Don't Air Fry These Things...
Don't Blend These Things...
Drunk Painting from Memory
Belle Delphine | Cold Ones
swivel keyring
swivel keyring 4 timmar sedan
12:33 wow cute fanart 13:34 what the fuck
Alexander Malone
Alexander Malone 4 timmar sedan
it's been like 6 months since the last podcast and all you guys are doing is reviewing shitty products you've seen on TV ads. what the fuck
Lil Cashy
Lil Cashy 5 timmar sedan
Before drinking: 0:52 After drinking: 16:08
Daniel 5 timmar sedan
To be honest I think my family would disappear if I bought that many as seen on TV products
Schachli 5 timmar sedan
Stroh 80, 90$?! In germany i get one bottle for 10€ thats like 12$😂
Dániel Kovács
Dániel Kovács 6 timmar sedan
"Louis the 8th", holy fuck, was everybody drunk during the shoot?
ninjajoeblow 420
ninjajoeblow 420 6 timmar sedan
Is that weed or shrooms 15:47
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 6 timmar sedan
50 $ for a bottle of basic Jameson? It's legit 17€ in Germany. Damn. Shipping i guess?
nate rob
nate rob 6 timmar sedan
Low key sounds like I did a thing
Shiggys_Simp 7 timmar sedan
I just saw a TikTok clip of this video... that’s weird how it was first on recommended..
Musashiboi 7 timmar sedan
hello dizz
Andrea Borg
Andrea Borg 7 timmar sedan
9:15 ... 3 am vibes.
Lightning Mcqueef
Lightning Mcqueef 7 timmar sedan
guys i think his name is deez
TheSwolOne 8 timmar sedan
7:17 bruz eternal in the recommended I see
erin. marlene.deckleman
erin. marlene.deckleman 8 timmar sedan
"rum drinkers beat their wives." me blind after an entire bottle of bunderberg and a goony on my best mates birthday what do I do?
Henry Reusch
Henry Reusch 8 timmar sedan
So the only working thing was made in Germany 😂
gonzo 8 timmar sedan
6:45 the way it cuts hella fast when max drops the apple lmaoooo
The Fool Of Hearts
The Fool Of Hearts 9 timmar sedan
captain grog beard and moxfroyo
T_F_Weston 9 timmar sedan
I really appreciate how they bleep and black bar the vomit. As people vomiting can make me do the same. This was a way to watch it and it still be funny instead of gross.
The Entity
The Entity 9 timmar sedan
19:33 it's been a long time since I've laughed this hard
WickedPig 9 timmar sedan
Can I have some money
BURNTPOPTART 9 timmar sedan
I’ve tried trader vics 175 proof rum witch is 75 percent it was god awful -edit idk if that was the exact number
HARLEM710 9 timmar sedan
Im so late to this show, Its 2 normal ozzys drinkin booz. Im down with that tho, cheers boys
7 10 timmar sedan
"Im not gonna waste now am I"
////////// 11 timmar sedan
Rusian 75
Rusian 75 11 timmar sedan
Did anyone else realize the commentator chuckles when the guy is cutting the tomato with the flat side of the knife at 5:00
Coral Horizon
Coral Horizon 11 timmar sedan
0:06 bonjour comment sa va sounded smooth
lil babyjeff21 *
lil babyjeff21 * 11 timmar sedan
Deez what?
Cancer Incarnated
Cancer Incarnated 12 timmar sedan
4:08 "We can try to get some heroin"
Levelinski 12 timmar sedan
Max is gay for Jesus
éssence 12 timmar sedan
Master factor
Master factor 12 timmar sedan
No banana sprite challenge? Darn
Lesona 12 timmar sedan
3:00 bird on my head
Lesona 12 timmar sedan
14:42 fish
Lesona 12 timmar sedan
And 6:29
Lesona 12 timmar sedan
Also 4:22
Isaac Maxwell
Isaac Maxwell 12 timmar sedan
this is the closest I've come to vomiting in a long time, man I miss these videos lmao
Isaacdanoob 12 timmar sedan
my dad is vegan and gluten free so he uses the zucchini pasta thing all the time
Camak 13 timmar sedan
You can literally see them getting drunk 😂
workingclass0 13 timmar sedan
Did you see that funny little egg character? He has a shell
Ysabel Simone
Ysabel Simone 13 timmar sedan
My stomach hurts watching this
Cam 14 timmar sedan
"I don't give a fuck, he made.. he makes good content" thought I heard max giggle but idk but I was dying
Dontay Parrish
Dontay Parrish 15 timmar sedan
M8 looks like Austin powers
Kelan McCormack
Kelan McCormack 15 timmar sedan
Legendary fellas
Robin Tenghult
Robin Tenghult 15 timmar sedan
Strow 80 is so fucking nasty
Happy sandwich Guy
Happy sandwich Guy 15 timmar sedan
chad looks like jack black infused with 50% acohol
Fate Rush
Fate Rush 16 timmar sedan
I honestly thought I was gonna cry when they smashed that bottle holy cow
Java Zevada
Java Zevada 16 timmar sedan
