50 Cooking Tips With Gordon Ramsay | Part One

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Gordon Ramsay

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Here are 50 cooking tips to help you become a better chef!
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Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit - po.st/REpVfP

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Energy and Tranquility
Energy and Tranquility 39 minuter sedan
So amazing!
Andrew Wang
Andrew Wang 2 timmar sedan
I have a major calculus test in 2 hours and haven't done any review. Yet I'm here.
Ali Ahrari
Ali Ahrari 4 timmar sedan
Don't ever Pepper your rice.
Traveller Ninja
Traveller Ninja 8 timmar sedan
Nice long strokes.. My dirty mind can't 🤣
caravann26 9 timmar sedan
The hand thing for checking meat temp works unless you have carpel tunnel from being a cheif chin nose cheek is probably better
anonymous6687 13 timmar sedan
Do people eat their basmati rice that wet? It looked halfway to porridge!
Syrnian 16 timmar sedan
Oil in water does not keep pasta from sticking. At best is keeps sauce from sticking to it. This oil in pasta water myth has to die.
Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma 18 timmar sedan
me going to sleep saw this in recommendation okay 20 min more...
Michael Pellarin
Michael Pellarin 19 timmar sedan
He puts the oil into the boiling water for the pasta.... I can't believe that. It's incredible how non Italian people can ruin even the easiest Italian receipt
Michael Pellarin
Michael Pellarin 19 timmar sedan
He is even putting the salt after boiling it dioporco
ParamAmber 20 timmar sedan
The steel at the beginning isn’t a knife sharpener it’s used to straighten the edge so you get a straight cut
josh ferguson
josh ferguson 21 timme sedan
Seeds have no capsaicin, in other words they're not hot. It's the pith that has it.
Uni Corn
Uni Corn 21 timme sedan
Thank you Gordon for this.
banter abc
banter abc 21 timme sedan
Never put salt in to water before it reached the steaming phase of 100°C. Salted water takes A LOT more time to heat up an NEVER reaches 100°C, it stops at 95 or so, and the pasta needs more time to cook. Whereby when putting salt in to 100°C water the temperature reaches over 100 an cooking time is less. Basic Waterphysics
Dzenis 21 timme sedan
Anyone else watching stuff like this before iftar?
Nurul Rasyinah
Nurul Rasyinah 22 timmar sedan
It's useful for culinary students.. Soon I'll.. Hope so.. Tq for sharing sir!
pEppE Sim one
pEppE Sim one 22 timmar sedan
How many lines has he had?
Snow White
Snow White Dag sedan
Please keep teaching is how to cook meats and fish
jonbedet Dag sedan
Very nice tips. Definitely going to use them. :D One correction though. The seeds in chili peppers don't contain most of the heat (capsicum), it's in the white soft tissue that holds the seeds.
Kristian Kiki
Kristian Kiki Dag sedan
Patty Dag sedan
YoImScott Dag sedan
how to keep your knife sharp: sharpen it thank you so much gordon
Akira Pinto Medeiros
Akira Pinto Medeiros Dag sedan
He really messed the part of cooking pasta. It is simply boiling salty water. No olive oil, no salt or pepper after.
meemowchan Dag sedan
For the longest time, I thought the sharpener was a massive skewer lol
Jeannie K
Jeannie K Dag sedan
How do we cut and cook and season an Onion flower
Sofia C.
Sofia C. Dag sedan
the way he smacked that salmon on that cutting board i- nxkfxjsk
Tanya Kucey
Tanya Kucey Dag sedan
They always say 45 degree angle of knife to steel. Then you watch the video and that's not what they were doing (0:49). I really wish somebody would offer a course on how to use a sharpening steel because I have tried for years and just end up making my knives dull. Every time.
Prerana Peeps
Prerana Peeps Dag sedan
Always....always put more water in the rice pan if you want the rice to become it's original fluff and nonsticky. Because more water means the rice is free to MOVE AROUND AND FLUFF. Then you can drain out the extra water till the last drop.
Prerana Peeps
Prerana Peeps Dag sedan
If you have chilly burning sensation you can smother coconut oil as well in case u don't find lemon
Prerana Peeps
Prerana Peeps Dag sedan
Me an Indian watching Gordon remove the seeds of the chilly 👁️👄👁️
Ramona Hystad
Ramona Hystad Dag sedan
You're one of my favorite people Mr Ramsey
Prerana Peeps
Prerana Peeps Dag sedan
Idk for some reason Gordon looking at his fingers @2:35 is so cute!!!!!
YesDeere13 Dag sedan
Always doing the pee pee dance😂
Ace Dag sedan
No oil in pasta water!!
