Cryptic 2 minuter sedan
Carl was never seen again after this video was posted.
JAYSON YT 3 minuter sedan
He just let it slip down he's forehead
JAYSON YT 7 minuter sedan
I hate you😔😔😔😐😐
DynamicSaturn36 Gaming
DynamicSaturn36 Gaming 10 minuter sedan
Madison Henry
Madison Henry 11 minuter sedan
Leslie 928
Leslie 928 11 minuter sedan
Joy Morgan
Joy Morgan 22 minuter sedan
Ok fine thanks for the invisibility and the low cost of my robux details 🙂🙃😒😑🙄👍🙂the first of all the information that I have money for the low end cost I will need for me and the other other people who are willing and keen on my friend who wants robux and the kids for a few weeks so I'll give them an early start tomorrow so friend who wants robux and a few friends
yasmin cabrera
yasmin cabrera 23 minuter sedan
yasmin cabrera
yasmin cabrera 24 minuter sedan
Brianna White
Brianna White 26 minuter sedan
It is not going to work
Martin Holding
Martin Holding 29 minuter sedan
I’m suing you
Нацу Драгнил
Нацу Драгнил 30 minuter sedan
Так а где Сарычев который вообще своей силой сломал этот динамометр?))
•BxbbleTea• 32 minuter sedan
I want the chamomile so much
Yansho 36 minuter sedan
both have no brain cells... it's fake
Junior Castro
Junior Castro 38 minuter sedan
Frogs are amazing creatures thanks for saving them.
Noah Seale
Noah Seale 41 minut sedan
Fuckin idiots that’s something called trespassing on private property
peachy 57 minuter sedan
Ooof that had to of hurt yo i would be screaming
TheRainbowGod Timme sedan
Everyone ignoring that sir this is a wendys
Radar 1
Radar 1 Timme sedan
I had one of these stuck in my foot i feel your pain
Makenna Penney
Makenna Penney Timme sedan
Aquita Dobie
Aquita Dobie Timme sedan
😂😂😂😂 the way you seed w his a is funny
Joel Paz
Joel Paz Timme sedan
If u get stung it’s only gonna be like a bee sting. The bigger the claws the less painful the sting. Why need a powerful venom when u have “bone crushing” claws
Peyton Claytor
Peyton Claytor Timme sedan
Rip Carl
Haidar Paras
Haidar Paras Timme sedan
So cute i like it
Lisa McCook
Lisa McCook Timme sedan
I watched this last night I have nightmares
Regularr Timme sedan
“Life is short” so break in to other people’s house!
Souad Phone
Souad Phone Timme sedan
Whay you hait boys and you are a boy
HVHVHV Timme sedan
I love how the front of the ball looks like the ._. face
Ghost Templar
Ghost Templar Timme sedan
Everyone seems to missing the point here...do you lift if so them of course your grip strength is going to be high.
Rafael Mendez
Rafael Mendez Timme sedan
Wher did you boy the foncas
Sakura Fox
Sakura Fox Timme sedan
hiriririririririri 🤣🤣🤣
Consuelo Diaz
Consuelo Diaz Timme sedan
Who like tarantulas they are the reason why i am scared of spiders
DAT BOI 2 timmar sedan
They all get paid thousands of dollars to live in a house
LeoNida Amion
LeoNida Amion 2 timmar sedan
That scary big spider
Techno Gamer Kids
Techno Gamer Kids 2 timmar sedan
Kristiine Murd
Kristiine Murd 2 timmar sedan
Donald Box
Donald Box 2 timmar sedan
play the sound of a rattlesnake and he got a stick and then he poked you
Joel Gordon
Joel Gordon 2 timmar sedan
Techno Gamer Kids
Techno Gamer Kids 2 timmar sedan
LOL so funny!!
Darshanam Venkataiah
Darshanam Venkataiah 2 timmar sedan
It is cheating
Aurelien Hannecart
Aurelien Hannecart 2 timmar sedan
Arif Amirali
Arif Amirali 2 timmar sedan
Holly molly
Caitlyn Garfield
Caitlyn Garfield 2 timmar sedan
Caitlyn Garfield
Caitlyn Garfield 2 timmar sedan
And it does nott
Caitlyn Garfield
Caitlyn Garfield 2 timmar sedan
Not me I don’t think it willwork
Karen Liberato
Karen Liberato 3 timmar sedan
ka gamer
ka gamer 3 timmar sedan
Yo that thing will not work
mark chin
mark chin 3 timmar sedan
Annapolis moment he realized he f***** up
junior e isabelly
junior e isabelly 3 timmar sedan
😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😝😝😝 😡😡
Adriaan Jvr
Adriaan Jvr 3 timmar sedan
Do more
Aiden Minter
Aiden Minter 3 timmar sedan
That’s mean. If we were friends then we would be done
Olivia Lomandas
Olivia Lomandas 3 timmar sedan
wait a minute.... is that briana?
Latasha Telusma
Latasha Telusma 3 timmar sedan
I believe that's a lion fish
Kirti Arora
Kirti Arora 3 timmar sedan
I love these types of games
yeontan uwu
yeontan uwu 3 timmar sedan
Komik mi?
Alger Enriquez
Alger Enriquez 3 timmar sedan
Ismet Demushi
Ismet Demushi 3 timmar sedan
The last guy did It all wrong🙄
Kylie Farrell
Kylie Farrell 4 timmar sedan
I can tell why its named karen
Akshaya And Akshay
Akshaya And Akshay 4 timmar sedan
Akshaya And Akshay
Akshaya And Akshay 4 timmar sedan
What happened end 😁
Mimoena Belarbi
Mimoena Belarbi 4 timmar sedan
Me: im not happy cuz the last one no one Hit the head to the roof
umbreon : lohan
umbreon : lohan 4 timmar sedan
A T N D do speed builds
A T N D do speed builds 4 timmar sedan
Girl I hope you're okay
margaret njoka
margaret njoka 4 timmar sedan
Not. F not fair
BrennerGib 4 timmar sedan
We all knew it wouldn't
Aman Bohara
Aman Bohara 4 timmar sedan
•ғʀᴏɢ-ǫᴜᴇᴇɴ• 4 timmar sedan
goku gaming
goku gaming 4 timmar sedan
I feel so bad for the first guy
Mignon Charles
Mignon Charles 4 timmar sedan
Are you ok now 😢😢😢😢
andrew scott
andrew scott 4 timmar sedan
I got one of those confiscated at my school i dunno why
Om Jaat
Om Jaat 4 timmar sedan
AAYUSH 4 timmar sedan
If that last guy would say that to me I would say:-stfu you peace of bacon
Катя Лапко
Катя Лапко 5 timmar sedan
I love♥️
Jouroz 14
Jouroz 14 5 timmar sedan
I like the fact there's a vibing snek on the guy.
Litotjgthb Pascgjgmyh ytyual
Litotjgthb Pascgjgmyh ytyual 5 timmar sedan
can you be my friend please
Softy dreamy girl
Softy dreamy girl 5 timmar sedan
Bro when you move that chair is scary
molika minecraft bednoob
molika minecraft bednoob 5 timmar sedan
What. Bro