Baylor vs. Arkansas - Elite Eight NCAA tournament extended highlights

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March Madness

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Baylor controlled the lead since the opening tip, but Arkansas' pesky play gave the Bears havoc late in the second half. Ultimately, Baylor would hold on to take the win 81-72, advancing to the Final Four for the first time since 1950! MaCio Teague led the Bears with 22 points and 5 boards. Watch the extended highlights here.

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Ciera Heairld
Ciera Heairld Månad sedan
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Marcus D
Marcus D Månad sedan
Good... game bear
Bertha Bertha
Bertha Bertha Månad sedan
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Lost Soul
Lost Soul Månad sedan
Baylor just trashed on Gonzaga, I’m proud of my hogs. only team keeping it within single digits
D Gibbs
D Gibbs Månad sedan
Now that we see how Baylor embarrassed Gonzaga, Hogs looked dang good in this game!
Levorn Oliver
Levorn Oliver Månad sedan
Ark would’ve beat Houston & Gonzaga
Michael Murillo
Michael Murillo Månad sedan
Douglas DeNunzio
Douglas DeNunzio Månad sedan
The eyes of Texas upto both Baylor and Houston come next week when there are options there.
zane433 Månad sedan
Baylor in the final for the first time in 71 years This is why I had them losing early in my bracket...oh well.
More Cowbell
More Cowbell Månad sedan
If that's how you pick your teams you'll never win. There's almost no point in looking back more than the current season when using stats, to help determine how a team does *now*. Mostly because of player turnover and injuries.
Chin Chukwu
Chin Chukwu Månad sedan
i love watching baylor play defense. they're really well coached. they remind me of ucla in that respect.
Russ Gaar Texas Training and Bodybuilding
Russ Gaar Texas Training and Bodybuilding Månad sedan
Baylor does not play well with a big lead BUT when they are focused and engaged they look like an NBA offense, need to see more energy at both ends for EVERY minute, which i believe theyll have next two games- my money is on Baylor for both.
Collin Gilbreath
Collin Gilbreath Månad sedan
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Pham Ba Loc
Pham Ba Loc Månad sedan
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วรรณภา หยองน้อย Månad sedan
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LSV Sivo
LSV Sivo Månad sedan
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Rhoda Klara
Rhoda Klara Månad sedan
vAaron Rodgers
Ace Bisnar
Ace Bisnar Månad sedan
Those 3 pts were deadly. With just 2 possessions it can lift you by 6. Wow!
Trever Foreman
Trever Foreman Månad sedan
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Dr. Nanda Gunawardena
Dr. Nanda Gunawardena Månad sedan
Great job bears..
Yasmin Smith
Yasmin Smith Månad sedan
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Shimin li
Shimin li Månad sedan
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Breland Parker
Breland Parker Månad sedan
I'm supposed to go Duke University today AKA Walthill
Deny Linda
Deny Linda Månad sedan
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Shawn Nguyen
Shawn Nguyen Månad sedan
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RE AIO Månad sedan
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Max Mayer
Max Mayer Månad sedan
Dude I get it Fr keep it up
raul bassam
raul bassam Månad sedan
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agioner liner
agioner liner Månad sedan
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vcght dfge
vcght dfge Månad sedan
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walterlv01 Månad sedan
Seemed like the margin hovered between 6 and 12 points the entire second half - Arkansas hung in but could never make that run at them.
Grien maxole
Grien maxole Månad sedan
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Millicent Huggler
Millicent Huggler Månad sedan
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Jerry Cai
Jerry Cai Månad sedan
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kev glitt
kev glitt Månad sedan
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Pedro Oliveira
Pedro Oliveira Månad sedan
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Maggie Polson Månad sedan
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Hasan Ibrahim Månad sedan
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Eric Lindauer
Eric Lindauer Månad sedan
0:47 gotta be a travel though
Jack Stan
Jack Stan Månad sedan
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Sebastian Ramirez Månad sedan
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D Gibbs
D Gibbs Månad sedan
AI at its best?
