Bicycle of Hydraulics
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MASSIVE Trebuchet/Catapult BUILD
Colin Furze Stuff
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Wind/Solar Powered Clothes Dryer
Weaponised Homemade Screwtank
The Triple Bath (with slide yo)
Upside down Garden Swing
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11 månader sedan
Cosmicツ 16 timmar sedan
Girls: I wonder why we live longer than men Men:
brick braker
brick braker 16 timmar sedan
looks like something from steampunk
Richard 16 timmar sedan
I can’t believe this mad man is doing all this cutting and welding in a tie!
Mason Baldridge
Mason Baldridge 16 timmar sedan
You can’t move now
ツxZefix 17 timmar sedan
Niffster new
Niffster new 17 timmar sedan
Hey man if you ever build another game weapon or something I think you should make the DOOM SLAYERS arm blade from DOOM eternal?
Kyle Foster
Kyle Foster 17 timmar sedan
Colin I need the next video! 😭😭😭😭. Why don't you start a daily show😭😭😭😭😭😭. I love the content it's insane lol 👌
Lodge Cav
Lodge Cav 17 timmar sedan
I genuinely thought I was looking at Clare Balding building a bicycle for a while, uncanny resemblance.
Stassi Marlowe
Stassi Marlowe 17 timmar sedan
Rock On Collin
Kyle Brake
Kyle Brake 17 timmar sedan
I love your videos!
DarcSyder Steel
DarcSyder Steel 18 timmar sedan
Chock the wheels maybe 🤔
Carley 18 timmar sedan
Enjoy your break!!
that gamer
that gamer 18 timmar sedan
Ok but can it butter my toast get on it colin
Maxi 18 timmar sedan
This thing is gonna crack your forehead like an egg.
DJ DarkMatter
DJ DarkMatter 18 timmar sedan
guess he got fucked by the feds, 1 week interval broken
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 18 timmar sedan
If mad Englishmen didn't exist, we would need to invent them.
Thomas Tost
Thomas Tost 19 timmar sedan
Please do not play with the children playing on the device unreliable sometimes parents 🤬🤬🤬🤬😟🤯
ComputerhullGaming 19 timmar sedan
so... you wasted 10% of 3 biscuits just because they didn't fit? I am actually amazed I say it: Great video! I'll give 10 likes
Daun Cena
Daun Cena 19 timmar sedan
mrhorsepower31 19 timmar sedan
He probably owns all the properties next to him, filled with family. It doesn't look like he lives in the actual house, it looks more like a stage for content. He is probably his own neighbor, work is next door? I have no idea, but it's crazy enough to fit Collin Furze' s ideas.
Tomos Halsey
Tomos Halsey 19 timmar sedan
16:21 It's amazing how quickly people forget about Root Cellars existing.
SINGEKOO 19 timmar sedan
You'll probably crash into the neighnbours car. Which neighbour?
Mohamed Amrino
Mohamed Amrino 19 timmar sedan
`well ik where to go when there is a zombie apocalypse lmao
Inżynier Umysłu
Inżynier Umysłu 19 timmar sedan
U are most crazy man I saw on this planet. Im pretty sure I love U not in gay way for sure :). Your ideas , projects are ... cant find a word.
Jay 20 timmar sedan
What are you doing with all that rock? 😂
DekkyTheAwesome 20 timmar sedan
You lose alot of energy when whole contraption moves because wheels are not locked....
Chris Cain
Chris Cain 20 timmar sedan
Can’t beat a bit of oil on yer butty
Chris Cain
Chris Cain 20 timmar sedan
All the twats who gave this a thumbs down … smatter wiv yer?
Kyle Brake
Kyle Brake 21 timme sedan
I love your videos!
bryan diel
bryan diel 21 timme sedan
some people build the turbo inline!!
re me
re me 21 timme sedan
"My name is Colin Furze and I-" *Tunnel collapses*
starmauser 21 timme sedan
can't wait for the next part!
Kyle Brake
Kyle Brake 21 timme sedan
I love your videos!
Tommy Mason
Tommy Mason 21 timme sedan
Is he on his meds😂 he seems so calm
Burhanuddin Mandvi
Burhanuddin Mandvi 22 timmar sedan
now imagine you can't turn off the machine.
T T 22 timmar sedan
It would be awesome to have a section or windows that are perspex so can see the natural rock around it.
nicklogan2 22 timmar sedan
should have saved bits of the carpet to decorate the hallways. like historical Colin Furze Gallery of work.
