Pro Gymnast Tries Climbing
2 Weeks to climb this boulder
My hardest climbing session yet!
Only Hard Bouldering!
5 månader sedan
Normal Girl Belays Pro Climber
Magic Pull Up Challenge
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Александра Сидорова
Александра Сидорова 4 timmar sedan
OMG. That was so scary. How do people do things like that
FeuerFrei 5 timmar sedan
It is good for english speakers to hear you guys conversing in english but please do not ever lose your beautiful, ancient language. I personally would rather watch videos like this where you all speak Norsk with english subtitles. Great work too - it is great to see young Skandinavian manner getting very strong and fit, leading by example and going against the hatred towards us European / Scandinavian people. Great work guys. Keep it up.
ThomasSFH 5 timmar sedan
So fun to see Magnus trying his best :-)
Armin Theron
Armin Theron 5 timmar sedan
Jesus loves you so much ❤️ I was addicted to porn for almost 6 years of my life, I was on drugs, alcohol and I hated people, Jesus set me free and he can set you free aswell ❤️ all you have to do is repent and trust in him and he will change your life!!❤️
scubabunny81 5 timmar sedan
Where is the park? It's a beautiful area
Andres Fernandez
Andres Fernandez 6 timmar sedan
Magnus: I'm tired *25 pullups*
Charlie Offerlin
Charlie Offerlin 6 timmar sedan
Hei Magnus, som offiser i Den Franske Hæren forstår jeg veldig godt at skuttinstruksjonene skulle være på norsk (for sikkerhets skyld), men som utlending synes jeg det ville være enda bedre videoer om du snakket mer på norsk. Det er bar med undertekster, og deres språk høres så fint ut! Håper du kommer til å se denne kommentaren og tusen takk for videoene dine. Det er godt å få se hvordan tingene er i andre hæren i verden.
scubabunny81 7 timmar sedan
That was cracking. You did really well. I only got through basic training (RAF) because I was injured part way through and couldn't do the marching 'exam'. I would definitely have been back-flighted otherwise! Any and all military collabs sound awesome.
Zach27pack 8 timmar sedan
12:22 I’ve never seen him in that much pain before
Travel Review
Travel Review 9 timmar sedan
Next time can ya'll edit out the sound of Magnus's knees popping every time he does a squat?? Gives me that nails on a chalk board feeling! (Yes mine do it too. Idk why it only bothers me if it's someone else's) 😅🤷‍♂️
Travel Review
Travel Review 10 timmar sedan
Bro if Magnus smashed he's my new hero. I'm a big Marte fan but... this girl is like something from a book...
Travel Review
Travel Review 11 timmar sedan
I hope Magnus and Tom continue working together. 🤞🙏💔
Drizzt Do'Urden
Drizzt Do'Urden 12 timmar sedan
Looks like you need to push with your feet to get more power.
Unrepresentative Representation
Unrepresentative Representation 12 timmar sedan
It’s not just a Boulder it’s a rock
Martin Schwab
Martin Schwab 12 timmar sedan
go green bay!
Unrepresentative Representation
Unrepresentative Representation 12 timmar sedan
Dope video
Superhuman Unchained
Superhuman Unchained 13 timmar sedan
Great video
Paul Hetherington
Paul Hetherington 13 timmar sedan
That's a masked, M-4 American Military weapon- American Indian, and Polish words! MECHERES- Never, meters Japan!
Paul Hetherington
Paul Hetherington 13 timmar sedan
Tele-- These two, said- Pacific Islands! Teleon= Aim, American Indian,- upon EARTHz!
Paul Hetherington
Paul Hetherington 13 timmar sedan
NA Toyota - TOKHA NORWJNz! Fakest EVz Boochinch! <-- VOLSOMENCH VOKALz! You will, freeze in that- crap mania!
Jonas Grønbek
Jonas Grønbek 13 timmar sedan
Eh, that run is way faster than the women world record on the distance
F A 13 timmar sedan
You should try travelling and training. In Poland I can train all the time pretty much
Kenyon Andrews
Kenyon Andrews 13 timmar sedan
You can see how nervous and scared he is just by his face expression
Travel Review
Travel Review 14 timmar sedan
Pete is the first dude that can hang with Magnus
Travel Review
Travel Review 14 timmar sedan
Its HARDER than it looks? It looks pretty damn hard boys 👀 👀 👀
Travel Review
Travel Review 15 timmar sedan
This video must've taken a ton of work
Amira Sarajlic
Amira Sarajlic 15 timmar sedan
Travel Review
Travel Review 15 timmar sedan
Do ya'll know who tf Pete Whittaker is? That dude Rope Solo'd El less than 24 hours. If you don't realize how physical that is do some googling. Not quite as "death wish/insane" as Honnold but the endurance and mental strength necessary to do it is absolutely mind blowing.
dBx Production
dBx Production 15 timmar sedan
0:45 wtf?
Daniel Reig Navarro
Daniel Reig Navarro 15 timmar sedan
So happy that I could understand the Russian 😁
Travel Review
Travel Review 15 timmar sedan
Think dude has a little crush on Magnus 🥰
unknown unknown
unknown unknown 15 timmar sedan
juji's hair looks like him like a lady haha
Hannah 16 timmar sedan
When I heard that the bar rotates, I suddenly realized that this is a lot harder than I first thought. You guys killed it though!
Asa Yagami
Asa Yagami 16 timmar sedan
I dont really do bouldering and climbing, its not my background, but its interesting to watch someone who does something so completely different than I do, so see how they do problem solving and how they attack obstacles.