Pierre Rossouw
Pierre Rossouw Dag sedan
My mom (almost 80 now) uses a small paring knife for EVERYTHING. Worst part; the damn thing is so blunt I can't tell the spine from the cutting edge. While she was in hospital recently I put a razor's edge on that knife and, don't laugh, the first time she used it, she sliced right through a peach and into her finger. Don't get me wrong, I love my mother, but she can turn a 2 inch paring knife into a weapon of hand destruction!
Cara Dag sedan
It hurt my soul to see him waste an entire lemon on his spicy fingers. I didn’t realise the line of privilege was a lemon
Skilan 2 dagar sedan
Does he need to pee or why is he moving so weird?
Kai Metso
Kai Metso 2 dagar sedan
Oil in pasta water? What are you doing you DONUT!
Vali Zeth
Vali Zeth 2 dagar sedan
"Screw with confidence"
Pizza Slices
Pizza Slices 2 dagar sedan
"That's perfectly cooked rice". Uhmmm... Not really.
Curiocity 2 dagar sedan
Gordon always looks like he has to pee but feels he has to finish telling you something before he goes.
Gizmometer 2 dagar sedan
''Do not lift that lid off'' *1 second later* ''Lid off'' Gordon, what?
Rown Swager
Rown Swager 2 dagar sedan
Rice is def. overcooked. 400g to 600ml is too much. Basmati always 1:1 Putting oil into pasta water does absolutely nothing. It just floats on top. foken waste! 🤌🤦‍♂️
Michael Maloney
Michael Maloney 2 dagar sedan
12:59 with the slap, pause, and carrying on with the lesson has me dying of laughter
paymaker11 2 dagar sedan
Gordon, if you put oil in your water the grave will not stick. It coats the pasta and your gravy just slides off. I was always told you add salt to the water to get rid of the tinny flavor from the pot. You season afterward. Tell me if I a wrong. 😁
argella1300 2 dagar sedan
6:52 something something something allicin yadda yadda yadda two part epoxy 😉
Chad Mead
Chad Mead 2 dagar sedan
I would love to see Gordon and Bear cooking at a Scouts weekend. It would be interesting to see Gordon essentials kitchen for cooking all the meals.
Andres Alvarez
Andres Alvarez 2 dagar sedan
After a few of the Beatles members, I think as long as he didn't mind, he should be considered for knighthood... As in, at least, for his services to his respective disciplines and the culinary arts realms....
Andres Alvarez
Andres Alvarez 2 dagar sedan
Beautiful. Gracias.
Andres Alvarez
Andres Alvarez 2 dagar sedan
*iTs STill ME* V-i-P
*iTs STill ME* V-i-P 2 dagar sedan
Gordon steels don't sharpen your knife they realign the edge if it's dull it will stay dull
Michelle Callan
Michelle Callan 2 dagar sedan
What's 'leftover wine' ?!?
Rikky Fernando
Rikky Fernando 2 dagar sedan
your editor gives me motion sickness why not try zoom tf out the camera
numchuck180 2 dagar sedan
This camera work is way too close. Can't see what he's doing half the time.
Leonardo M
Leonardo M 3 dagar sedan
OIL IN THE WATER FOR PASTA??? WTF????????? The oil just floats on it, becoming useless!!! You wanna add the oil onto the pasta as soon as you strain away the water, AND NOT BEFORE THAT.
Aks 3 dagar sedan
He always appears to be in a hurry to go to the loo
alla Biliychuk
alla Biliychuk 3 dagar sedan
Need to work on video quality, so close up and jumping back and forth just horrible
Shadow 3 dagar sedan
Is Gordon feeling okay? Coz I think he need the bathroom
Chikiru Uchiha
Chikiru Uchiha 3 dagar sedan
“Lightly Season...” *grabes fistful of salt* ✨🧂✨
Floro Luis Lazo
Floro Luis Lazo 3 dagar sedan
Cool! I learned a lot of neat tips (minus the angry yelling). Thanks Gordon!
fins59 3 dagar sedan
Thank you Gordon, you may go to the loo now.
pieter melkam
pieter melkam 3 dagar sedan
Leftover wine, wait what?
Patrisha NotPatricia
Patrisha NotPatricia 3 dagar sedan
If you’re a person who cooks with chili then you know the chili trick already
Jan Zveglic
Jan Zveglic 3 dagar sedan
Enkel Trik
Enkel Trik 3 dagar sedan
The taboo of salting eggs before cooking has been debunked...so has the room temperature dogma, at least for steak.
Alina Smith
Alina Smith 3 dagar sedan
half of the tips well known from my mother. Ramsey haven't been innovative on them. thanks for reminding them
Caitlyn Ye
Caitlyn Ye 3 dagar sedan
i like how hes the world's best chef and he calls a pot a pan- XD
Koon Troll
Koon Troll 3 dagar sedan
never put oil in water while cooking pasta it puts a coating on it
Eleanor Pikes
Eleanor Pikes 3 dagar sedan
Why on Earth the camera is constantly moving. What an annoying way of filming.
