy
Unbias Cowboy 20 dagar sedan
What happened?
idontwaitfor420 Månad sedan
Still think UCLA and Bama would have beat baylor? Cuz baylor drummed Gonzaga.
Brad James
Brad James Månad sedan
This was not impressive. It looked like the teams (especially Houston) was posing for the camera. They looked flashy, but they weren't playing smart basketball. At the beginning, the Houston players looked as though they were trying to strike the pose on Michael Jordan's sneakers. The Zags are gonna tear Baylor up.
Racer Fast
Racer Fast 4 dagar sedan
Jokes on you
Unbias Cowboy
Unbias Cowboy 20 dagar sedan
Were you impressed when Baylor beat Gonzaga a$$?
idontwaitfor420 Månad sedan
Did they impress you on Monday. Those baylor boys were definitely posing for camera, with their natty, after beating the brakes off the zags.
VARI Månad sedan
If myer can play like this against zag they will beat them by 12
michael chisholm
michael chisholm Månad sedan
Dylan The pill
Dylan The pill Månad sedan
I was in the same hotel as Houston. They were very quiet after the game
PrinceOfM4rs20 __
PrinceOfM4rs20 __ Månad sedan
Baylor have such a great team. They run their program the right way. I’d love to have a team like this at Kentucky. Congrats to them and Coach Drew.
cavaleer Månad sedan
Coach Cal can do this but it takes a few years, which the one and done crowd aren't interested in. That team he had with Monk and Fox should've stayed til their junior season. They would've won a chip at least once if they had. Such is CBB these days.
AJ Månad sedan
Kentucky boy living in Waco now. You need guys that will stay at least 3 years. One and done at Lexington will never get it done.
Mixed Dee
Mixed Dee Månad sedan
Went to the final four just to lose like this.
idontwaitfor420 Månad sedan
Better than going to the finals to lose in almost the same way, except probably worse because zags never even had a lead and were supposed to be way better.
LA 012
LA 012 Månad sedan
Gonzaga vs Baylor gonna be hypeee
LA 012
LA 012 Månad sedan
Austin Mills must be proud
Sloopy Tod
Sloopy Tod Månad sedan
The first half was basically Sasser vs Baylor
Masha and Jacob
Masha and Jacob Månad sedan
Congratz GONZAGA you made history!!!
Unbias Cowboy
Unbias Cowboy 16 dagar sedan
Please answer my question, I want to know what history they made. I’ve been trying to look it up but didn’t find anything.
Unbias Cowboy
Unbias Cowboy 25 dagar sedan
What kind of history did they make?
Zaahira Fatmah Pangandaman
Zaahira Fatmah Pangandaman Månad sedan
Donovan mitchell brother?
Dollar Sign H to the O 2 Dubbs
Dollar Sign H to the O 2 Dubbs Månad sedan
I'd have to put my money on Baylor Monday after seeing them do Houston like this.
Racer Fast
Racer Fast 7 dagar sedan
@Er Ve I agree with part of your statement, the better team was Baylor all year. The reason hou & zags had their worst game waz cuz Baylor's D> played lights out:... give credit where credit's due... anywho y'all should have a good team next year as should we...we have some awesome recruits coming in and transfers. Good luck to you guys...
Er Ve
Er Ve 7 dagar sedan
@Racer Fast they had great defense they were lights from the 3 it was incredible!!!! Got us in foul trouble, one team played their best game of the season and other played their worst, and we lost. No shame here
Racer Fast
Racer Fast 8 dagar sedan
@Juan Espinosa LMDAO!!!
Racer Fast
Racer Fast 8 dagar sedan
@Er Ve this don't age very well... >😝🤪😝😜
Twigs 329
Twigs 329 25 dagar sedan
@Unbias Cowboy well you already know the answer, it’s a rhetorical question
The Clueless Canadian
The Clueless Canadian Månad sedan
Why do all the Houston players have the same shoes? 👟
Nathan Peterson
Nathan Peterson Månad sedan
Baylor had a harder road to the championship than the Zags
Peter Chin
Peter Chin Månad sedan
@JnxakaBeasie 💀💀💀
JnxakaBeasie Månad sedan
ucla would have beat baylor
Bob Dole
Bob Dole Månad sedan
Jeremy Evans
Jeremy Evans Månad sedan
I'd say it was equally tough for both teams. Zags had to play a red hot USC, who was actually thought to give Gonzaga a run for their money, and also the cinderella that was UCLA. Baylor had Villanova, Arkansas, and then Houston, who were all great tough teams too.
Donnie Adams
Donnie Adams Månad sedan
Gonzaga is in trouble 😬👀
Unbias Cowboy
Unbias Cowboy 16 dagar sedan
@JnxakaBeasie ??????
