$1,000 Money Ball! #shorts
Win a IPhone 12! #shorts
2 månader sedan
Mind blowing Life Hack! #shorts
How old were you? #shorts
2 månader sedan
Prank Gone Wrong! #shorts
2 månader sedan
Worlds Best Wedgie! #shorts
Prank on Addison Rae #shorts
Why are you so #shorts
2 månader sedan
Krystal Mayfield
Krystal Mayfield 19 timmar sedan
Anything for attention...
Heath Mcara
Heath Mcara 19 timmar sedan
What if the weight is one of the fake ones that are made of plastic or Styrofoam
Zedthejoker 19 timmar sedan
Nice cut that's totally not a fake plate
Abuki Mar
Abuki Mar 19 timmar sedan
His a type of guy who tears in the rain 🌧
Pubg Lover
Pubg Lover 19 timmar sedan
hanju Lee
hanju Lee 19 timmar sedan
Kelly Luht
Kelly Luht 19 timmar sedan
When i was 5-6 year old then i almost got hit by a truck
Maggot 736
Maggot 736 19 timmar sedan
J.P OFFICIAL 19 timmar sedan
That ring is rubber
Frank Zikopoulos
Frank Zikopoulos 19 timmar sedan
Fake weight
Kelvin Mutamba
Kelvin Mutamba 19 timmar sedan
Fake weight
Arnav Anand
Arnav Anand 19 timmar sedan
Bro it's fake as the windshield didn't broke
Jeffrey Blair
Jeffrey Blair 19 timmar sedan
What you think styrofoam weight!
Ayush Singh
Ayush Singh 19 timmar sedan
The weight is fake
Deshaveni Gangadhar
Deshaveni Gangadhar 20 timmar sedan
Антон Абрамов
Антон Абрамов 20 timmar sedan
Чет настолько зажрался с ютубом, что это даже не впечатляет. Сто раз видел, как ламбу в лепёху разбивали.
Onionboss *
Onionboss * 20 timmar sedan
Gyro-Gaming !
Gyro-Gaming ! 20 timmar sedan
Lurker101 20 timmar sedan
Madan Mohan
Madan Mohan 20 timmar sedan
Yeah good I smash my PORSHE everyday with that rubber weight. Gah.... 😐
Siddhant Gajjar
Siddhant Gajjar 20 timmar sedan
Fake weghts
• Zealot •
• Zealot • 20 timmar sedan
I used to watch these guys and thought they were cool, I am very disappointed in my younger self.
Vijay Panday
Vijay Panday 20 timmar sedan
suncha vox
suncha vox 20 timmar sedan
Plot twist: that's a fake car
Trịnh Minh Anh
Trịnh Minh Anh 20 timmar sedan
Could you make a similar video to Ferrari? I don't know how to smash it.
Efzel CODM
Efzel CODM 20 timmar sedan
He's the type of guy who would smash a lamborghini with a styrofoam
Noah Ervin
Noah Ervin 21 timme sedan
He’s the type of guy to buy a 1 lb styrofoam weight then get a rental lambo and pretend to chuck the fake weight onto it. Best part is, he wouldn’t cut the video and u could see the weight hit the glass
Jay Vishroliya
Jay Vishroliya 21 timme sedan
doire aintu
doire aintu 21 timme sedan
He’s the type of guy that eats skittles with mayonnaise .
Rohit Shinde
Rohit Shinde 21 timme sedan
Jhon Cabural
Jhon Cabural 21 timme sedan
Jurie Jacob's
Jurie Jacob's 21 timme sedan
Fake, hate hate hate
dudinha panada games
dudinha panada games 21 timme sedan
doire aintu
doire aintu 21 timme sedan
That cars soul will.....
