Automatic pool stick vs. strangers

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An automatic pool playing robot - how hard could it be? Turns out harder than I thought. It took me quite a while to work through all the difficulties of this project but when it all finally came together is so worth it. To my surprise the most interesting aspect of this project is using the cue to play real games of pool over the internet. Let me know if you think twitch plays billiards would be worthwhile...

SmarterEveryDay 2 månader sedan
Meat servo cheats... (By the way you should totally support Shane on Patreon, like I do: )
G-3R0 10 timmar sedan
Meat servo... Thanks a lot Destin, I hate it.
redy setgo
redy setgo 16 timmar sedan
I knew the third patreon face looked like you
YK cam
YK cam 2 dagar sedan
honestly you suck at pool if you need a robot
Two Dogs AndaMan
Two Dogs AndaMan 3 dagar sedan
@darcy stabler Hello.
herbert164 4 dagar sedan
except i got banned from patreon for making an account 3x.
Alexander Tsiolkovski
Alexander Tsiolkovski 4 minuter sedan
Looks like Jeff Goldblum's grandson
Luke Stein
Luke Stein 43 minuter sedan
projecter turns on** “Florida Man”
Migindu Sinhalage
Migindu Sinhalage 50 minuter sedan
Also available
OKH 51 minut sedan
"I'm an idiot" he said.. then I'm a potato.. LOL
Eric Gao
Eric Gao 55 minuter sedan
I love how the QR code at 6:02 goes to "you have too much time" lol
Thiccatron Timme sedan
he’s hacking in real life
9491 57
9491 57 Timme sedan
8 ball pool hacked edition
Vishant Bothra
Vishant Bothra Timme sedan
Are we gonna talk about the article he was reading at 11:29? That's really hilarious.
ItsJustChill Timme sedan
Subscribed! What is your engineering background? If I had to guess maybe electrical or mechanical?
Dhanush Varthiboina
Dhanush Varthiboina Timme sedan
I like how he is dead and energetic at the same time!
Cheez YT
Cheez YT Timme sedan
U will never outsmart Efren "The magician" Reyes
Rennie Allen
Rennie Allen Timme sedan
If micro center would sell me a 3090 at MSRP I'd buy one right now.
Adam Vazquez
Adam Vazquez Timme sedan
Florida man lol
Reza Bagherpour
Reza Bagherpour 2 timmar sedan
Wow first time here, such a great channel. Way to go, well done.
Spinel 2 timmar sedan
10:54 Him: says the pit of despair Me: DANGANRONPA
Ronan 2 timmar sedan
Lets see if this robot could beat mr.efren "robot smasher" reyes from philippines 😂
Атанас Паунов
Атанас Паунов 2 timmar sedan
To talk about Micro Center like that is so hypocritical... Everyone should visit... Ok, but how to visit it if they are only in USA ? I am from Bulgaria and no matter of covid or something I am not able to visit it...
MaybeSo MaybeNot
MaybeSo MaybeNot 2 timmar sedan
Utterly impressed. 👍
SoundCreators2020 2 timmar sedan
Amazing....wait no....this is EPIC. Great job dude
Daniel Farzan
Daniel Farzan 2 timmar sedan
Somewhere, Anton Chigurh is watching
Dustin Rhodes wannabe
Dustin Rhodes wannabe 2 timmar sedan
Brother nice
Hari Prasath Ramalingam
Hari Prasath Ramalingam 3 timmar sedan
this man can build a perfect replica of the iron man suit in his basement and we would never know 🤣🤣🤣
Aydenk _
Aydenk _ 3 timmar sedan
Did anyone else get an 8 ball pool ad during this video
Nikhil Kheni
Nikhil Kheni 3 timmar sedan
There's no micro center in Arizona man!
Bismuth LD
Bismuth LD 3 timmar sedan
Hey, I'm afraid micro center is 2 hours away and I'm scared of driving further than 20 minutes away from where I live and I have google maps set to avoid highways because they freak me out, yet it forces me to use the highway to get there when I plug it in to google maps because that's the only route.
OOPADMIN GAMER 3 timmar sedan
You didn't have skill but you got your brain
Federico Aguirre
Federico Aguirre 3 timmar sedan
MIND BLOWN This isn't science, it's arcane magic.
paul Z
paul Z 3 timmar sedan
Thank god this man uses his abilities for good. God save us if he ever decides otherwise..
Jordan Nuttall
Jordan Nuttall 4 timmar sedan
"Get beaten by wife" 😂💀
mido alanazi
mido alanazi 4 timmar sedan
*What you can't do?*
NoahJamesSCH33 4 timmar sedan
I’m really questioning if I’ve ACTUALLY been smart my whole life
Brant Hewett
Brant Hewett 5 timmar sedan
I am very thankful for people like this, not only for creating great content but advancing tech at the same time
L Dlink
L Dlink 5 timmar sedan
Now take all this wizardry and do something useful, come up with a Taser that does not look like a pistol....and make a change in the world.
