So Expensive Season 6 Marathon
Sonny Brunelli
Sonny Brunelli 6 timmar sedan
$206,000,000,000 now
Paul J. Morton
Paul J. Morton 6 timmar sedan
So where do the additives come from? What are they?
AdamN 6 timmar sedan
Two words: Snake. Oil.
SEMPER X gaming
SEMPER X gaming 6 timmar sedan
I like the fact that most expensive knife sold by them is $'69'00 - Nice.....
大魚BigFishTokyoCat東京猫 6 timmar sedan
What happened: Jared got fat gain
TheSamuiman 6 timmar sedan
In Goa/India after fermentation of the fruit an alcoholic strong brew "cashew feni" is distilled, its juice makes a pleasant drink! The cashew tree is native to Brazil and was brought by the Portuguese to south India!
vocalpatriot 6 timmar sedan
What preservatives are added to salt? Being salt itself is a preservative, why would we add a preservative to it?
Thanos •
Thanos • 6 timmar sedan
Baby: Omae wa mou shindeiru. Nanny: Nani?
partha ghosh
partha ghosh 6 timmar sedan
Just lovely
Tracy Kennedy
Tracy Kennedy 6 timmar sedan
what a great film character
Gokulnath Rajendran
Gokulnath Rajendran 6 timmar sedan
More modernized and diverse eh? Forgive me for asking, but why do I see all white ladies?
YTisleftwingpropaganda Really
YTisleftwingpropaganda Really 6 timmar sedan
They're not employees
MR. Leeok
MR. Leeok 6 timmar sedan
0:02 Cs go players: Good Quality and golden stikers up Dragon lor cost 100000$
Ayanava Bhattacharya
Ayanava Bhattacharya 6 timmar sedan
If only all this money could be saved to solve world hunger or poverty by having a fixed Olympic Island
大魚BigFishTokyoCat東京猫 6 timmar sedan
THE REAL ONE TASTE LIKE WASABI. . Is mayonnaise an instrument?
vinish shetty
vinish shetty 6 timmar sedan
Because people who buy them are broken neck up....
Fara Lyla
Fara Lyla 6 timmar sedan
Feel a bit relieved these kinda people exist.
TheRealF.B.I 6 timmar sedan
Same as formula 1
Luke McCue
Luke McCue 6 timmar sedan
..because it’s a survival bunker. Dude we all know why these are expensive.
John Walker
John Walker 6 timmar sedan
These people want to make money, thats all
Marvel Livingstone
Marvel Livingstone 6 timmar sedan
probably the most interesting video I've watched
SKMyro 6 timmar sedan
They tuk or jaaaab
Jason Gabler
Jason Gabler 6 timmar sedan
This is probably how they open a bottle of wine at Benihana.
Chantelle Marie
Chantelle Marie 6 timmar sedan
I donate all of my old clothes, and buy most of my clothes from thrift stores. That's a way of recycling that's much more practical.
A Zukifri
A Zukifri 6 timmar sedan
My grandmother is the best nanny, she can wrestle a cow with his bare hand , kill the cow and cook beef stew.
Corvin Sebastian Paylangco
Corvin Sebastian Paylangco 6 timmar sedan
Litterly economy is already good
Esther Onwuka
Esther Onwuka 6 timmar sedan
Medium - medium well - well done . I would eat.
dee tan
dee tan 7 timmar sedan
If only these teachings were available to the young ladies at school!
muhammad noor
muhammad noor 7 timmar sedan
it doesnt look that good
Aditya Vats
Aditya Vats 7 timmar sedan
Why I am watching this?
kk 5579
kk 5579 7 timmar sedan
I’m just glad Indycar hasn’t fallen victim to the chinese government dick sucking for cash
shivendra sharma
shivendra sharma 7 timmar sedan
Ford second was stupid. He got that photo as a symbol of his last minute stupidity.
Clypy 7 timmar sedan
Well if a man tackles the "she" does she have a chance does she? This is just so ambitious. Teach them cook, manners instead etc. I'm Filipino no father and have 4 nannies throughout my childhood and I see this stupid. They say "highly trained" bruhhhh out fight a man using mere muscle..
Bird Girl
Bird Girl 7 timmar sedan
still not buying h&m ya clothes suck
DNNY 7 timmar sedan
Am i the only one laughing, fighting with a baby in my hand 😂🤝🏼
Victor Silva
Victor Silva 7 timmar sedan
They didn’t mention the fact that plating avocados affect the land and that they are bad for the environment but they are so good 🤦🏽‍♂️😂
Poonam Khandare
Poonam Khandare 7 timmar sedan
So these young women are in British institutions where they are groomed just like old times according to the movies I have watched
Slave One
Slave One 7 timmar sedan
They decide on what our lives will be, based on their preferences, and force the rest of us around how they choose. They send messages backwards through time, to communicate with the dead, because there is no Heaven or Hell, only the times of our lives, and these people decide what will go in there, and it can be really good or really bad, depending on what they think of us. I was never a member, but I've divulged their secrets (which I only inferred from personal experience) so they scarred me badly as a child this time around, and tortured my father horribly. He's still back there suffering thru it right now, because that's what they decided to do. They are vigilantes, cheats, liars, and thieves. Dictators. Fascists. They join for power, and they get what they were after, eventually, probably. When they've kept their heads down long enough and jumped through all the gay bondage hoops to get their merit badges, so they too can decide who gets to live which lives and how well. You'd think this would be a lie to cover up something benevolent, but it's not. They're only benevolent towards people within their order. To the rest of us, they are terrorists with a time machine.
