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Over powerrrrrr😍😍😍😍😍😆😆😆🥰🥰
vikhil Rao
vikhil Rao 37 sekunder sedan
sasha braus
sasha braus 3 minuter sedan
Title should be tesher x zomato
PARVEEN RAJGOTRA 3 minuter sedan
I love jalebi ❤️
sasha braus
sasha braus 5 minuter sedan
Bhai jalebi giveaway kardo 🤣🤣
Year 2000 Army
Year 2000 Army 6 minuter sedan
Where is Shakkarpare ?
zaimi mini
zaimi mini 8 minuter sedan
Singing this at my cousin wedding 😂😂😂
swapnali Dabhade
swapnali Dabhade 11 minuter sedan
When I heard about Jalebi then I have to comment on this video because an Indian cannot forget about sweet jalebi!!
Amit Jayant
Amit Jayant 25 minuter sedan
This is lit 🔥
Nuj kurdish
Nuj kurdish 30 minuter sedan
Yeah boy 🔥🔥🔥
All You Need  ☑
All You Need ☑ 30 minuter sedan
tell me, how many times Jason spun in this video ?
Kartik Mehra
Kartik Mehra 37 minuter sedan
Nice song 🧐
Rishi Manu
Rishi Manu 37 minuter sedan
2:09 BABY, I JUST HEAR Jalebi Baby
Shikha saikia kalita
Shikha saikia kalita 40 minuter sedan
U guys are awesome 😎 ..... This song is going so viral here in India 🇮🇳...... We were proud of u ❤️💕.. ur Bhangra, and ur dress up was sooooooo amazing 🌈🖤...loved it ❤️ .....and also lotssss 🖤 of love 💕 from India 🇮🇳......
1M 40 minuter sedan
Jelebi Bai ✌️
pavan chandani
pavan chandani 43 minuter sedan
Loved it
Bandana Kumari
Bandana Kumari 44 minuter sedan
Loved the bhangra at 2:47
Анара Хасенова
Анара Хасенова 48 minuter sedan
Emmanuel Eden
Emmanuel Eden 50 minuter sedan
🔥Sponsored by ZOMATO Jalebi Baby🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤩🤩🤩
Prema poojary
Prema poojary 54 minuter sedan
This song was sweeter than jalebi 😍😍😍 can't stop listening🔥🔥🔥u peeple killed it ❤️❤️❤️
ShadowPulveriser 56 minuter sedan
I love how you can always tell if it's a Jason Derulo song considering he sings it every song in the beginning.
clout TV
clout TV 56 minuter sedan
Best Bollywood, Hollywood duo
asjad khan
asjad khan 59 minuter sedan
Rahul Prasad
Rahul Prasad Timme sedan
I swear I heard this song somewhere earlier.. just didn't had any Clue, it was one of Jason's ❤️🤣🤣🤣
Gopal Jat
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Indian loves you
lilj0e Timme sedan
eating a jalebi and watching this is such a vibe.
Zeynep Atar
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Jason bi şarkıya da karışma be abi ya
Rupa Biyani
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Is it just me or anyone else too read comments while listening the song...!
Ronaldo Ronaldo
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زلابية غير شكوبستان لي يعرفوها
Hasin Hussain
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Indian Jalebi ₹ 260 / Kilogram(s)
ST gaming
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Jalebi Indian sweet dish lots of love from India 🇮🇳♥️♥️♥️
Samrat Chakraborty
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Right now Indian Jalebi lovers like, JALEBI JALEBI ❤️
Maniteja Hanumandla
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Derulo + Bhangra =Dope
Xeno 207
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2:58 it should be Young Jesus And Derulloo
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Preety Bhardwaj
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is this shot in inadia
SU meet
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Jalebi lovers 👍👈
Ashish Sonaniya
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Awesome Loved it... You guys should make more videos together ❤️❤️
Om Prakash
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Indian parents be like - 37m likes for jalebi 😂
Simi Kaur
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I realised I'm watching Zomato ad without a skip
Bames Jond
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I am from Pakistan and i have Enjoyed This Song more than any other song.
Rizwan Mohammed Abdul
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Jalebi from Zomato!😍😁
Muralidas K
Muralidas K Timme sedan
He is so handsome with his hair and beard ❤😂😍❤
malar ajith
malar ajith 2 timmar sedan
Love this song jelebi
Ritu Gupta
Ritu Gupta 2 timmar sedan
Zomato ka promotion bhi kar diya jalebi ki wajah se 🤣🤣
Abstify 2 timmar sedan
Yay, Indian culture out on the scene now!
