Boughatii Lovren
Boughatii Lovren 22 timmar sedan
Hope Mercerdes Makes him number 1 Priority next Year if Lewis win his 8th this season
Nino Simo
Nino Simo 22 timmar sedan
I think it must be difficult to focus a 100% knowing what happened to his father. I think he is gonna be the future champ of F1.
Ian D
Ian D 22 timmar sedan
Hamilton wouldn’t have made the corner? Ha, ha. That’s a pathetic claim given that Hamilton made the corner even after the large disturbance of contact with Verstappen’s car. FWIW I frequently raced against Horner in 100 National karts donkeys years ago. I had a few brushes with him as he was arrogant far beyond his capabilities and had a poor grasp of the rules. It seems he’s not changed.
Valerie Rodger
Valerie Rodger 22 timmar sedan
4:00 The risk versus reward calculation boils down to the person with the least to lose has the least reason to back out, and the person with the most to lose has the most reason to back out. Lewis understands this, and in recent years we've seen him be willing to give space and back down knowing that he can afford to play the long game. He can't afford to do that this year, he has to be aggressive. I remember Lewis telling a furious Max that he shouldn't have been battling fighting with Ocon because it was a battle he didn't have to win, and it caused him the race. Lewis and Max were both being very aggressive going into copse corner, but Max had the most to lose, and the stewards' decision assigned him partial fault for the incident. Max will learn from this, just as he did from the Ocon incident - but with his lead being so significantly decreased by the DNF, he's also no longer in a place where he has significantly more to lose, so we should see more hard racing. Which is absolutely awesome, even if the whining, mudslinging, and sniping is getting tiresome
David Camel
David Camel 22 timmar sedan
If Mercedes is smart, they would sign Russell if they want to continue. We've seen many races where Bottas is there but not quite. He can win races but not the WC because of consistency over the year. Mercedes needs a replacement for hamilton, who better then Russell. A proven winner in F2 and F3
ImSNB 22 timmar sedan
A bit odd for hamilton to send his rival into the wall and the hospital and still say he would do that again
mike M
mike M 23 timmar sedan
Only 1.8? Crybabies.
Obese Basu
Obese Basu 23 timmar sedan
Top 10 reasons drives missed presentations by pele
AGF Hopes
AGF Hopes 23 timmar sedan
Bottas Will go to Alfa romeo
Yuriy Yuriy
Yuriy Yuriy 23 timmar sedan
Poor filter system and engine on 15000RPM with dust :(.
Ariel Rivas
Ariel Rivas 23 timmar sedan
What about Bottas taking the seat of Sainz?
Robert Bellinger
Robert Bellinger Dag sedan
Max has a strong history of taking high risk moves and blames everyone else for all his collisions. The head cam shows Max was looking at Hamilton and turned to close him out despite them being side by side. Its racing. Get over it.
Cheeseatingjunglista Dag sedan
No, the Horner whinge style will not change Max saying a lot less than his boss, who demonstrated the full range passive aggressive hissy fitting skills - all this proves is than Horner has nothing tangible to support his insinuated position that Hamilton deliberately crashed in to Max - whatever opinions I had previously had of Horner, they have been superseded by the current obvious conclusion, he has neither proof not bottle but still whines on. Pathetic
Nelson Piket
Nelson Piket Dag sedan
Just give the title to Hamilton.
BigMac Mick
BigMac Mick Dag sedan
I'd love to go back in time and have that crash re-run with the cars in the opposite position and Lewis going off ... just to see how Merc/Lewis handle it
Robert Ramsden
Robert Ramsden Dag sedan
There up Hamiltons arse
THAT Motorsport girl
THAT Motorsport girl Dag sedan
there are a lot of people who say that Juan Manuel Correa is a killer but they don't understand that at those speeds you can't do anything, you can't slow down or stop. I am very happy that JM Correa is back to compete and I am really sad for the loss of Anthoine. Rest in Peace Tonio💛
Rafael Barkhordarian
Rafael Barkhordarian Dag sedan
With reverse grid wouldn't everyone just try go as slow as they can get away with so there further up the grid . There would be no need to push the car to go fast in qualifying
Jack Dag sedan
Can't stand hamilton
Richard Lumley Smith
Richard Lumley Smith Dag sedan
SO Max should have just let Hamilton have racing line and then Max with no grip would be off the track! Reality is Hamilton owns Formula one (just like Schumacher and Ferrari did) and all those saying it was a racing incident only if Max had had escaped nudge by Hamilton then all of Formula one would be calling for a penalty against Max! Hamilton is his own worst enemy and he will destroy Formula one as electric manage close racing and better races as car technology gives driver more speed (less weight)
Michael Holland
Michael Holland Dag sedan
I’ll save you the 8mins it’s Christian Horner.
Nicholas Giles
Nicholas Giles Dag sedan
As a few people have said, a single superpole lap in Q3 would make the sponsors happy and add some drama.
Nicholas Giles
Nicholas Giles Dag sedan
Yes yes yes.. sprint race with points for the top 8, and then reverse those top 8 for the feature race!
danny kuyten
danny kuyten Dag sedan
When a driver take out other drive hi moist pool out of race that its fair
Juan Jose Peña Quevedo
Juan Jose Peña Quevedo Dag sedan
Hello, I come from the future, specifically right after Hungary qualifying, to say that, this video did not age well, and we were right, saying that the race was rushing with this video.
