Army of the Dead | Official Trailer | Netflix

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In Select Theaters May and on Netflix May 21.
From filmmaker Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen, Zack Snyder’s Justice League), ARMY OF THE DEAD takes place following a zombie outbreak that has left Las Vegas in ruins and walled off from the rest of the world. When Scott Ward (Dave Bautista), a former zombie war hero who’s now flipping burgers on the outskirts of the town he now calls home, is approached by casino boss Bly Tanaka (Hiroyuki Sanada), it’s with the ultimate proposition: break into the zombie-infested quarantine zone to retrieve $200 million sitting in a vault beneath the strip before the city is nuked by the government in 32 hours. With little left to lose, Ward takes on the challenge, assembling a ragtag team of experts for the heist. With a ticking clock, a notoriously impenetrable vault, and a smarter, faster horde of Alpha zombies closing in, only one thing’s for certain in the greatest heist ever attempted: survivors take all.
Starring Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell, Omari Hardwick, Ana de la Reguera, Theo Rossi, Matthias Schweighöfer, Nora Arnezeder, Hiroyuki Sanada, Tig Notaro, Raúl Castillo, Huma Qureshi, Samantha Win, Michael Cassidy, Richard Cetrone, and Garret Dillahunt.
About Netflix:
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Army of the Dead | Official Trailer | Netflix
After a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, a group of mercenaries takes the ultimate gamble by venturing into the quarantine zone for the greatest heist ever.

MrKenSVa 3 timmar sedan
Why does this movie look completely absurd?
Roger Aledal
Roger Aledal 3 timmar sedan
"thumbs down?" lack of humor or great entertainment??? It's looks to be the shit! Can't hardly think the movie will disappoint...looks amaaaaazing :-)
David Navarro
David Navarro 4 timmar sedan
This trailer reminds me of the call of duty ghost live action trailer (epic night out )
Race Bannon
Race Bannon 4 timmar sedan
I am really looking forward to this!
A.M CHANNEL 4 timmar sedan
Even Rios
Even Rios 5 timmar sedan
If NETFLIX is willing to release this in THEATERS...gotta be BIG!!! Can't wait! 30 seconds into the trailer and I was like...I'm in, and I don't usually like zombie movies.
The Avengers Fanatic
The Avengers Fanatic 6 timmar sedan
This Will Be Excellent in about close to 2 weeks mark.
OldManBob 7 timmar sedan
2nd movie I know with a zombie tiger and the first was on syfy
Pinkbui ttv
Pinkbui ttv 9 timmar sedan
2:11 welp. he's dead..
S C 9 timmar sedan
I find Ella Purnell's eyes really cute.
Oleg Krasov
Oleg Krasov 9 timmar sedan
Umbrella Corporation вышла из чата
Nandaah Bon Jovi
Nandaah Bon Jovi 10 timmar sedan
Cadê os Brasileiros que amam ZUMBI? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
jesus alberto gonzalez ortega
jesus alberto gonzalez ortega 12 timmar sedan
y cuando se estrena?
Sadat Rahman
Sadat Rahman 12 timmar sedan
Jeremy Zang
Jeremy Zang 13 timmar sedan
Are these zombies based on the ash vs the army of darkness?
x x
x x 13 timmar sedan
finally good resident evil movie
Arindam Kalita
Arindam Kalita 15 timmar sedan
Train to Busan 2 meets Suicide Squad 2
René K
René K 16 timmar sedan
I don't like it. American exaggeration
Sigori 18 timmar sedan
There is something about smart zombies that i love
Andy Norton
Andy Norton 18 timmar sedan
George A Romero is turning in his grave. It's a big NO from me.
Andy Norton
Andy Norton 17 timmar sedan
@Detective Conan and yet you took time from your busy schedule to reply. Glad to see you get a good signal from your parents basement!!!
Detective Conan
Detective Conan 18 timmar sedan
No one's gonna miss you Andy 👋
Kevin Fernandes
Kevin Fernandes 18 timmar sedan
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Dmalhar __
Dmalhar __ 18 timmar sedan
Most zombie stories have the same structure. Outbreak, shock, seek refuge, conflict, shelter. It's good they're doing something fresh.
Texas Mama
Texas Mama 21 timme sedan
Is this the American version of Penninsula...?
