24 Hours in Nagasaki | 6 Things to do in Japan's Hidden City

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Abroad in Japan

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Nagasaki is hidden away on Japan's southern coast. We explore the abandoned Gunkanjima Island, enjoy mouthwatering street food and bring back Dr Jelly one last time.
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⛩️ Episode 3: secycle.info/lift/video/aaqzncOLpdOllp0
🏚️ Episode 4: secycle.info/lift/video/bmO8uNt3j7lnrYc
🍲 Episode 5: secycle.info/lift/video/oaqbyY97gryfzYs
🏝️ The Lost Islands Series Trailer: secycle.info/lift/video/jHu0mthjj6mjq2Y

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Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan 11 dagar sedan
NOTIFICATION SQUAD: The end of an era! The most action-packed, ridiculous series we've seen on Abroad in Japan, filled with volcanoes, airplanes, horses, abandoned islands and even an iTunes chart topping hit. A big thank you to you all for watching along. It's a tough series to beat, but perhaps we can make it happen later on this year (once I've recovered from this one). And a special thanks to the Abroad in Japan Patreon community for turning this mad idea into a reality ( www.patreon.com/abroadinjapan ). Now go back and re-watch the entire series! 2 hours of back-to-back mayhem! secycle.info/number/PLSOR9_iNzVflGF8OZwBqYH4mxDXvlkpSX
Jet Shadowcrow
Jet Shadowcrow 2 dagar sedan
That was a fantastic ending to this JAJ. And am anticipating your next video. Also, would like to see Chris do another live stream.
Arnel Alijagic
Arnel Alijagic 3 dagar sedan
Could you make a video how it is to work as a English teacher in Tokyo 😄 would appreciate it a lot
Mike Hernandez
Mike Hernandez 4 dagar sedan
I mean this when I say it, Chris literally sounds like a scholar when he speaks about Japan, you can tell how much love he has for the country! Good man! Much love!
Kerfunk 7 dagar sedan
you deserve an award for ''best youtube series'' i had a blast watching this and im excited for next years journey across japan!
wowalinbie 7 dagar sedan
I don't think your hair is shit, Chris. It's okay.
XXZXOZKXLXTON 30 minuter sedan
Chris belly looks bigger
bgregz 40 minuter sedan
this is so special :)
Dirty Dave
Dirty Dave 3 timmar sedan
I love this channel. Japan does aesthetic like no other.
109reaper 7 timmar sedan
Am I the only one who thinks Chris looks a bit like MrBallen?
Black TmarTn
Black TmarTn 8 timmar sedan
This is easily the best out of the Dr. Jelly trilogy, I’d say it deserves multiple awards
Jason Phillips
Jason Phillips 8 timmar sedan
You guys seem like solid dudes
Meowmeow 12 timmar sedan
My absolute favorite SEcycle channel. This was terrific. 😁
john banwell
john banwell 13 timmar sedan
This is a brilliant channel. Much better than any BBC travel show.
Heather _
Heather _ 17 timmar sedan
Natsuki is a good actor lol
Ellen Firestone
Ellen Firestone 17 timmar sedan
Thanks for the great video! Loved Ian in curlers!
Chrisjen Vizzuso
Chrisjen Vizzuso 19 timmar sedan
I love your channel but you have to shake the damn daily video ball thing to make people believe you didnt pe-select
Chrisjen Vizzuso
Chrisjen Vizzuso 19 timmar sedan
chris after waching more you definitly pre selected it -______- i wont tell the peons who think the other 2 had a chance
Joshua 21 timme sedan
Amazing series!
King Khan
King Khan 21 timme sedan
I'm so glad to see a return of Dr Jelly
CYBRCDZEN 22 timmar sedan
Fuckin hell you guys are hilarious
James Muirhead
James Muirhead 22 timmar sedan
Part of me would like to see how they manage a Dr Jelly KY advert... But part of me wants to run away screaming!!!
Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho
Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho 23 timmar sedan
Rairikky The Espeon
Rairikky The Espeon Dag sedan
Oh yes, I would definetly buy Dr Jelly product!!
Kimmy Dag sedan
Was that tokyo lens haha
Yoshiya Hasegawa
Yoshiya Hasegawa Dag sedan
Doctor jelly part three well there will be a forth that's for sure.
Muhamad Mahzan
Muhamad Mahzan Dag sedan
best series on youtube
sybylo Dag sedan
The ad was hilarious!!!