Mat Gurd
Mat Gurd 22 timmar sedan
For all the rest of the concrete what about a concrete lorry that pumps it……. 👌🏻👍🏻
Paul Frank
Paul Frank 22 timmar sedan
other than the king of random (rest in peace ) your my favorite how to SEcycler
kayn3 23 timmar sedan
Some cool shiznizzel
kernowarty 23 timmar sedan
So it's all round to your place when they push the red buttons then.
Xavierg35 Rodriguez
Xavierg35 Rodriguez 23 timmar sedan
How can I buy this from you
Migs991 23 timmar sedan
no water protection?
SmithIsNotOriginal 23 timmar sedan
This reminds me of metal gear solid 3
dlinemusic 23 timmar sedan
These gender reveal parties are getting out of hand
wombros Dag sedan
Can. You. Make. A. Motorcycle. With. Spikes. On. The. Wheels
Ryan Claus
Ryan Claus Dag sedan
There's a tool for flattening your bench grinding wheels
Dimitar Dobrev
Dimitar Dobrev Dag sedan
But seriously where is he dumping all that soil and rocks?
brandon 2504
brandon 2504 Dag sedan
When my grandad passed away we ended up fixing up his scooter as it had seized up and the battery wasnt charging, but when we got it working we took it for a spin when it didnt have the chair or other heavy bits on it, and was flying up and down the street, that was good fun
brandon 2504
brandon 2504 Dag sedan
Love playing age of empires 2 for hours
CptThunderSprunk Dag sedan
Omg I know those kids you made to drink milk and throw up 😂
Firebarn360 Dag sedan
2:31 is a good way to put i a tire away
Bart Bohyn
Bart Bohyn Dag sedan
I've been refreshing your page for 5 days now, I need part 5
Bigchow 22 timmar sedan
Same xd
Mr. Neuhaus
Mr. Neuhaus Dag sedan
Dude, wut's up with the next episode..!??! Waiting......
The Nice Man
The Nice Man Dag sedan
Sometimes a good smile on your face in such situations causes the relaxation of not only you, but the other loved ones that were worried for you. And this video is a proof. Stay Strong :)
CrakkaJac Dag sedan
too bad your xbox link doesnt work anymore. damn
TheRoadfarmer Dag sedan
No wonder steel and concrete tripled in price this past year Colin bought up 50% of it
Bellen Video
Bellen Video Dag sedan
MAD respect Mr Furze 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽❤️❤️❤️
Luis Kraus
Luis Kraus Dag sedan
Nice Bike! You could also try to build your own mountainbike, like enduro or something, that would be cool, although not as creative, innovative and original like your other builds!
Austin Bragg
Austin Bragg Dag sedan
Cant help but think this would be so much faster if real life worked like minecraft.
DragonpX Dag sedan
Itz cool but remember itz an dangerus wepond you dumb amazing man! SORRY!
Hannible100 Dag sedan
You are a loony! Nice loony but 100% loon.
Dylan Dylan
Dylan Dylan Dag sedan
Uhh where’s the next episode already?
Pepper Dag sedan
Seeing how tedious digging a tunnel, let alone entire rooms, can get, I kinda feel bad for supervillains now.
Miner Jim
Miner Jim Dag sedan
Definitely won't need a gym membership! Great videos! You really should wear a hard hat just for safety, someone will copy what your doing you know! Safety first.
Stephan Mahadeo
Stephan Mahadeo Dag sedan
A tow hitch that goes from a bike rack to a roof rack
Flix_ gaming
Flix_ gaming Dag sedan
Can I buy one
Carlitos Way
Carlitos Way Dag sedan
Isn’t secrecy the number one rule of having a secret bunker ? This guys shows it off to the entire world ? :)
arteK1390 Dag sedan
Hey Colin , i've got a question Why you don't using bethon under the pressure, this will give strong and property cover for your's ceiling
F32BM3 Dag sedan
Why did I just laugh at this 🤣
Constantly-Confused Dag sedan
Great video - but also: Amazing music! :)
Megan Jolley
Megan Jolley Dag sedan
can you make Wallace and Gromit robotic trousers.
Urma Isgay
Urma Isgay Dag sedan
‘wait, isnt there a crazy inventor in one of these houses along here?’
Kj Melville
Kj Melville Dag sedan
A Spanish SEcycle are named Russia
lee playford
lee playford Dag sedan
This is so dangerous
Dominic Homm
Dominic Homm Dag sedan
why tea with milk wtf