Wei Lee
Wei Lee 5 timmar sedan
I need Boston Dynamics to attach this to one of their robots
Aaron 2k
Aaron 2k 5 timmar sedan
I think practicing pool would be easier
Chris King
Chris King 6 timmar sedan
There is smart and then there’s your kind of smart. Genius Level
Brosephv 6 timmar sedan
that was cool as fuck
Evan Maier
Evan Maier 6 timmar sedan
This is dope I’m extremely impressed but imagine if this guy put his energy into saving the planet or something
Dizzel Drizzelz
Dizzel Drizzelz 6 timmar sedan
This is just need crap. No offense
Goddam Meme
Goddam Meme 6 timmar sedan
now connect the pool cue to a rig that automatically positions it on the pool table so you can play against the computer but in real life
Tyler Rybacki
Tyler Rybacki 6 timmar sedan
Check out CodeBullet's channel and have him colab on the fully ai version.
Austin Chasteen
Austin Chasteen 6 timmar sedan
The microcenter ad with the GPUs in stock :(
daniel jack francis
daniel jack francis 6 timmar sedan
you’re way cooler than me
lysergicninja 7 timmar sedan
lmao florida man wikipedia page
DIAMOND WARNING 7 timmar sedan
love the channel bro but your inability to visualize the gimbals you have to 3d print caught me off guard. If you're not 'getting it for free' then you're doing the intellectual labor manually and that's more impressive than being a natural. Don't give up.
Petitio Principii
Petitio Principii 7 timmar sedan
It would be a "game changer" for an AI to also make the best move from its own perspective, but at the same time making it bad for the other player, like, pocketing a given ball, but also incidentally almost-pocketing another so that it just obstructs that hole for the other player. Maybe the most potential it has it would be on transferring this sort of AI that does all the projection and math to some kind of sneaky "google glass" kind of thing that makes it so that only the person wearing can see all the lines and instructions, to hint how to operate with a normal stick. Sort of the pool version of people somehow getting chess engine assistance on chess championships.
Joemer Gauiran Arellano
Joemer Gauiran Arellano 7 timmar sedan
Your the EZ MIL of inventions
Bryant Peoples
Bryant Peoples 7 timmar sedan
Man this dudes smartness is beyond me. I want to be that smart
Petitio Principii
Petitio Principii 7 timmar sedan
It's kind of like a hard-sci-fi take on some 80s sci-fi movie with some genius kid coming up with some stunt to win a championship or something. Maybe some people DO have a wake-up alarm clock like that of "Back to the Future."
leonelp51 8 timmar sedan
From stockfish to For pool
George Corser
George Corser 8 timmar sedan
Matt Cournoyer
Matt Cournoyer 8 timmar sedan
Holy terrible furnace ductwork batman!!! Looks like some kind of creature. Other than that minor distraction in the first 15 seconds of the video, this is incredible!
Carlitox Banana
Carlitox Banana 8 timmar sedan
You just made me want to work ? damm u are good xD
Zeus Luis
Zeus Luis 4 timmar sedan
シYourFriendlyPotatoシ 5 timmar sedan
Wow a verified comment with no comments
Henninger Henningstone
Henninger Henningstone 8 timmar sedan
Dude this project alone is literally more elaborate, unique and awesome than my bachelor's and master's thesis together. It incorporates so many topics and requires varied knowledge of so much theory as well as the skill with your tools to actually make it a reality in hardware... it's just insane, even more so how well it worked in the end! Congratulations and my greatest respect for that. Also: can fully relate to the debugging debacle in all points depicted 😂 the headache is crazy but you pushed through it to achieve your goal. I probably would have just gone to do something else for like, half a year, to then find my memory of what the hell I even did back then essentially erased.
TaiwanCowBei 8 timmar sedan
this channel makes me feel like kid watching discovery video totally loving it
takodragion extream
takodragion extream 8 timmar sedan
The Roman in me wants to make a spear that Guarantees a kill now
Bence Szabolcs
Bence Szabolcs 9 timmar sedan
0:14 he doesn't have skill.... so that was a lie...
A player
A player 9 timmar sedan
7:17 : " But I want to play pool the way it’s meant to be played ". Builds a computer cue that can pot balls effortlessly.
C SF 9 timmar sedan
At 15:38 you’re so wrong it’s funny. 2 ball is the ball to go for right here all day long. It’s is impossible to make the cueball stop after making the ”harder shot” like you said. And for fun I just want to let everyone know that a real player beats this robot because the robot is putting himself/itself in impossible situations which are impossible to get out from :) / Professional pool player
Chris Holden
Chris Holden 9 timmar sedan
I love his wife's complete and utter disinterest. :D
xguitarguyx77 9 timmar sedan
@10:45 fLaT EaRtH iS rEaL
Nelson Cardona
Nelson Cardona 9 timmar sedan
Duude, this is so cool.... Subscribed!!! keep it up, man!!!
