I Made Lipstick From Scratch
We Moved Across The Country
I Got A K-Pop Makeover
Choosing My Wedding Dress
Felicity Beighton
Felicity Beighton 6 timmar sedan
i think she still has these
Oomie 6 timmar sedan
Shouldve named the first one ‘paulettes hot dog’
Maria Dąbrowska
Maria Dąbrowska 6 timmar sedan
They might not be perfect, but you look very beautiful in them.
Besties and me
Besties and me 7 timmar sedan
what is going on 16:32 lol
crow enthusiast
crow enthusiast 7 timmar sedan
i could watch hours of mixing different lipstick pigment combinations !!
Chloe 7 timmar sedan
My name is Chloe and the bratz description of Chloe is legit the same with me....What a coincidence..
pandi northrop
pandi northrop 7 timmar sedan
Why don't you make a lipstick from scratch with all the pigments you can find.Mabey it could be diffrent from the OG frakin lipstick colour?
Lady Hannele Kahkonen
Lady Hannele Kahkonen 7 timmar sedan
My favorite episode! Love the way Brad did your hair and how Stacy found your perfect style. Your makeup looks great too! Such a great look overall, but then again you always look good! :)
Coo500s 7 timmar sedan
Can you do a mixing all my collab lipsticks together i feel like it would be a good shade
kirsten 8 timmar sedan
that's like saying you were moving since last year...
Sarah Cervantes
Sarah Cervantes 8 timmar sedan
Tyler: "This isn't our first rodeo, but it is our second." Gets me every damn time 🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Official Andy Saenz
The Official Andy Saenz 8 timmar sedan
Wow, how does 1 woman possibly have this many lipsticks?? It’s like she raided all of the cosmetics stores.
Ahmad haji hussaini
Ahmad haji hussaini 9 timmar sedan
Why is she so cute
Hyunji Jeong
Hyunji Jeong 9 timmar sedan
why do i really want max and tyler to meet
Jayden Playz-ROBLOX-
Jayden Playz-ROBLOX- 9 timmar sedan
You and guava juice has the same house I think
Kyle 9 timmar sedan
6:58 Cause it’s too cooooOOOOoold~😩
Sharifah Safiah
Sharifah Safiah 9 timmar sedan
i love your videos so much safiya
J 9 timmar sedan
Four years later and I'm still not over the fact that she went to the PARKING LOT OF COACHELLA
Hi_im_taylor1 9 timmar sedan
Mixing all the shimmery eyeshadows together! They are usually colourful I think it would be cool
Keely Gallagher
Keely Gallagher 9 timmar sedan
Tyler’s arm comment makes me think you should sell lipstick on a display where they are held up by like, zombie bone arms lol
Mariah Green
Mariah Green 9 timmar sedan
**uses kitchenware to sterilize my Kewchie cup 😁😁**** 🤣🤣💀
Chloe 10 timmar sedan
Safiya has been hooped
Kyle 10 timmar sedan
4:08 I- can we please talk about the Mark & Jack meme💀💀
Hallu WT
Hallu WT 10 timmar sedan
Damn I miss when bath and body works makes those long square bottlee,but i love what it is now
Elizabeth Hager
Elizabeth Hager 10 timmar sedan
Oh god... the train! That thing kept me awake so many nights of college!
Bella Clevenger
Bella Clevenger 10 timmar sedan
I love your wedding your soooooooo funny who saw rosepansy
beany Thompson
beany Thompson 10 timmar sedan
This is a good reminder that the beauty community has always been toxic
sehaj sharma
sehaj sharma 11 timmar sedan
you look like super rae dizzle . sehaj from india . cna you give me shout out pleasse
Ava Hornbeck
Ava Hornbeck 11 timmar sedan
Lacey Mathis
Lacey Mathis 12 timmar sedan
So i am searching every piece of makeup I own and swatching it on a piece of paper and I kid you not I was looking at the bottom of a lipgloss and as soon as I read bonnie bell she said Bonnie bell
abigail gottfried
abigail gottfried 12 timmar sedan
every time i watch this video i cry
Kayla Jackson
Kayla Jackson 12 timmar sedan
oml i just realized tyler is literally the same person as the kid i’m crushing on rn. i literally grew up think tyler was adorable and perfect for safiya and now i found myself a tyler🙃
Corinne Sawarin
Corinne Sawarin 12 timmar sedan
I need those teeny measuring spoons in my life. Where did you find them??