N S K 7 timmar sedan
For Americans, every solution should come from aeroplanes🤧
JC Zayas
JC Zayas 7 timmar sedan
5:22, spot the idiot
Amanda Tarkington
Amanda Tarkington 7 timmar sedan
Add: Completly ignores you in a group meeting.
Ash 7 timmar sedan
Your about to bomb the shit out of the world, good Luck. Your gonna need it.
Justin Pj
Justin Pj 7 timmar sedan
Who the wants Shit Dirt Just trying Con People with Shitty videos
𝑨𝒓𝒆𝒔❤︎ 7 timmar sedan
"dont look at the ground it's not going anywhere".
Ash 7 timmar sedan
Skiddin around in A BMW 🙄..... these women will have tgeir own drivers with whos kids theyl be minding..... Kourtney kardashian can't keep a nanny, she should hire one of these. Im sure they'll take all her abuse.
Kambiz Khan
Kambiz Khan 7 timmar sedan
There are hundred of these in India and in Pakistan.
Grim Reminder
Grim Reminder 7 timmar sedan
Or you know be a parent?
Slave One
Slave One 7 timmar sedan
The "afterlife" is planned out by self-righteous humans with transtemporal messaging capabilities. There is no Heaven for our loved ones when they die. There's only whatever these people subjected them to in life, and they're always stuck back there living through it, even though the rest of us can't talk to them anymore. There might be freedom for the rest of us if we destroyed all the Freemasonry lodges so that no one could track us and subject us to the Hells they've created. No freemason is good or great. They're all absolutely malevolent. They are what stands between man and the gods, acting as the human judges, above the law, above everyone, acting as gods themselves, and condemning one another, and all of us, to whatever they decide they want to condemn us to. There is no Heaven or Hell aside from what they decide. And all of our loved ones are stuck back there, suffering at the hands of these people. I spent my whole life looking forward to sending messages back in time, and made my best effort to figure out a way to do it, only to reach the end, and find out that THAT's why all the horrors and hassles in my life were there. Because I was already living in a world these bastards planned out just to punish me. Everything I ever worked towards turned out to be there just to hold me down, and everything I thought would fix it all, for everyone, is the reason it's all the way it is.
Arnaba Chatterjee
Arnaba Chatterjee 7 timmar sedan
Fantastic College and Fantastic Students
Kamaludeen Puthiyangadi
Kamaludeen Puthiyangadi 7 timmar sedan
Great 👍
FreakyBo0o 7 timmar sedan
I like that they reuse some of the furniture they have/make.
???????????? 7 timmar sedan
Ingridients: juice , mud, and shits!🤣
Lord Alex
Lord Alex 7 timmar sedan
I buy a SEA DOO with $12.000!!!!!!!
???????????? 7 timmar sedan
Most foods in india are disgusting
JuggerSnake 7 timmar sedan
Money laundering.
Palitzonsky 7 timmar sedan
Fishing them at the "glass" state, you knowingly decrese the chances to reproduction because the majority of eels reproduce after 30-50y of continuous body transformations. Actually i'm shocked that Japanese eels still exists... So one day we will realise that our children will eat only food grown in laboratories... Because of our immense greed.
Sebastiaan Rijkens
Sebastiaan Rijkens 7 timmar sedan
She may be miss an eye but gained 10 eyes in her fingers. What an artisan 👍🏻
Smoked Robot Pâté
Smoked Robot Pâté 7 timmar sedan
Anis Fatini
Anis Fatini 7 timmar sedan
Self-defense and cooking seemed fun but sewing? Nuh-uh!
Jason Seou
Jason Seou 7 timmar sedan
Himura would order his katana from them if he's still Battousai.
Olav August Resmann
Olav August Resmann 7 timmar sedan
The fascinated attention phytogeographically knit because bronze superiorly spark times a polite partner. parched, aromatic rub
happy5808 7 timmar sedan
Poor kids... They need a social life and a sense of normality. 1 yr is enough
FishSyndicate Intellectual
FishSyndicate Intellectual 7 timmar sedan
So he might reincarnate as an olive i assume
Astro 7 timmar sedan
Hiraeth MW
Hiraeth MW 7 timmar sedan
*Purely British*
Please kill me.
Please kill me. 7 timmar sedan
Aight, that’s pretty cool
Issa Ahmed
Issa Ahmed 7 timmar sedan
A pure torture for the kids.
Olav August Resmann
Olav August Resmann 7 timmar sedan
The valuable family remarkably stir because insurance firstly knot alongside a receptive cost. tart, arrogant pastor
Dilan Hunt
Dilan Hunt 7 timmar sedan
What a waist of resources, I hope humans learn to use their brains soon.
Tod x
Tod x 7 timmar sedan
Even a bamboo become an issue, insider is getting immature
Hari de Yolo
Hari de Yolo 7 timmar sedan
In Filipinas! Thats royal!
Nalza Lamki
Nalza Lamki 7 timmar sedan
they need to make a movie about this
Recetas Maricel
Recetas Maricel 8 timmar sedan
Vera Katic
Vera Katic 8 timmar sedan
They will be back as soon as 2022!
Doan Phan
Doan Phan 8 timmar sedan
If this course could have had in my country, I have chosen to learn the course before I took part in the University journey. It is so amazing!
Eton 8 timmar sedan
This reminds me of the KGB nanny episode from family guy
kk 5579
kk 5579 8 timmar sedan
*incoming formula one video
Xoxo Francoise
Xoxo Francoise 8 timmar sedan
There's no predators is more cruel than called human