An Invitation
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Fishing Adventures with Adrian
Carp fishing on tour
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Sputnik 12 timmar sedan
We are in the Pandemia years. But i beliave, the Golden Years will come back!
Filip Rezac
Filip Rezac 12 timmar sedan
So this is absolutely. Demonstration of human corruption and hope.
Ander RocknRoad
Ander RocknRoad 12 timmar sedan
8 K Maiden!!!
Abacdef Mnoprs
Abacdef Mnoprs 12 timmar sedan
I prefer this song played at 1.25 speed !
#KABBALADEMVOLK 12 timmar sedan
Victor Varela
Victor Varela 12 timmar sedan
MASTEPIECE!!!!!! Hol*** S***T!!!
Phill Jhonson
Phill Jhonson 12 timmar sedan
the wonders of technology
I Love Cars Videos
I Love Cars Videos 12 timmar sedan
Epic metal
I Love Cars Videos
I Love Cars Videos 13 timmar sedan
True story
lex punzens
lex punzens 13 timmar sedan
Alex S
Alex S 13 timmar sedan
Reminds me of Borderlands
William Blowers
William Blowers 13 timmar sedan
The sheep have already lined up for slaughter.
Woke McWokerson
Woke McWokerson 13 timmar sedan
Ok never saw the apple coming. Nicely played Bruce. Nicely played.
Dan Jones
Dan Jones 13 timmar sedan
How is it possible that Iron Maiden are still creating things of such staggering brilliance?
Andres Peña
Andres Peña 13 timmar sedan
Video de puta madre, Ironmaiden demostrando quien comanda. Le falto algo más de explosión, pero no se pierde la esencia.
Pablo Galvan
Pablo Galvan 13 timmar sedan
La copia perfecta
Achyar Bachtiar
Achyar Bachtiar 13 timmar sedan
Mantap abiss kereen... Kekekekeke
PilloTheStar 13 timmar sedan
Bro, I already enjoyed iron maiden, but now they're tapping into my love of animated music videos. 🤘😝
Cracked. 13 timmar sedan
Suika 13 timmar sedan
Up the Irons
The Rock n Roll Guitar Lounge
The Rock n Roll Guitar Lounge 14 timmar sedan
Cool as Hell!
John Shepherd
John Shepherd 14 timmar sedan
how appropriate in these times.!!!
The Burning Donut
The Burning Donut 14 timmar sedan
I haven't seen anything that genuinely gave me chills on so long!
Murilo Souza
Murilo Souza 14 timmar sedan
Saber que um dia o Iron Maiden vai parar, é de cortar o coração. É bem provável que estejamos contemplando uns dos últimos álbuns.
Renzo Carlos Arroyo Garnica
Renzo Carlos Arroyo Garnica 14 timmar sedan
Maiden the only metal band that can get almost 8 million views in the 2 weeks
Miguel Diaz
Miguel Diaz 14 timmar sedan
wow no worlds im spechless great jod guys
Sirlene Hilda Dias
Sirlene Hilda Dias 14 timmar sedan
Show Iron sempre nos surpreende 💯❤❤
Lucas Almeida
Lucas Almeida 14 timmar sedan
Up the Iron's!
GIAN CARLOS 14 timmar sedan
Contryside rock.
TG G 15 timmar sedan
It’s crazy but watching this video pisses me off. Of all things watching those horses fall for a fucking movie?
Pv-MTB 15 timmar sedan
Esse é o Iron Maiden que eu amo, excelente performance ao vivo de uma grande canção, book of souls mostra que o Maiden envelheceu com muita dignidade, a banda evoluiu o seu som, porém seguindo a mesma fórmula que trás a identidade da banda, Iron Maiden tem que ser isso! Uma banda com mais de 40 anos que continua na ativa dignamente, a capacidade de se adaptar durante os anos só mostra que Bruce Dickinson é o maior vocalista de metal de todos os tempos, Steve Harris é a alma do Maiden, ele conseguiu fazer o sonho dele se tornar realidade transformando o Maiden na maior banda de metal de todos os tempos! Vida longa a Donzela! UP THE IRONS!! 🤘🏻🔥
xjandreBR 15 timmar sedan
5:09 os gafanhotos do fim dos tempos descritos na Bíblia em Apocalipse 9 : 3 que ao invés de atacarem lavouras e comerem plantações atacarão os próprios seres humanos e causarão o terror na terra, pois foi dado a eles a mesma autoridade dos escorpiões, e o terror será tanto que as pessoas desejarão a morte mas a morte fugirá deles
Nathan Bowen
Nathan Bowen 15 timmar sedan
Awesome. Thanks for half a century of utter joy sir. \m/ Up the Irons \m/
MUFSpoiler 15 timmar sedan
too much crowd! only 1% crowd in a video please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hans Fritz Zukerman
Hans Fritz Zukerman 15 timmar sedan
Entendedores irão entender...
