Pinkpoodle2 2 timmar sedan
I love this so much and shout at TV when. Ends. I got a little choked up with this episode. Love your break downs.💖🐩🐩💖🐾🐾👍👍🌹🌹🕊🌈🇬🇧
Mariam Apd El-Nasir
Mariam Apd El-Nasir 2 timmar sedan
So .. Wanda will lose Vision not only once, not twice .. but three times! :(
Howard J
Howard J 2 timmar sedan
This last episode better be an hour long. They have ALOT to pay off😭
Zak Zikass
Zak Zikass 2 timmar sedan
Godzilla pls win
Dionis Dei
Dionis Dei 2 timmar sedan
Awesome video, I always watch these right after I watch the episodes on disney+ 🥳
Nazdreg Ork
Nazdreg Ork 2 timmar sedan
I want this cut
taetae kookie
taetae kookie 2 timmar sedan
If Wanda created a new version of Vision, then what's the point of Wanda seeing a dead version of Vision in episode 4 (the scene after Wanda throws Monica out of the hex)? Am I missing something?
JRellevant 2 timmar sedan
Is no one gonna mention how the web behind the new spiderman title is in the shape of Puerto Rico? Like, ya know, introducing Miles Morales?
Morgan August
Morgan August 2 timmar sedan
Its always a great breakdown on your channel
Tasedeon24 2 timmar sedan
Okay they seriously need to stop with revealing so fucking much!!!
Loucas Papaloucas
Loucas Papaloucas 2 timmar sedan
please look up how to pronounce the word cicada, it is killing me
Darin Cox
Darin Cox 2 timmar sedan
When you look at this series, it's Marvels way to give Vision a good fell well cause of Endgame. The samething, I believe with the Black widow movie. They are paying monage to falling heroes.
King Philip
King Philip 2 timmar sedan
Seems like Director(Acting) Hayward set it all up 🤔
Sarintha Nelson
Sarintha Nelson 2 timmar sedan
I hope wanda stays a good guy
Saiful Nizam
Saiful Nizam 2 timmar sedan
Thanks to Agatha cause reveal the true story about live wanda...
Kimali Bennett
Kimali Bennett 2 timmar sedan
“Matter cannot be created or destroyed” only changed. Unless you’re Wanda using chaos magic.
Kevin Yorn
Kevin Yorn 2 timmar sedan
My biggest question is now... Darcy said Hayward was tracking decaying vibranium inside the Hex. If Visions body was not inside the hex.. how or what was Hayward tracking inside the Hex that was decaying Vibranium?
Ani D
Ani D 2 timmar sedan
I do wonder if Agatha was messing with Wanda to get a reaction and because of Wanda's powers she actually did bring Pietro back. Kinda hope so.
Sir Bobla
Sir Bobla 2 timmar sedan
Ngl last weeks episode was a lil disappointing but this weeks was so good it made me lose track of time
Mario Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez 2 timmar sedan
I almost cried in this episode. I hope "Loki" is as good as WandaVision. That's the next one I'm excited about.
Jonathon Lastname
Jonathon Lastname 2 timmar sedan
Did anyone else think that wanda getting hit with the Scarlet Witch ghost looked like the Phoenix Force?
Sara Moana
Sara Moana 2 timmar sedan
It was an AMAZING episode, we need this storytelling of the now Scarlet Witch origin story so we can have a fresh reminder of her life that led her to make the decisions she made creating the Hex, trapping the residents etc. They’re building up her either becoming a massive antagonist (by reminding us to give empathy for her or perspective) or just an epic Scarlet Witch. HYPE FOR NEXT WEEK!
EnglandRam 2 timmar sedan
Great episode. Fleshed out Wanda’s past and trauma as well as added to Vision and his perspective on humanity. Loved it. Can’t wait for next week.
Howard Kelley
Howard Kelley 2 timmar sedan
I think Wanda's Vision construct will merge with Sword's rebuilt body and bring back Vision prime. In Infinity War Banner said there would be a whole lot of Vision left without the Mind Stone.
Jonathon Lastname
Jonathon Lastname 2 timmar sedan
I thought it was Cuh-Thon
WTDS Channel 13 News
WTDS Channel 13 News 2 timmar sedan
You're not talkin out the side of your ass you're right about that letter we was wondering who the f*** put the letter in the car
OdoJunSun 2 timmar sedan
Why is no one talking about the post credit scene???
RyU and BoBa
RyU and BoBa 2 timmar sedan
This is gonna be epic!!! Cant wait!
juselara02 2 timmar sedan
Wait, So wanda had powers before the Hydra experiments?
