Back in Service After 10 Years - Garden Find V12 BMW E31 850i Revival - Project Marseille: Part 3

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M539 Restorations

28 dagar sedan

In the previous episode, stripped spark plug threads stopped us from attempting to start this car. In this one, we address that issue and go for its first start after 10 years of hibernation. We also have special guests making an appearance. Be sure to watch until the end and see if this big V12 lump will still work properly.
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M539 Restorations
M539 Restorations 27 dagar sedan
Since I'm getting 5 million emails and comments about it, there is nothing electrical sparking near the right headlight. Just a small piece of plastic dangling and reflecting light, I confirmed it today. :) thanks for your concern!
colin ashby
colin ashby 14 dagar sedan
Please explain the other 2products that you put in after the oil. I couldn’t hear the names. Thank you
Julz Lavz
Julz Lavz 20 dagar sedan
lol are ppl watching the video in 144p? You can clearly see its no sparks lol
Augusto 21 dag sedan
I See too looks like a electrical sparking i dont think is a piece of plastic but if you say you are the best so i confirm kkkk
Gplus sucks big
Gplus sucks big 21 dag sedan
Lol noticed it too.
mudachuka12345 23 dagar sedan
@KlsDrift my comment?
Ryan Harriss
Ryan Harriss 17 timmar sedan
Haha, "das ist vicked" nice one.
George Zaharia
George Zaharia 18 timmar sedan
and people ask us... why do we love BMW cars... this vide would probably not answer them, but ... i mean... there are hints in there. and is not about the speed... cause speed u can have in a rattling can from daihatsu ...
Matevz Sober
Matevz Sober 2 dagar sedan
BMWs suks
M539 Restorations
M539 Restorations 2 dagar sedan
You are on the wrong channel.
Svend Olsen
Svend Olsen 3 dagar sedan
Its so nice to see a true mechanic at work. Doing it the right way, no shortcuts or adding stupid aftermarket Ebay stuff to the car. At episode one, can't take to first look at the car before oem wheels are mounted. See, that's commitment.
Pablo the Dublinjackel
Pablo the Dublinjackel 8 dagar sedan
Hans, I hope one day you get a tv skerries, eveytime I watch you have me on stitches laughing, your my favourite mechanic on SEcycle, keep up the great work my friend.
Pablo the Dublinjackel
Pablo the Dublinjackel 8 dagar sedan
I need a Hans in my toolbox, great mechanic, next you need to to make up a batman type floodlight to send out to your subscribers incase we have trouble trying to fix somthing, if only, man love watching your videos, really informative and very helpful, thanks 😊👍
Dennis Morritt
Dennis Morritt 9 dagar sedan
Have used V-coil before. Good stuff! 👍👍
Mehmet Ömer Acar
Mehmet Ömer Acar 9 dagar sedan
37.25 and 38.06 right headlight back and near the air filter box, some connectors inside sparks or ı m wrong. especially lift off the gas pedal times
Théo 10 dagar sedan
C'est une très belle chérie, très bon travail !
Alain F
Alain F 10 dagar sedan
hello, thanks a lot for your video. But i saw an electric flash on the plug behind the pasenger light near liquid for glasses at 25:37. Sorry for my english. :)
beernutsonline 10 dagar sedan
Drill holes with increasing diameter to accompany the extractor diameter deeper in the bolt. Never use much force, if a bolt is locked and buried in aluminum, just weld on a nut instead..
porschenutcase 12 dagar sedan
Easy out, "extractor," we saw that coming. Old story. I don't have a good solution. Perhaps, a larger drill and retap.
Michael Debrou
Michael Debrou 13 dagar sedan
You are a brilliant non-mechanic who is actually as good if not better than a mechanic (and a funny man also). Keep entertaining us!
Norries09 13 dagar sedan
Huge fan all the way from South Africa.
Gyikhuszar 13 dagar sedan
That happened what I expected when I saw that broken bolt "getout" tool :). Buy a MIG-MAG welder, that's the safest, the fastest, overall the best method to get them out.
Naz Man
Naz Man 14 dagar sedan
Don't breath, dropped it 😩 Story of my life!
Gilberto Torres
Gilberto Torres 14 dagar sedan
You should have used heat in the aluminum block before extracting the bolt, and by extractors made in USA or Germany they use higher grade steel.
Kurray 15 dagar sedan
Great vid as always Sreten! Coupla ideas....... reverse thread drill bits for the broken bolt. And a drill bit extension to keep the subframe out of your way.
Alex P
Alex P 15 dagar sedan
Just so you know - tee spring doesn’t seem to work on mobile. I’ve tried twice to order merch, and the checkout button doesn’t click.
