NASA's 'Flying Saucer' Tech
Ronald Hayek
Ronald Hayek 9 timmar sedan
CME is coming towards Mars. I hope the the electronics are harden. Personally I would shut it down for 3 days till it passes just to be safe. Space weather report
davidshoyt1979 9 timmar sedan
is it ok to tear up watching this cause I am.
Past Blaster
Past Blaster 9 timmar sedan
One small step for a mosquito , one giant step for Human Kind ...........
yanniaspro 9 timmar sedan
Jehovah God and his Son Christ Jesus Designed and made the Brains at NASA and NASA took Full Advantage of that by Designing Perseverance and Ingenuity and providing us with this Incredible Video...Also shows us the Marvelous Creation of Mars.....Awesome Video :):):)
Tom Bum
Tom Bum 9 timmar sedan
magicker 9 timmar sedan
Bob Hibbert
Bob Hibbert 9 timmar sedan
There's a fly on the lense 😁
Conversations With Some Friends
Conversations With Some Friends 9 timmar sedan
Astonishing. Inspiring.
Nuno Miguel Perdigão
Nuno Miguel Perdigão 9 timmar sedan
Why we have no audio? Like to ear it😁
leech 9 timmar sedan
DJI is loling
Michael Lochlann
Michael Lochlann 9 timmar sedan
I'm getting emotional over this and I don't know why, I have nothing to do with NASA lol. I guess in a world that is so frequently messed up we still have brilliant people doing noble, amazing things.
Max i
Max i 9 timmar sedan
is landing too fast? or it is just video. I was afraid hard landing can damage helicopter
Blue Original
Blue Original 9 timmar sedan
ONE SMALL LEAP FOR helicopter kind!!!!
Blue Original
Blue Original 9 timmar sedan
NASA don't crash that expensive helicopter on the red planet!!!!!!
Abid Bodian
Abid Bodian 9 timmar sedan
Larry Hawkins
Larry Hawkins 9 timmar sedan
Very. Cool!
Andrew Cousins
Andrew Cousins 9 timmar sedan
Well done JPL!! :D
js lee
js lee 9 timmar sedan
와우~ 소오름~ 대박 멋지다!~짝짝짝!
darkyodark 9 timmar sedan
Nice girl.
Jerry Petrey
Jerry Petrey 9 timmar sedan
This is like being at Kitty Hawk in 1903! Congrats to the entire team - your efforts paid off big time!
Jonas AGOMEDJE 9 timmar sedan
Bravo !🎉🎈
mididoctors 9 timmar sedan
Well done NASA
CB. 9 timmar sedan
No trees to get stuck in so that's a win.👍🏻
AJ Litt
AJ Litt 9 timmar sedan
This is absolutely historic, I cannot believe I am alive at this place in time to witness this!! What a time to be alive!! AMAZING!!!!!!!
VKRenato 9 timmar sedan
I'm so lucky to be alive during this historical moment. Now i can jump from the bridge.!
Clarence Hopkins
Clarence Hopkins 9 timmar sedan
Amazing stuff
DonnieT 9 timmar sedan
airwolf on Mars!
NoizyInSeattle 9 timmar sedan
I can't stop watching this.
Joe Hammer
Joe Hammer 9 timmar sedan
Congratulations JPL, ULA, NASA and all the sub-contractors on a job well done!
MagicSantos 9 timmar sedan
The funny part is we always want to know how aliens look like!👽 Just look in the mirror! NOW YOU KNOW IT! 🤔👌👍😉
niffum 9 timmar sedan
Plays "fortunate son"
13worldtour 9 timmar sedan
Happy to be alive.
Burak Yildiz
Burak Yildiz 9 timmar sedan
Totem 9 timmar sedan
willem hollgleider
willem hollgleider 9 timmar sedan
noting compare to the secret space program
Jack Reaper
Jack Reaper 9 timmar sedan
*Fortunate son plays*
F hadi
F hadi 9 timmar sedan
Totem 9 timmar sedan
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 9 timmar sedan
Congratulations NASA & JPL. I got up early just to watch. Awesome work for everyone on the team!
Richie5903 9 timmar sedan
Did the rover record the audio too ?
don1372 9 timmar sedan
200 years from now, this comment will be apart of history. Thank you NASA. God bless America.
Nope Rope
Nope Rope 9 timmar sedan
So we can figure out how to fly a helicopter on another planet but we can't figure out maternity leave, healthcare, or gun violence.
Mac Dud
Mac Dud 9 timmar sedan
Joooo war Bockwurst.. yessss
Cyberbee 9 timmar sedan
Mac Dud
Mac Dud 9 timmar sedan
Jooooo Big Fake this Cake
Chronox5 9 timmar sedan
This is a huge step for the exploration of the planet. It's almost like moving from horse buggys to automobiles.
Mark Dittrich
Mark Dittrich 9 timmar sedan
Very great Video 😀😀😀👍👍👍👍👍
wooac videos
wooac videos 9 timmar sedan
Great! How about sound?
Space Cadet
Space Cadet 9 timmar sedan
was that with sound? I'd be interested to see how loud the drone is through martian air.
