Boating Made (TOO) Easy! - JonTron
Kid Nation - JonTron
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VR Troopers - JonTron
taemoopooo 16 timmar sedan
Quality > quantity
SSj Crono
SSj Crono 16 timmar sedan
Red chick is spicy.
Kay Lub
Kay Lub 16 timmar sedan
Just in case anyone watching this still thinks "meth face" is a real thing, please know it is not. Obviously meth is not something you want to go out and start smoking, but the "meth face" thing is not caused by the meth destroying your face. Its because when you live on the street, and smoke a lot of meth, you tend to itch your face partly from cuts that are maybe infected as again your on the streets and that shot builds up over the years, but someone that isn't living on the streets and has a job and smokes meth which yes there are a lot of them, do not have a peeling and messed up face and teeth. Its not the meth its the years of neglect to your own body. Its still maybe a factor from the meth but it's not the meth itself doing anything to your face or teeth.
Goodguy Typhlosion
Goodguy Typhlosion 16 timmar sedan
I got patience
Chickennugman 16 timmar sedan
“HE’S THE SON OF ZUES!” Um, yeah, I think every male in existence at the time was one way or another a son of zues
Stipo Vlahović
Stipo Vlahović 16 timmar sedan
11:14 how did he hit that...Jesus Christ I’m scared
Awe 16 timmar sedan
"Where do i fuck the boat?"- every azur lane player
Watchdog 16 timmar sedan
I once believed in this shit🤮 This lunatics need to be stopped. 😫
Wlid Bill
Wlid Bill 16 timmar sedan
dude i have a miller lite christmas sweater i need that natural light
Dan Hannigan
Dan Hannigan 16 timmar sedan
12:04 best part by far
Tony 3x
Tony 3x 16 timmar sedan
My name is Anthony & honestly I forgot to take my daily vitamin gummies this morning... thank you Robo Buddy !!
EverybodyHaveAGoodTime 16 timmar sedan
"B Y E B I T C H"
koi oaks
koi oaks 16 timmar sedan
The face mask is literally a Tim and Eric skit. God help us.
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Smith 16 timmar sedan
Great video man, tons of love from canada see ya next year
James Young
James Young 16 timmar sedan
Am I tripping or is this the same town from django unchained?
EverybodyHaveAGoodTime 16 timmar sedan
"Powder than we brushed on our teeth..." ...soooo cocaine??
Andre Rad
Andre Rad 17 timmar sedan
Man gets all the warzone w's
Muldoonza 17 timmar sedan
2:54 That one didnt age so well.
linx rec
linx rec 17 timmar sedan
I eat turducken for christmas (actually I just eat Tukcen)
Techno Blitz
Techno Blitz 17 timmar sedan
yey a new vid
Albert Becerra
Albert Becerra 17 timmar sedan
I mean we had an ice age and the earth had to melt it, so I would assume climate change is real.
Ice Wolf
Ice Wolf 17 timmar sedan
I had another tab open on game grumps and heard Jon say "I've been on a hiatus for a while" I was so confused!
Yonael 17 timmar sedan
Nightshade is so powerful he broke Mjolnir.
Raoni ink
Raoni ink 17 timmar sedan
Purple guy
Zi Prophet
Zi Prophet 17 timmar sedan
It's scary how much me and him have the same movement and profile.
War Pizza
War Pizza 17 timmar sedan
Adam Sadler
Ruvel 17 timmar sedan
Borf looks like that centaur from Hercules lmao
EmptyChamber 17 timmar sedan
It makes me sad that this is so old, it feels like just yesterday
NameLess 17 timmar sedan
6:00 this dus not alwais work in spain swords ar leagel but guns ar not At leest as far as i now ( i saw a sword shop with every type of Nife and sword you cat think of )
NameLess 17 timmar sedan
5:58 humm Yes the Floor is Made out of floor
Tony Pepperoni
Tony Pepperoni 17 timmar sedan
I like how the only proof of life we had for JonTron in the past 250 days before this video was uploaded, was a ww2 mobile game ad he was in
Aaron Kai Macdonald
Aaron Kai Macdonald 17 timmar sedan
What do Have I feeling that this was originally a Porno, but then Christopher lee came in and they just tried to turn it into a horror film.
SayfRG2874 17 timmar sedan
This man uploads once a year for atleast 30 mins, but each second is freaking awesome.
