King Shae
King Shae 3 timmar sedan
That was a serious line up ..
Onur Ibrahim
Onur Ibrahim 3 timmar sedan
E1s verse is acc cold idec 🤮😍
Blacko Bangs
Blacko Bangs 3 timmar sedan
On repeat
Lenox The notorious
Lenox The notorious 3 timmar sedan
Uk rulez the world 🌍🌍💯💯✅✅
MC Builds
MC Builds 3 timmar sedan
Chris Tavakkoli
Chris Tavakkoli 3 timmar sedan
"Its ironic coz he got wetted for spilling his drink on me"...
Chasingthebag 247
Chasingthebag 247 3 timmar sedan
White guy had to ruin it
doughboy 3 timmar sedan
man got a whole football team on this one
YUABE 2 3 timmar sedan
This is so fireeee
Iona Oakley
Iona Oakley 3 timmar sedan
Darko come differentttt I love it!🤒
Lucas Kokou Anatovi 2020n
Lucas Kokou Anatovi 2020n 3 timmar sedan
Aitch from wish
freshlybaked 3 timmar sedan
stephanie Jordan's
stephanie Jordan's 3 timmar sedan
Them adding Fivio sealed this banger!
Dale Fagan
Dale Fagan 3 timmar sedan
What a tune
MarnzPlayz 3 timmar sedan
This is to litty💯
Adam Dowling-Kelly
Adam Dowling-Kelly 3 timmar sedan
Ardee is the wish version of Aitch
the super gamer 567
the super gamer 567 3 timmar sedan
Once Dutch made a football club and now the top 6 made a new league to escape him
TV SOUND SYSTEM 3 timmar sedan
Alhan is on FIRE!!! lololololol
ayman varsebroucq
ayman varsebroucq 3 timmar sedan
fuk yu
Mehmet Cem
Mehmet Cem 3 timmar sedan
Like we’re is Pete and bas tho can you imagine them on this beat 🤣🤦‍♂️
Beezy West
Beezy West 3 timmar sedan
This is the type of song I can dance off love the beat free fivio 🔥🔥💪🏾
Solivagant 3 timmar sedan
dxcjw 3 timmar sedan
This beat is ridiculous 🔥
hamad alsaadi
hamad alsaadi 3 timmar sedan
Yooo arrdee went hard
RJ Boxing
RJ Boxing 3 timmar sedan
I do like arrdee but if your going to compare him to aitch then aitch wins
Rdon Ranger
Rdon Ranger 3 timmar sedan
This is actually cold 👏🏾🥶
z3xxxypig PG13
z3xxxypig PG13 3 timmar sedan
Bugzy remains (almost) undefeated
Madusan Ithayarasa
Madusan Ithayarasa 3 timmar sedan
What trippiers on in international break
Kyzer So53
Kyzer So53 3 timmar sedan
Next to fredo/Dave last video, this is the fire ...if u know visuals, this is history for UK.
