FUT 21 | Official Trailer
11 månader sedan
olipie 4 timmar sedan
dude i still have my ps4. ps5 always out of stock. how do i need to use the hypermotion😭😭
Geniinho Alves
Geniinho Alves 4 timmar sedan
looking forward to crack 🥰🥰🥰
Farouq Samman
Farouq Samman 4 timmar sedan
I remember when I was overexcited because of this trailer
furkan42 4 timmar sedan
Oyuna şut eklenmiş la
Zpace Mag
Zpace Mag 4 timmar sedan
Can't believe this isn't on PC. Like surely they can just release a separate "Next-Gen" version for like £10 more...
Dave 4 timmar sedan
I love this fifa 20 trailer
TRITAN X 5 timmar sedan
Can anyone tell me what hyper "no"tion does?
¹⁰⁰,⁰⁰⁰ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉʳ ᶜʰᵃˡˡᵉⁿᵍᵉ
¹⁰⁰,⁰⁰⁰ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉʳ ᶜʰᵃˡˡᵉⁿᵍᵉ 5 timmar sedan
Guys, I’ve actually discovered a list of things that were ACTUALLY added Nothing
Mavida 254
Mavida 254 5 timmar sedan
I've watched this five times now, I'm going for the sixth. Absolutely epic
Oli King
Oli King 5 timmar sedan
The Animation of Haaland is so good
FC Marok
FC Marok 5 timmar sedan
Cool attacking but wack defending, alot of controllers wont survive this year
Anonymous 6 timmar sedan
Bring Classic teams like 10/11 barça or 2002/03 Real Madrid. If you guys can get this type of technology, why is it so hard to bring old teams in?
ANISZ GAMING 6 timmar sedan
Still looks the same old game 😂😂
toosloww 6 timmar sedan
sorry but it doesnt look no different from the last buggy fifas
daveyp2tm 6 timmar sedan
How does a gameplay trailer have so little gameplay. 'true ball physics' haven't we been told that every year.
I3Mr 6 timmar sedan
Enzo Mon Chou
Enzo Mon Chou 6 timmar sedan
I feel like they don't get what the word "gameplay" stands for anymore.
Tomáš Vorel
Tomáš Vorel 7 timmar sedan
I feel like FIFA graphic is always 5 years behind so they have space for little improvments every year. I mean even Uncharted 4 had better graphic and thats 2016 game.
Joel Enzio Hedman
Joel Enzio Hedman 7 timmar sedan
2nd year of skipping fifa then
AdmirałPierdolcov 7 timmar sedan
Wole fife 10 xddd
EYNTK Joe 7 timmar sedan
'Unique brand of football' - Or, 1 of 5 options that we have given you, that likely won't work as intended until FIFA 23
EYNTK Joe 7 timmar sedan
'Lets try to confuse the audience so it looks like we've changed something'
Wolfou_Jams 7 timmar sedan
The biggest change in this game is the title going from "21" to "22"
summit gaming G
summit gaming G 7 timmar sedan
Same graphics, Same physics, 4000 animations.. gameplay no changes
DjTheDappy 7 timmar sedan
If there isn’t any drastic changes to my career mode I ain’t getting this
NeedForSpeedBadBoyz 7 timmar sedan
it's just the same recycled thing every year
exeen333 7 timmar sedan
Fifa 22 on geforce now pls
LeoG 8 timmar sedan
2:12 was that CR7 at PSG????
Reuben Mammen
Reuben Mammen 8 timmar sedan
Indian Super League is coming this year
MK III 8 timmar sedan
We don't want more 12-0 games in Career Mode. We want smarter defending AI, we definitely don't need smarter attacking AI.
Muhamad Fakhrul Razy
Muhamad Fakhrul Razy 8 timmar sedan
Nothing else matters if there are still scripted function in FUT
wantaferrari 8 timmar sedan
1:35 Haha, That is the worst defending in history. So this is just like FIFA20 and 21. 6 times more decisions made per second, and Marquinhos decided to be a dumb 6 times more in a second compared to FIFA 21.
