tommyBig Head DeeJay
tommyBig Head DeeJay 3 timmar sedan
How about the jocker? Is the bad versión ....dont you think?😕😕😕😕😕😕
The Shadow Man
The Shadow Man 3 timmar sedan
I really like this new version. Looks really good. Also I'd like if Sam raimi made his version of spiderman 3 from 2007. #realisetheraimicut
Empire Fan Productions
Empire Fan Productions 3 timmar sedan
Ben Affleck is literally Bruce Wayne here, he’s my favorite portrayal of Batman! His charisma, wit and dark personality is so strong. One smile he puts on, the perfect mask to wear as Bruce to hide as the Dark Knight. Can’t wait to see his true character arc continue in JL compared to the one that we don’t talk about anymore...
Roslyn Amaya
Roslyn Amaya 3 timmar sedan
i enjoyed watching the first season on TBS when it originally came out but now I can really appreciate being a tad bit older
Tom Turner
Tom Turner 4 timmar sedan
If the news about Superman being recast is true, I’m done with DC on film. Cavill is perfect.
Erik Grimaldo
Erik Grimaldo 4 timmar sedan
Season 2 here we go
Aimal Gerowal
Aimal Gerowal 4 timmar sedan
Looks like a sequel
Shubham Rajpal
Shubham Rajpal 4 timmar sedan
basically looks like a copy of criminal justice season 1
Mahmud Goku
Mahmud Goku 4 timmar sedan
Möbius is Marvel character what is he doing here ?
Christian Ramirez
Christian Ramirez 3 timmar sedan
I didnt see him where
O-Dog Kubrick
O-Dog Kubrick 4 timmar sedan
Ben Affleck looks badass as the new Batman. Besides, I haven’t seen a Ben Affleck movie in years!! And Jesse Eisenberg is excellent as Lex Luther. Hilarious also.
Alan Hernandez
Alan Hernandez 4 timmar sedan
Es Persona = People
Nick Dorenkamp
Nick Dorenkamp 4 timmar sedan
So far season 2 is better than season 1. I watched the first half of 2 last night and man it was fun. Although they can dial it back on the movie references. Also Alex kinda does have a point about cellphones emphasis on kinda.
Dark Syde
Dark Syde 4 timmar sedan
Snyder : I need dc fans. I’m building an alliance. To defend ourselves. From WB.
J15 Ventura
J15 Ventura 4 timmar sedan
Movie is gonna suck
MrAizaz 3 timmar sedan
@J15 Ventura Not good but nearing GOATness
MrAizaz 3 timmar sedan
@J15 Ventura Wandavision is good tho.. But my scope is aimed for this
J15 Ventura
J15 Ventura 3 timmar sedan
@Brightburn bro wandavision is more interesting than this movie and is only 25 minute episodes 😂😂😂😂
Brightburn 3 timmar sedan
Marvel sucks cry baby
Duplex_YT 4 timmar sedan
Edzhjus 4 timmar sedan
Except Earth Sun does not fuel same way Krypton Sun does. 😢
Dima Smirnov
Dima Smirnov 4 timmar sedan
Llegamos a los 19.6M hoy? Yo creo que si ;) #UsUnited #SnyderCut
F44B3 4 timmar sedan
Mileena: "You wanna know how I got these scars?"
Saqeeb Amaan
Saqeeb Amaan 4 timmar sedan
Wow nice this amazing
Revelation 4 timmar sedan
Loved this movie when I went to watch it at the movie theater and always will 👍
Connor Duncan
Connor Duncan 4 timmar sedan
Weird hearing some of the clips without the original soundtrack in the background, it's like a whole different perspective for some reason
crazy gujju
crazy gujju 5 timmar sedan
Save martha
Save martha 5 timmar sedan
Batman about to kill superman, superman scream save martha, batman realizing superman is human afterall, they become bff
Brightburn 3 timmar sedan
Marvel is trash comedy
Benjamin Sorensen
Benjamin Sorensen 4 timmar sedan
@Save martha No thanks; you've already put forth enough stupidity for one day. It's a kind offer on your part, though.
MrAizaz 4 timmar sedan
@Anmatrix Let him rot in misery.
Anmatrix 4 timmar sedan
@Save martha see we don't need to protect anything from you. The only thing bothering us is if u don't like the movie of zacks movies why are you here trying to spread hate. There is no reason behind it. It's ok if u think we are cultist or crazy or bots. Let us enjoy. At least we don't go on mcu trailer to spread hate like u guys do.