Kristian Olaf Vedaa
Kristian Olaf Vedaa Dag sedan
Christian Horner should embrace Bottas, best number 2 driver available. A big odds in this bet. Bottas much better qualifier then Perez.
AMG DIAMONDZ 10 Dag sedan
If Ricciardo keeps underperforming, he may get fired from McLaren and Bottas can go there, because McLaren are an engine customer of Mercedes.
Grogery 1
Grogery 1 Dag sedan
i thought Red Bull were going to try claiming that they lost an engine due to an incident that the Stewards ruled was Hamilton's fault. Using a replacement engine would result in grid penalties, so why should they be penalized for an incident that Stewards had already found Hamilton guilty of? Stewards would have had no knowledge of Red Bulls engine at the time and might have been sympathetic to this argument as it would have been a bad look for Hamilton to be penalized but still win the race and then have a start advantage over his main rival.
Patrick Bass
Patrick Bass Dag sedan
Is no one talking about other accidents at that corner and the speed of the impact? 51g sounds a lot
Alex Mansell
Alex Mansell Dag sedan
I miss F1 being dominated by independent manufacturers. It was so much easier for the FiA to regulate an even playing field when manufacturer money, power and influence outside of the sport couldn't just bulldoze through any problem like today.
Tracy Debrex
Tracy Debrex Dag sedan
Debate? what is there to talk about? The FIA are desperate for closer racing and better crowd satisfaction, to the point where they're completely revamping the types of cars and aerodynamics they can and can't use. all to create more of a spectacle and more exiting races. one crash in 2021, and they go running home to their mam, screaming of bullies and not playing fair. what the hell do they think is going to happen in 2022, when all of the cars will be able to race closer and harder? Max takes out Stroll in an almost identical incident, Horner is blameing stroll for not giving enough room to the inside man. when the roles are reversed, it's Hamiltons fault for being there. so much for Mr consistancy
Mountain Frost
Mountain Frost Dag sedan
Use second driver to bump the leader out and F1 is going to be more fun with lots of bumps.
Anderson Amorim Da Silva
Anderson Amorim Da Silva Dag sedan
Red Bull too naive, they need to understand that Lewis will do literally anything to win... He is just dirty, Red Bull and Max just need to play his game 🤢🤢
Franklin Dag sedan
The Saudi religious police...er "stewards" have defended Hamilton's right to destroy any car that has the audacity to be in his way! F1 proves to be biased towards any British driver.
Tanbir Outdoorsman
Tanbir Outdoorsman Dag sedan
If I was bottas I would leave those unjust ignorant assholes in Mercedes even if it meant driving for the lowest team
thomas torkehagen
thomas torkehagen Dag sedan
Jesus f***ing christ.... race incident, and just as much max's fault....he could have let of too....
Andre Yuen
Andre Yuen Dag sedan
Red Bull is the real winner in this review for free advertisement. Thank you for mentioning their brand names in your video and all the comments.
Willie Y
Willie Y Dag sedan
And he goes to Red Bull 🤨
DeJaguar Dag sedan
They are trying to do all they can to rattle Merc and Lewis - problem is, it won't work because Merc and Lewis don't believe they are in the wrong and now only have 8 points to make up. I think what it *has* done is get into Max's head a little. Personally, I think that Max is so used to SimRacing now, this crash might wake him up to the fact that he *can't* just try to run people off all the time when he believes he has the corner. We've seen him do it others, and to Lewis earlier this season, (hell, he nearly took Lewis' front wing off in both the sprint and the main race into Booklands by outbraking and swiping across the front of the Merc). Lewis was simply stating his intent - you think you can push anyone around on track, but you can't intimidate me "sonny"
Blafard666 Dag sedan
It's funny reading the comments how many people are realizing just now what kind of people are Horner and Marko...
Marco Ribeiro
Marco Ribeiro Dag sedan
The one u shown isn't the Nordschleife, it's the complete Nürburgring, Nordschleife + GP
Suyog Dani
Suyog Dani Dag sedan
with the Albon Demonstration, I was reminded of the Airplane Crash re-enactment scene from the Hollywood Movie "Sully". It doesn't matter how much time and effort you spend re-enacting the event, it just can not capture the original moment. This is poor from Red Bull, expected a bit more from them!
Pedro Costa Reis
Pedro Costa Reis Dag sedan
Anybody can go against mercedes & hamilton??? of course not, they own F1...
Sarah Dag sedan
Red Bully lost all my respect a few years ago when they decided to sue a small American brewery called "Old Ox Road Brewery" for daring to have the word "ox" in it's name as Red Bully believes it owns anything connected to bulls including castrated bulls, otherwise known as oxen or ox. I would love to see Red Bully take on Lamborghini and see where that gets them.
Draugr Dag sedan
Fire or ban whoever suggested reverse grids. FE qualifying is laughable, unsporting, and would directly hurt F1. Moronic idea. F2 has nothing in common with F1, and using any other machinery would both de-legitimize and hurt F1 as a sport. Super Pole is not overly sporting, and adds too much variance where it isn't needed. Tires should never be mandated in any way shape or form. This js a sport of machinery and mechanics, not tire suppliers. Practice sessions should never matter. They shouldn't even be on TV. It's PRACTICE. I thought better of The Race than this.
Brandon Mullarkey
Brandon Mullarkey Dag sedan
Hamilton=most overrated driver in history.
Nishant Dawadi
Nishant Dawadi Dag sedan
dont rule out bottas going to redbull replacing perez.