Car Tik Tok is Cringe
14 dagar sedan
TelAvivGamer 26 minuter sedan
Fun fact: the Lamborghini egoista was actually made to look like a fighter jet or a f-16
xXultimate309 28 minuter sedan
5:54 Elon musk: ok cool down for teslas for 2 minutes
Rahim Islam
Rahim Islam 32 minuter sedan
I had this game when i was younger on the ds and recently found it again
Eminem Fan
Eminem Fan 41 minut sedan
Admit it bro, you’re a ricer
CPM LEGEND 43 minuter sedan
Go online and drag
Kolex 47 minuter sedan
bro what happened to your hair
VibrateHD 54 minuter sedan
24:36 me everytime i upload a yt vid
Younglings Slayer 3000
Younglings Slayer 3000 55 minuter sedan
The fact that youtube says this is gta San andreas is an insult
FlagellarSeeker Timme sedan
3:25 vin petrol
Fireywall Timme sedan
What color
PabloThePizzaMan Timme sedan
The stats on the car don't mean anything they are completely wrong
Wilkinstvreacts React
Wilkinstvreacts React Timme sedan
Day 6 of asking Theo to play nfs rivals
spuder Timme sedan
me: hey can i borrow some money my friend: no, why do u want money me: i want a big wang my friend: *turns into theo* did u say big wang me: theo!?!?!? theo: big wangs are everything
Guy likes car :p ……………..
Guy likes car :p …………….. Timme sedan
Next week comes the asp Correct me if I am wrong
xCjbwolfZx Yt
xCjbwolfZx Yt Timme sedan
10:42 pantta run
Mohammed Alabbasi
Mohammed Alabbasi Timme sedan
I'm a big GTA fan but people need to stop playing it so we can get GTA 6 lol it's a fact
Dom shut up
Rezwan molla
Rezwan molla Timme sedan
The king of jdm
Maximilian B.
Maximilian B. 2 timmar sedan
Ive started GTA 5 with 20 on ps3, I’m 28 now :) what a journey
Marius Badarau
Marius Badarau 2 timmar sedan
You play on PC?!. Your graphics setngs are so low:)) :))
luckygunner HD
luckygunner HD 2 timmar sedan
It is the fastest car.
UnghettotheGOAT 2 timmar sedan
The vin diesel impersonator is more like vin dubble diesel or like a mini me of vin hahahha
Davis Designs
Davis Designs 2 timmar sedan
Looks like El Rubio is gonna buy me a new Mustang
ASOTFAN16 3 timmar sedan
Theo just needs to die his hair blue at this point to be honest Meadow please make it happen XD
Taz 3 timmar sedan
click bait for views with 1.3m subs smh I thought made good content
fazemauri Johal
fazemauri Johal 3 timmar sedan
My favourite is the gtr34
K Dotzz
K Dotzz 3 timmar sedan
R34 in general I think are the nicest sounding car.
Andrew BMX
Andrew BMX 3 timmar sedan
Too much riceee
BurBurGaming 3 timmar sedan
If u want a 125cc bike I recommend a Honda msx125
Patro1 3 timmar sedan
Go play lego kid and drunker
Patro1 3 timmar sedan
Omg you are a loser bot
Patro1 4 timmar sedan
Bot can play better than you
Patro1 4 timmar sedan
I drive in this game better than you
Patro1 4 timmar sedan
wtf in first 20 seconds you are crashed, you are noob and drunker
Patro1 4 timmar sedan
i can 300 000 points in five hours, noob
Patro1 4 timmar sedan
omg noob, noob and noob
Panoulis 4 timmar sedan
People say Theo customizes every car the worst,but thats the reason we love him!