Watchdog 18 timmar sedan
Though, i think that they learned some socialskills, don't you think? 🙂 14:23 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 14:55 "shadow clone jutzu"
CraZy dragon Studios
CraZy dragon Studios 18 timmar sedan
Is it sad that I still love this show for how bad is it
Nefeli Nef
Nefeli Nef 18 timmar sedan
He officially has a stack of views
Doubleline 18 timmar sedan
my jontron sense always tingles when you post a video, don't get notifications but Im almost on time
Redx_Gamer 18 timmar sedan
OMG a frekin neaww vidaedo
imaginary hallucination
imaginary hallucination 18 timmar sedan
10:05 WOAH! i didn't know that chris chan was an icecream truck worker!
hardly known johnny
hardly known johnny 18 timmar sedan
Bluepitassassin 18 timmar sedan
“What does it take to book you, Phil?” Foreshadowing 100
Nuclearcatpotatoe 18 timmar sedan
They call him vanilla ice because he white as fuck holy
Timothy James Hardcastle
Timothy James Hardcastle 18 timmar sedan
Oblivion music with skyrims hud.. rookie mistake John!
redluc14n 18 timmar sedan
6:40 I'm insulted
link0931 18 timmar sedan
doge coin huh?
thomas olsen
thomas olsen 18 timmar sedan
Where is the song at 9:17 from?
MindBrand Abbadon
MindBrand Abbadon 18 timmar sedan
i just realized he speaks like trump
Aleksis Anttila
Aleksis Anttila 18 timmar sedan
I am sunni muslim and proud!!!!! Ishmallah!!!! ☪️🛐😁🤪
All Over the Place *
All Over the Place * 18 timmar sedan
After 3 years I found it
Uncle Cheezburger
Uncle Cheezburger 18 timmar sedan
Your first time defeating a Dark Souls or Bloodborne boss is something you’ll never forget
unshapen tuna
unshapen tuna 19 timmar sedan
8:20 T H I C C
Rishi Singh
Rishi Singh 19 timmar sedan
that paper star at the end really broiught uo his hopes and instatly destroyed the,
{Cj torres}
{Cj torres} 19 timmar sedan
Love this part lol 22:48
Discorded 19 timmar sedan
I was choking, and 5:49 helped me choke harder, which saved me from choking, so thanks??????
RICK ROGAN 19 timmar sedan
Resident Reagent Ronald Reagan.
Pixelshift Incorporated
Pixelshift Incorporated 19 timmar sedan
The James Bond thing where he went “Tron, Jon Tron” was magnificent.
TheNotoriousJohnnyJ 19 timmar sedan
Yeah bro I scrunch you wanna fight about it?
Marian Rodleitner
Marian Rodleitner 19 timmar sedan
He made this video just so he could tax his gnome buying addiction, which got a little out of hand.
Digetter 19 timmar sedan
18:37 Be sure not to trip on a worm. Stay safe out there folks.
Boa The Bat
Boa The Bat 19 timmar sedan
See ya next year Jon!
Eric Southard
Eric Southard 19 timmar sedan
After everything else I’ve seen on Jon’s channel, VR Troopers just seems normal. Maybe a little nostalgic even.
Gil Christian Centina
Gil Christian Centina 20 timmar sedan
Hey it the guy who is a meme
Geno Zuzek
Geno Zuzek 20 timmar sedan
I used to own this game. I took it in stride with the rest of the odd 90s shit....
Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders 20 timmar sedan
Why would there be a ghost named Laurel?
TheClimber 20 timmar sedan
Does anyone else here see parallels with this and Married at First Sight Australia? You can't leave unless both side of the couple say leave?
Jack The Slayer 7220
Jack The Slayer 7220 20 timmar sedan
Mr.Orionman 20 timmar sedan
Steven Seagal gives off major Mr. Satan vibes.
Blizzard Frenzy
Blizzard Frenzy 20 timmar sedan
I like that the Shrek is supposed to be the boot-leg ninja turtle.
Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders 20 timmar sedan
When Kylo Ren joins you playing Wii
Saurish Nagrath
Saurish Nagrath 20 timmar sedan
Magic mushrooms? Sounds like LSD to me
Hunter L
Hunter L 20 timmar sedan
"We're going to use 3 grams" 3 FUCKING GRAMS? FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE- okay nevermind maybe not
KingCrocman 20 timmar sedan
jon: gift x mass equals happiness? na just some dude who doesnt get english. Me: isnt that all math?
Alistair Fox
Alistair Fox 20 timmar sedan
Is honey worth it?
Robert Etherton Jr.
Robert Etherton Jr. 20 timmar sedan
Did he say nibba?!?!?
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 20 timmar sedan
That mask is so creepy I hope she doesn't turn into a vampire 😂😂.
Neonpowar 20 timmar sedan
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 20 timmar sedan
Narc looks amazing tbh
Hunter L
Hunter L 20 timmar sedan
Hearing the phrase "health and wellness" triggers a flight or flight response, just remembering my shit getting thrown around and searched by the drill sergeant makes me laugh 🤣
Joydeep Ghosh
Joydeep Ghosh 20 timmar sedan
I want buffalo nickel 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
David Hodges
David Hodges 21 timme sedan
Finally a video is here