Bicycle of Hydraulics
2 månader sedan
3 månader sedan
MASSIVE Trebuchet/Catapult BUILD
Colin Furze Stuff
4 månader sedan
Wind/Solar Powered Clothes Dryer
Weaponised Homemade Screwtank
The Triple Bath (with slide yo)
Upside down Garden Swing
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8 månader sedan
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Openime XX
Openime XX 9 timmar sedan
cyber punk bycicle ?? 🤔
Jakhang Narzary
Jakhang Narzary 9 timmar sedan
U r the real hero . I salute u sir
Bry Bryyy
Bry Bryyy 9 timmar sedan
You should definitely send this to SAM PILGRIM so he can shred with this
colin 9 timmar sedan
If you have never heated a propane torch with a propane torch to keep them going in -20f. Then you wouldn't know how to operate a briefcase fireplace.
Armaan Soman
Armaan Soman 9 timmar sedan
Wish if u used the hydraulics as low rider style. Some wheelies
Micah sherry
Micah sherry 9 timmar sedan
No one gonna mention how he hammered a screw
Adam Reid
Adam Reid 9 timmar sedan
Idk how I feel about calm colin furze
Otis-Bean Myhill
Otis-Bean Myhill 9 timmar sedan
The reason I love Colin's videos are because he just gets straight to the point.
R Bon
R Bon 9 timmar sedan
Saxophone, trombone. It's all the same 🤦‍♂️ 😂
Emilia T
Emilia T 9 timmar sedan
Plays trombone during sax solo 😂 he should build an instrument sometime!
Daniel Ramsey
Daniel Ramsey 9 timmar sedan
How about a super duper fast electric assist bike??
Owee Boy
Owee Boy 9 timmar sedan
You look like you have so much fun doing these projects, and they are so fun to watch!
Owee Boy
Owee Boy 9 timmar sedan
Meet youtubes best engineer and welder Colin Farts
Frozen Skies
Frozen Skies 9 timmar sedan
Now make it self-levelling with a closed-loop control system :D
Honeycutt Racing
Honeycutt Racing 9 timmar sedan
Didn't even watch entire video, horrible music, just build stuff, it ain't that hard!😒😒😒
Jesús Rafael Samudio Ramirez
Jesús Rafael Samudio Ramirez 9 timmar sedan
Tantos materiales y pocas ideas jajajja, yo tengo muchas ideas geniales pero no tengo los materiales ni las herramientas
Joe tuktyyuktuk
Joe tuktyyuktuk 9 timmar sedan
Drives cart by an old age home, where residents are survivors of German buzz-bomb attacks... and causes a mass casualty event.
Tyler Christensen
Tyler Christensen 9 timmar sedan
I LOVE the music you used in this montage!! Way more pleasant to watch 🙂 Thank you
MuffinTos 9 timmar sedan
put an electric motor in it for a part 2
Clint K
Clint K 9 timmar sedan
I have too much time on my hands too, but no money for that.
colin 9 timmar sedan
You would be an awesome neighbor.
Usagi Devil
Usagi Devil 9 timmar sedan
goriup 9 timmar sedan
Best sound track as usual👌 is there a SEcycle award for that?
Aadil Patel
Aadil Patel 9 timmar sedan
Make A camping bicycle trailor
Joshua Vogt
Joshua Vogt 9 timmar sedan
time to tear down your shed and build the"DOOM TOWER"!!!!!!!
Brent Griggs
Brent Griggs 9 timmar sedan
I love everything about you Mr furze. The way you edit your videos. You sense of humor. The balls you have to ride your creations...I think I got my first man crush. Well done my friend well done
iris 10 timmar sedan
wait i think i just missed half the video? i heard "rai..." and immediately hit the right arrow about 500 times.
Oofshapedhuman 10 timmar sedan
That bike weighs almost as much as I do!
Sarat Das
Sarat Das 10 timmar sedan
I'm from India.. .assam. অসম Lovely video
Joonas Hämäläinen
Joonas Hämäläinen 10 timmar sedan
Mayby make a moving chair? Just attach like 50c engine to it
Heroine Creeves
Heroine Creeves 10 timmar sedan
10:16 Now that you've said it, I think, it would be nice as an all-terrain bike. A flux capacitor, 1.21 jiggawatts of energy, 640TB of RAM and a SkyNet-level AI learning algorithm should be enough to implement that.
McClain Schilling
McClain Schilling 10 timmar sedan
If SEcycle ever fails you man you've sure got a skill set that will keep you rich! Beautiful craftsmanship, you could've got the same result with less attention to detail but every little piece you machined and welded looks amazing! Great work
Cat Aaron
Cat Aaron 10 timmar sedan
i been watching your videos since 2014 and i really like the music you picked this time. -w- its really chill
Dr. Dave Salisbury PhD., MBA
Dr. Dave Salisbury PhD., MBA 10 timmar sedan
Colin does things to bicycles that I have only ever dreamed of doing. I wish he would manufacture!
Samat Sydykov
Samat Sydykov 10 timmar sedan
You need to work with Elon Musk.