John Galarza
John Galarza Dag sedan
You are without a doubt my favorite content creator online. I really appreciate all the work you put into letting us live vicariously through you and your adventures.
Clare Dag sedan
I went up that mountain on Shogun Burger's opening night and it was packed! Unfortunately by the time I got to the front of the queue, they were all sold out :( Guess I'll just have to go back and try that triple cheeseburger for myself! As always, great content Chris and co., this series was hilarious! Looking forward to more :)
R N A Dag sedan
Easily one of the best series on SEcycle
Sgt SealCluber
Sgt SealCluber Dag sedan
Damn you!! I almost teared up thinking about the Anime Film "In this Corner of the World" while watching this. Such a good film!
Epicon 6
Epicon 6 Dag sedan
Not enough volcano in Nagasaki
Li li
Li li Dag sedan
Sambadi Dag sedan
found my new fav channel! yay!
Chandan Bhatt
Chandan Bhatt Dag sedan
At least Natsuki didn't suggest Dr KY Jelly. 🤐
amigurumigirl Dag sedan
So sad it’s over!! Great series.
BeatBlox Gaming
BeatBlox Gaming Dag sedan
Hearing that burger is a monster burger really makes me question how I maintain my weight.
MarceloOmegaAGDM Dag sedan
You realize you now have to make a Dr. Jelly movie and Anime right?
Fletch 3236
Fletch 3236 Dag sedan
my favourite ep
Warai Otoko
Warai Otoko Dag sedan
Po prostu wspaniale. Reklama to czyste zloto :)
Shadow-Kr Dag sedan
having a meal while watching your video always makes them tastier!!!
Oldmanfunky Dag sedan
The quality of this series is fantastic.
Corin Moloughney
Corin Moloughney Dag sedan
Somehow that was thee most superb Dr "hair" Jelly EVER!!! bravo! 👍👏👏👏
Abigail D'Costa
Abigail D'Costa Dag sedan
How amazing!!!! You guys are so creative !!! The Dr Jelly was superb!! Journey Across Japan has been incredible !!!! Joey, Natsuki and Chris make an incredibly interesting team!! 👍🙌👋
DaddelZeit Dag sedan
Just imagine "Dr Jelly" gets an actual brand. Instantly No1.BEST and well known japanese brand. It's like a magic!
Future Skeletons
Future Skeletons 2 dagar sedan
Dr KY Jelly
ERR Win 2 dagar sedan
Dr jelly trilogy > Dark knight trilogy 😭
Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin 2 dagar sedan
@19:58 ,is that Ryan Reynolds, how did you afford him ;)
colecold? 2 dagar sedan
Could you please put subtitles. It will be helpful for deaf people:)
James Howlett
James Howlett 2 dagar sedan
Lol, Tokyo lens.
Lewis 1992
Lewis 1992 2 dagar sedan
Joey must always carry his lab coat with him on these journeys, just in case. XD
Amada Pittaluga
Amada Pittaluga 2 dagar sedan
What I love the most is that when Joey is playing Dr. Jelly he looks like he is about to burst out laughing and that makes me lmao 🤣
Ali Hassan Baig
Ali Hassan Baig 2 dagar sedan
Some of the best work ever on SEcycle !!!
Dipesh Pankhania
Dipesh Pankhania 2 dagar sedan
Good job Chris!
malkavian 2 dagar sedan
This deserves to be on Netflix
FightOn777 2 dagar sedan
I like the Norm cameo lol
UnwrittenSpade 2 dagar sedan
Sweet bad brains shirt
Jijivisha जिजीविषा
Jijivisha जिजीविषा 2 dagar sedan
Wow it's suprising how the nature is very accurate to the german and Switzerland one! Beautiful ❤️
Constant Throwing
Constant Throwing 2 dagar sedan
Well done on this, you lot. Really good work. Best thing on telly, YT, subscription services, etc. Genuinely embarrassing the tv and film industry with content like this.
Jose Alberto Hernandez Borrego
Jose Alberto Hernandez Borrego 2 dagar sedan
jelly across japan
Miky Sanabria
Miky Sanabria 2 dagar sedan
'Dr. Jelly' 10:44 ...or Morel from Hunter x Hunter?
Pall Mall
Pall Mall 2 dagar sedan
WOw. You're #1!
Toyama 2 dagar sedan
19:29 Menu in a salon, perhaps Natsuki should open a Salon Cafe 😂😂😂
Yanzo Banzo
Yanzo Banzo 2 dagar sedan
18:08 I love the way Natsuki slammed his cup down in denial. xD
Jay-r Castillo
Jay-r Castillo 2 dagar sedan
Is this really the end of the series?!, I hope they make S2.