Anmatrix 4 timmar sedan
@Save martha common aliens were fighting there. He sees supes trying to defeat zod going down with pieces of waynes sattelite. The problem wasn't mainly because he was alien. It was simply because he was too powerful. What if he goes bad... He could destroy the earth. That's all was in movie. The plot of civil war was way dumber. Just a parody of bvs
Smarties 5 timmar sedan
Someone please tell me that they are still working on the cgi because that cyborg shot throws me off, and I want cyborg to look good
zhengyingli 4 timmar sedan
Smarties Yes, they are. Iris's car has much more detail in this trailer than the previous trailers. Plus, it's possible that Cyborg shot look wonky because it's merely a placeholder so we're not spoiled by how he really looks in the Knightmare sequences.
Anmatrix 5 timmar sedan
They are. They say they are working till movie releases. Also the trailer on SEcycle even in 720 won't look good as movie is in imax. In movie it will be alright
Abominatrix650 5 timmar sedan
Looks cool. Hope all goes well.
CARPAINTM3MES 4 timmar sedan
@Anmatrix Also, SILENCE Kellum Dietz
Abominatrix650 5 timmar sedan
They're just randos in the comments section. They are nothing.
Anmatrix 5 timmar sedan
@CARPAINTM3MES ya I know. Not one there are many here all of a sudden. One by name baka gamer. Something needs to be done
CARPAINTM3MES 5 timmar sedan
@Anmatrix One troll goes by the name: SAVE MARTHA
Anmatrix 5 timmar sedan
Just look for trolls in comment section
Shahil Swarup
Shahil Swarup 5 timmar sedan
Please give a proper haircut to Superman this time.
Alejandro Lopez
Alejandro Lopez 5 timmar sedan
Who else thought this was a video game adaptation?
Anmatrix 5 timmar sedan
Wtf another wave of trolls guys. No need to reply to any of these. These trolls are bakagamer, save martha, killinwrillin. Don't interact with them. U know ur right.
justchilling 5 timmar sedan
This look fan made 😭 also Snyder got a lot of movies coming out .
Benjamin Sorensen
Benjamin Sorensen 4 timmar sedan
It's safe to say Zack Snyder is a fan, yes.
Anmatrix 5 timmar sedan
Stop crying troll. People know his worth he is a great director
soy yo
soy yo 5 timmar sedan
Stop crying
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez 5 timmar sedan
Henry Cavill and Ben Aflleck were both top tier casting for their characters!...🦸🦸🦸🦇🦇🦇
Soap MACtavish
Soap MACtavish 5 timmar sedan
My fav superhero movie of all time
Michael TH
Michael TH 5 timmar sedan
oh i would love to do this for a living
Kain Stellitano
Kain Stellitano 5 timmar sedan
one of da best scenes in cinematic history
Prasanth kumar Dummu
Prasanth kumar Dummu 5 timmar sedan
I never watched a trailer that looks this clumsy 🙄
Benjamin Sorensen
Benjamin Sorensen 4 timmar sedan
That's okay; you don't look *that* clumsy.
Sanjay Mahato
Sanjay Mahato 5 timmar sedan
Its better than endgame
Anmatrix 5 timmar sedan
XD. That's best trailer. When a trailer is better than endgame. Marvel fans incoming
Save martha
Save martha 5 timmar sedan
soy yo
soy yo 5 timmar sedan
Mohib Khan
Mohib Khan 5 timmar sedan
Marvel: we have a hulk DC: we have a Zack Snyder Marvel: then I m fucked up.
BakaGamer177 5 timmar sedan
can't wait to see how disappointed dc fans when this movie come out LMAO, mark my word
zhengyingli 4 timmar sedan
BakaGamer177 DC fans like Jokey's Corner and Pissed Joseph are going to be disappointed because they're haters. Normal DC fans will enjoy this movie like they did with Man of Steel and Batman v Superman.
Save martha
Save martha 5 timmar sedan
@Anmatrix whyyousaythatname?
Anmatrix 5 timmar sedan
@Save martha actually DC fans are not as bad as u trolls who go on trailer of a movie which they are not gonna like and try to spread hate. Tho mark my words no one cares about you trolls or ur opinion. Martha scene was also great, it had a lot of depth, it's not for kids like u who can't use their brain. Tho most internet is now on DC side. People have started to understand how great mos bvs and watchmen are. U are still walking without brain
Save martha
Save martha 5 timmar sedan
Stt, don't say that too loud, they are triggered easily
soy yo
soy yo 5 timmar sedan
Why would the fans that have been asking for this movie be dissapointed? Your logic makes no sense
Fleo 6 timmar sedan
I prefer the 80s version. I feel it shows more racial tension then the 2007 version and the characters have more development. However both are better then the televised version from a few years ago.