fah Pereira
fah Pereira 15 timmar sedan
Música marabilhosaaaa🖤🤘
Dan Baker
Dan Baker 15 timmar sedan
Long video...all amazing. But if you are short on time, just watch from the 7:45 mark to about the 12:00 minute mark. Musicianship like nothing I've ever seen. And Bruce isn't even singing during that part. So listen to it all, but if short on time watch that segment. These guys are truly masters of their craft.
Heinz 57 American
Heinz 57 American 15 timmar sedan
all i can say is after all these years dave still looks so happy to be up there playing. I love him...
Scott Woodham
Scott Woodham 15 timmar sedan
This is going to happen the mark of the beast is coming get ready or get left behind this what the bible talks about I love this song and my pastor loves this song also and he said this is so true it is going to happen so get ready okay
Gerard Reiters
Gerard Reiters 15 timmar sedan
The same thrill as when I saw Gerald Scarfe animation for The Wall...
Ryan Wood
Ryan Wood 15 timmar sedan
Much respect. Great song. Are they going to make a song about how The Crown, or B.E.I.C. raped, destroyed, killed, and slaughtered "indians" of the Indian sub-continent? Or how they got an entire country hooked on opium so they could trade opium for silk instead of silver for silk? Or how they benefited from African Slavery from our South to buy cheap cotton? Mmmm... nah. More convenient to diss the US. Not that we shouldn't be dissed. But kinda sucks we seem to have been the only ones. Peace and love though.
Marcus Alvarez
Marcus Alvarez 16 timmar sedan
The guys who made this should do a feature length anime movie. This video is awesome with Iron Maiden soundtrack HELL YEAH!!!
Mili Tarigo
Mili Tarigo 16 timmar sedan
Scott Woodham
Scott Woodham 16 timmar sedan
I'm at a party one of my friends has this on fire stick and alot of our friends are over and their wife's and we are cooking out have Hot wings and steak and drinking and we are all staying at his house are we are all fucked up as shit and he has a good Boss speakers so we can hear it we we're all jamming out to this and we're in are 40's on up I'm 51and my black wife is 53 and my best friend he is black also and his wife is white we have known each other for a good 23 years me and my wife has been married for 21 years and we have known each other and 30 years we dated along time before we got married and we are watching this outside on his 90 inch TV and we are all jamming out to Iron maiden alot of their videos and Metallica music and Megadeth and Slayer and Led Zeppelin CCR Judas Priest and Motley Crue Skillet Creed Glen Danzig and so on
Caio Mtro
Caio Mtro 16 timmar sedan
Arahok 16 timmar sedan
i am a dragonforce fan since it was founded, today blind guardian is my fav band... i know that beattles and elvis sold discs a lot, also some other bands got the most views on youtube, but... iron maide is for sure the best of all bands and artists from all generation, by the combination of quality, style, inovation, identity, performance and example.
Brandon Long
Brandon Long 16 timmar sedan
I saw them on this tour when I was like 11-12 and I never really appreciated the song of TBOS because I was still pretty new to them but now I’m so grateful that I saw them on this tour!
Manuel Aguirre
Manuel Aguirre 16 timmar sedan
John Klein
John Klein 16 timmar sedan
Still amazing me all these years later. Up the Irons!
Dust Devil
Dust Devil 16 timmar sedan
Super cool song selection. That was an honour and complete thrill
Benjamin 16 timmar sedan
HeavyMetalRuinedMyLife1971 17 timmar sedan
Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour Amen and you know it
HeavyMetalRuinedMyLife1971 17 timmar sedan
Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour Amen
Cenk K
Cenk K 17 timmar sedan
This is fucking brilliant!
HeavyMetalRuinedMyLife1971 17 timmar sedan
Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour Amen
HeavyMetalRuinedMyLife1971 17 timmar sedan
Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour Amen
HeavyMetalRuinedMyLife1971 17 timmar sedan
Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour Amen
HeavyMetalRuinedMyLife1971 17 timmar sedan
Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour Amen
HeavyMetalRuinedMyLife1971 17 timmar sedan
Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour Amen
HeavyMetalRuinedMyLife1971 17 timmar sedan
Jesus Christ
Nanik79✏️ 17 timmar sedan
I think what really surprises about this video was that it was done by two Pixar executives; Mark Andrews and Andrew Gordon. Definitely goes to show that just because you work for a company that specializes in family films, does not mean you can let loose your more adult side in animation😂.