Alex P
Alex P 15 dagar sedan
Haven’t tried tbh since I watch on my phone. Keep forgetting. But I bet a lot of people are like me and you’re missing out on merch rev. I’d take it up with them.
M539 Restorations
M539 Restorations 15 dagar sedan
And on the PC it works?
Peter Schaldemose
Peter Schaldemose 16 dagar sedan
Anyone else squinting until the torque wrench clicked 🤞
Mike Rieger
Mike Rieger 16 dagar sedan
This is a great super fantastic channel you have going here. Thank you for ruining my life and getting me interested in BMW's. That being said I would like to know your thoughts on the 318i convertible, circa 1994. I want a project car and found this one in North Carolina and think is has great bones its just the miles are extremely high at 225000. Looks well maintained. Are the miles a concern with the M42? Anyways you have a great superfantasmal show and please keep it coming. Thank you German dude.
Alex Landar
Alex Landar 16 dagar sedan
Great work and great videos. You're living the life I always wanted. I have the same cars you have, I restored them with my own hands, I even use same gloves, same flashlight and same fluids and I always wanted to live in Germany. Let me know if you need help in Germany, I'm certified Master technician and I also have Engineering degree here in USA.
Pickamove 17 dagar sedan
Those bolt extractors always break. Every time even if you bought a "quality "tools. 🙁 Never works and only use them as the last resort when desperate. I think only Hanz is qualified to use them. 😅
Victor Kuria
Victor Kuria 17 dagar sedan
Your creativity for drama is getting more dramatic😂...but awesome approach to how you tackle the issues head on one issue at a time...thank you so much for sharing this videos..I really enjoy each one of them and appreciate the time and effort you put into them👏🏽👏🏽👌🏽
Siyavuya Badi
Siyavuya Badi 17 dagar sedan
Hilarious how you refer to the previous mechanic as the "Previous Bastard"😂😂😂😂
Potato Camera
Potato Camera 17 dagar sedan
37:25 there is some foam like thing coming from that thingy on top of your right headlight,I sent you a pic on ig.
Christopher 18 dagar sedan
Just for you knowledge. Plug threads repair kit called, in french : "Kit de tarodage" :)
david weston
david weston 18 dagar sedan
what if you took fuel injector out and blow compressed air in there with spark plug out too. Maybe then blow shavings out. (on other hand may blow sticky grease coated shavings in the valve seat area). Perhaps could be done with valves closed and with vacuum attached to spark plug hole.
slacko 1971
slacko 1971 18 dagar sedan
Regarding the Idle speed dropping off and being a bit strange If memory serves me correctly you had to drive these in a certain way at a specific speed to allow the computers to reset the throttle bodies. Might be as simple as that but I know you love to clean things so a throttle body clean will not hurt. Really enjoying this 850 revival, bringing back a lot of memories.
Motheo Lebelo
Motheo Lebelo 18 dagar sedan
What an awesome project and always love attention to detail.
nassim loulidi
nassim loulidi 18 dagar sedan
the funny bit is HILARIOUS , love you man
Dj Raulio
Dj Raulio 18 dagar sedan
15:27 almost shit my pants =))))) This content is so freakin intense!!!
Makveldz 18 dagar sedan
what could be wrong when the inserts come out with the spark plug instead of staying inside? a friend has this problem with his. we found that out while changing sparkplugs that the one was looking weird and the hole was bigger in the head. So looks like someone did that to one spark plug. Anyway, we couldn't get the insert off the spark plug, so he ordered new ones and as we screwed the new sparkplug in with the new insert, we tried taking out the sparkplug again and the insert came out with it... it won't stay inside.
remasterus 18 dagar sedan
@M539 Restorations is the savior of lost BMW souls! Love the 'BMW Experts' bit, now with added special effects! This is my favorite car channel on SEcycle, hands down!
digitalscales 18 dagar sedan
My skin is starting to itch. My bones feel like glass. And I’m vomiting compulsively. Is this what withdrawal feels like? I need my fix... Where is this weeks episode?
Serg Potapov
Serg Potapov 19 dagar sedan
That is the only way a restoration should go. Excellent. Greetings from 1.6 atmo club:)
Edmond 19 dagar sedan
What's the sparking at 37:20 left side right above the passenger headlight next to the airbox?
Psycho63 19 dagar sedan
Sounds wonderful.
John Mav
John Mav 19 dagar sedan
Thank you for your education!
Marvin Hoffmann
Marvin Hoffmann 19 dagar sedan
i would love to see your interactions with german bmw dealers!
pickering746 19 dagar sedan
So glad I discovered this channel. Started with one video then ended up binge watching all the others. Great channel 👍😎
Nick Anagnostou
Nick Anagnostou 19 dagar sedan
BM TroubleU
Vexi 573
Vexi 573 19 dagar sedan
You are German version of chrisfix
Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs 20 dagar sedan
850i, I remember only rock stars and brain surgeons could afford these back in the day.
