Bravely Default 2 Review
Jon jonsson
Jon jonsson 31 minut sedan
It has aged can be nice sometimes but a version of a team with three such as apex would make this game fun. Getting hoarded by huge monsters as the classes would be a bit cool..a new class seems weak and is a simple upgrade that could been made fast
blu 31 minut sedan
Y'all finally happy? lol
The Xero Link
The Xero Link 31 minut sedan
No ads, pull the slider clear to the end and press replay.
AJ R 31 minut sedan
These games look awful 👺
Joseph Ruvalcaba
Joseph Ruvalcaba 32 minuter sedan
Does anyone else think the remakes look Ugly
Scorpio Dante
Scorpio Dante 32 minuter sedan
I was so excited for pokemon legends, but then later they show that it's the same old battle system as always it just looks different. I'm got bored of that years back, I want to like pokemon as a game but it's the same thing over and over. If they just tweaked the combat to make it more exciting and fun I'd be all in.
MaplePaw3 32 minuter sedan
Are we going to pretend that Pokemon XD and Collusuem didn't exist?
Leafi 33 minuter sedan
The Intro Music at the end just breaks my heart into pieces and then sews it back together AAAAA
Cool Fenix
Cool Fenix 33 minuter sedan
Why tf people shitting on the diamond and Pearl remakes graphics?
L King
L King 33 minuter sedan
Just cause it has a bit of an open world element to it doesn't mean it can even be compared to the masterpiece that is Breath of the Wild. You have to do a lot better than that
Oogabooga 34 minuter sedan
please have the platinum dex
Maxx Oblivion
Maxx Oblivion 34 minuter sedan
You show the history of Pokemon, including these random arcade games that some people never even saw before...and you don't include Pokemon Colosseum?! Y'all handed yourself an L from the start. Hope Legends proves to be "Pokemon BoTW"
TITANMAN251 34 minuter sedan
I Hope Pokemon Home Still Works here. I Wanna Bring charmander squirtle bulbasaur in this game!
TheArtist'sVoid11 35 minuter sedan
Imagine if you can ride a Pokémon in Pokémon Legends Arceus. It would be cool. Like in Breath Of The Wild with horses.
Westaway 35 minuter sedan
I'm calling it now: 1: It will not have every pokemon 2: multiplayer will lack, hard. 3: you ain't riding shit
Vega Yagami
Vega Yagami 35 minuter sedan
For the love of god, just let the series die. It should've stopped after Pokémon Platinum.
Neil Jensen
Neil Jensen 35 minuter sedan
PLA Looks badass. I don't love the child like style of DP remakes, but as a Pearl player from way back, I'm gonna get SP.
Mariano Aponte
Mariano Aponte 36 minuter sedan
Now I have a good reason to buy a Switch.
M S 36 minuter sedan
Does Nintendo have to make every game look like frikkin Animal Crossing?
Arkti3 36 minuter sedan
It can’t just be me but does anyone else feel like the art style of the remakes is cheap like there worse than XY
jim g
jim g 37 minuter sedan
It's illegal and they need to only sell the consoles in person and should require a social number for Americans. One per customer period
Malachi Casad
Malachi Casad 37 minuter sedan
Kinda not a fan of how the new D/P remakes look, but the soundtrack definitely sounds wonderful. Will wait and see if the games are worth my time Pokemon Legends though, that looks like it has potential
Megan Whitaker
Megan Whitaker 37 minuter sedan
im crying :'-0
Yotam Rosen
Yotam Rosen 38 minuter sedan
Pokemon legends looks like breath of the wild a little. I like it a ton!
Callie 38 minuter sedan
K REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的な
K REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的な 38 minuter sedan
Oak: “I’m making the very first Pokédex!” 2,000 year old you from beyond the grave: *“STOP STEALING IDEAS OLD MAN!”*
UnderMyUnderwear 38 minuter sedan
Hopefully they fix those FPS, other than super excited!
Sartaj Dhaliwal
Sartaj Dhaliwal 38 minuter sedan
Starters are wack tho
Kennis Smith
Kennis Smith 39 minuter sedan
The music hits so Sinnoh in this trailer 👌 It shares a motif w/ the Mt. Coronet theme 🥺
The Random Guy and Co
The Random Guy and Co 40 minuter sedan
I'm so happy the Gen 4 remakes just look like HD DS games. Genuinely that's so cool.
Daniel Hao
Daniel Hao 40 minuter sedan
I remember this was a fangame...
Unoriginal Trash
Unoriginal Trash 40 minuter sedan
Axel Wong
Axel Wong 40 minuter sedan
They need to make a Pokémon Gta lol. Kinda like this but like with every region. no story, just play however you would like
King Qasmoke
King Qasmoke 40 minuter sedan
better than the nintendo direct and state of play combined
Viator_Eagle 41 minut sedan
Okay, it's more like a DLC for the PS5 and not the next game. For a second I thought it was a new game taking place during the time of the first one.
blabla blabla
blabla blabla 41 minut sedan
Good concept, but really bad execution shit looks like a kid game still and the graphics are so shit, a moutain looks like a fucking house. When pokemon take a concept from the community and invest a super little amount, it is a disgrace.
Nikhil Manuel
Nikhil Manuel 41 minut sedan
I don't get the hate . I mean I get br is pretty saturated . But without trying it how can u know. Just saying since ff for mobile I'm usually happy about .
