93rd Oscars In Memoriam
Kaylin Froehlich
Kaylin Froehlich 11 timmar sedan
*Cough*....dwarf... A dwarf would end a man for calling him an elf
Zo Valentine
Zo Valentine 11 timmar sedan
Bugs Bunny my childhood hero🥕🐰🥕
Hali Bee
Hali Bee 11 timmar sedan
Jack ne ya
Abhi shek
Abhi shek 11 timmar sedan
Jackie chan: a little bit famous Chris tucker:
Manchester City
Manchester City 11 timmar sedan
I loved the way Michael Douglas & Glen Close clapped at every nominees when their names were announced b4 the result.
imnotwatchin 11 timmar sedan
Great fukn speech !
Igloo Zoo
Igloo Zoo 11 timmar sedan
And they didn't have to go down on Harvey to get their Oscar or did they?
Igloo Zoo
Igloo Zoo 11 timmar sedan
I believe in and thank God, but my Hero is me in the future. Eye rolling Hollywood Narcissism.
Martin Heinrich
Martin Heinrich 11 timmar sedan
indiana 11 timmar sedan
River: lost Oscar Also River: screaming in excitement and extremely overjoyed XD I love him so much.
Patricia Ortega Rojas
Patricia Ortega Rojas 11 timmar sedan
He was my crush when I was 11 years old.
indiana 11 timmar sedan
indiana 11 timmar sedan
he had a beautiful soul. Rip river always in our hearts
valentin hurtado carrión
valentin hurtado carrión 11 timmar sedan
Rest In Peace
Sergio Ramirez
Sergio Ramirez 11 timmar sedan
Audience: *cheers and applause* J.K. Simmons: *throws a folding chair at the audience because he couldn’t tell if they were rushing or dragging.*
Stef Ullrich
Stef Ullrich 11 timmar sedan
That "sinking feeling" joke is classic Nichsolson. That night Titanic won almost every award.
Charles Gomes
Charles Gomes 12 timmar sedan
Cody Claeys
Cody Claeys 12 timmar sedan
A true story about a girl living as a boy in Nebraska. disrespectful
Tirth Joshi
Tirth Joshi 12 timmar sedan
Everyone:i have to THANK my mom and etc... This man:injustice,humanity,animal writes,equality
One Army
One Army 12 timmar sedan
How did we go from a classy, elegant star studded event to an absolute self absorbed disaster??? Maybe someday again...
Kevin Tang
Kevin Tang 12 timmar sedan
Great film, I cried so much watching this. Watching these two just being together is incredible.
Jerry Jazzbo
Jerry Jazzbo 12 timmar sedan
To say he deserves this is an understatement. A world legend like him? There should be such a thing as a Jackie Chan Award. Outside HK and Taiwan, of course.😁
Sanu Prasannan
Sanu Prasannan 12 timmar sedan
He's the Greatest Showman 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nafis Khan
Nafis Khan 12 timmar sedan
Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩❤
Al pacino
Al pacino 12 timmar sedan
Cubrick is just an overrated director
Holly McKenna
Holly McKenna 12 timmar sedan
I wonder if all the studios had to animate both a winning clip and a losing clip since Oscar winners are kept secret until the envelope’s opened
anton1990 12 timmar sedan
Nick Nolte’s reaction is adorable!
Almudena Carnero
Almudena Carnero 12 timmar sedan
Almudena oscar yo uned ea cr grc aló dilo dj gracias a la vida Valencia
DASARI REUBEN 12 timmar sedan
Really he deserved it...whatts performance ❤️😘
Paul Meenan
Paul Meenan 12 timmar sedan
WTF, why no whole song? And for that crime add some ya ya ding dong after..
Etrandex 12 timmar sedan
*That's a bingo!*
Shivam 12 timmar sedan
In India, Karan Johar and Yash Chopra are more famous and remembered. Americans taught us the real gem of Indian cinema is satyajit ray. British Director made gandhi and won oscar. Bollywood is not real indian cinema.
DoctoraxGaming 13 timmar sedan
♥Joaquin Pheonix and JOKER♥ the true
Aadil Farooqui
Aadil Farooqui 13 timmar sedan
This is what Amateurs sounds like, when they are only dedicated for their work and expects nothing in Return These guys are Inspiration for a lot of Young Screenwriter and Storytellers
Ornacia 13 timmar sedan
She is a true aussie girl
Didi 86
Didi 86 13 timmar sedan
She is the best
Anish Tamang
Anish Tamang 13 timmar sedan
Its actually reunion of Good will Hunting's cast.
Hatice Sanlı
Hatice Sanlı 13 timmar sedan
Yessss baby 👌🏻🌸
Rajavel 13 timmar sedan
Don't lie you searched for this
Aaron Simpson
Aaron Simpson 13 timmar sedan
Before Leo won’t his I feel like they always put him right next to the guy that did
Lazaro Isern
Lazaro Isern 13 timmar sedan
WRONG CHOICE!!!!! JUDY Garland for a STAR IS BORN was the clear winner!!! This was the biggest mistake in Oscar history.