HeavyMetalRuinedMyLife1971 17 timmar sedan
666 on your jet ? Why chose the side that has already lost ??
00 Savin
00 Savin 17 timmar sedan
The world needs to heed Winston Churchill’s words!
Ferenc Fajkusz
Ferenc Fajkusz 17 timmar sedan
Was that swarm of mechanical bugs eating ppl away a homage to the Dune prologue - The Butlerian Jihad?
Alisson Duth
Alisson Duth 17 timmar sedan
Eddie Saint Seiya kkkk, muito top
Jennifer Poletto
Jennifer Poletto 17 timmar sedan
O cristianismo agradece este vídeo. ❤
Diego Francinno dos santos
Diego Francinno dos santos 17 timmar sedan
Márcio Silva
Márcio Silva 17 timmar sedan
Que merda eim
Lordraw85 17 timmar sedan
What a monumental preformance at the age of 60+
jocker86 17 timmar sedan
Aaron Rashott
Aaron Rashott 18 timmar sedan
Iron maiden is doing a stupid cartoon? I've been listening to you guys since I was 6 years old. Good and bad, thick and thin, blaze Bailey.....lose the anime, it doesn't look right.
Yisel Angelica Marte hija Divino
Yisel Angelica Marte hija Divino 18 timmar sedan
hubo una historia en la antiguedad que andie entiende por supuesto que yo no habia nacido y nadie pensaba nisiquiera que yo pudiera nacer,.pero me gusta leer otras veces me gusta escuchar,.y por esa razon hay cosas que yo puedo saber,.y ahora te voy a decir sucede que una ves en el pasado los que destruyeron el mundo no eran los enemigos de Dios,.porque ellos destruyeron el mundo con odio y sucede que ellos todos eran los amigos de Dios,.y por esa razon alguien tiene que perdonar por Dios existe,.y por los amigos de Dios matar a todos en aquel mundo alguien regaño a Dios alguien que puede hablarle le pregunto porque?suceden trajedias asi como sino existiera Dios,.porque?si dios existe todo ellos son amigos de Dios y todos ellos asesinaron ese mundo,.porque?y ese es un misterio que no esta escrito en la pared,.sucede que alguien tiene que perdonar alguien viene para perdonar,alguien es amor el amor de Dios,.y pore sa arzon esas palabras escritas en esa pared que tiene la estrella de cinco puntas es representada por alguien que castiga pero tal ves es representada por un enemigo,.contra el mundo,.pero a mi em da miedo,.pero yoc reo que Dios es el bien,.existe el mal,,.pero el bien existe,.y suceed quee sas palabras escritas ene sa pared a mi no me suceden porque yo conosco que Dios es misterio,.y porque el que esta en el mal es el numero 6,.y yo PASARE un msiterio y esas palabras de horror no em suceden a mi y a todo lo que yo amo,.no nos sucede esas palabras porque yo tengo un msiterio que Dios a mi me da,.y yo cruzare yo pasare por doindee s ese msiterio,.y por esa arzon a mi NO me sucede la maldicion escrita en las palabras en la pared,.hasta luego yo me llamo la real princesa Yisel Angelica Marte LA SUPER BEBE 6,.
mikeduva1 18 timmar sedan
Now I want to eat an apple like that with somebody
KnoxTN Yankee
KnoxTN Yankee 18 timmar sedan
Dueling 🎸 Solos
Daniel Feliciano
Daniel Feliciano 18 timmar sedan
It's really Iron Maiden S2
imfrommars 18 timmar sedan
From the beginning of the great reset Ive been waiting for this Bruce ! Ive been listening your music since my childhood back 80s. Iron Maiden been always like my only religion and you are the prophet of this religion. Thnx again for nailing it big time to ppls brains whats been happening around..
KnoxTN Yankee
KnoxTN Yankee 18 timmar sedan
Smell The 🧤
R.M 13
R.M 13 18 timmar sedan
Eddie be like me and the boys on our way to crush the Belshazzars feast and kill every one! 🤣
Laurent Perree
Laurent Perree 18 timmar sedan
Sorry for thé text, is't gboard was so wrong