Bird 2 dagar sedan
IrishRepoMan 2 dagar sedan
"First one to finish their burger wins my friendship forever." "Actually, nevermind."
Funny Memes
Funny Memes 2 dagar sedan
NO1. BEST! Comedy!
Funny Memes
Funny Memes 2 dagar sedan
I saw the Dr Jelly compilation video. Pretty funny.
Eugene Elkin
Eugene Elkin 2 dagar sedan
🤣NICE AWES0ME C00L_ 🍨🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚 💨 🍮 🥧 🍡 🍧 🍨 🍦 🍰 ❗ 🐬 🌺 🌺 🌺 🥀 🌹 🌷 🍁 💐🍂 🐡🐄 🐅 🐆 🐯 🍣 🍣 🍣 🥘 🍨🍨🍨
V Sneed
V Sneed 2 dagar sedan
Random Norm sighting :D
Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen
Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen 2 dagar sedan
Dr. Jelly. Third time: lube jelly 😁😂
Pride A.
Pride A. 2 dagar sedan
Keith Fox
Keith Fox 2 dagar sedan
How do you edit so fast? Is Ian your editor now?
Q 2 dagar sedan
love it!
Bouslama Karim
Bouslama Karim 2 dagar sedan
Dr. Jelly is amazing! You should do Dr. Durex Jelly! hhhh
El Gato Mal
El Gato Mal 2 dagar sedan
Dr. Jelly. The man the Legend! Awesome episode guys!
mrclueuin 2 dagar sedan
Another great Video you Guys! Mind you look at Joey and his enabling of Chris with Pork Buns and Flower shaped Ice Cream! Joey, why you trying to get your Boy so chubby! LOL (Don't worry Chris I'll grow to love your Love Handles!) 😉
Daniel St.
Daniel St. 2 dagar sedan
Abroad in Japan should do a whole Dr Jelly range from each Journey Across Japan. It would be the most random range ever. A perfect fit with the Japanese service and products industries.
SgtBaha 2 dagar sedan
Much love to the crew and to Jelly Across Japan!
IudiciumInfernalum 2 dagar sedan
Good grief this was worth the wait!
SL Gundam
SL Gundam 2 dagar sedan
It's a shame they did not visit the MUSIC CAFE Crazy Horse. Oh wel maybe next time.
Tired Person
Tired Person 2 dagar sedan
12:54 thought that was a discrod ping
Tobiky 2 dagar sedan
These journey series are so good, I'm genuinely addicted
Pocketsoviet 2 dagar sedan
Burger king "Beef 100%" Tesco Burger "Horse 100%"
Haidar 2 dagar sedan
That ad is epic
rain sarcasm
rain sarcasm 2 dagar sedan
I actually yelled NORM when I saw him pop up hahaha
Meat 3 dagar sedan
this made me crave for ice cream
Noodles 3 dagar sedan
That was amazing
CallMehDustyNinja 3 dagar sedan
I just want to go visit Japan again
FredJiam 3 dagar sedan
Awesome Bad Brains T!!!!!!
Heuuu 3 dagar sedan
Jelly across Japan
Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker 3 dagar sedan
Loved watching journey across Japan always enjoyed it great work guys keep up the hard work.. and anyone know where to buy that jacket that joey had on????
RageElixir 3 dagar sedan
Joey is secretly Matt Stonie
drshneeplestein 3 dagar sedan
I like how it's become a tradition with doctor jelly getting electrocuted at the end
nlcs 3 dagar sedan
Clearly not hidden well enough.
Dani 3 dagar sedan
We need more Dr. Jelly.
Gradasi x FTQO
Gradasi x FTQO 3 dagar sedan
this series is so fun, please keep it up
Skywoble Ross
Skywoble Ross 3 dagar sedan
Dr.Hair Jelly! 👏👏👏
Subir Majumder
Subir Majumder 3 dagar sedan
Hi Chris, following your suggestions in AIJ podcast, I watched Cat Nation. Apparently, it is also available in curiosity stream. I don't know about peoples in Amazon, it is rated 93% in curiosity stream. I also did enjoy the documentary. Keep up the good work!
sally fox
sally fox 3 dagar sedan
Such fun! Pure bliss to watch.
Katarjana 3 dagar sedan
SO GOOD! Thank you for sharing! :)
Luis Banda
Luis Banda 3 dagar sedan
The description says "bring back doctor jelly one more time." Please reconsider
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