Hasiel Sarsby
Hasiel Sarsby 6 timmar sedan
Watch at slow speed at 1:13, Uxas/Darkseid CGI looks more better than the halleluiah trailer.
Abdullah - Tech
Abdullah - Tech 6 timmar sedan
تعليق عربي وحيد !
Nithish S
Nithish S 6 timmar sedan
jesus christ arrives on March 18 to watch snydercut ✝️
FloorGang 6 timmar sedan
CGI is pathetic
FloorGang 4 timmar sedan
@Art Marju bruh it's just a thing that I observed NOT AN HATE COMMENT !! If this was a marvel trailer and I would have noticed bad CGI I would still point that out jeez why do you people take everything so seriously 🤷🏼‍♂️
Anmatrix 5 timmar sedan
@Art Marju ofc. There are suddenly lots of trolls here
Art Marju
Art Marju 5 timmar sedan
Hmmm, you look the entire movie, or is only a hate comment? Funny men!
AlphaReturns 5 timmar sedan
You do realize they are still working on the film?
FloorGang 5 timmar sedan
@kyoki86 no dude I don't care about whether or not this movie comes out , it's just that like even video games have much better CGI than this
Firsto Frado
Firsto Frado 6 timmar sedan
Cal : “Ok, let me get this straight” Also Cal: “ So, CDOs are dogshit wrapped in cat shit”
Bogan Con Lai
Bogan Con Lai 6 timmar sedan
Does anyone know if this is going to be shown at the cinema or at IMAX?
Benjamin Sorensen
Benjamin Sorensen 4 timmar sedan
I know they want to; whether circumstances will ever allow them to is another matter.
Bogan Con Lai
Bogan Con Lai 5 timmar sedan
@AlphaReturns Do you know this for sure? A cinema run was mentioned supposedly by Snyder himself earlier this year but I've heard nothing since. I'm sure this movie will look fantastic on a massive screen. It'd be a crime to see it only on a home TV screen.
AlphaReturns 5 timmar sedan
It will be released in imax theaters at some point.
LokeIsTheMan 6 timmar sedan
"Some lady from Metropolis might make you honest." Foreshadowing Lois and Bruce in the future?
Connor Duncan
Connor Duncan 6 timmar sedan
1:57 Should say Book "2" Episode 7!
ayrock06 6 timmar sedan
i think i wet myself watching this
Connor Duncan
Connor Duncan 6 timmar sedan
Thank you to the MAX, HBO Max, for supposedly renewing this show for a book 4! Best decision you ever made!
Steven Griffing
Steven Griffing 6 timmar sedan
Love and Loyalty triumphs again - and always. Here’s to the benders and all the Jill’s who love thrm
Grant Dupré
Grant Dupré 6 timmar sedan
Bit of a niche compliment, but I’m so glad this trailer isn’t using an orchestral rendition of some famous public property tune or pop song from the 60’s. It was a trend in trailers that always took me out of the moment, and I’m glad this one’s done away with it.
Marcelle Erica
Marcelle Erica 6 timmar sedan
people who aren't laughing are boomers
User0011 6 timmar sedan
Batman trusting joker with a gun.... WooooW.. This dream sequence will be even better....
MrAizaz 3 timmar sedan
@Save martha Nobel Prize for you man
Save martha
Save martha 5 timmar sedan
Because joker said the magic word, saveeee mar thh aaaaa
Anmatrix 6 timmar sedan
Ofc he needs too. Joker has the last motherbox. Batsy has no other choice there
feras hdaib
feras hdaib 7 timmar sedan
ME: Please be good, Please be good
Luis Reynaldo
Luis Reynaldo 7 timmar sedan
Tedoy Dislake
Tedoy Dislake 7 timmar sedan
Worst superhero movie EVER. If you've ever wondered why DC movies are so bad and how they can't get it right, this is the answer.
Milo Sorian
Milo Sorian 7 timmar sedan
Zack Snyder's Justice League coming Worldwide. (Directive 4 left the chat)
Nehal katre
Nehal katre 7 timmar sedan
A good movie just ruined by one moment. ..martha
Max Conrad
Max Conrad 7 timmar sedan
soundtrack should be "Interpol - No I In Threesome"
The GOAT 7 timmar sedan
*We want the Man of Steel 2 with Henry Cavill!!!*
PRAKAZH 47 7 timmar sedan
*M A R T H A*
Putrinia Channel
Putrinia Channel 7 timmar sedan
Gile bos
prashant singh thakur
prashant singh thakur 7 timmar sedan
Amber Tregoning
Amber Tregoning 7 timmar sedan
Seth walked so Stiles could run
Cameron Goings
Cameron Goings 7 timmar sedan
Marceline is the true hero of Adventure Time.