Anmatrix 19 timmar sedan
This movie was done years before peninsula. Nothing to do with that
Martin Scott
Martin Scott 21 timme sedan
Well with zack snyder in it ya know it go to be brilliant massive zombie fan here 😁😁
ben carter
ben carter 21 timme sedan
Read the synopsis... Thought it sounded stolen from dead rising game... Watched trailer, don't care if it borrowed from a great game now.
Mrs. R.D3
Mrs. R.D3 Dag sedan
The vaccinated people are fixing to turn into zombies. Get ready.
Antwain Dozier
Antwain Dozier Dag sedan
When will it premiere on Netflix
Lotfi Mansouri
Lotfi Mansouri Dag sedan
The music ?
Iman Dutta
Iman Dutta Dag sedan
For Zack Snyder !!
Riat Ramadani
Riat Ramadani Dag sedan
Oh! Now the Walking Dead are smarter!
P Danny
P Danny Dag sedan
AMC TO THE MOON! 50Million is the floor!
Huggins1115 Dag sedan
Ahhhhhh,, think they may have literally bitten off more then they can chew. Any director who has made a movie where the zombies are “ smarter “ well they tend to face plant and not last a week without being bombarded by bad reviews. Maybe the cast will change that ?🤔 it does look good though so we will see,, like I Mean the scene where that zombie is more skilled then he is when they are well cqc with the knife, like gtfoh with that bs lmao so fake and unrealistic for a zombie who has a a very very limited outlook on things their dead body and dying brain would allow them to Do
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Dag sedan
Trailer has me pumped
Daniel J. Pugacz
Daniel J. Pugacz Dag sedan
You son of a bitch, I'm in
Vladimir Pochebyt
Vladimir Pochebyt Dag sedan
CGI fest. What happened to real talent?
Anmatrix 22 timmar sedan
Ummm, so can u bring some real zombies and reeal bombs. They will be happy to use real ones then? They did shot on practical locations and cgi needs talent ,boomer more than acting. Tho under the cgi all are actors only
Christina Daniel
Christina Daniel Dag sedan
the movie is groovy
DaCrow Dag sedan
As German I appreciate Matthias Schweighöfer in this amazing cast 🙏
DaCrow Dag sedan
@Rider YT I’m excited because the usual “german cast” is Till Schweiger, but we actually have to offer a lot more, as well as better actors than just him 😂
Rider YT
Rider YT Dag sedan
I'm not German but I know this actor and thats why I'm excited to see his character
Non Stop Gaming Malayalam
Non Stop Gaming Malayalam Dag sedan
No WB, happy☺️
Anmoldeep Singh
Anmoldeep Singh Dag sedan
Hey joe, wanna watch a zombie movie
Freakshoot Dag sedan
Imran Khan
Imran Khan Dag sedan
This deserves to be seen on a big screen
Drew Vinyl
Drew Vinyl Dag sedan
Why would you risk your life for worthless fiat currency? The bullets they use is worth alot more, especially in a zombie apocalypse? Dumb premise.
Anmatrix 22 timmar sedan
Except this is final phase and zombies are defeated. Last of them are trapped in Vegas which will be bombed in 32 hrs. World has already returned to normal. Premise is not dumb, you are who without researching or watching movie came here to comment
Steven Hayes
Steven Hayes Dag sedan
Can't stop watching, lol---great piece of music to go along with this trailer "The Boxer" would also be fitting for the trailer.
Steven Hayes
Steven Hayes 2 dagar sedan
Great trailer, using Kenny Rodgers the gambler! God I hope the Music supervisor is Tyler Bates who worked with Snyder on his other films
Random Marine
Random Marine 2 dagar sedan
KingFalcore 2 dagar sedan
can someone please make among us and Lego video of this trailer?
Shivam Verma
Shivam Verma 2 dagar sedan
This will be fun 😍
sobreaver 2 dagar sedan
In the near future, they had to step up the concept of reality TV
jasethemuss86 2 dagar sedan
Microsoft better be watching this and thinking why don't we throw 200 million at Snyder and Batista and get Gears of War in return.
