Ultimate Material Showdown
Laser Cut Marble Funnels
Which Marble Track Is Best?
Justin Rouse
Justin Rouse 15 timmar sedan
I love this guy. It's on my bucket list to see him/them live in concert!
Me To The Moon
Me To The Moon 15 timmar sedan
*Martin doesn't realize how happy he makes'people when he posts.*
Frogz 15 timmar sedan
🥝🥝kiwis are awesome, martin, i wouldnt die happy if you made a literal whack a mole game that was playable, i would smile though🥝🥝
Tafsir Nahian
Tafsir Nahian 15 timmar sedan
Perfect Apex
Perfect Apex 15 timmar sedan
When will we see marble machine x
Aycanaro 15 timmar sedan
It's Monday my dudes 🤣
David Netoiu
David Netoiu 15 timmar sedan
Hello :))
METAMORPH 15 timmar sedan
Hey Martin! Hello from Russia. Will you use some oil or stain to make plywood parts looking better?
MineManiac 15 timmar sedan
I don’t think he’d do that until the design is final
Shannon DeCillis
Shannon DeCillis 15 timmar sedan
⚠️⚠️Martin you’re doing great!⚠️⚠️ You just need to check the chat more lol
Душан Стефановић
Душан Стефановић 15 timmar sedan
Thumbs up! In the end you will be able to 3D print the whole machine at once. Almost. :D
Pius Ioannes I
Pius Ioannes I 15 timmar sedan
🎄🎄🎄Hi Martin, do you plan to give the MMX to the Speelklok Museum when it retires? I'm curious.⚙️😀🎄🎄🎄
Pius Ioannes I
Pius Ioannes I 15 timmar sedan
🎄🎄🎄Hi Martin, do you plan to give the MMX to the Speelklok Museum when it retires? I'm curious.⚙️😀🎄🎄🎄
Frogz 15 timmar sedan
i hope he plans to make them their own!
haro ihcri
haro ihcri 16 timmar sedan
16:13 너무 대박임......
Виталий Матин
Виталий Матин 16 timmar sedan
Front Tech
Front Tech 16 timmar sedan
How much does a marrybell machine (marble machine) cost with 7 instruments? (Rounded figure with stain finish) 5,400?
paul s
paul s 16 timmar sedan
I would love if you could do a TERRY RILEY Tribute Concert --+ complete Albums your version of RAINBOW IN CURVED AIR and CHURCH OF ANTHRAX I think fans will FREAK thanks 😊😊💗
C4BL3 17 timmar sedan
Old but gold
Charles Cox
Charles Cox 17 timmar sedan
What music was he listening to in the headset?
BbankK 48TH
BbankK 48TH 18 timmar sedan
why i hear a bit of megalo stike back
Percussion Maniac
Percussion Maniac 18 timmar sedan
I Used To Watch None Stop And Today I Just Remembered It This Is A Masterpiece of a Song And I Don’t Know Why I Forgot It
Jack Tollan
Jack Tollan 18 timmar sedan
After four and a half hours of looking through all of the videos after i joined Patreon i finally found my name on the list after the video. It's on the 4th page, 3rd column and 84th row (or 18th from the bottom) and just to clarify I did just spend four and a half hours of my life to find my name on a video. ;)
HYPE BG 18 timmar sedan
Bard 999lv
Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis 19 timmar sedan
Do you even engineer bro?!?!?!....freakn amazing...i dont know what to be more impressed by the craftsmanship or the music knowlage or the freakn engineering
LHAIRU 19 timmar sedan
for some reason the sound of the machine working, marbles falling is more pleasing to my ears
Romy Ripalda
Romy Ripalda 19 timmar sedan
Teacher: What instrument do you play? Me: *typewriter*
MR BOSTON 19 timmar sedan
you must have a shit load of money thats all i got to say.
Caleb Reutener
Caleb Reutener 20 timmar sedan
He's starting to look like don quiote
Jon Troy Winquist
Jon Troy Winquist 21 timme sedan
Vtmgll 21 timme sedan
There was a part that was cut off this video. The girl says: "and over here, we have the altar, were we're going to share our vows" I mean, she's eating him with her eyes.
poopeater yeahme
poopeater yeahme 21 timme sedan
This is the real life version of that magic school bus instrument
Vtmgll 22 timmar sedan
He's so open to change. It is impressive how much time he can spend on a single part and then scrap it all together because a new better idea came up. I would stick to the bad idea and try to make it work
kylejiahsmith 23 timmar sedan
The thing I love most is the drive wheel. If he used a larger drive wheel, it would be easier to turn, BUT he has the drive wheel and slave wheels sized so that he is turning the wheel on the beat, and that is far cooler
JȆ 23 timmar sedan
Oh man. A pure delight. Music to my ears, rhythm for the soul.
q 1
q 1 23 timmar sedan
G van een andere keer per dag in het centrum en de middag een andere keer per dag in het centrum en de middag een andere keer per dag in het universum van een andere keer per dag in het centrum en de middag een andere keer per dag in het centrum en de middag een andere keer per dag in het uiterste best wel wat te denken om de volgende keer weer wat meer info voeg de eerste helft in een andere manier van de middag of het oplossen met je eigen gemeente is het mooiste stem op mij over een half miljoen voor een andere manier van de middag of het oplossen met je eigen gemeente is het mooiste stem op mij over een half miljoen voor een andere datum prikken voor een beetje een beeld van de dag zelf nog niet rijp is er
Nils Eriksen
Nils Eriksen Dag sedan
Karthick Ashwath
Karthick Ashwath Dag sedan
I have built some marble machine contraptions myself...so I completely understand how hard it is to build something like this. awesome!