The One
The One 2 timmar sedan
This is going to be so insane. Can't wait
Rye Noe
Rye Noe 2 timmar sedan
Project Cataract...Because Vision is blurry and white? 😂
Jesus Daniel Ruiz Aquino
Jesus Daniel Ruiz Aquino 2 timmar sedan
This episode was great and actually gonna be sad when wandavison will end
fpsmage 2 timmar sedan
this is one of the best after-the-fact origin stories of the MCU
deathcrow 2 timmar sedan
Vision bieng made of magic makes a lot more sense because vision said that it feels life happend to someone else that's because it undid he is just magic that looks and talks like vision
Jacob_N 2 timmar sedan
Heywood was/is up to something... He just spoke so openly to Wanda it seemed kind of weird. Like he expected her to do resurrect Vision or she unleash her powers by her grief. In terms of Westview - Wanda and Vision just wanted to settle down at some point. And that's it - without Avengers, Infinity War and all of this. Just two of them in a peaceful town.
aj burch
aj burch 2 timmar sedan
Wait, your saying the rabbit is Ralph? Why do you think that?
Josh B
Josh B 2 timmar sedan
It was probably mentioned many times in the comments here but the walnut episode is season 2 episode 20 and not 21
emil gabl
emil gabl 2 timmar sedan
How was the director tracking Vision's decaying Vibranian signature then?
crowian 2 timmar sedan
I look forward to your breakdown videos as much as I look forward to the show! Keep up the good work, it helps me a lot 😂
Jack Young
Jack Young 2 timmar sedan
I also want to say those are Carbon and CO bonds not hexs
I have no idea
I have no idea 2 timmar sedan
I’m so in love with Kathryn Hahn, the way she delivered the line “that makes you, the Scarlet Witch” at the end, and her facial expression as she’s awared of Wanda’s true potential gave me goosebumps
caboseBvR 2 timmar sedan
i don't think there was a missing person the director just wanted to keep tabs on Wanda just in case she could brings people back to life. He seemed very insistent that wanda was not only capable of doing it but that was her hole intent when she showed up.
MaxBlight 2 timmar sedan
That dude really saying the 3 billion dollars weapon is theirs is genuinely infuriating considering its Tony Starks property which is clearly the private industries. A total shitting on Iron Man 2's court hearing when Stark defended the free market against the government... 1 of the many reason they shouldnt have killed Anthony Edward Stark. But of course they had to since otherwise that part of the story wouldnt have developed.
PUMATV 2 timmar sedan
The Hype Is Real
Dr Sparkles
Dr Sparkles 2 timmar sedan
Wait I’m confused. Is there not gonna be a big cameo?
Old Greg
Old Greg 2 timmar sedan
Anyone else notice the purple power trail that Agatha uses is extremely similar to Morbius’ in the Morbius trailer.
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 2 timmar sedan
I feel like the deed to the house was already given to her but she went to go bury vision at the location but just went by herself instead.
JB Thrills
JB Thrills 2 timmar sedan
I noticed something weird, when Wanda goes into west view and we see the “cast” of the hex. The characters that broke character in the show never shows up...like mr.Heart, who choked and broke character, dotty, norm, and herb they all broke character. All these people never showed up when Wanda arrived to west view and isn’t kind of weird that Mrs.heart doesn’t have mr.heart with her at the dining table if their married? And why do the characters who didn’t “follow the script” show up...are those people special in some sort of way?? Also pietro didn’t show up either but I think he’s from a different universe brought in and was manipulated to act different and now he’s come to his senses and will team up with Monica, vision, and Wanda to destroy Agatha but if pietro is important and didn’t show up in west view maybe those characters who didn’t show up are important too What do y’all think of theory?
alex 2 timmar sedan
Great vid man
Mark D
Mark D 2 timmar sedan
I don't think that there is a higher villain. I think Agatha is the main villain. Disney has become very sjw-ish so I don't see them having a white male above Agatha.
Akhtar Raaz
Akhtar Raaz 2 timmar sedan
1. So basically Wanda has power to even create an entire infinity stone from nothing? 2. If it is Wanda who created the Hex capturing everyone on the Westview in it, how the hell Agatha came into Westview? 3. How Wanda was not aware of the reality of the fake hexed westview when in fact she is the one who created it?
tanquay 2 timmar sedan
Interesting mashup
Dread Head Willie Earl
Dread Head Willie Earl 2 timmar sedan
Did G-man just do a death roll
Griselda Bankroll
Griselda Bankroll 2 timmar sedan
I stayed up all night to watch this episode 😭
BIG GRIN 2 timmar sedan
The Vision Wanda made is coming to life, she starts to not be able to controle him, he becomes very awear! Visions bodys back online, and his soul/mind is becoming more real, knowing now that the chaos magic creates and manipulates reality! Visions body and mind will meld, bringing vision back!
