Fear Pong Blind Date Marathon!
kiddo Minut sedan
Cut you need better questions how many times you need to mess up to understand
BBT Beats By T
BBT Beats By T 2 minuter sedan
The girl callin him 2 short and making fun of his EXPENSIVE car...thats messed up
Angelos Zylfo
Angelos Zylfo 3 minuter sedan
Whats the name of the blonde girl?
Deep Senpai
Deep Senpai 4 minuter sedan
6:25 f
eanna 123
eanna 123 6 minuter sedan
I LOVE Timmy...... what is his instagram
kiddo 8 minuter sedan
Bilbo Buttplugins
Bilbo Buttplugins 11 minuter sedan
Wow no black woman??? Just some casual racism... that’s cool
Quindella Dodson
Quindella Dodson 11 minuter sedan
They are BOTH gorgeous!!! Mkay? I do not like that they had to choose!
Joshua Eklund
Joshua Eklund 12 minuter sedan
I hope those last 3 contestants read these comments and learn from their mistakes. Never too late to stop being an asshole!
Elizabeth Nease
Elizabeth Nease 12 minuter sedan
Why do so many of these people look so small
Christy Anne Rios
Christy Anne Rios 13 minuter sedan
2010s looks like my hair cut-
lixquidlilo 15 minuter sedan
I’m not denouncing that their parents treated them differently because she was adopted but also keep in mind that many people (me included) who only have bio siblings also get treated differently by our parents, because my brother is the youngest or the ‘baby’ he was much more spoiled than I was and got less consequences for the same actions. Obviously every circumstance is different and their parents definitely could’ve treated them differently because of the bio/non-bio factor that doesn’t mean that’s 100% what happened
LizDangerFiy 15 minuter sedan
It the home depot guy the guy from truth or drink with my mother in law 👁👄👁
Bigman thing
Bigman thing 17 minuter sedan
Graham somehow reminds me of Frank Gallagher 🤔
Sophia 17 minuter sedan
the fact that in a few of the questions, the adopted sister went along with the bio sister in putting herself down without seeming visibly upset just goes to show that she’s probably been treated this way her entire life...
TheNamesJamess 18 minuter sedan
For me I just look for someone who gives me butterflies and who is constantly on my mind :>
Ricardo Guerrero
Ricardo Guerrero 19 minuter sedan
Skydiving without a parachute sounds fun
Amit Chetry
Amit Chetry 20 minuter sedan
The body language tells a lot about their relationship, the adopted is sitting comfy with feet towards her which implies she loves her and on the other side maybe the same feeling is not reciprocated
Pricilia Ferhoven
Pricilia Ferhoven 21 minut sedan
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Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen 22 minuter sedan
Is Antonio fillipino?
Melinda Lilly
Melinda Lilly 22 minuter sedan
Theyyyy....look like they don't really like each other. But in the same way, if that makes sense? Their mannerisms are kinda similar which but neither is giving off "I'm glad you're my sibling vibes".
Marek 24 minuter sedan
This was good episode
Patricia A
Patricia A 26 minuter sedan
I'm Kenyan and I was really convinced that the Zimbabwean was Kenyan. The gate thing is pretty common here too. The chewing gum thing was a dead giveaway for Singapore.
Nicholi White
Nicholi White 27 minuter sedan
They are not happy . LMAOO
Starshine Raincloud
Starshine Raincloud 29 minuter sedan
yay ace rep🥺💜🖤
Him Boy
Him Boy 29 minuter sedan
Nieto Suri
Nieto Suri 30 minuter sedan
I love your lashes... shit😂
Nicholi White
Nicholi White 30 minuter sedan
She my spirit animal
UrAverageGamer 32 minuter sedan
4:04 We now what’s gonna happen between these two. ( SLURP ! SLURP ! GULP ! )
Hamse Ali
Hamse Ali 32 minuter sedan
Worst parents ever
Yoanne Draws
Yoanne Draws 34 minuter sedan
I swear I saw this video like a month ago... did they reupload it 👀
Jessica 35 minuter sedan
I really like Brittany's personality/vibe. She's very beautiful!
ricecristi 36 minuter sedan
I feel so bad for the adopted sister. And cut didn’t help with these tacky a** questions. White people 😒☹️
Kaijo Gamer
Kaijo Gamer 36 minuter sedan
Nicht kiffen!
Trevor S.
Trevor S. 36 minuter sedan
Joanna is a 12. Come on...
Shannon Rachel Rafuse
Shannon Rachel Rafuse 37 minuter sedan
Maybe I am so confused, but I come to this channel every week, and are you deleting and re posting the same videos? I have watched this one before and a couple times prior! Or maybe I have Amnesia...LOL!
ken Kenwood
ken Kenwood 38 minuter sedan
ravneet kaur
ravneet kaur 39 minuter sedan
The girl who watches The Crown, her voice is so soothing omggg.
Trevor S.
Trevor S. 40 minuter sedan
Love the queen-off at the end.... oooh baby...
lisa kawa
lisa kawa 44 minuter sedan
2:01 oh no that's the gay dude from the 1000$ video, suddenly im not interested in the video anymore
Jessie Nightstar
Jessie Nightstar 45 minuter sedan
3:44 "I am super straight" am i the only one who panicked? Im trans and there is that super straight thing going on where people are just being transphobic and they just made up this super straight sexuality.