Chadi Alhaj Kadour
Chadi Alhaj Kadour Dag sedan
Why? Just why 486 DISLIKES? if it's not your type of music you don't have to listen, but no one can deny this amazing performance.
ss Rajee
ss Rajee Dag sedan
Nice dude
CrustyTheMoist Dag sedan
Each time I watch this back, it just becomes more and more impressive. It's such an impressive feat that it's truly difficult to describe just how amazing it actually is.
Tianwei Lei
Tianwei Lei Dag sedan
BananaDerp Dag sedan
i jammed out to this when I was like 9 years old
aron browns
aron browns Dag sedan
I think you need a doctor
Chris Bomicino
Chris Bomicino Dag sedan
For every marble that hits that lip, that lip reduces. How long until that ridges wears out?
Xyler Gav Avila
Xyler Gav Avila Dag sedan
This is mind blown and its made of card bored(at least i think its cardbored) like bro j love this if its in my house:(
Victor Dag sedan
It was a great concert and I find it fascinating that they all are able to play the typewriter. Such a difficult and ancient instrument.
zxnc. Dag sedan
the 65k dislikes are from idk
Tanya Herrero
Tanya Herrero Dag sedan
Martin, perfect doesn't exist. Marvellous does and this what you do.
Sophia Li
Sophia Li Dag sedan
:0 bootiful
Soriano, Orlaith Jane G.
Soriano, Orlaith Jane G. Dag sedan
This is very relaxing
Fatty Dim
Fatty Dim Dag sedan
My music teacher showed me this and then we went into quarantine so I was listening to this over and over again for half an hour 🙃
mr nerb
mr nerb Dag sedan
Incorporate a ball cleaning mechanism.
Data Dog
Data Dog Dag sedan
Dude..... I’ve been following you since the beginning, even bought a poster because I was so inspired by your work. But finish it already...... you’re clearly milking SEcycle which is so against what you set out to do. At this point I don’t think I’m even going to bother seeing you live....
LyNch Mich
LyNch Mich Dag sedan
John Smith
John Smith Dag sedan
The album could be called lead raindrops.
HideriKyun Dag sedan
Tanya Herrero
Tanya Herrero Dag sedan
This very beautiful, inventive. You made a something good for humanity. Hugs to you from Chile, 2021. Hope you guys have still new projects and are all doing very fine.
Gabriel Bertolucci
Gabriel Bertolucci Dag sedan
qi 9999999
A DT Dag sedan
Love how the start of the video is just playing with the divider
A DT Dag sedan
I have returned to pay respect to this beautiful piece of art
joyster Dag sedan
please react finger style from Indonesia mr alif ba ta ,,
michel Le Pivert
michel Le Pivert Dag sedan
Il l'a rêvé , il l'a fait ! Ce gars est le Salvador DALI de la musique , follement génial !
Ian Vallejo Humblot
Ian Vallejo Humblot Dag sedan
This has returned my faith in humanity.
Loba Nocturna
Loba Nocturna Dag sedan
WOW I Like :)
Daniel Svensson
Daniel Svensson Dag sedan
Om du ska bygga en mekanisk ”LCD”-skylt! Kolla här, samma princip som ditt programhjul! secycle.info/lift/video/j6zR1KiXeN2xt4M
Karen Dag sedan
*One 'million marbles in motion'* can be musical and financed with secured loans. If Joe Biden will not, Trump will!
Karen Dag sedan
Creeping elegance is addictive.
Ionica Marian
Ionica Marian Dag sedan
Pure awesomeness
Xogroroth666 Dag sedan
4 string... bwaahahahahahah... I used to play 6-string fretless bass, an Alembic bass guitar. And nailed it, though I still cannot read a single note.
Avento Dag sedan
Adrian N.P
Adrian N.P Dag sedan
Nostalgia incoming again D:
Таисия Суббота
Таисия Суббота Dag sedan
Wooooooow, it is so cool... I... I don't know... I can't describe my feelings... Oh my goodness...
Adam Varghese
Adam Varghese Dag sedan
at ~10:00 what was the final angle this piece is placed?
Mounir Az
Mounir Az Dag sedan
Paint the machine 😁
я яя
я яя Dag sedan
естественный натуральный звук живой механики