MagicSantos 9 timmar sedan
It's the first UFO or is it HFO on Mars! We are the aliens of the earth visiting Mars! 👽🤔👌👍😉
Fernando Fonseca
Fernando Fonseca 9 timmar sedan
This is another big step on inside planet flight. Congrats NASA team !
Cumbrian Transport Lover 21
Cumbrian Transport Lover 21 9 timmar sedan
110 dislikes on this video, Are these advanced aliens from another planet watching?
carlrod alegrado
carlrod alegrado 9 timmar sedan
One small flight for drone one giant leap for mankind
Linda Beck
Linda Beck 9 timmar sedan
Almost as great an event, certainly technically at least, as was the Apollo 11 mission. To sit at home here in New Zealand and be able to watch it live was breathtaking. Congratulations to all involved in what was simply a staggering success. Absolutely incredible!
EIon Musk ꪜ
EIon Musk ꪜ 9 timmar sedan
We really are the best 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸
saintbennithy 9 timmar sedan
Dare Mighty Things 🚀🚁
Lorenzo Paredes
Lorenzo Paredes 9 timmar sedan
I am glad to have seen the actual video. TV news programs announced the story and talked about the event, but after showing what appears to be a real image of the Mars copter, the poorly pasted video switches to a computerized image of one taking off, leaving one to wonder if the flight really took place.
Max Mudita
Max Mudita 9 timmar sedan
Not incredible any longer! Very credible and an amazing feat of engineering 👽
Mik Olinayag
Mik Olinayag 9 timmar sedan
Idk why but my brain is playing The Expanse opening theme to this video...
Nico Smith
Nico Smith 9 timmar sedan
Look at all that dust from the lift off 😂 hmmm no where to be seen ,shadow is wrong on the ground to the rocks as well 😉
Thibaud Merlin
Thibaud Merlin 9 timmar sedan
Well done MiMi:-)
Nethers 9 timmar sedan
wookieiam1 9 timmar sedan
NASA the scam of the century.. Gullible idiots believe this is not a toy launched off a desert here on earth.
Charlie B
Charlie B 9 timmar sedan
Couldn't we have found something better to spend $106,000,000.00 on?
DJ Full
DJ Full 9 timmar sedan
My name is Giovanni Giorgio...
Riku Moilanen
Riku Moilanen 9 timmar sedan
Shud that spot be named "New Kitty Hawk" on all future maps of Mars?
ilgainis 9 timmar sedan
Quick fact: Ingenuity is an UFO to Martians 😝
xEDD13x 9 timmar sedan
Filmed at Devon island, Canada it's a scam your tax money is being wasted defund NASA
xEDD13x 9 timmar sedan
@Die Ziege no
Die Ziege
Die Ziege 9 timmar sedan
shut up
Animesh Das
Animesh Das 9 timmar sedan
Nergal is holding back. But Tellus would break through. Cheers NASA.
Tibor Dávidházi
Tibor Dávidházi 9 timmar sedan
What a fantastic feat! We're lucky to be able to witness this amazing milestone!
Bard Madsen
Bard Madsen 9 timmar sedan
Thanks, I found the NASA & JPL sites difficult especially with low bandwidth. Congratulations, yet I am wondering what the main purpose of flight on Mars, specifically, is for? Landing site reconnaissance, is the resolution not adequate from orbit? Maybe just hammering out flight on other bodies of the solar system?
Graham 9 timmar sedan
Wow. A toy helicopter flies on Mars. And 3 million humans die on earth from COVID. Doesn't compute NASA.
LAURA-ANN CHARLOT 9 timmar sedan
I'm glad this first test wasn't a failure. That would have been a crushing disappointment for the team that designed Ingenuity. Good job, people!
Rick 9 timmar sedan
That was just so smooth
Some One
Some One 9 timmar sedan
Wow this is so 😎 Congratulations!
Chris Sobo
Chris Sobo 9 timmar sedan
You've made us all very proud. Well done.
Davey Jones
Davey Jones 9 timmar sedan
Jubilee! You are free in Jesus name Invite him! Your heart
Andrew 9 timmar sedan
US is the best country in the solar system! Oh YEA!
Nany Perez Jimenez
Nany Perez Jimenez 9 timmar sedan
Paul Pape
Paul Pape 9 timmar sedan
Definitely unbelievable.Yeah because it's a remote control toy in a desert somewhere on earth.Capricorn one.Fools.
Paul Pape
Paul Pape 9 timmar sedan
@Luc Berger You sir.Apparently will never know.
Luc Berger
Luc Berger 9 timmar sedan
:-) If trolling, funny, if serious, pathetic.
black5f 9 timmar sedan
I hope someone at JPL reads this so you know how good it is. I watched the landing on NASA eyes, 12000 mph, 3 miles a second 196 miles and 6 minutes to go. And a safe soft landing, what an achievement. I thought that was fantastic to watch a live animation, please thank the team .... Then a video of the landing, from different view points, the parachute! ... and that shot of the skycrane powering away! Wow, we didn't expect that! And now, a helicopter .. flying ... on Mars! Not only getting there ... but also the wonderful media resources we have been given, what a treat! The whole team must be so proud ... what an achievement. I am the generation that remembers watching the moon landings ... I was 7 ... I still just can't get enough of this!