Jer E
Jer E 4 timmar sedan
2015 sucks. Nfs heat All day. Matthew's better
Jer E
Jer E 4 timmar sedan
Matthew is a head of you. Matthew's better
Jer E
Jer E 4 timmar sedan
Matthew's car is better
4STROKE NAS 4 timmar sedan
The celiacs are the fastest, & it should be another mustang
HONEY KUN 4 timmar sedan
Omg cant believe theo found vin petrol 💀
ZombienNoid Timme sedan
Chris Mark
Chris Mark 4 timmar sedan
any real car guy doesnt go to see F9
v6s4kas 5 timmar sedan
peugeot 206 is a tuner car
ZeroTempz 5 timmar sedan
Great SEcycler, Terrible car tastes
Gagan Bajwa
Gagan Bajwa 5 timmar sedan
You really suck at driving 😂😂😂😂
patko_827 5 timmar sedan
Čau Skrrrt
Kayzer8896 5 timmar sedan
David Lanning
David Lanning 5 timmar sedan
To fix the problem with the garage when you go into the garage get out of the car go outside and walk back in And it's fixed
Zebrical 5 timmar sedan
I love how you do a different car every race, makes it really interesting and for that I'm subscribing! 👌
My Name is Jefff
My Name is Jefff 5 timmar sedan
What is faster? vapid ellie of dominator gtt ?
K1Official 5 timmar sedan
You are literally living the gta life in real life 😂
RubenS_HD 5 timmar sedan
plz do another react plz blackpanthaa plz
Axel Zolo
Axel Zolo 6 timmar sedan
I feel like the need for speed games are following the fast and furious development…
Kornweed KW
Kornweed KW 6 timmar sedan
This game is my daily driver lol
Bill S Preston Esquire
Bill S Preston Esquire 6 timmar sedan
I loved it probably because it was amazing. I'm guessing you hated it cause you were shite.
suprova akhanjee
suprova akhanjee 6 timmar sedan
69 dislikes Nice
Dean Sama GL18
Dean Sama GL18 6 timmar sedan
The funny thing is that LPN05 and Black Panthaa have Build their Audi RS3 almost same in the Videos
ItzJGaming 6 timmar sedan
I can't believe this man said people "hate the evo x" no the hell they don't lmao is a fan favorite irl and in racing games
TripedalTroductions 6 timmar sedan
It sounds like a GT-R because the engine is pretty much a smaller version of the GT-R R35 engine. A mini GT-R R35 with a manual transmission? Hell yes! This is why a lot of people are so excited for this car.
Nothing Here
Nothing Here 6 timmar sedan
The Celica is the fastest Theo. Not the Soup
Berk Karşı
Berk Karşı 7 timmar sedan
Do the Bugatti EB110 in The Crew 2
Cool bad boys Hijjawi
Cool bad boys Hijjawi 7 timmar sedan
Alex 7 timmar sedan
That dom impersonator was Dominican Toronto
Smatlom Gaming
Smatlom Gaming 7 timmar sedan
Fast and Furious: Cars Don’t Fly
Lars Kempers
Lars Kempers 7 timmar sedan
What a memes 😹😹😹
Nevin 7 timmar sedan
I thought he was gonna do a lap time😭
Jordan Nangsan
Jordan Nangsan 7 timmar sedan
This is in 2021 but I got a lambo Aventador Fe from a wheelspin too and I got one lambo chentenario from a wheelspin and another one from my gifts
Ben Lecluyse
Ben Lecluyse 7 timmar sedan
Yash Awal Suddhakar
Yash Awal Suddhakar 7 timmar sedan
Walk out and in of the garage not drive in to be able customize the cars aparrantly there's a car duplication glitch that's why it's like this
Sotiris Ploumpis
Sotiris Ploumpis 7 timmar sedan
The stat bars (whatever they're called) are complete garbage. The cyclone which does 0-60 in like 1.5 seconds doesn't even have a full acceleration bar
RAKA CETTA 8 timmar sedan
Vin gasoline is a good and bad impersonator
WEIRDGAMER 8 timmar sedan
cypher is remaining
AM 8 timmar sedan
There’s a bmw m5 coming soon to!
John O'Driscoll
John O'Driscoll 8 timmar sedan
I never thought I'd see a irish airline doing tik toks of dom
Jack O'Sullivan
Jack O'Sullivan 8 timmar sedan
if it gets them attention they'll do it
Blaster Anonymous
Blaster Anonymous 9 timmar sedan
Can you tune the Grotti Turismo R next time?
Jonno 9 timmar sedan
Play Inertial Drift!