DustyReaver :Rebel:
DustyReaver :Rebel: 10 timmar sedan
very orky... da power klaw
Сергей Чернышев
Сергей Чернышев 10 timmar sedan
Dude, you definitely have to make a colab with GCN!
bammity 10 timmar sedan
Why does this remind me of elastagirls Motor bike
Nigel Saunders, The Bonsai Zone
Nigel Saunders, The Bonsai Zone 10 timmar sedan
robotic2000k 10 timmar sedan
He totally went bunkers
Kwadaholic Review's
Kwadaholic Review's 10 timmar sedan
Please sell me this thing . This is awesome
Swamp Witch Guitars
Swamp Witch Guitars 10 timmar sedan
You gotta do a movie reenactment of "Christine " when the car gets trashed ,, and the kid says " show me " ,, and it fixes it self into shape again . ;-)
Mur ican
Mur ican 10 timmar sedan
SEcycle thank you for recommending this video to me
Swamp Witch Guitars
Swamp Witch Guitars 10 timmar sedan
You gotta do a movie reenactment of "Christine " when the car gets trashed ,, and the kid says " show me " ,, and it fixes it self into shape again . ;-)
898792 10 timmar sedan
amazing drone shot!!!
Parker Jesme
Parker Jesme 10 timmar sedan
Love the home made product! Reminds me of your beginnings
JK T 10 timmar sedan
Very interesting idea for a monster bike.
Prof. Rafael Lima D.Sc.
Prof. Rafael Lima D.Sc. 10 timmar sedan
I love how he builds a stainless steel bike, from scratch ... in 3 MINUTES! I've seen alec steele "assemble" 1 bike kit in a 25 parts video! Mr. Furze is legendary in ANY aspect, how does he comes up with those ideas? 😂 BRILLIANT!
Creator 262
Creator 262 10 timmar sedan
the macro camera shots were great!
wijaya m.yasir
wijaya m.yasir 10 timmar sedan
This is the signature stuff's style of Collin Furze
BeaBoChamp 10 timmar sedan
Only Colin can play the trombone so good that he makes it sound like a saxophone
Jake The Dog
Jake The Dog 10 timmar sedan
motorcycle of hydraulics, then go kart of hydraulics
Chris Leo Balauta
Chris Leo Balauta 10 timmar sedan
What's the title of the song?
HANO ROAM 10 timmar sedan
coolest bike ever
Francis Schweitzer
Francis Schweitzer 10 timmar sedan
@colin ... a hydraulic pedal assist NORMAL BIKE
swift lone archer
swift lone archer 10 timmar sedan
I could see where A simpler and lighter version of this would be useful. Such as only needing one bike for both mountain and road due to it being able to change its geometry. But only if you could get it light enough and simple enough to be worth it.
DetroitMicroSound 10 timmar sedan
So, basically....Ya just made a bike for creek crossings without getting your feet wet....
Blaine Hernandez
Blaine Hernandez 10 timmar sedan
Colin, what in the world do u do with all of ur inventions? U should build some sort of museum or do a give away with ur subscribers. (At least the safe ones lol)
Core Mistir
Core Mistir 10 timmar sedan
Everyone has a sax 🎷 laying around, sheesh 🙄
Portalman4 10 timmar sedan
Seeing the totally legit trombone playing made me realize that I would totally watch you create a new bizarre and overly complicated instrument. All sorts of funky possibilities, and goes well with the vibe of the channel. You could try to contact a local artist and see if they could make music with it too!
Marc David Ke
Marc David Ke 10 timmar sedan
Bri 10 timmar sedan
I enjoyed the nice change of pace the music gave, the humor was awesome and the bike is so odd but I want to ride it!
Heil Estate Service, Junk Removal & Hauling
Heil Estate Service, Junk Removal & Hauling 10 timmar sedan
That's my old bike...
clinton epps
clinton epps 10 timmar sedan
mr Colin Furze the mental ward of the hospital called they want you in there for a appointment
EmKeyBi Gaming
EmKeyBi Gaming 10 timmar sedan
Next one is the bike of servos
Sumit rathod
Sumit rathod 10 timmar sedan
Craig Mann
Craig Mann 11 timmar sedan
trombone ate your tie?
Demitrius Grant
Demitrius Grant 11 timmar sedan
Gogo Gadget Bicycle!
Calvin Aleto
Calvin Aleto 11 timmar sedan
You should electrify it
Anthony Casazza
Anthony Casazza 11 timmar sedan
Colin, this edit is your best work yet. 🔥🔥
Mr_Fantastic_Aj 11 timmar sedan
Living in your street must be genuinely awesome and random. Front forks and extendable frame seem pretty awesome ideas though
Christian Marañon
Christian Marañon 11 timmar sedan
Create bike that can fly, like in movies!. Haha
Gianycross 11 timmar sedan
GoogoGoo 11 timmar sedan
Would be fun to connect the front forks hydraulics to the back hydraulics so bumps at front are translated to the back kicking up.
Michael Hasak
Michael Hasak 11 timmar sedan
How much did your bunker man cave cost you?
Marc Lewis
Marc Lewis 11 timmar sedan
Build the Jourassic Park Ball Vehicle!💚
James Hall
James Hall 11 timmar sedan
Leave it up to Colin to answer the question nobody asked.
Marc Lewis
Marc Lewis 11 timmar sedan
Build the Jourassic Park Ball Vehicle!💚
Marc Lewis
Marc Lewis 11 timmar sedan
Build the Jourassic Park Ball Vehicle!💚
super life
super life 11 timmar sedan
Coolest kid in town