Ian Mangham
Ian Mangham 20 dagar sedan
Fkn ads in England smmfh
Paul Frank
Paul Frank 20 dagar sedan
Ohhh you got me good with that explosion! 🤣🤣🤣 You are awesome I really enjoy your channel. I really like your style you are very funny and witty. Much appreciated!!! 😂😂😂👍👍👍 Thank you thank you my friend!!!
Shadow Of Pain
Shadow Of Pain 20 dagar sedan
4 months and never got to see the 750il completed.
M539 Restorations
M539 Restorations 20 dagar sedan
You do understand I am only one man that can work only on one car at the time? :) it's coming
H Colin
H Colin 20 dagar sedan
im Soooo Nerding out just watching 40 plus minutes of "getting Er done" without the annoying music other channels play....Like A Lot keep em coming Vato!!!
Kapitan Żbik
Kapitan Żbik 20 dagar sedan
Me at 0:00 srsly? 43 minutes? Me at 43:05 gimme moooree
Zoran Spaseski
Zoran Spaseski 20 dagar sedan
Awesome video, thank you. I can not understand who would give this a thumbs down, even only 76 which is 956987% less then people who liked it, unless they were expecting a Britney Spears video then i can understand, haha. Cant wait to see how this car will clean up. God bless you for saving this car, i love my 850i, every time i drive it makes me feel like a king on the road
symons666 20 dagar sedan
Brilliant to watch as always and very informative! 👍
D Coop
D Coop 20 dagar sedan
Is the oil filter lid aluminium in this e31?
djamel sibachir
djamel sibachir 20 dagar sedan
Greeting from 🇩🇿 Good job. Any tips on how to defrentiate an original part with a fake one?
Dennis 21 dag sedan
Do you have a welder? Really easy to remove broken bolts that way, just weld on a nut. Only ofc if the engine is aluminum, otherwise you should be a bit more careful :D
carl jonhson
carl jonhson 21 dag sedan
España que bonito ajajaj ❤️
pfoxhound 21 dag sedan
I saw some markings next to the chain.
Alan Here
Alan Here 21 dag sedan
Would you buy a E85 Z4? I have one and would love videos on that.
e575fho 21 dag sedan
Thank you for these videos. Pure entertainment and educational! Long may they continue :)
Pedro Cação
Pedro Cação 21 dag sedan
It's getting there! Bad screw thread is always a big pain...
ThePaulikCze 21 dag sedan
where is new video ?:(
DutchAirgunner 21 dag sedan
Absolute one of my favorite channels and I don't even care about cars.... :-P
The Spectator
The Spectator 21 dag sedan
15:32 duud you are killing me, LMAO
Denis Erovic
Denis Erovic 22 dagar sedan
There is some neglected Alpinas that needs to be saved by you. Would like to see some restorations here on YT. Can also be good buissnes for you because they usually increase a lot in value. ;-)
JMUDoc 22 dagar sedan
As an Englishman that often curses in gibberish German, it's good to know that Germans do it, too :) My usual response to fluffing a badminton shot, for example, is a very loud shout of "SCHLOSS!".
Ramsis Lahmadi
Ramsis Lahmadi 22 dagar sedan
the amount of passion, work and sweat put into this video is incredible
E D I 22 dagar sedan
In 38:00 there looks like some sparking in the wiring on the left of the airbox?
Noel Barlau
Noel Barlau 22 dagar sedan
We all felt it when that extractor broke. Worst feeling in the world at that moment.
Juan Eduardo
Juan Eduardo 22 dagar sedan
For that 12 cilinders only 5 liters of oil??
Leonard Fairground
Leonard Fairground 22 dagar sedan
I’m loving trawling through your videos. Where did you learn your excellent English? You have some VERY British sounding phrases: kerfuffle, easy peasy lemon squeezy, go-go juice amongst many others. 😀
Stas Como estas
Stas Como estas 22 dagar sedan
As always brilliant video 👍👍👌👌👏👏👏 thank you for sharing this 🙏❤
Eddy Sanchez Casas
Eddy Sanchez Casas 22 dagar sedan
Perfecto 👍🏼
TL3Mp2FvxKtrz5eS 22 dagar sedan
Hey man once you pass the TÜV you should see if there’s anyone in your area that can clean the undercarriage with dry ice! Would make for good content imo
rocketsurgeon11 22 dagar sedan
One of my dream cars! Love this!
nodaklojack 22 dagar sedan
Satisfying to watch. One of my top ten SEcycle channels. Someday I will be wealthy enough to hire you to come to the USA and hire you to restore a great BMW for me.
