Live with Cardi B
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Ana clara purificação Santos
Ana clara purificação Santos Timme sedan
Prekhya sarkar
Prekhya sarkar Timme sedan
Is she singing or fighting..
T N Timme sedan
Is no-one gonna talk abt how they were kissing and liking her tounge
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Alex D DGO
Alex D DGO 2 timmar sedan
thats crazy cardi b and six9 be the best videos. you guys be killing it and turnt up.💯💯💯💯
Kyle Thomas
Kyle Thomas 2 timmar sedan
MIR IS TRIPPIN. This beat sounds nothing like there stuck song...
ismael arrieta
ismael arrieta 2 timmar sedan
Ivania Garcia
Ivania Garcia 2 timmar sedan
up up up up up up up u[p u p u o
ANITA COMUNALE 2 timmar sedan
لوفي 2 timmar sedan
Jayanta Maharana
Jayanta Maharana 2 timmar sedan
SEcycle is a pervert
nightsky Timme sedan
Ikr so gross and disgusting.
Soar tiger
Soar tiger 2 timmar sedan
I’m happy my mom don’t know English
Ronaldo 2 timmar sedan
This song makes me feel like the baddest bitch, but I’m a dude
Sudath de Groot
Sudath de Groot 2 timmar sedan
ベアテディ 2 timmar sedan
I’m glad she’s happy. I miss her old nose.
Charday Ellena
Charday Ellena 2 timmar sedan
Out of all her videos I love this one the most ❤️ because of her DANCE routine... She Killin it 💯 I'm kinda tired of seeing videos of just twerking!! Ijs...
Sebas Erdozain
Sebas Erdozain 2 timmar sedan
I can't stop listening to her ♥ ️
Victor Faria
Victor Faria 2 timmar sedan
Como sempre, dona Cardi B entregando tudo que pedimos.
Monyelle Harleaux
Monyelle Harleaux 2 timmar sedan
When the hell did u post dis
ARIANA GRANDE 2 timmar sedan
if its uppp
Jaynie Del Rio
Jaynie Del Rio 2 timmar sedan
Cardi B sings and raps is how real life is! I Love you so much Cardi B ✨💖✨
ARIANA GRANDE 2 timmar sedan
Zax Ultra
Zax Ultra 2 timmar sedan
Shes so fine its stupid
Karol Fudalej
Karol Fudalej 2 timmar sedan
Weard tiger outfit
leezy face
leezy face 2 timmar sedan
I don't have a ring but I have a Ferrari watch
janis1110 2 timmar sedan
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez 2 timmar sedan
this shows youtubes a simp.they took down pewdipies coco but this is still a simp
Ilayda Akcay
Ilayda Akcay 2 timmar sedan
I love tis song
zxr tq
zxr tq 2 timmar sedan
Jiya Desai
Jiya Desai 2 timmar sedan
Sometimes idk why but I just feel Kylie is dumb...... NO OFFENSE BUT idk why it's just..... She's kinda looks dumb....
Prem Kumar
Prem Kumar 2 timmar sedan
Sidehero101 2 timmar sedan
Coco: your dog is not in heaven it is rotting in the yard SEcycle: So you have chosen ban Wap: nudity with no age restrictions SEcycle:hmm seems fine for me.
Javielis Nicole Vargas Tiru
Javielis Nicole Vargas Tiru 2 timmar sedan
*im starting to feel like a rap god*
yağız Köse
yağız Köse 2 timmar sedan
sayed abdulla
sayed abdulla 2 timmar sedan
I know thats right This is the most i like in the whole song 😂😂😂
Tebello Phalatsi
Tebello Phalatsi 2 timmar sedan
Why they playing Like that during a pandemic?
Rikki Robinson
Rikki Robinson 2 timmar sedan
I am astonished at the amount of work put into this during a pandemic. Go Cardi true artistry
Noemy Lopez
Noemy Lopez 2 timmar sedan
We are almost to 1 billion views
My Pet
My Pet 2 timmar sedan
This is not your first time watching this ....... 🤣🤣
Pabel Then
Pabel Then 2 timmar sedan
is the best the Ay Love You
Azaï Records
Azaï Records 2 timmar sedan
!! Jerusalema Moroccan Style! @ueGs
Jeremy Peña
Jeremy Peña 2 timmar sedan
Este vídeo parece un documental de contaminación con tanto plástico 🧐😳🤣
The Grand Inquisitor
The Grand Inquisitor 2 timmar sedan
It's all *Nicki Minaj* to me.
Adelyn Bido
Adelyn Bido 2 timmar sedan
See bueno 😃👌👌👌
Majo Moussatche
Majo Moussatche 2 timmar sedan
Doha Rharbal
Doha Rharbal 2 timmar sedan
Gaara no subaku
Kniff Part
Kniff Part 2 timmar sedan
Nice drip troy
Kniff Part
Kniff Part 2 timmar sedan
Pay wen u can in hersheys
Esraa Ashraf
Esraa Ashraf 2 timmar sedan
Wtf is this?
GatoMallow 2 timmar sedan
It’s so sad to see youtube bend over for big corporate entities and allow them to break rules just so susan gets an extra few bucks
sleep paralysis
sleep paralysis 2 timmar sedan
1:57 why does this part sound like cl hello bitches
Kameria Taylor
Kameria Taylor 2 timmar sedan
Yes kylie slay
AnimeLover 2 timmar sedan
1:43 Here is the tiktok part
h k
h k 2 timmar sedan
cardi's choreo is always so good
ymecool323dd 2 timmar sedan
What did she just say
Lânchâem KUKI
Lânchâem KUKI 2 timmar sedan
The directors of this music video got a free porn lol 😹😹😹
Barbare Barbakadze
Barbare Barbakadze 2 timmar sedan
Finally some Christian music!🙄🙏🏼
Giorgia Dolcini
Giorgia Dolcini 2 timmar sedan
cardi b with white dress: OMG
The moon shining For us
The moon shining For us 2 timmar sedan
1:34 red girl and 1:40 red girl ooppsss
Mariivsprincess 2 timmar sedan
Merces Oliveira
Merces Oliveira 2 timmar sedan
NAO 😠😠
Anjum nazila Muskaan
Anjum nazila Muskaan 2 timmar sedan
I hate her so much
Shm 2 timmar sedan
SEcycle on SpongeBob video: age restricted Also SEcycle:
Dima 2 timmar sedan
Yung Dza 😎🔥
Zaillol Namikaze
Zaillol Namikaze 3 timmar sedan
1:08-1:11 so we just gonna ignore that part.