Joanne Farrugia
Joanne Farrugia 2 dagar sedan
Love the song xx
kim capacity
kim capacity 2 dagar sedan
Could any tell who owns the music in the background
Pamod MK
Pamod MK Dag sedan
@kim capacity gambler
kim capacity
kim capacity Dag sedan
@Pamod MK the title of the song
Pamod MK
Pamod MK Dag sedan
Kenny Rogers
Dragos Spaiuc Dumitru
Dragos Spaiuc Dumitru 2 dagar sedan
This is fashion now, zombies...I think netflix will hit up whit this was dam creasy if was serial movie whit some episodes as game of the thrones or Cernobîl.
Ambrosia Pualoke
Ambrosia Pualoke 2 dagar sedan
Not a zombie movie flick kinda girl... But damn I'm sold
Twin Win
Twin Win 2 dagar sedan
Ryan 777
Ryan 777 2 dagar sedan
After the first evil death, this movie gonna be legend !!!!
Khalil Issami
Khalil Issami 2 dagar sedan
Best trailer of 21
Nayeli Guerra
Nayeli Guerra 2 dagar sedan
im excited for this omg!!✨✨🥳
asteri schuchmann
asteri schuchmann 2 dagar sedan
Mitm Schweighöfer ! :-D
Caleb Nguyo
Caleb Nguyo 2 dagar sedan
The fact that the Gambler is the theme song! Such dope hits with the gun shots! I'm sold. Take my 💰
Faul Milter
Faul Milter 2 dagar sedan
after marathon all of snyder movies, i can say that this movie and dawn of the dead are the only brightest snyder movies.
R.I.P. Decent Society
R.I.P. Decent Society 2 dagar sedan
Zack.....if you see this....please could you make Batzombie vs Superzombie: Dawn of Dead Justice
carlos roberto
carlos roberto 2 dagar sedan
keny rogers the gambler
Star Light
Star Light 2 dagar sedan
Does anyone know the name of the song?
Amaziah Timoti
Amaziah Timoti 2 dagar sedan
The Gambler...... this is gonna be good
Abhishek Pandey
Abhishek Pandey 2 dagar sedan
What would have happened in The Walking Dead if it had these kinds of zombies?
Snipex the 3rd
Snipex the 3rd 2 dagar sedan
Matthias Scheighöfer bekämpft Zombies? xD
Rider YT
Rider YT 2 dagar sedan
Der Rote Kampflieger kämpft sie
Cartoon Entertainment
Cartoon Entertainment 2 dagar sedan
looks promising
Matt Elios
Matt Elios 2 dagar sedan
Thanks Zack, now I have to get Netflix, was trying my best to hold out but nah, not this time.
K. McIntyre
K. McIntyre 2 dagar sedan
SPOILERS: At 1:32 you can see one of the crew dead, and laying on the ground. He is wearing a blue shirt, and there is a bunch of blood on the ground next to his head, and also on the back of the tank. At 2:38, if you pause and look closely, you can see the girl in the red bandana acting like she was hit with something, or possibly even shot. The way she suddenly jerks, her body movement suggests she was shot. These two clues indicate that perhaps these zombies are able to use weapons? Possibly even guns? This is going to be a wicked ride.
Msusii Karizee
Msusii Karizee 2 dagar sedan
I have never ever watched a trailer more than 2 times.. I have rewatched this one for almost 10times!!♑️♑️Is it the song?
Nathaniel Gutelman
Nathaniel Gutelman 2 dagar sedan
This is going to be amazing ! All in with Zack
M. Abdul Rohman Ashari
M. Abdul Rohman Ashari 2 dagar sedan
scorpion is a businessman
Ayush Kumar
Ayush Kumar 2 dagar sedan
0:27 forgot to mention the EPIC = Zack Synder Justice League
Gurpreet Kaur
Gurpreet Kaur 2 dagar sedan
Idk when I have developed my interest into zombie movies... But these kinda movies are my favorite one.... And m sure m gonna love this movie....
JohnnyUzumaki 3 dagar sedan
Imagine they play 115 song during the war part. Man, I would repeat that part more than thousand times lol
TheShock03 3 dagar sedan
Imagine if Snyder kills this movie and Marvel offers him the max?
Anmatrix 2 dagar sedan
Marvel offered him new ghostrider
Soba 3 dagar sedan
When me and the boys are playing Cold War Zombies after spending countless hours over the years playing every other Zombies Gamemode, and are on the 80th Round.