Unbias Cowboy
Unbias Cowboy 20 dagar sedan
@JnxakaBeasie ???
Unbias Cowboy
Unbias Cowboy 25 dagar sedan
@JnxakaBeasie what happened??!!
idontwaitfor420 Månad sedan
@JnxakaBeasie well good news is you were right about baylor not putting up 90 points. Sic em' bears
TR3Yz _
TR3Yz _ Månad sedan
@JnxakaBeasie lets go baylor
RALLY tha CAPt. Månad sedan
The stache vs. the mullet matchup for the championship!!😄😄
Sports Betting - Solution Here
Sports Betting - Solution Here 18 dagar sedan
Houston needs a big game out of leading scorer Quentin Grimes so expect the Bears to assign Davion Mitchell to guard him. Mitchell was voted the top defender in the Big 12 Conference and earned a bigger honor when he was named the Naismith Trophy Defensive Player of the Year on Friday. Nicknamed "Off Night" for his ability to shut down an opponent, Mitchell is averaging 2.0 steals in the NCAA Tournament and held Arkansas leading scorer Moses Moody to 2-of-10 shooting in the Elite Eight.
Tanner Gernenz
Tanner Gernenz Månad sedan
The A.T.M Family !
The A.T.M Family ! Månad sedan
Nicholias Parham
Nicholias Parham Månad sedan
Go Baylor! From UK!!
80s Rocker
80s Rocker Månad sedan
Razorbacks played Baylor a lot tougher than Houston.
Joel Rey
Joel Rey Månad sedan
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Vo Månad sedan
Houston are down bad
The Shadow Guy
The Shadow Guy Månad sedan
Disappointing loss. Proud of my Coogs. Just can't escape the Houston curse. Well played, Baylor.
Morti Månad sedan
Jared Butler is so good
michael morrison
michael morrison Månad sedan
Defense is gonna win the tourney. Anybody can score between zaga and bay
Benjamin Roussey
Benjamin Roussey Månad sedan
Texas is the best state - ran by Republicans.
michael jason
michael jason Månad sedan
@2:20 solid Defense!
Nathaniel Haslem
Nathaniel Haslem Månad sedan
Baylor all the way.
Israel Davila
Israel Davila Månad sedan
Baylors winning it all
Klēfer Månad sedan
Baylor isn't better than Gonzaga. Houston choked and decided not to play basketball.
Klēfer Månad sedan
@idontwaitfor420 Congrats.
idontwaitfor420 Månad sedan
So did Gonzaga choke and decide to also not play basketball? Or is baylor the better team? Because baylor sure beat the brakes off of Gonzaga.
T B Månad sedan
Gonzaga, will murk these country boys easy
Unbias Cowboy
Unbias Cowboy 20 dagar sedan
Them country boys made them preppy school boys surrender like girls.
idontwaitfor420 Månad sedan
Oof, that aged well. I guess these country boys will survive.
Frank White
Frank White Månad sedan
Put your money where your mouth is
marcus edwards
marcus edwards Månad sedan
Helghan Månad sedan
Zags bout to go 31-1
Frank White
Frank White Månad sedan
Facts 💯
Andrew Sunde
Andrew Sunde Månad sedan
This game is such a pathetic small pointless meaningless matchup compared to the magical, incredible, historical, best game in history we just watched with Gonzaga and UCLA!
theREALtonalddrump Månad sedan
See ya Monday night.... ZAG UP
bandpassmess Månad sedan
2/22/20 I was at Ferrel when they played Kansas they lost , they couldn’t pull their shots . Good to see them still STRONG 💪🏽 SIC M BEARS 🐻
Recluse10 Månad sedan
MC Sub
MC Sub Månad sedan
I like Baylor' team play. They have a strong team and can get more rebounds than Gonzaga. Having said that if Baylor converts scoring opportunities as good as UCLA, Gonzaga will have a hard time in the Final.
Karl Streams
Karl Streams Månad sedan
How can a winner be declared on a court that says equality?
Rondie Rice
Rondie Rice Månad sedan
Houston, we have a problem Somebody had to say it LOL 😂
KMURF Månad sedan
Baylor is going to destroy Gonzaga
Juan Espinosa
Juan Espinosa Månad sedan
I know, i was really hoping Gonzaga would have showed up to play. Baylor is really good Congratulations !!
KMURF Månad sedan
@Juan Espinosa what happened
KMURF Månad sedan
I want Gonzaga to win
Juan Espinosa
Juan Espinosa Månad sedan
You know thats not gonna happen,Zags didnt get there by luck.Baylor is gonna be tough, but they arent gonna just walk over Gonzaga.You guys beat a team like Houston and think Gonzaga is gonna fold like that?? Lol thats funby
Ryan Amburgy
Ryan Amburgy Månad sedan
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