Risvanti, S.Pd.
Risvanti, S.Pd. 2 timmar sedan
it is really nice song. Love it so much ❣️
barun Sinha
barun Sinha 2 timmar sedan
Jalebi is really very yummy 😋🤤
barun Sinha
barun Sinha 2 timmar sedan
@Shanya Bisnathsingh 😍
Shanya Bisnathsingh
Shanya Bisnathsingh 2 timmar sedan
Yesss 🤤
Astha Shah
Astha Shah 2 timmar sedan
I don't know why but listening to this out of nowhere I start to sing jalebi bai song 😂
nada Alhrbi
nada Alhrbi 2 timmar sedan
اكو عرب في الطياره🤣
c.y Yıldız
c.y Yıldız 2 timmar sedan
Aras Kocak
Aras Kocak 2 timmar sedan
Nice brooooooo
4MT19MT017_ Dhruva Jadhav
4MT19MT017_ Dhruva Jadhav 2 timmar sedan
The beginning is really mind-blowing.
Jayendra Pratap
Jayendra Pratap 2 timmar sedan
Wtf.. I didn't knew this song had Jason Derulo in it.. 🤣
vinamra Timme sedan
The original one didn't
Mikha S
Mikha S 2 timmar sedan
sumaiya borsha
sumaiya borsha 2 timmar sedan
এটা জিলাপি not jelebi😁
DIALLO DALIBA 2 timmar sedan
Theresa Cabaneros
Theresa Cabaneros 2 timmar sedan
Jalibe Indian sweet is my favorite.. proud from Philippines 🤗🤗🤗
Theresa Cabaneros
Theresa Cabaneros 2 timmar sedan
Jalibe my fav indian sweat ❤️❤️❤️
Asha Self
Asha Self 2 timmar sedan
Next time someone tries to say we ain’t allies✊🏾😎loving the brownskin Asian ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
faizan asad
faizan asad 2 timmar sedan
Jalebi is a desi dessert Which has a crazy populaity in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. It's just too sweet and you just can't have enough of it. The songs makes me crave for it 😂
Oveeya Vendon
Oveeya Vendon 2 timmar sedan
Jason out here looking like a whole meal! <3
Kornel Kłosowski footbal
Kornel Kłosowski footbal 2 timmar sedan
Jelebi (not jalebi ) in Google translator croatian means fuck me really
Kornel Kłosowski footbal
Kornel Kłosowski footbal 2 timmar sedan
Aquamen + jalebi baby =👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄
Glitcher Noob
Glitcher Noob 2 timmar sedan
23k jalebi haters dislikes the video
ISAAC CLARKE 2 timmar sedan
Jalebi Bai🤣🤣
NARGA FF 2 timmar sedan
RANDONAUT BLITZ 2 timmar sedan
Ok in that thumbnail Jason is posing a sensitive sign with his hand 😳😭
Reshica Belostrino
Reshica Belostrino 3 timmar sedan
wow i like jalebi chicken joy love the song
Rama Pandey
Rama Pandey 3 timmar sedan
Who noticed that Indian tri color above that jhoomar
Knightfury 3 timmar sedan
Fathima Farziya
Fathima Farziya 3 timmar sedan
മലയാളി ഉണ്ടോ എങ്കിൽ like അടിച്ചോളി
Galaxz Galaxz
Galaxz Galaxz 36 minuter sedan
ഉണ്ട് 😁
Sharon Diva
Sharon Diva 3 timmar sedan
Okay this man is soo fine damn I'm talking bout Tesher
ambros25guitar 3 timmar sedan
Nice. I love dis💖
Franz Stephen Cortes
Franz Stephen Cortes 3 timmar sedan
#Jollibee baby 😂 @franzstephencortes
Bring it on
Bring it on 3 timmar sedan
Should have been selected a cute indian girl instead of her
Mohamed Aaqib
Mohamed Aaqib 3 timmar sedan
Ok now every songwriter is trying to make their song a tik tok trend
Bring it on
Bring it on 3 timmar sedan
They (Zomato) paid know 😂
💜bts army ♡
💜bts army ♡ 3 timmar sedan
Ending 😂 🤣
💜bts army ♡
💜bts army ♡ 3 timmar sedan
Jalebi baby 💗