Kevin Isaac
Kevin Isaac 23 dagar sedan
I have never seen such a meticulous mechanic as you great video lovely sweet engine 👍👌
Rambo Driver
Rambo Driver 23 dagar sedan
Matthew 23 dagar sedan
Matthew 23 dagar sedan
"This engine can take a beating... BTW the oil pan bolts snap off very easily"
Matthew 23 dagar sedan
Interesting that the fan isn't engaging at operating temp
Niki Barret
Niki Barret 23 dagar sedan
Brilliant. I just shot up the hill in my e38 which is not normal... it has no back boxes.... the walkers were hopping mad fuck that made all the pain and rebuilding worth it... they were disgusted ha ha fucking ha
paulaus 23 dagar sedan
Check out the channel Jerry's broken tap repair for ways of removing the easy out and cylinder head bolt repair with high temperature loktite
Tyrone Ross
Tyrone Ross 23 dagar sedan
workshop_deluxe 23 dagar sedan
Yep, used V-Coil to save a brake caliper on a Chrysler. Amazing tool, saved my day. BTW, love your videos.
Babayega 23 dagar sedan
37:52 what is that spark looking thing coming from directly behind the passenger side headlight? If you look at the passenger side headlight and look directly behind it about 2 inches, there's a circular item with a few wires going to it. I notice any time the engine is idling or when he stepped on the gas pedal, there's some kind of spark there just under the top surface area. At first it looked like it was liquid water or something that was just shining there but the more I looked at it throughout the video the more I notice it looks like a blue spark. Some kind of electrical spark but it most definitely doesn't look like it's supposed to spark like that. Can anyone figure out what that is? Edit: I looked again and it's just under the circular item that's (from the direction we are looking) it's directly between the air filter box and the fender. And it looks like maybe the wires go to the MAF area. Either way it has a lot of sparking under the top rubber piece. I can't figure out what part that is and why is sparking like that. Edit 2: I noticed that when he showed the "before and after" for the timing chain noise comparison, at about the 39:00 mark, in the BEFORE videos it's not sparking but in the AFTER videos it is sparking.
B Simpson
B Simpson 23 dagar sedan
I was waiting for that extractor to snap, they should be banned
Audun Skripeland
Audun Skripeland 23 dagar sedan
You don't have to drill that broken bolt, weld a M8 or M10 nut on it and twist it off. (Weld the inside of the nut to the top of the broken bolt.) The heat from the welding will help with extracting. Don't worry about the aluminium, the steel from the welding won't stick to it. Keep up the videos, I enjoy the OCDness of them! Cheers from Norway.
Tollef Reyerson
Tollef Reyerson 23 dagar sedan
Congratulations getting it running again!! Awesome video!!
castillo6464 23 dagar sedan
There is nothing like watching a nerd with OCD showing their skills.
MrYeah88 23 dagar sedan
I like your beginning like top gear :)
Deke 23 dagar sedan
"Don't breathe" .. "Dropped it" had me in tears
MKN MKN 23 dagar sedan
Best channel no cap
Mark C.
Mark C. 23 dagar sedan
I’ve just no idea how I’ve only started watching at the end of 2020. This channel is by far one of the best on SEcycle. I really hope you do some more oldies like E21/E30 and E28/E34 in the future!
Nerijus Galinis
Nerijus Galinis 23 dagar sedan
Hey, what oil you refiling smoke machine? Because I tried few baby oil, but, it makes only bit smoke. Machine is exastly the same that yours. Greetings from Lithuania!
Julian Lentini
Julian Lentini 23 dagar sedan
Can you show us how to change the starter on an e 31?
23 Gabriel Iñigo Gonzaga
23 Gabriel Iñigo Gonzaga 23 dagar sedan
Hope to see an Alpina B12 restored by you someday
charprug 23 dagar sedan
Good afternoon. Friend There is, what appears to be a spark in a connector on the left side, on the side of the Air filter. In the video Appears at 37:16 in the Video.
M539 Restorations
M539 Restorations 23 dagar sedan
Read the pinned comment please
Bob Frankish
Bob Frankish 23 dagar sedan
Another great video. I am currently trying to restore an 840Ci. I am in the UK, where do you get your fuel pump parts please? Cheers. Bob
S. T.
S. T. 23 dagar sedan
I like how the Achter beeps before it explodes. It's those details. #ScheißeHans
Andy D
Andy D 23 dagar sedan
How have I only just discovered this channel? It's excellent. I'm in the middle of restoring my 1987 Porsche 928 S4 and can relate to so many of the issues Sreten encounters with these BMWs. Can't wait for the next video!
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