Kurt Kuchen
Kurt Kuchen 13 timmar sedan
Alex is the best
Idrisa TARDIS 13 timmar sedan
I was sexually harassed at work and I went to a “Dean Walker”. Both of my direct bosses were male so I didn’t go to them. I went one level up and she was a woman. I was so sure that she would understand but I got the same kind of response. “What would you have me do?” “I have to give him the benefit of the doubt.” I was working at a law firm no less. Before I finally spoke up, I held it in for a month or so. That month I was emotionally fucked. It wasn’t anywhere close to R-word serious at all. But to have my agency taken away, to think that someone I see every day at work saw me as a piece of meat and thought it was okay to touch me without consent. I knew how it would end. I knew he would get away with it. The fact that they saw me broke down and thought what exactly? I would fabricate something like this about someone that I would want absolutely nothing to do with. But “I have to give him the benefit of the doubt”. I didn’t care because I did the right thing. I gave them a chance to do the right thing but they didn’t. I guess he is, in a way, a promising young man. A young man on his way to becoming a lawyer. Being a fucking creep is just forgivable personal quirk. I dread to think that I’m not the only one harassed by him. The movie is so right that there’s no justice for this kind of thing. Whatever the victim does, the odds are stacked against them. I remember my mom saying not everyone is like this, they are in the minority. I wish that was true.
तुषार सक्सेना
तुषार सक्सेना 13 timmar sedan
If a 12 minute video can tell you a lot about society then the person who creates it is a genius.
Mostafa Sidawy
Mostafa Sidawy 13 timmar sedan
Jerry Goldsmith should've won
Diego Perez
Diego Perez 14 timmar sedan
Robert and Barbra represent the Highlights of Hollywood talent
Diego Perez
Diego Perez 14 timmar sedan
Muy goodnes... What a beutiful speech by Barbra Streisand Who work with Robert un the interesting and beutiful film, The Way whe were... Robert Redford one of the most interesting actors if all times, with Paul Newman and Steve McQueen....
Patricia Ortega Rojas
Patricia Ortega Rojas 14 timmar sedan
2:10 Aww...that reminds me her role in Forest Gump.
Joe Matt
Joe Matt 14 timmar sedan
I think we should stop denying babies rightful milk meant for them...it's a logical thing a human being can do.
Z 14 timmar sedan
I wonder if he will ever win an award for his performance as Melinda Gates
SR PRANTOR 14 timmar sedan
gülperi alkan
gülperi alkan 14 timmar sedan
Mads Mikkelsen is not even shown how not to get an oscar :(
deniz atasoy
deniz atasoy 14 timmar sedan
They make him an offer he can refuse
Hugh Williamson
Hugh Williamson 14 timmar sedan
3:53 look at Kate, she’s so happy for him
pankaj sathoo
pankaj sathoo 15 timmar sedan
I still fail to understand why Al Pacino did not get Oscars for Godfather 2
Apoorva Odugoudar
Apoorva Odugoudar 15 timmar sedan
What’s the music that plays when Daniel is going up take the award?
Milton Monnin
Milton Monnin 15 timmar sedan
Guillermo del Toro! You make us all into fools for Romance , love and compassion! You deserve this Oscar on too many levels to list! Bravo! Senior Guillermo to be sure your Jalisco's number 1 son ! American film making will have to do allot to try and move up to your standard maestro !
LilSquadRX 15 timmar sedan
I kinda feel like he was hoping he didn’t get the Oscar because he was too nervous to speak in front of everyone.
IAWY 15 timmar sedan
Those were the days when talent was rewarded
FBI 15 timmar sedan
How do they get bb8 to work like that? is the top part strongly magnetic or something? how does it move straight when its a ball as well?
Alexis Touss
Alexis Touss 15 timmar sedan
Meryl is still the same that's amazing
Danny Lugo
Danny Lugo 15 timmar sedan
Still one of the best performances of all time
Himanshu 16 timmar sedan
Lets be honest. Cate deserved it for Carol. Her most amazing performance to date
Susan Devkota
Susan Devkota 16 timmar sedan
only person i deeply love acting is jonny deep and RDJ
Mage 16 timmar sedan
I thought her daughter was Emma Stones for a second back there.
KOKO LOKO 16 timmar sedan
evil person
Black Swiftie
Black Swiftie 16 timmar sedan
@0:42 *I ♡ the Queen from "THE FAVORITE"!* Awesome performance.
Cleber 16 timmar sedan
Laura Pausini ♡♡
Al pacino & Montana
Al pacino & Montana 16 timmar sedan
Omar Suarez in scarface
Claptonfan 16 timmar sedan
Rita Moreno just floated her way up to the award!!!
Jaydn Von Rhoman
Jaydn Von Rhoman 16 timmar sedan
Powerful. Just powerful. Well done.
Artytom Inquisitive Minds
Artytom Inquisitive Minds 17 timmar sedan
Laurence Olivier didn't get that kind of genuine applause. Grant deserved every bit of it !
तुषार सक्सेना
तुषार सक्सेना 17 timmar sedan
Well I think it should be Bryan cranston. I mean you can't deny the efforts and the natural acting he done as a trumbo character.
Constance Pierce
Constance Pierce 17 timmar sedan
Audrey Hepburn... one of the true irreplaceables.
L de Luis O original
L de Luis O original 17 timmar sedan
wait, koe no katachi didn't win?
Maxi Pazz
Maxi Pazz 17 timmar sedan
Sharon stone is a goddess
Maxi Pazz
Maxi Pazz 17 timmar sedan
I love the way Oprah ignores Tom cruise and all her conversations with beautiful Australian Nicole
Debmalya Das
Debmalya Das 17 timmar sedan
i still have no clue as to why she didn't win the best supporting actress in the father 2020. sublime performance.
Khurshed Alam
Khurshed Alam 17 timmar sedan
The greatest movie of all time