Hollyweeds 2 timmar sedan
I just feel like they would have still been using VHS tapes not DVDs in fake a communist-ish country in the early 2000s. My only issue and it's a nitpick.
Patrick Wiedmann
Patrick Wiedmann 2 timmar sedan
im amazed by how fast you put out these videos which are that rich in information. great work!
Prof Parmesan
Prof Parmesan 2 timmar sedan
So I think I was kinda right on my theory but not exactly yet. I have been saying that Wanda and pietro and actually mutants and that the mind stone just awakened their powers.
EndGame 2 timmar sedan
That purple flash in the logo is from Black Panther
Rolplex 27
Rolplex 27 2 timmar sedan
There showing way to much now
Kevin Willems
Kevin Willems 2 timmar sedan
"The real Mephisto is the friends we made along the way" is the best meta line I have heard in 2021
Thundertron 55
Thundertron 55 2 timmar sedan
What if we get a happy ending where hex Vision merges with the S.W.O.R.D. Vision allowing him to live outside of the hex?
Erin Fortune
Erin Fortune 2 timmar sedan
Love your channel!
witch bixh
witch bixh 2 timmar sedan
I have a theory that the Vision clone is Nimrod and Hayward will become Master Mold who creates the Sentinels and they'll be in future mcu projects. So does that mean we could get "Days of Future Past" ? 🤔
rafael lariosa
rafael lariosa 2 timmar sedan
I tihnk Hayward intentionally told Wanda that she can't bring Vision back online and then quickly changing to alive to give Wanda that idea. Kinda like inception. Wanda never had any intentions of bringing Vision back, like she said, she just wanted to bury him. I still think Hayward and Agatha are the two big bads of the series but they aren't working together. Hey, maybe Agatha will even change sides and help Wanda bring down Hayward. Or even just help out Wanda during a big fight but still wouldn't be "allies" with Wanda after. Kinda like how she's more of a gray character in the comics. Not really bad but not really good.
Morgan August
Morgan August 2 timmar sedan
Yes, more mutants
Hollyweeds 2 timmar sedan
They better use more Quicksilver, I'm tired of this great character getting sidelined.
Will Johnson
Will Johnson 2 timmar sedan
Not sure the book is from Doctor Strange. I’m guessing she’s had her book since before her mother and former coven attempted to kill her. It was likely the source of the illicit knowledge that triggered her execution.
Eggy Hunter
Eggy Hunter 2 timmar sedan
3:23 is this picture real?
Notrealbatch 2 timmar sedan
Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but i'm quite confused about how can they easily dismantle vision's body? Isn't he made of vibranium? and vibranium's pretty indestructible?
Jennifer Dixson
Jennifer Dixson 2 timmar sedan
Loved the video. Thanks so much for sharing it.
AiCDragon 3 timmar sedan
Why u think Bettany acting w himself is the big cameo is beyond me. Theres been a bunch of "Holy shit" moments in this series... if you think Bettany acting with himself is the big reveal then youve got issues. The big reveal is that there is new Vision. But now itll only be a bomb to Vision and Wanda when they cross paths. We will wait anxiously... but theres still somethjng bigger coming.
Sr Loins
Sr Loins 3 timmar sedan
Great video!
Jason Teeter
Jason Teeter 3 timmar sedan
Its not a destroyed house. It's a house that Vision was having built 5 years ago before his death and the snap. Only the foundation had been completed.
DoperDrape 3 timmar sedan
Wanda in her Halloween costume, "I'm a sakovian fortune teller." 🙂🤔👀👀👀👀👀
Kian Etemadi
Kian Etemadi 3 timmar sedan
Wait so if Hayward already has the real vision, then what’s he doing at the hex? Is he just trying to stop Wanda then?
Kian Etemadi
Kian Etemadi 2 timmar sedan
@Nathan Acuna oh no that makes it more confusing 😂
Nathan Acuna
Nathan Acuna 2 timmar sedan
I was just thinking the same thing, also he’s tracking vision but Wanda never took Visions body.
Ethen Hunt
Ethen Hunt 3 timmar sedan
A more realistic sequel is in the works and it apparently features Kong and Godzilla teaming up to fight there one true enemy .....gravity
sentinelneo 3 timmar sedan
AH did not place the home layout in Wanda's car. Note it was Wanda forming the "Hex" that got her attention.
Hiccup Hufflepuff
Hiccup Hufflepuff 3 timmar sedan
So we're calling him the "Hex Vision" then? Not... you know... the title?
Morgan August
Morgan August 3 timmar sedan
There's another channel I watch that mainly deals with comics Initials E A and no it's not Emergency Awesome its the other one. I swear he makes nothing but click bait titles the only thing good that came from that channel was heavy spoilers popping up on my SEcycle