Lithin Pk
Lithin Pk 4 dagar sedan
I like the rice part! basmathi
Grill Simon
Grill Simon 4 dagar sedan
You fucking doughnut you aren‘t sharpening you are honing the knive
MEME DOG 4 dagar sedan
He surely loves tennis
Kurt H
Kurt H 4 dagar sedan
Me at 2 am: Watching this video, not hungry at all, and trying to fall asleep. Me 20 minutes later: goes to kitchen. Wife: Wakes up to see what I'm doing. What I think I'm doing: cooking like Gordon Ramsay. What I'm actually doing: making an idiot sandwich...
kyjennifer 4 dagar sedan
Gordon Ramsay fidgets like an amphetamine addict or coke head.
Cooking Secrets With Sadaf
Cooking Secrets With Sadaf 4 dagar sedan
Sir you can boil potatoes evenly by adding half teaspoon turmeric in boiling water.Potatoes will not left hard from inside.they will evenly boil.try it. I am using that tip for years.
TheSheep Boss
TheSheep Boss 4 dagar sedan
Why was he like Bouncing around the Kitchen XD but I would love to cook with Gordon
vicky reznichenco
vicky reznichenco 4 dagar sedan
Livi Dietrich
Livi Dietrich 4 dagar sedan
So I've either been saying it wrong or the American way (or both) my whole life… (fillet) Me: filAY The King Himself: FILlit
Sarah G.
Sarah G. 4 dagar sedan
My dad taught all my siblings and I about sharpening knives and how dangerous it is to use a dull knife .
ladyward99 4 dagar sedan
I’m a want a be 👩🏽‍🍳 chef compared to him! 😂
Omary Gerena
Omary Gerena 4 dagar sedan
Gordon I'm 22 and I can barely cook a decent dinner. I know you going get on me for this one but I try my best and I make my meals with love.
slangoftheregions 4 dagar sedan
5 ads in a 20 min video. That ad rev man
Hendrik Schokker
Hendrik Schokker 4 dagar sedan
Gordon: 'A good cook wastes nothing' Me: Watching Gordon throw food with the speed of sound up the walls in Hell's Kitchen.
Sunsetz Club
Sunsetz Club 4 dagar sedan
the onion tip he gave is a life saver
Simp4Speedwagon 4 dagar sedan
As an European I love that he is using grams instead of ounces :D
Imre Hillekens
Imre Hillekens 4 dagar sedan
How did we almost let him get away with freezing his tuna?!
It’s Ivy
It’s Ivy 4 dagar sedan
Leftover wine? Do normal people have leftover wine?
Antonio Accurso
Antonio Accurso 4 dagar sedan
Ma dove m...a hai visto fare la pasta?
TheSaiyanKing 4 dagar sedan
Why re-upload this?
Lilibeth Cintrón-Riefkohl
Lilibeth Cintrón-Riefkohl 4 dagar sedan
Bravo!! On the cutting of the onion especially (no waste is the way to go). That level of onion-cutting perfection is simply Not! going to happen for me on this lifetime, a little scary that onion is, but thank you-thank you as always for such wonderful cooking-tips-for-us-non chefs
Highwayman 4 dagar sedan
I went to grab a pint and let the knife do the work
oliver powell
oliver powell 4 dagar sedan
the film crew is going to give me a stroke
Paul H
Paul H 4 dagar sedan
Top tips from a kitchen maestro. Thank you for a great video.
Bubblewhales 45
Bubblewhales 45 4 dagar sedan
14:25 cracked me up he just slapped the salmon back on the table
Jens Spank
Jens Spank 4 dagar sedan
That oil in the Pasta water is absolute bullshit
Jeon Wonwoo’s leg hair
Jeon Wonwoo’s leg hair 4 dagar sedan
5:30 me, putting lemon juice on my hands: the cut i didn’t know was on my finger: allow me to introduce myself
Royane E Khalil
Royane E Khalil 4 dagar sedan
Basmati rice - Pakistani rice
Jemma Cortina
Jemma Cortina 5 dagar sedan
All this wally does is say “ add seasoning “”
irfan ismail
irfan ismail 5 dagar sedan
I'm gonna appreciate my wife bcz she's already doing 100 tips.
irfan ismail
irfan ismail 5 dagar sedan
My wife knows more than him, he's just overreacting. I hope most of the ladies can do better.
Sean Atienza
Sean Atienza 5 dagar sedan
I am back and I can safely say that I am now capable of dicing onions without blinking.
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