pgh tby
pgh tby Månad sedan
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Max Mayer
Max Mayer Månad sedan
I understand champ
hue due
hue due Månad sedan
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Cassie Binger
Cassie Binger Månad sedan
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Marko Sanders
Marko Sanders Månad sedan
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adon31997 Månad sedan
HOUSTON VS BAYLOR is the game to watch!!!🍿💪🏿💯🏀
syd nicholl
syd nicholl Månad sedan
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David Duong
David Duong Månad sedan
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Kim Jarrah
Kim Jarrah Månad sedan
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John Doe
John Doe Månad sedan
I travelled in the future baylor will win all the way.put your money to baylor.for sure u thank me later.beside matthew mayer haircut is already a winner
Michael Carroll
Michael Carroll Månad sedan
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Jake Smith
Jake Smith Månad sedan
Good run Arkansas, hope to see you again next season. As for Baylor, you have a date in Indianapolis on Saturday with Houston. Well done!
Kelley Mason
Kelley Mason Månad sedan
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Ker Loz
Ker Loz Månad sedan
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Renz Barron
Renz Barron Månad sedan
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Max Mayer
Max Mayer Månad sedan
Yup I got it modern talk thats right
Izabella braylon
Izabella braylon Månad sedan
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Ryan Bush
Ryan Bush Månad sedan
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Devin Kearse
Devin Kearse Månad sedan
😎😎 awesome
Nettyball Ball
Nettyball Ball Månad sedan
#24 on Baylor boiii shidddd...😂...✊🏿🖤
D H Månad sedan
Matthew Myers hair for the win
The A.T.M Family !
The A.T.M Family ! Månad sedan
Baylor might be a problem for Gonzaga they got big men that can D up and shoot and they gaurd r nice 👍
Basil Punsalan
Basil Punsalan Månad sedan
The block at 9:40
Doritos Mix
Doritos Mix Månad sedan
Arkansas played some of the worst defense in the tournament. Terrible.
Icon Eason
Icon Eason Månad sedan
The Baylor bears are back in the final four for the 1st time in 71 years
Sherise Wagoner
Sherise Wagoner Månad sedan
Stephen Color
Stephen Color Månad sedan
5:08 Somebody screams travel like a little girl.🤣
Jason Allen
Jason Allen Månad sedan
Tyra Libby
Tyra Libby Månad sedan
Mark Henderson
Mark Henderson Månad sedan
Too bad the tournament was cancelled last year. Baylor could’ve had back to back titles potentially
Terrie Astrid
Terrie Astrid Månad sedan
vRochelle Walensky
Phanton Richter
Phanton Richter Månad sedan
Sr. Månad sedan
I hope Baylor brings it home. Hopefully it ends up Baylor vs Gonzaga. With the Bears National Champs.! Although I wouldn't be upset if Gonzaga wins them one..!!
Chas Stone
Chas Stone Månad sedan
Not sure if I've seen such a better game. Definitely a classic, to come back and stay within distance, both exceptional clubs. Jr
Theo Månad sedan
Arky fans know Moe choked this tourney
Faith Thomas
Faith Thomas Månad sedan
congrats baylor for destroying every march madness bracket and holding the time stone sic em feom california ( and before u ask im rooting agaisnt both usc and ucla )
nik depern
nik depern Månad sedan
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Christian Higgins
Christian Higgins Månad sedan
If Arkansas would have got to moody more then I believe it would have been anybody’s game. He was open too many times
Theo Månad sedan
He choked to be honest
Alfie Månad sedan
He went 0-4 at three towards the end. he wasn't playing good
Doe B
Doe B Månad sedan
Mitchell putting on for the Ville!!!
Mitch Brad
Mitch Brad Månad sedan
I'm not a arkansas or baylor fan, but arkansas could have easily won this game. Baylor had over 20 points off turnovers and arkansas had that scoring drought towards the end. If arkansas just limited turnovers and didn't have the scoring drought, they could have won. I personally think they threw the game.