Spooky Magazine
Spooky Magazine 41 minut sedan
They hired that man!
xquiz Gameplay
xquiz Gameplay 41 minut sedan
I hope this game has more to offer in future trailers because so far it's not showing much. Everyone seems hyped asf but, from what I heard, this game is just you running around catching pokemon to build the very first pokedex. If I'm just gonna run around catching pokemon, then pokemon snap would be a better version of that in pictures. If there are no gyms then oh my lord
John Herrera
John Herrera 41 minut sedan
Cynaquill gang unit!!!
Gutiérrez Fuentes •
Gutiérrez Fuentes • 41 minut sedan
Ojalá lo hagan multiplataforma osea para PC y la demas consola
kiri kirinite
kiri kirinite 41 minut sedan
You had one job gamefreak yet you outsource the main series to another studio and now we get chibi remakes
THOMAS PANKE 42 minuter sedan
Im worried that Platinum won't get a remake :( I really hope it comes like in 2022
Railroad Verdigo
Railroad Verdigo 43 minuter sedan
NINTENDO: why arent we selling the gen 4 remekes? the COMUNITY: legends it what the f*&k we-ve been asking for
That one Named vladmir
That one Named vladmir 43 minuter sedan
they did the one thing no other man could do...
David Lowman
David Lowman 43 minuter sedan
I'm actually more excited for this than I am for the remakes. 😆
Robert Johnston
Robert Johnston 43 minuter sedan
ZACH GILES 44 minuter sedan
I hate the 3-d it looks awful
K REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的な
K REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的な 44 minuter sedan
*Pokémon of the wild.*
Ekidoh Kime
Ekidoh Kime 44 minuter sedan
Squareenix meeting: CEO: We need a new game, every day we lose more and more fans. We need a new game. Give me your best ideas. Employee n.1: What if we spend more budget to create an intricate story with deep characters and new risky concepts? Employee n.2: What if we make another RPG even more oriented towards the Role part, like the east did with DragonAge or MassEffect? Where the player's choices will actually influence the world and his relation with the party. Employee n.3: What if we make a Battle Royale and who wins gets the message "Winner Winner Chocobo Dinner". CEO: Employee n. 3, you just earned yourself a promotion! GOOD JOB!
Mooparr 45 minuter sedan
FBI Agent: I'm crying with you bro.
Fin Scott
Fin Scott 45 minuter sedan
Legend of Pokémon: Breath of the Arceus
Funny Guy
Funny Guy 45 minuter sedan
Ohh boy can’t wait to find that munchlax in the honey tree...
Buncha Idiots
Buncha Idiots 45 minuter sedan
xabrat 46 minuter sedan
make the original game good again before making a whole new one
Rambo64bit 47 minuter sedan
Don't really care for the remakes but Legend of Arceus does peek my interest
Native Maker
Native Maker 47 minuter sedan
Vr Mode? It will be great.
Fintank 47 minuter sedan
This could either be extremely good, or extremely shit.
SgCy 47 minuter sedan
Oh thank goodness for this The remakes look a bit too chic.
Nine90Nine 47 minuter sedan
Oh. my. God. this looks so nice please be a good game please please please
RunningSD 47 minuter sedan
pretty to cool to see an upgrade in graphics for d2 always wanted to play it but couldnt stand how it looked lol. i never got into it back in the day cause of starcraft
Angell Acosta
Angell Acosta 47 minuter sedan
At least they animated the pokemon this time. Still.. If this is just gonna be a port then that's gonna be a major issue
Matt 47 minuter sedan
I wish they made a deal with xbox. Use the power of the series x. Imagine this in 4k hdr
No Thanks
No Thanks 48 minuter sedan
you can already see the cheapness and emptiness of the world. it looks funmade like a 1 man team made it. also its still turn based combat like its 1998 intead of real time
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 48 minuter sedan
This game looks phenomenal
Piaxer Of Chaos
Piaxer Of Chaos 48 minuter sedan
This game so fucking much. I LOVED D2 back in the day and I will buy this one, nostalgia is just too strong with this one!
Max Quinn
Max Quinn 49 minuter sedan
Can you party arrows
Guilherme Pascuti
Guilherme Pascuti 49 minuter sedan
I loved it, people are just sad they didn't get some kind of remake for Zack's story or something else
Kulbil 49 minuter sedan
wait. are they trying????
Andras Ylvan
Andras Ylvan 49 minuter sedan
To be honest, even if it's a faithful remake, why not add following Pokémon? It's not even that hard considering the graphic style. I'm also hoping the post games resolves around Giratina and how the region gets colder, and maybe the character sprites will use the Platinum clothing. If it's just a flat out graphical update, I'd rather play the original Platinum
Random Bloke
Random Bloke 50 minuter sedan
Lmao, judging by the thumbnail I thought this was a joke, and after watching the video I still do. I guess the jokers are the folks at Gamefreak 😂
DSPKcire 50 minuter sedan
Wtf is up with that 4fps chimchar @ 18:39 ????
Oppai King
Oppai King 51 minut sedan
pls let us ride pokemons
Joshua Nicholas
Joshua Nicholas 51 minut sedan
I’ll definitely get this because it’s open world this time around.
DSX0 001USER 51 minut sedan
How to ruin a franchise in 1 minute
Johnny Dalle
Johnny Dalle 51 minut sedan
i always cry with the robin williams one
donovanstogner65 51 minut sedan
It's just a shitty links awakening port.
Dalek Bumps
Dalek Bumps 52 minuter sedan
This is great, I was really turned off by the new art style, so I haven't played a Pokémon game since Black 2 and White 2. This will be the first one I play in years
ShadowSaberX SSX
ShadowSaberX SSX 52 minuter sedan
My bro gave me Pokémon RED and I lost it...😔