Broken-_-heart 8 timmar sedan
Career mode?
sabrefury icon
sabrefury icon 8 timmar sedan
Man how long can they milk the same game… it’s insane
Bartek Curyło
Bartek Curyło 8 timmar sedan
FIFA 11 EA SPORTS FIFA 22 EA SPORTS PC XBOX ONE XBOX X Series PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5
Bartek Curyło
Bartek Curyło 8 timmar sedan
FIFA 09 EA SPORTS FIFA 22 EA SPORTS PC XBOX ONE XBOX X Series PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5
Bartek Curyło
Bartek Curyło 8 timmar sedan
FIFA 07 EA SPORTS FIFA 22 EA SPORTS PC XBOX ONE XBOX X Series PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5
Jacob_panda 8 timmar sedan
For once I'm actually excited for a fifa game
Jim Felix
Jim Felix 9 timmar sedan
Vinicus jr scored. The game's fake.
Xabir H.
Xabir H. 9 timmar sedan
What's new?
Muharrem Onbaşı
Muharrem Onbaşı 9 timmar sedan
손흥바페 9 timmar sedan
국뽕에 취한다.. 엠버서더 손흥민!!!
Nick Demeschenko
Nick Demeschenko 9 timmar sedan
tell me a good reason to upgrade from fifa 2020. new menu colors don’t count lol
FaZePsalmGaming 9 timmar sedan
All of these so-called “revolutionary changes” don’t make any difference. At the end of the day, all that matter is getting 2 Ronaldo&Pele&cruyff, fullback stay back while attacking then pingpong pass to ur 2 striker toe let them make skill move then low driven goal.
Avi Cec
Avi Cec 9 timmar sedan
No one can beat the vibe brought by Martin Tyler and Alan Smith.👀
Raymus 9 timmar sedan
I jus hope mason greenwood is no longer a titan
Mousa Java
Mousa Java 10 timmar sedan
Plz improve the goalkeeper skills and there reactions thyr too slow very short is a goal f**k
Mousa Java
Mousa Java 10 timmar sedan
Can please improve on goalkeeper skills and there speed to react ™️™️™️😭😭😭 how can I score 14 goals playin with big pros
akash kashyap
akash kashyap 10 timmar sedan
ctrl + c , ctrl+v and sell BAM thats how it works
Epic Diachi
Epic Diachi 10 timmar sedan
Can't wait to see, but still waiting for the day you'll add referee selections
Mifans Sejati
Mifans Sejati 10 timmar sedan
As fifa 21 user,i dont see any difference
Roman Samadhi
Roman Samadhi 10 timmar sedan
Why ? Fifa does not have a medal 🤔
Roman Samadhi
Roman Samadhi 10 timmar sedan
Not all fifa thought of winning a medal 🥇
ROBO CUBER 10 timmar sedan
What is the difference in the picture FIFA 21 FIFA 22 THEY ARE THE SAME PICTURES
JD 0161
JD 0161 10 timmar sedan
I already see it explosive sprints will be op
Wojan Szajsung
Wojan Szajsung 11 timmar sedan
To było kiedyś coś.....
Bradtchinda_7 11 timmar sedan
spiligra 11 timmar sedan
Legit it's the same thing over and over again
PJ 11 timmar sedan
The ball still looks like it's taking decisions before the player.
AKAPHONK 11 timmar sedan
yes finally ai that have brains
Harshit Sharma
Harshit Sharma 11 timmar sedan
FIFA 22 Glitches and fails in making
Daniel Folorunso
Daniel Folorunso 11 timmar sedan
Let's hear word with this Hyper Motion, gameplay trailer not talk talk and talk
KOLTR VAM 11 timmar sedan
Here we go again
PARIS SG CLUB 11 timmar sedan
FIFA 22 also giving same trailer 😂😂
Ozymandias 11 timmar sedan
trash kid-youtubers game
Kemp Palmer
Kemp Palmer 11 timmar sedan
Another year of trash... Same old ish.
Azmi Hakam
Azmi Hakam 11 timmar sedan
Braggng about new animation but still every player on the pitch looks like they are moving on 2x speed
Malik 25
Malik 25 12 timmar sedan
It doesn't matter fifa gotta be same
Marco Loureiro
Marco Loureiro 12 timmar sedan
All i see is more sweat and a different number on the cover
Ibrahim Hamdi
Ibrahim Hamdi 12 timmar sedan
can you mark on the new things?
Zach Lupo
Zach Lupo 12 timmar sedan
So glad they put their resources toward improving the fundamentals rather than making some random new game mode or feature I’ll barely ever use
Mohamad Izzat
Mohamad Izzat 13 timmar sedan
Really hope defense get better … it hard to play in manager mode although win the game but need to make comeback equal goal multiple time as get concede very easy