G Månad sedan
Bro that is what Baylor does they are the best defensive team in the tournament. You can’t not turn the ball over against them their defense is stifling. Wisconsin and Villanova are 2 teams that never turn the ball over, some of the best in the nation in turn over margin and the both turned it over nearly 20 times against Baylor. Stop saying Arkansas turned it over and start saying Baylor took the ball away lol
Mitch Brad
Mitch Brad Månad sedan
@LifeofAlexPI agree I just think don't think you should allow a team to do that to them
LifeofAlexP Månad sedan
Baylor has forced a ridiculous amount of points off turnovers against teams that don’t turn it over .. it’s a point of emphasis for teams and they still can’t do it .. it’s just Baylor’s defense
twoquickII Månad sedan
Bring the title to the Big 12. We need another school to represent hoops with a championship - and this team from Baylor is all class. They are always class. I'm glad you got to keep a lot of your players from last year! Good luck, we're pulling for you in Lawrence Kansas!
Thomas McKenzie
Thomas McKenzie Månad sedan
Although I was impressed with the way Arkansas never gave up all tournament, at some point don't you have to look at why they were behind by double digits in EVERY game? To me, they looked disinterested in the first half of all their games, especially ORU. They were a great team and had a super season, but they could still be playing if they came out ready to play.
wranglerman270 Månad sedan
Davion Mitchell is the best player in the NCAA, all around beast, leader, elite defense, speed, and distributor and he shoots high percentage all over the floor
Thomas McKenzie
Thomas McKenzie Månad sedan
His first step is all world.
Ball jr
Ball jr Månad sedan
Baylors team looks physically different than all the others everybody including the white guy plays lik theyre somebody
Paul H
Paul H Månad sedan
Arkansas did way better than i thought after nearly dropping it vs ORU
John Leo
John Leo Månad sedan
Davion Mitchell is scary.
Ronnie 2k
Ronnie 2k Månad sedan
When Macio Teague gets going nobody can stop him
Alec 2.0
Alec 2.0 Månad sedan
Bring it home for the girls after that shity call
krist fallon
krist fallon Månad sedan
Typical Arkansas FAIL! Overrated & constipated. LOSERS!!
Mr. Swagsire
Mr. Swagsire Månad sedan
I was at this game, and despite the past year with covid restrictions, when I saw Mark Vital throw down that put back at 9:14, everything felt back to normal for just a split second.
Lanz Paqueo
Lanz Paqueo Månad sedan
The shot of number 31 of baylor is kinda like a shot from 2k
TheTexasRanger 25
TheTexasRanger 25 Månad sedan
Mark Henderson
Mark Henderson Månad sedan
Let’s go!
Dee Taylor
Dee Taylor Månad sedan
24 my favorite player on that Baylor team
Andrew Mojzer
Andrew Mojzer Månad sedan
How many times in this tournament has Grant Hill got the school names wrong?
JayWoke -
JayWoke - Månad sedan
baylor vs gonzaga for finals. gonzaga 77-Baylor 74
Ethan Hoard
Ethan Hoard Månad sedan
1 like = 1 more Vital name pun
Man Cave Productions
Man Cave Productions Månad sedan
When Arkansas best player “moody” doesn’t score until 10 minutes left into the game their going to lose 9/10 times
Man Cave Productions
Man Cave Productions Månad sedan
@dc7236 Moses literally is yah highest scorer. Dude what are you talking about?
dc7236 Månad sedan
@Man Cave Productions yes he is.... And that's EVERYTHING that's wrong with basketball... Hype rules over everything... He's the 3rd best guy on our team . if you've been watching games you'd agree
Man Cave Productions
Man Cave Productions Månad sedan
@dc7236 he going top 30 in the draft. He yah best player.
dc7236 Månad sedan
He is NOT our best player!!... I wish people would stop saying that... He's just the highest rated recruit we got...
Willie Newton
Willie Newton Månad sedan
Michael Kokora
Michael Kokora Månad sedan
devo davis, jaylin williams, and jd notae will be the core of this team next year
Alfie Månad sedan
@Flying Blind I Was about to say him too
Flying Blind
Flying Blind Månad sedan
@Alfie don’t forget chance Moore the 6’6 combo guard coming in as a high ranking freshman
Alfie Månad sedan
KK as well, but Arkansas has an incredible Transfor that will be coming in. his name is Marvin Johnson. he's INSANE. 6'6 and athletic
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