VingMuttEr 19 timmar sedan
SpaceX from wish? Oh my bad... Amazon...
edward meads
edward meads 19 timmar sedan
Andrew Chaplowitz
Andrew Chaplowitz 20 timmar sedan
This was 6 months ago What has transpired since then?
Delrider N
Delrider N 20 timmar sedan
People enjoying scrolling?
The Lokoshon
The Lokoshon 20 timmar sedan
I'm afraid
rexxo 20 timmar sedan
I really don´t understand why people use FB
David Blackmon
David Blackmon 21 timme sedan
I can not stand this type of review.
Marion Knight
Marion Knight 22 timmar sedan
Hybrid equals you gave up!
Irfan Khan
Irfan Khan 22 timmar sedan
No doubt Huawei Will Rock again.
j dot
j dot 23 timmar sedan
So many people lose their minds and go crazy because they don't want to die this was bound to happen especially with billionaires.......
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 23 timmar sedan
so steal from someone and give it to the poor (buy votes, dems twisted version of giving)
Pavle Perišić-Spasić
Pavle Perišić-Spasić Dag sedan
2020: PS5 VS Xbox Series X 2021: Macos 12 Monterey VS Windows 11 I can see rivalries are happening again...
Nettie Standiford
Nettie Standiford Dag sedan
What is it GOD SAY'S," keep your eyes open and know your enemy"? Eyes ARE OPENED and we KNOW OUR ENEMY. IT'S GOOGLE, FACE BOOK AND UTUBE.
KairuThonk Dag sedan
Haroon Alkindi
Haroon Alkindi Dag sedan
John CleD
John CleD Dag sedan
No 1inch sensor yet? my P30 huwaei phone is better than anything on the market, I can't imagine how good is P50
Irfan Khan
Irfan Khan 22 timmar sedan
Sensors are not the matter dear now a days the processors and charging matters
Y 19
Y 19 Dag sedan
Oh it's so dark up here wait isn't stars out there ?? So fake
Ronald Fernandes
Ronald Fernandes Dag sedan
I Confirmed, This is not a Parody !
Alejandro Cáceres
Alejandro Cáceres Dag sedan
2:20 fail render !
Sandjon Gaël
Sandjon Gaël Dag sedan
This guy is always right
Beyond Loaded
Beyond Loaded Dag sedan
I am not happy about this moviemaker takeover of video games. Haven't seen video games in many years so now I'm definitely not getting back into them. Plug in and play, plug in and play.
Turtle Power
Turtle Power Dag sedan
P30 Pro is the last good Huawei...
HongKhun Lim
HongKhun Lim Dag sedan
Very disappointing. No GPS n almost identical to Band 6, lower specs than Band 4 Pro. Wake up, Huawei !!! 1 step forward 3 steps backwards
Quad Dag sedan
british amazon fulfilment centers are evil, i've worked a handful of warehouses in the past and nothing compares to amazon, they purposefully put no seats in the fulfilment centers unless we are talking about the cafeteria where theres only a handful of seats, most of the employees eat in their cars at lunch break.
Smart Monke
Smart Monke Dag sedan
years 2121 comment​s be like : the origin of full dive game start with monke
Hornet Dag sedan
These are literally the sounds of a different planet so many miles away from ours. Awesome stuff.
baconsaidhi Dag sedan
I hope Craig is the next Apple ceo
kusal Dag sedan
Win11's UI is gorgeous and the window controls are nice. I've always wondered why they make a big deal out of the window manager until I tried a Mac, the window management is a bit all over the place imo.
Mr. CT
Mr. CT Dag sedan
Pls no ads
Nick Peck
Nick Peck Dag sedan
Windows Me invades the Windows 11 reveal.
Kenneth Class
Kenneth Class Dag sedan
Hedgies get Wedgies. AMC GME 🚀
o1superboyytt gaming
o1superboyytt gaming Dag sedan
bro watching this now makes humans look like cavemen Man: Scrolls through contacts People : Is he a magician
Christin Finny
Christin Finny Dag sedan
Sorry what. this is phenomenal
Nubian Souljah
Nubian Souljah Dag sedan
mona rena
mona rena Dag sedan
Only 2/3 of the way to the firmament?!
Kenny Li
Kenny Li Dag sedan
It is clear that google map is much better
diwas shrestha
diwas shrestha Dag sedan
I use p30 pro and its awesome. Battery last still long. Photos are still good and i let it fall almost 100 times and still no scratch.
Alexandre vianna
Alexandre vianna Dag sedan
I can agree with everything less no scratch.
lilli Dag sedan
justo go and live in small village in countryside,problem fixed
Filipe Silva
Filipe Silva Dag sedan
The flying M&M: Am I a joke to you?!?!
Rock papa
Rock papa Dag sedan
Goku Ultra Instinct
Goku Ultra Instinct Dag sedan
We can read subtitle ok. No need to dub. 🤦🤦
Kamui no Ken
Kamui no Ken Dag sedan
So it’s the celllpone that provides the sound right!?
Harish Kumar
Harish Kumar Dag sedan
mac os monterey is the best compared to windows 11
Mr Nigam
Mr Nigam Dag sedan
2 grills on each side - does this have 4 speakers just like sammmy a7 ? somebody plz clarify fast !