These guys are fucked up! Especially Mr. Fatal, within the second shot dude was hammered
definitely a movie critic
definitely a movie critic 16 timmar sedan
Love yalls content, please keep this up
Jude Fischer
Jude Fischer 16 timmar sedan
big willy
big willy 16 timmar sedan
If you make $3,000 a month And given you live in Alabama that's incredible pay A 1 bedroom 1 bath Kitchen dining room living room Small backyard small front yd You could get all of that Brand new and furnished300-400 dollars in month Maybe 600 if you have animals That's just the rent Some people pay more in car insurance
Envie The Shinigami
Envie The Shinigami 16 timmar sedan
Me over here watching a year later and freaking out everytime pyro kisses someone
Chesterton Hawks
Chesterton Hawks 16 timmar sedan
“Famous Uber star shares food with two homeless children”
The Real Garebear
The Real Garebear 16 timmar sedan
SO if I fly out can I be one the show and talk about American culture vs American culture!?!?! also commenting while drunk
Jacob Appelbaum
Jacob Appelbaum 16 timmar sedan
I'm too fucked up it took me until like forty five seconds in before I realized this isn't Hot Ones
James Creations
James Creations 17 timmar sedan
Honestly the old man and the guy really deserved the money, they were so nice.
James Creations
James Creations 17 timmar sedan
The old man and the guy were really nice
Danyelle Gates
Danyelle Gates 17 timmar sedan
😂😂😂 you guys crack me up!
Omlitzdaddycakez 17 timmar sedan
Aye Yung dey wasted 🤣
Dancing Cockroach
Dancing Cockroach 17 timmar sedan
7:45 re-stored Japanese torture in color
Tommie 17 timmar sedan
The french guy a good photographer like very good
captain Iglo
captain Iglo 17 timmar sedan
3k for that animation?! I might as well learn that shit you can def do that in a day
Cammmy 17 timmar sedan
Good premise, horrible execution....the immaturity is just too annoying....quit trying to be funny
stellar juju
stellar juju 17 timmar sedan
I don't think it was the paint that gave lushsux an sti..
stupid shit
stupid shit 18 timmar sedan
Drank some stroh on a schooltrip with some polish people and it burned my whole body up but the polish guys, holy shit they drank it like water
mEmE JunK
mEmE JunK 18 timmar sedan
15:48 howtobasic moment
Nick Jonathan
Nick Jonathan 18 timmar sedan
Vietnam flash back when the music hit 2:06
Tobias 19 timmar sedan
The Title should say 'Australians paying people to say that they have aids'
Unbound_Selrahc 19 timmar sedan
The milk challenge I’ve done without even meaning too, and although I didn’t throw up, it was not a pleasant experience, your stomach will be in knots and you on the floor. Fun fact humans are lactose intolerant by nature, we just build up a resistance to it, and some people have a better resistance.
Caerid Lock
Caerid Lock 19 timmar sedan
That skull bottle vodka is actually delicious af.
HolyFlare484 20 timmar sedan
chocolate donut?
U23RA 20 timmar sedan
lmao that muslim music was funny when max took the box in hand
Inocernty 20 timmar sedan
french man is wholesome af, im smiling
Timmy Augustsson
Timmy Augustsson 20 timmar sedan
Why am I laughing so hard I feel drunk, on AIDS…
Jalfonso00 21 timme sedan
How many likes to get the legend on the show
Raid Callybre
Raid Callybre 22 timmar sedan
Need to bring joji onto cold ones
Zeek Shepsky
Zeek Shepsky 22 timmar sedan
How do I become a guest?
Unbound_Selrahc 22 timmar sedan
Can we talk about how oddly good they are at certain impressions, like that Markiplier was solidly close, a bit of Joe Swanson in there, but he got close to those dulcet tones. That Skrek was solid as hell too.
Peter Jenkins
Peter Jenkins 22 timmar sedan
his name is deez
DumbSketch 22 timmar sedan
That nord guy sounds alot like max
v1x 22 timmar sedan
Me that has drunk the 100% alchool to wash hands '-'
mikey j
mikey j 4 timmar sedan
@v1x ok but def dont do it again its literally poison and so dangerous
v1x 4 timmar sedan
@mikey j i misspelled i meant drank, not drunk, and im a minor, so gladly it doesn't get me drunk!!
mikey j
mikey j 13 timmar sedan
most of those r isopropyl alcohol not ethanol which is considered poison and doesnt get u drunk lmao
Zeek Shepsky
Zeek Shepsky 22 timmar sedan
The bottle they said that if you drank it you'd die. Is the only bottle I go through nowadays lol. 100% blackout everytime.