Cartney84 Ian
Cartney84 Ian 3 dagar sedan
it should be "goddamn zombie tiger" for sure 🤣🤣
Marcel St
Marcel St 3 dagar sedan
Matthias Schweighöfer Netflix mit Amerikanischen Schauspielern ich glaub er ist im falschen Film :D Sehr Guter Deutscher Schauspieler :)
Ricky Frampton
Ricky Frampton 3 dagar sedan
This looks bad... And I mean like in the 90's when bad ment good...
Kyle Renaud
Kyle Renaud 3 dagar sedan
This looks like some batshit crazy fun
Ваш Друг
Ваш Друг 3 dagar sedan
Let's do everything so that this never happens in our society. Thank God, now all over the world people are building a Creative Society - where this will be impossible
Hennessy *
Hennessy * 3 dagar sedan
Illuminati is telling us something ... vaccine = zombies ... 😂🤣
Best moments
Best moments 3 dagar sedan
*Всем читающим этот комент, крепкого здоровья, исполнения желаний и всех благ!!!❤*
Onkar Pandhare
Onkar Pandhare 3 dagar sedan
shinzo hasashi wants the $200 mn to hire johnny cage in sequel of mortal kombat....
Blancpain Britt
Blancpain Britt 3 dagar sedan
This looks good
Rohan Pandhare
Rohan Pandhare 3 dagar sedan
The Gambler - Kenny Rogers 🔥 Zack Snyder's Song choice
SPYIDR 18 3 dagar sedan
I love that song the gambler, but this is kinda a train to busan 2 : peninsula RIP off
BATMAN 3 dagar sedan
It's not + this movie was already scripted in 2008
szewei1985 3 dagar sedan
Haha cant wait. I very stoked.
Komal Vishwakarma
Komal Vishwakarma 3 dagar sedan
Ohhhhhh my God..... Huma in a Zack Snyder movie 😯😳😀
Larry Thompson
Larry Thompson 3 dagar sedan
Jeezus yall muhfukas are easily impressed. Hopefully the "SPLOSIONS" live up to your 12 year old mentalities expectations.
Larry Thompson
Larry Thompson 3 dagar sedan
Looks corny af. Sorry. How many silly action tropes can you cram into a film trailer? But it could jam pretty hard based on its action. Also the average nerd loves rehash rebooted tired shit so it'll do well. 🤓
Larry Thompson
Larry Thompson 3 dagar sedan
@BATMAN lol. Nice screen name.
BATMAN 3 dagar sedan
You are on wrong movie. It isn't what it seems.
Cédric Almeida
Cédric Almeida 3 dagar sedan
NETFLIX, thanks for giving us (snyder fans) this movie. I'm a new subscriber since now 🖤
Onyxsolo 3 dagar sedan
Was that a "The Line" video game reference @ 2:29?
Onyxsolo 3 dagar sedan
Movie looks great but who in the hell would cares about 200 million dollars when you got zombies taking over an entire city. Was that a "The Line" video game reference @ 2:29?
Victor Viera
Victor Viera 3 dagar sedan
this is... Suicide Squad with zombies
Kyran Espayos
Kyran Espayos 3 dagar sedan
Wow I super love this movie
Alvin Castor
Alvin Castor 3 dagar sedan
Wow ganda neto
RaHul HaMid
RaHul HaMid 3 dagar sedan
Snyder is bringing the best zombie movie on netlfix. Yayyyy
StormWolf01 3 dagar sedan
The scenario of a heist in a zombie apocalypse was at least very original. However.... smart, organized zombies are a big no-no. Zombies have to be unintelligent, without feeling, unable to communicate, and their zombification should be irreversible. You can't mess with any of that. Otherwise it's not zombies anymore. The zombie tiger looked like a cool enemy though. Could be a valid boss.
Anmatrix 3 dagar sedan
Bruh zombies don't mean dead, zombies are just humans controlled by something. So depends on what is controlling. their origin here is from an experiment in area 51. like real life zombie ants are controlled by a kind of fungus, aren't dead, aren't unintelligent. Just being controlled and are rotting because they can't eat. Zombies ain't a real thing they can be anything what filmaker wants. No need to gatekeep. Due to nothing unique this genre is dying
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