ELZ0CKER Dag sedan
cameras look like aragog's eyes
Steven Knox
Steven Knox Dag sedan
My poco f3 has a bigger battery 5g and 120ghz refresh rate 8g of ram and 256 memory all for under £300 a real flagship killer
HJL1130 Dag sedan
@CUSTOMER SOFTBANK Maybe Huawei can, maybe Harmony OS is something that can actually compete with Google or Apple's OS. But I've seen Microsoft, Blackberry and Samsung all fail at their own mobile OS, so time will tell if Huawei can make Harmony OS work. Because to be real honest, their hardware is great if not better. I always wanted to try the Mate X or just the Mate series, but since I rely a lot on google services everyday just to get my job done, I can't use Huawei phones, which is kinda sad.
@HJL1130 yes you're right man. Gms is really important & is on another level, nobody can compete
HJL1130 Dag sedan
@CUSTOMER SOFTBANK P30 is the last best phone since it had google play services. While Harmony OS is still too young to judge, it won't fully replace Google Workspace apps which a lot of people rely on during this pandemic for work.
@HJL1130 I don't care about no. 1, personally I use Huawei P30 Pro & is absolutely amazing, nothings beats it. Its as good as the first day
HJL1130 Dag sedan
@CUSTOMER SOFTBANK Have you seen recent sales of Huawei phones? How can a company with shrinking sales be number 1?
Arief Hermawan
Arief Hermawan Dag sedan
What if huawei making hardware for next pixel 😅😅
HJL1130 Dag sedan
They can barely get their chips from the US. At this rate, Huawei will just dissappear, leaving on their Honor line up(which was sold somewhere else to prevent US Sanctions to competely demolish the brand).
D Raz
D Raz Dag sedan
My S21 Ultra is great but I know I wanted an iPhone 10 years ago!!
Prince Arthur
Prince Arthur Dag sedan
If it is able to come into the Android echo system I will purchase this phome
Prince Arthur
Prince Arthur Dag sedan
Los One
Los One Dag sedan
Golden eye any % Speed run gone wrong.
Budgie Club Şanslı 21H1
Budgie Club Şanslı 21H1 Dag sedan
Why everyone hated Microsoft event? İ think it is cool. XD🤣
Budgie Club Şanslı 21H1
Budgie Club Şanslı 21H1 Dag sedan
Giro is using Windows 11 and he thinks Windows 11 is better than Windows 10. And he is using Windows Hello PİN.
Mike Cardan
Mike Cardan Dag sedan
Windows guy is so boring... and he doesn't look pumped...Looks like windows are coping what Apple is doing...
Gamesational Dag sedan
1:42 what if he unplugged that cord. 🤔
Muhammad Nabil
Muhammad Nabil Dag sedan
Don't know where to buy... nobody selling this
Cinthya Reyes
Cinthya Reyes Dag sedan
Porqué no traducen al español
Alvaro Damiano
Alvaro Damiano Dag sedan
alvaro de chile parese que no hay vida en marte estamos vuscado o no.
lizzzzz Dag sedan
Joey Byington
Joey Byington Dag sedan
So barely anyone knows The Holy Bible and The Truth huh?? I saw one comment and their right this is definitely The mark of the beast and all you can say is I want one wow just wow shame on all you blind guided people
Nav Sudan
Nav Sudan Dag sedan
Wtf is wrong with him! He looks more like a clingy hippie yoga master 🤣
Ed Melillo
Ed Melillo Dag sedan
And I don't consider them astronauts they bought their way in space it's kind of a slap in their face of every astronaut ever or their blood sweat and tears poured into years of training and these people are spending 28 million on a seat for 5 minutes disgusting
Richard Baumeister
Richard Baumeister Dag sedan
They are lying to you. They already have found proof of past life on Mars and they are hiding it from you i There are destroyed cities there and they know it!
Son Phuoc Channel
Son Phuoc Channel Dag sedan
amazing, they did it
NizCom Dag sedan
bunch of rich folks burning money
Nancy Schmidt
Nancy Schmidt Dag sedan
They have no intention of becoming decent human beings and they never will apparently becoming wealthy puts you above being a good do person
Nancy Schmidt
Nancy Schmidt Dag sedan
We don't trust any of them
Jackson Poe
Jackson Poe Dag sedan
I’m fyso don’t yfy y yyyyto yto did ya
Blake Ingram
Blake Ingram Dag sedan
I’m impressed with both.
Richard Froud
Richard Froud Dag sedan
There are lots of wonderful instruments on the rover , except the cameras which are rubbish. Seen better photos on a Kodak 1950 Brownie 127. It’s a joke.
Wolf Dag sedan
aoc is the grown up version of that hot girl from politics club
Scott C
Scott C Dag sedan
Guess Jeffie has to compensate with something. My wife and I were laughing at him through the whole thing. Wonder if his "lady-boy" GF was turned on.
Cloudy2 Dag sedan
I respect all. Apple, Google, And Microscoft(sorry if I spelled it wrong).
Detroxin COD
Detroxin COD Dag sedan
Linux always have your back but lacks consistency.
Ariyel Cinema
Ariyel Cinema Dag sedan
M Dag sedan
4:46 yasss
sa- sammmaaaaa
sa- sammmaaaaa Dag sedan
Samsung s21 is better
Shubhada Deshmukh
Shubhada Deshmukh Dag sedan
End of universe ✨😡
samoryTure 2 dagar sedan
Virgin Galactic
Ronaldo Souto Nogueira
Ronaldo Souto Nogueira 2 dagar sedan
Wouldn't it be an idea to cover the back with solar panels to save battery power?