1hotturnip 12 timmar sedan
At 14:39 they said smash 4 ti ea
1hotturnip 12 timmar sedan
You should mix every sent bottel you can find yo make the ultimate sent
Megan Woods
Megan Woods 12 timmar sedan
the salty taste is the baking soda!
1hotturnip 12 timmar sedan
At 9:02 in the video she has said smash 3 times
Ishara Mason
Ishara Mason 12 timmar sedan
omg i go swimming at that beach all the time
Mother Wolfmyst
Mother Wolfmyst 12 timmar sedan
The Black Cherry Merlot one is so good. Got a handful of them one year as a gift and that one was the best.
Sydney Larson
Sydney Larson 13 timmar sedan
99 Red Balloons circa probably 1998,1999? its a song ;)
1hotturnip 13 timmar sedan
Wait doesn't that mean its edible
zoobear aree
zoobear aree 13 timmar sedan
Tyler’s closet is like a perfect closet
Loviiingliife 13 timmar sedan
Black goddess I am black outfit queen
Loviiingliife 13 timmar sedan
Their fashion show is for the Dracula
Loviiingliife 13 timmar sedan
Loviiingliife 13 timmar sedan
film more we love you
abigail c
abigail c 13 timmar sedan
not gonna lie, part of me is dying to know if they're keeping up with the organization systems in their new house 😂
jwhite614ify 14 timmar sedan
I have French lavender!
Loviiingliife 14 timmar sedan
I love Japanese cherry blossom
Xyxy Richards
Xyxy Richards 14 timmar sedan
Christina Song
Christina Song 14 timmar sedan
anyone else thinks her hair looks super shiny and healthy in this video?
Lillian Kulesza
Lillian Kulesza 14 timmar sedan
Tyler do I look like a no
Izabell House
Izabell House 14 timmar sedan
Izabell House
Izabell House 14 timmar sedan
Yay Tyler
Bri 14 timmar sedan
I want to know what she did with the rest of that wax and pigment tho
pandi northrop
pandi northrop 7 timmar sedan
Hide them in her basment...so she can feast on them but little does she know..THERE NOT EDIBLE(it won't happen but thats my guess)
EGO Gamer
EGO Gamer 14 timmar sedan
Like her hair short
Familia Marin
Familia Marin 15 timmar sedan
You should to a mixing every peel of mask
Katie Sigward
Katie Sigward 15 timmar sedan
You missed the other e with coffee!!!
Pammiejojo Barrow
Pammiejojo Barrow 15 timmar sedan
In the second look..... you reminded me of the lady that was chasing Ringo in the movie Help
Chanel Russell
Chanel Russell 15 timmar sedan
She said it kinda looks like a hotdog 😂😂
The Official Andy Saenz
The Official Andy Saenz 15 timmar sedan
I like her 3rd attempt! That’s amazing!
Safa Qadir
Safa Qadir 15 timmar sedan
Can u try huda beauty's beauty products or skin care
The Official Andy Saenz
The Official Andy Saenz 15 timmar sedan
I want to try this too! I would try orange, red, green, yellow, turquoise, and blue.
•AudrasToysClub• 15 timmar sedan
Crocs are ugly, now they are uglier than ugly
June Junebug
June Junebug 16 timmar sedan
Muave Ottwa My Way
pinky .L
pinky .L 16 timmar sedan
Is it weird that I don't exactly HATE them👉🏻👈🏻, the price isn't pretty though😅😅🤭
Joshua Herberg Sixth
Joshua Herberg Sixth 16 timmar sedan
move back
Evie Manes
Evie Manes 16 timmar sedan
She likes the word musky she said it a lot in her videos
It’s Bella
It’s Bella 17 timmar sedan
My Lola was born in1940
veryphatcow 17 timmar sedan
If 69 is well...69, then whats 169? is it a threesome, and the other dudes just watching?
STORM 17 timmar sedan
I know that this is like 4years old but they make magnetic lash tweezers.. 😂100% easier
Dora Rivera
Dora Rivera 17 timmar sedan
I loveeeeee this video!!!!
Verónica Araya
Verónica Araya 17 timmar sedan
"What is this? lipstick for ANTS?" reminded me of saf and freddie back in the day when they were still bFF :(
Random Rainbows
Random Rainbows 17 timmar sedan
You’re supposed to smell coffee grounds after each smell or they’ll all just smell the same. Same with soap and other body products.