Jose Echevarria
Jose Echevarria 7 timmar sedan
Just be an enjoyable, fun movie, it's all I ask
CARPAINTM3MES 7 timmar sedan
@prashant singh thakur SHUT UP!
prashant singh thakur
prashant singh thakur 7 timmar sedan
faqih khoironi
faqih khoironi 7 timmar sedan
prashant singh thakur
prashant singh thakur 7 timmar sedan
Teshiku 7 timmar sedan
No, don’t release the film in this aspect ratio
Annie 6 timmar sedan
@Teshiku You have been under a rock, no offense. Every high budget block buster movie is filmed in this Aspect ratio, it's called IMAX. This aspect ratio is presented in 8k resolution on an 80 feet tall screen, and is known as the best format for watching a film. It's shape gives life to characters on screen. When the movies are released digitally, they are cropped to wide screen. Because people don't have IMAX screens at their home, and box aspect ratio on a 55 inch TV is a big joke. So, you can zoom in on your TV screen to make it wide screen. You won't loose any important picture, because this movie is filmed in a way that the important parts of the frame would be preserved even if it's cropped down to 16:9. They are releasing this without cropping because IMAX theaters are not going to open up anytime soon.
prashant singh thakur
prashant singh thakur 7 timmar sedan
Teshiku 7 timmar sedan
@Hasiel Sarsby wouldn’t really mind, it’s not like there will be extra important info that small
Julio’s Videos
Julio’s Videos 7 timmar sedan
you’re one of those people who are so used to seeing black bars on the top and bottom (2.39.1) the reason why you’re seeing those black bars on the side is because you’re actually seeing more on the top and not losing any image other than the 2.39.1 aspect ratio
Teshiku 7 timmar sedan
@Anmatrix but infinity war isn’t square, I’m not big into film production and all that, but I’ve never seen a big cgi block buster in the aspect ratio I saw King Kong in, it feels so off
base head fitness
base head fitness 7 timmar sedan
Finding out that Zach's daughter who passed aways favorite song is this, and who was extremely excited to see this movie(through online sources) is amazing and tragic all in the same. No one has any right to criticism on this movie. You want to shit talk a movie go hit up that other justice league.
thenamesbrunh 7 timmar sedan
2:29 that's literally me socializing
Vano Sanchez
Vano Sanchez 7 timmar sedan
What a trash.
Brian 7 timmar sedan
Will this 4 hour feature be released theatrically What about streaming
Julio’s Videos
Julio’s Videos 7 timmar sedan
probably not. i heard it’s gonna be on dvd tho, i think 4k ultra hd is one of them, at least that’s what i’ve heard
Jay Beatz
Jay Beatz 7 timmar sedan
"Flight" should play in Snyder's JL
Mae Anne Ngo
Mae Anne Ngo 7 timmar sedan
Now, I'm just thinking of the Jimmy Kimmel sketch
U all know that JL Snyder Cut is not canon,right?
Kent:He thinks he is above the law. Batman's mindvoice:I am the Law.
Sankasur 8 timmar sedan
Ben Affleck still in 👍 ❤️
Aditya Wankhede
Aditya Wankhede 6 timmar sedan
@prashant singh thakur please stop, dude.
prashant singh thakur
prashant singh thakur 7 timmar sedan
Anmatrix 7 timmar sedan
Remember there will be a batfleck movie if this gets successful and so will jl2
Arif Ahmed Khan
Arif Ahmed Khan 8 timmar sedan
Was he in its always sunny in Philadelphia? I seem to remember him as a science student or something
srikanth sri
srikanth sri 8 timmar sedan
Poor women and their V🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂
jenora 8 timmar sedan
i miss this show so much 🥺💔💔
Daniel Melo da Silva
Daniel Melo da Silva 8 timmar sedan
-I am Henry , this your room. -Hoda hell with him?.
CLK K 8 timmar sedan
You really can’t compare these. The original was a John Waters film. It was meant to be campy and kind of perverse. Meant to shock you. The second is a remake of the broadway musical so in many ways they are very different.
Dave Manning
Dave Manning 8 timmar sedan
I was expecting to see something completely different, like just a black screen with some words "production has been canceled." You couldn't make this movie today.