Tmacthaskydiver 21 timme sedan
You could tell it's fake by the way he's handling it lol
Air Fried Quads bw
Air Fried Quads bw 21 timme sedan
It that was 45lbs, je wouldnt have got it off the ground. Todsed it like it was styrofoam... oh hmmm
Halima Khatun
Halima Khatun 21 timme sedan
Fake as f
Natious George
Natious George 21 timme sedan
Yo fake weight
Dechathorn kankanok
Dechathorn kankanok 21 timme sedan
That's prop
4LV4R0 :v
4LV4R0 :v 21 timme sedan
La pesa es falsa xd
ha hatdog
ha hatdog 21 timme sedan
Is that a plastic🤔
rahul saha
rahul saha 22 timmar sedan
That is thermocol
King Ethan x
King Ethan x 22 timmar sedan
The type guy that take out a fly with a pipe bomb
Hydro 909
Hydro 909 22 timmar sedan
He’s the type of guy to use a weight that don’t weigh anything 😂 #fake weight
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 22 timmar sedan
He’s the type of guy that would wash his hands after taking a shower
Gouchy 22 timmar sedan
How did this get 274k likes
Vidhyesh Patil
Vidhyesh Patil 22 timmar sedan
Fake weights you can clearly see that😂🤣 seriously man😂🤣
lobby flusher
lobby flusher 22 timmar sedan
That cars soul will.....
Barbara contreras
Barbara contreras 22 timmar sedan
Billie Eilish FC Lyrics
Billie Eilish FC Lyrics 22 timmar sedan
I wish i could smash his car like that 😡🙄
Jesse Corkill
Jesse Corkill 22 timmar sedan
I don't buy it. The way he holds it makes it look like it's a fake weight.
RAED AMR X 22 timmar sedan
توبز وهو صغير 😂😂والله محد مصدقنيييي👍😂
Erik Schwartzmann
Erik Schwartzmann 22 timmar sedan
The way hes holding it with only 6 fingers total told me that only weighed 0.15 of a KG
Chavy1600 22 timmar sedan
The Hitman
The Hitman 22 timmar sedan
Society is doomed. Look at all these commenting sheep just doing what the next does. It's really pathetic. No free thinkers or anything of the sort.
Enzo Jucá
Enzo Jucá 22 timmar sedan
Jahongir Imomov
Jahongir Imomov 22 timmar sedan
kUya mAcoy
kUya mAcoy 22 timmar sedan
Just only 1 gram..lol🤣
links 234
links 234 22 timmar sedan
Bradley martin weights
King Izzy
King Izzy 23 timmar sedan
Coulda just gave it to me
Ian Galleguillos
Ian Galleguillos 23 timmar sedan
Lmenos pone el video completo tonto weon
Ameen Sultan
Ameen Sultan 23 timmar sedan
Spunch plate
Oshio Adams
Oshio Adams 23 timmar sedan
Here's the kind of guy to make his voice hoarse when claiming he can ride a horse.
Hyunjin's Cake
Hyunjin's Cake 23 timmar sedan
Instead of them donating for the virus or the people in the streets they decided to buy a car just to smash it for tiktok
CASENAY 23 timmar sedan
Meanwhile an insurance agent watches 👀
Crawling Chaos
Crawling Chaos 23 timmar sedan
Thunder Taco
Thunder Taco 23 timmar sedan
So this is what that ballsack Zimmerman has been up to? 💩
Mike J
Mike J 23 timmar sedan
That weight was fake asf I promise you there’s no way he tossed it up in the air that easily
GamingDenganAbid 23 timmar sedan
The who almost ran over by a truck is dump
jason chen
jason chen 23 timmar sedan
Y'all realise it didn't crack so it was probably fake
Rafi _R
Rafi _R 23 timmar sedan
He's the type of guy that eating chips with catchup
ColinVlogs that
ColinVlogs that 23 timmar sedan
Why!? That's a perfectly good car damn rich people
彡ɴᴀᴠᴇᴇɴBOssGᴀᴍɪɴɢ彡 23 timmar sedan
That is plastic
Erik Espe
Erik Espe 23 timmar sedan
Fake weight
The Grin Creeper
The Grin Creeper 23 timmar sedan
Did anyone notice at the end that it bounced....
Slim Steve
Slim Steve Dag sedan
This is dumb
Jason Bainbridge
Jason Bainbridge Dag sedan
Polistirine he could not lift 20kg 🐒
Ron Gerald Venegas
Ron Gerald Venegas Dag sedan
Motiv Molotov
Motiv Molotov Dag sedan
He’s the type of guy to wake up everyone in the house to tell them he’s going to sleep.
Dafdev76 Dag sedan
Im going to find that car ...
unknown person
unknown person Dag sedan
They was lucky but also stupid