Marjorie Livingston
Marjorie Livingston 2 minuter sedan
She clarified in another comment that she didn’t know super straight was a term and apologized, so no overt transphobia here
Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia 45 minuter sedan
She knew she was A sexual but didn’t know what A sexually was bruhhh
Bilbo Buttplugins
Bilbo Buttplugins 45 minuter sedan
Why be gay tho?
J Lam
J Lam 46 minuter sedan
i would love to know what the age difference is between these sisters. i could understand the slight awkwardness and baby sister/older sister dynamic if they were, say, 10 years apart.
samantha 47 minuter sedan
Livingston Levi
Livingston Levi 47 minuter sedan
As an Indian male I feel the pain just by watching 😅
Capricorn Star
Capricorn Star 47 minuter sedan
The blond sister is average looking. Not saying the Korean sister is stunning . Let’s be honest . They’re both average looking . The Korean sister at least seems like a level headed human . 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Its a pity the adopted mother made her preference for her biological daughter as her “favorite child “ known openly multiple times ! Must have hurt the other sister .
Kimi Ochre Clay
Kimi Ochre Clay 47 minuter sedan
I was adopted and my brother was their biological child .. was weird af I have massive abandonment issues ( just thought I’d add my 2c)
krish nvm
krish nvm 48 minuter sedan
I kinda feel like there's some untold truth and guilt hiding between them.
peq23 24
peq23 24 48 minuter sedan
1:26 DAMN THAT GIRL IS A 10! The black model is just so insecure that she gives anyone who's better looking than her a lower rating.
༒ e d ت g y ༒
༒ e d ت g y ༒ 49 minuter sedan
*game idea* 12 guys in a room. 11 Are gay, and 1 is straight. they all are in a house and they have to figure out who is straight. Every day someone is voted out. If they vote out the straight dude, they win 10,000 dollars. if the straight dude is still in by the last two people, the straight dude wins 10,000 dollars. But here's the twist, they are all straight.
YES HELLO 50 minuter sedan
Who doesn’t say “ass” if not to just be difficult
Mbama Temple
Mbama Temple 51 minut sedan
I want Nathan’s Instagram handle please. Anyone???
peq23 24
peq23 24 51 minut sedan
She doesn't even look that good. She isn't thin, her nose is too big, and oh don't even get me started with her skin...
Trevor S.
Trevor S. 51 minut sedan
Just stand up straight, craig. Instant 8.
Patricia A
Patricia A 52 minuter sedan
PSA: Everybody has an accent if you can talk.
Hardyal Chauhan
Hardyal Chauhan 54 minuter sedan
Tungaa Bayarmaa
Tungaa Bayarmaa 54 minuter sedan
9:04 didn’t win class clown but laughs exactly like The Joker
Nessy Harr
Nessy Harr 54 minuter sedan
The awkwardness is real!
Daniel Aviles
Daniel Aviles 56 minuter sedan
This is my favorite cut episode everrrrrr ummm its just cool to see this dynamic never passed my mind I have “half siblings” who grew up in other homes and we are all just as tight and don’t like the whole “half” bs lol perfect example
i am karolina
i am karolina 56 minuter sedan
Watch biological sister's reaction at the end of the video... she's like :l... this was somehow disturbing to watch :/ I feel bad for Brittany
Sam 56 minuter sedan
Yanna is really pretty
jenerationl 57 minuter sedan
Guys. The biological sister is very much an introvert. Don't hold someone's lack of expression against them - they're clearly honest with each other and can talk about anything that would be considered "taboo".
Jimmy Moriset
Jimmy Moriset 59 minuter sedan
the white dude thats dying inside, visibly dying inside
Erik Timme sedan
I'm adopted and I think I have issues stemming from it. They both seem like they are alright
HaleyHolliman Timme sedan
How a mother could favor one child over another is beyond me adopted or not
Patricia A
Patricia A Timme sedan
She speaks Nigerian? I aam shooketh by that kind of ignorance
Carmen Williams
Carmen Williams Timme sedan
the sister on the right is literally so pretty and blue shirt girl is pissing me off
Neo Crackhead Technology
Neo Crackhead Technology Timme sedan
Totally uncomfortable to watch, I don't know why but I feel it was a good thing they didn't go ahead to date. I can't imagine them as a couple.
Məmə Pįlls
Məmə Pįlls Timme sedan
Bruh my black dad would murder me if I stole his money 💀 💀
Dej Timme sedan
I think I speak for most of us when I say: OOF!!!!
Impulsive999 Timme sedan
2:25 what the hell? What type of mum is that
Timmy Turner
Timmy Turner Timme sedan
Ok I need to get this off my chest but I totally dm my crush and wrote the paragraph he typed guess what?it worked
Neo Crackhead Technology
Neo Crackhead Technology Timme sedan
Amelia is just looking for more reasons to have a misunderstanding with her sister than seeking a way to settle it. She's childish.
C Timme sedan
I think people are reading a bit too much into their family dynamics. Seems like the adopted daughter was adopted before the biological daughter was born. So the biological daughter is the typical spoiled, doted on second child that basically all families have. I think every older sibling can relate to that.
Alena Avila
Alena Avila Timme sedan
the vomiting caught me off guard
Dmitry Kakareko
Dmitry Kakareko Timme sedan
What a lame idea to put yellow subtitles on a pale background.
R R Timme sedan
اجيت هنا علمود اعرف ايش سبات الاسمر😂✋🏻
riley liz
riley liz Timme sedan
My sister‘s adoptive and even though we’re 11 years apart were as Close as thieves, it makes me sad to see other adoptive siblings not be as close