Gabriel Satter
Gabriel Satter 9 timmar sedan
This guy is super smart, but he needs a proxy host. He doesn't quite come off as human. Are we sure he isn't an advanced AI, or an alien, or an alien AI, forced to be amongst us?
Dark 9 timmar sedan
Him saying that he feels stupid Me trying to think of what I would classify as now
Fortnite mk_Ninja38
Fortnite mk_Ninja38 10 timmar sedan
microphone is broken
Ludvig PT
Ludvig PT 10 timmar sedan
Is this guy enginier?
Drupadh_s 10 timmar sedan
It's like a aimbot for pool😂😂😂
Birdy ODD
Birdy ODD 10 timmar sedan
Can you make it fully automated now with a track around the table and a arm holding the cue , just leave it online for people to play. Loved the video, you are super intelligent.
Servus Gude
Servus Gude 10 timmar sedan
This guy should be candidate for the Zivilisation on Mars iq over 9000
John Becker
John Becker 11 timmar sedan
The Hungry Shark
The Hungry Shark 11 timmar sedan
The projector test at 7:40 caught me off guard.
boom ksaa
boom ksaa 11 timmar sedan
i am the comment number 25000 cool
Somnaventu _s
Somnaventu _s 11 timmar sedan
What is the name of the app he uses to draw plans on?
xScavengerWolfx 11 timmar sedan
This is a lazy way of playing pool. I'm sorry but if you wanna get good at something, learn it. "i'm going to build a robot to do it for me", you're just like the guy from futurama's scary door ep where he builds a robot to his stuff for him. Just learn to play pool right.
B Seegmiller
B Seegmiller 11 timmar sedan
Your wife is GREAT!
Mike Cicciari
Mike Cicciari 11 timmar sedan
Micro center is the GOAT
Lee C
Lee C 11 timmar sedan
Any time I see something like this, I think of that episode from Quantum Leap.
Krave UK
Krave UK 11 timmar sedan
ethics of playing pool online? have you heard of the davinci machine?
Cosmo Kramer
Cosmo Kramer 11 timmar sedan
This episode should be named "I got a pool table, and scienced the shit out of it".
Chris Bryan
Chris Bryan 11 timmar sedan
He’s gonna be the coolest dad haha
michael dudziak
michael dudziak 11 timmar sedan
Syntax error.
P S 12 timmar sedan
16:34 what was the software on the iPad he was using? Precision?
Victor Martin Pflüger
Victor Martin Pflüger 12 timmar sedan
Jesus Christ how can a single human have so much skill, knowledge, dedication, durability and creativity?
Homing Lam
Homing Lam 12 timmar sedan
Mark Selby clicked that unlike button hard.
iQQ RELOADED 12 timmar sedan
Here we go, cheaters can now use AIMBOT for playing Pool and Billards. Fuk my life.
NIcK FasT 12 timmar sedan
This video is awesome! Author inspired me to study math and programming much harder than I'm doing it right now
Lachlan Moore
Lachlan Moore 12 timmar sedan
Now verse Effren Reyes
Anrich Slater
Anrich Slater 12 timmar sedan
Thank you for doing this
Breesh 2K
Breesh 2K 12 timmar sedan
This Man is Smart AF
All Knowledge Philly
All Knowledge Philly 12 timmar sedan
Robots are better than YOU, not Everybody. 😂 That's silly❗ There is literally not a robot in existence that could even come close to replicating that complexity of just the human hand.
Daniel May
Daniel May 12 timmar sedan
wow! this is amazing
NagsterTheGangster 12 timmar sedan
We don't even have MicroCenters in Canada but I signed up for the email anyways to try and show some support! But this is the kind of "useless shit" that advances us as a species. Someone will look at this device and it will be exactly what they need for some crazy-new robot limb for amputees! Yo could you imagine replacing 2 dudes arms with these and have the computers box the meat suits!? So dope! The future is now, old man!
死HaeGang 12 timmar sedan
7:15 Him: “I wanna play the game how its meant to be played” Also him: builds a stick that always hits right
Wall E
Wall E 13 timmar sedan
as a fellow programmer, i could feel that depression in the middle, and that just made me also realise why i came to youtube during work hours
Rivalz 13 timmar sedan
iq too high
George 13 timmar sedan
From the way your girl acts, I bet she leaves you in due time or is cheating on you.
romaneberle 13 timmar sedan
so you want to "enjoy the game of pool the way it was meant to be played", right? lol
John Flores
John Flores 13 timmar sedan
So could you make the perfect break?
antdgar 13 timmar sedan
This is sick
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