Svxge 3 timmar sedan
Aitch: *sad noises*
Joseph Townsend
Joseph Townsend 4 timmar sedan
E1 and bugzy in a song? Worlds gone mad
sweaty tammo
sweaty tammo 4 timmar sedan
Another banger
Trizzla 4 timmar sedan
when was bunis part
Amina Jallalih
Amina Jallalih 4 timmar sedan
666 dislikes the devil is mad tion and russ didnt sell there soul
Nathan Bakshi
Nathan Bakshi 4 timmar sedan
Tbh don’t wanna hate was so excited for this remix but the original song is better IMO 😅
Go Ku
Go Ku 4 timmar sedan
U wanna smoke cigarettes part always got me
Ashley Gomes
Ashley Gomes 4 timmar sedan
U Nowverse
U Nowverse 4 timmar sedan
My brain is rebooting after this banger 😂😂
Tyler 18
Tyler 18 4 timmar sedan
This comes in hardddd🥶
Nueroh 4 timmar sedan
Zt actually shelled it
Nick Cage
Nick Cage 4 timmar sedan
Fivio Killed it🔥🔥
itz young baby
itz young baby 4 timmar sedan
Dis is heat have me Coming bk gain G
Nokib Noor
Nokib Noor 4 timmar sedan
Gaad daim 🔥
AYOTV 4 timmar sedan
DiligentBoy 7
DiligentBoy 7 4 timmar sedan
Zt and sav’o are hella similar
Felismar Sayongo
Felismar Sayongo 4 timmar sedan
Hit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Go Ku
Go Ku 4 timmar sedan
Coldest song ever pt1
Chinonso Okoroafor
Chinonso Okoroafor 4 timmar sedan
I feel this remix is too early tho Well, man is trying to get em 24 albums out, innit
James Agnew
James Agnew 4 timmar sedan
When u can't get aitch on the feature so u buy him off wish😭😭
Arthur Shelby
Arthur Shelby 4 timmar sedan
Ok Fivio came in smoothhhh
Wiktor Man
Wiktor Man 4 timmar sedan
Damn i felt that transition🤑🤑🤑
LeonArma1 4 timmar sedan
- How many features do you want? - Yes
Ibrahim Saddik
Ibrahim Saddik 4 timmar sedan
Maaaadd thingsss
Tazvy Sabuneti
Tazvy Sabuneti 4 timmar sedan
MzClara 4 timmar sedan
These dances make me laugh remind me of my sons skins on fornite😬 arrdee is alright but not better than aitch n bugzys drip is always ahead of everyone he does videos with.. Manny swagg💥
SA or Smaz1n
SA or Smaz1n 4 timmar sedan
Lool he's wearing the same jacket as me Moncler wilms cold
Hxstlin 4 timmar sedan
Buni went offff 🔥🔥
Kaiden C.T.B
Kaiden C.T.B 4 timmar sedan
Russ tion it was good but this is not the one everyone was good but the second lad who was doing it the white kid he is not the one
Trilla 589
Trilla 589 4 timmar sedan
Bookies Madness
Bookies Madness 4 timmar sedan
Can we get Dappy & Swarmz as the first guests? 😂😂😂
J D 4 timmar sedan
sam costello
sam costello 4 timmar sedan
Ngl didn’t think this was ardeees sorta beat but guess was wrong
Rayhan Ahmed
Rayhan Ahmed 4 timmar sedan
None of the 37/OJB made it on the remix? 😕
MzClara 4 timmar sedan
Click bait lol jagged edge ahhh memories
MrROG1 4 timmar sedan
Bye bye 👋 aitch was not nice to know you haha 😆
Stahh Cro
Stahh Cro 4 timmar sedan
Ardee is ridiculously overrated sorry
Enzo Marliere
Enzo Marliere 4 timmar sedan
Team t-koor ptdrr
Dinis Editing
Dinis Editing 4 timmar sedan
When you and your friends are the toppers in the class:
mainmanvinyard 4 timmar sedan
s a
s a 4 timmar sedan
Aitch's son - h
Garima Jha
Garima Jha 4 timmar sedan
The thumbnail looks like toy soldiers lmaoo
Big kole
Big kole 4 timmar sedan
love these kinda tunes man, the melodies are so hard
R1 4 timmar sedan
Arrdee came from the beach to a feature. Respecccccccc it 🔥🔥
ItsDurry 4 timmar sedan
That feeling when you listen to a banger the first time 😫😫
Garima Jha
Garima Jha 4 timmar sedan
Get Your Here Before A Milly Here
Chaotichains 4 timmar sedan
Body remix slaps ,but still top this remix
Bradley Howell
Bradley Howell 4 timmar sedan
why do they keep ising russ to bring bare new artist in lol on the remix all the time aitch n now arrdee
Salma Ali
Salma Ali 4 timmar sedan
Coming like blazin squad
Stepz Wanjohi
Stepz Wanjohi 4 timmar sedan
It’s peak that Fivio wasn’t in the UK
Davidoff TheChamp
Davidoff TheChamp 4 timmar sedan
Arrdee went in 100000000%!!!!!!!!!!!!
L J 4 timmar sedan
buni is too cold on dis.