Joachim Tunskaug
Joachim Tunskaug 16 timmar sedan
@magnus midtbø, try beating the most pull ups done in 24h as your next challenge. Think it’s like 4000 or something
duvonan 16 timmar sedan
35:51 in the snow "send nudes" :D
Susanna Parkkinen
Susanna Parkkinen 18 timmar sedan
Great place, great people and Mister Spider Man Magnus
Josef 19 timmar sedan
"try them at home" HA! They think I can do them bruuhh
thomas kristiansen
thomas kristiansen 19 timmar sedan
Faktisk gøy å se gamle videoer med tau klatring 👍🏼
ali b
ali b 20 timmar sedan
We used this method when i was in scuba diving. you purposefully kinda hyperventilate and you can deffo hold your breath longer. super dangerous in water tho. It wasnt called Wim Hof by anyone at the time tho.
ali b
ali b 20 timmar sedan
i am Algorismo the commenting machine.
rara58524 20 timmar sedan
After months of deliberation, reading and watching videos about climbing, I finally started *actual* beginner climbing myself. Man, it's so much more difficult than I thought. These beginners with Magnus are actually pretty awesome. I struggle to even stay on the wall for more than a minute; on the easiest traverse in the hall which is meant for genuine babies. If you think you're bad at climbing, always be sure there are even worse beginners than you who struggle even more. But no matter how bad we are, if we keep at it, eventually we'll get better, I'm sure. There's nothing better than feeling your whole body beat up after a relatively short climbing session. It's the most efficient sport out there in terms of time.
Kristoffer Larsen
Kristoffer Larsen 20 timmar sedan
CaffeineBuzzerBeater 21 timme sedan
This music is groovy!
Matthew Bearby
Matthew Bearby 21 timme sedan
if you do it again try to to either polish or the Reza
Тамерлан Рахимбердиев
Тамерлан Рахимбердиев 21 timme sedan
8:40 the first time of Marte being cocky 😂
J.T.Patton 21 timme sedan
25 pull ups with added weight is nuts. Mad respect for these Boys.
Eclips3Epidemics 21 timme sedan
Record pull ups is 4k
Eclips3Epidemics 21 timme sedan
In the US at least
Invissi 21 timme sedan
Hello, could someone please send me, where I can find Tinteq progressor (or V-rings)? Thank you.
Anna Rissler
Anna Rissler 22 timmar sedan
“Isn’t this how beginners swim?” Proceeds to swim with his head above water and doesn’t push off
Nickellion 22 timmar sedan
Meanwhile Cross fitters everywhere! Are calling themselves the fittest and strongest in the world by swinging from a pull up bar and calling it a rep!
Jukka Jylänki
Jukka Jylänki 23 timmar sedan
On the last 12.87 run, he accidentally steps his right foot on one of the black holds of the course to the right ( )
Jean Pazos
Jean Pazos Dag sedan
They've got heavy accents.
Claire Dag sedan
Sir that’s what I wear when it’s 4-10C in NY. -10?? Wow
Trigger Happy
Trigger Happy Dag sedan
The dude looks like he could play captain America
matus mikoviny
matus mikoviny Dag sedan
Weighted OAP ? Now thats something. ! N1.
Axel Axe
Axel Axe Dag sedan
When we will see mixfite video? XD
Lovvia Lovve
Lovvia Lovve Dag sedan
bache bache karainne patha ni kon sa ghunna karna parega
Lovvia Lovve
Lovvia Lovve Dag sedan
aap pura army ziaya ho
Ohm Bak
Ohm Bak Dag sedan
"Be cool like Magnus.." We all try man :D
Mauri Dag sedan
What was the upside down ab machine/ equipment called?
XXLRebel Dag sedan
One of those things they teach you in the military is you do full range of motion or it doesn't count.😁
matus mikoviny
matus mikoviny Dag sedan
This happens when the real men put their hands on silly tv show accessories.
So who is this guest guy ? Cannot even climb jugs!!!
roger5070mm Dag sedan
i did 99
rc08zzr600 Dag sedan
Holly crap magnus can run. The fastest guy I’ve ever tested for the 1.5 mile was around 8:30-8:40. He fucking killed it.
MR Detailing
MR Detailing Dag sedan
2:11 bye bye lower back
Toni Paasikas
Toni Paasikas Dag sedan
You should try that hanging with clean hands, no chalk or magnesium...
rc08zzr600 Dag sedan
For someone who doesn’t train any of these things Marte did very well. Most women and men can’t do a single pull-up. And when I proctored physical training tests in the military I’ve seen women do less and worse push-ups. Seal test are different but typically standards for women are usually a little lower for women.
Shawn Hiew
Shawn Hiew Dag sedan
I'm suprised they don't call themselves crackheads
Carla James
Carla James Dag sedan
These videos have been some of my favourite from you. Very proud to watch you do something brings back days from when I did cadets as a teenager, the drill is hard enough without adding a weapon to the mix. Inspirational.
ethantwolfe Dag sedan
one of your best videos mate
Julian Dag sedan
Anyone: *says literally anything* Magnus: *giggles*
Martin Dag sedan
wow that's impressive... tries speed climbing for the first time in a long time and just picks it up. Maybe just go accidentally win the climbing olympics for us too?
Alex Feld
Alex Feld Dag sedan
Magnus would be a terrifying grappler 😂
jernejj5 Dag sedan
Japanese have different rating system than the World. If it's as expected it's 3 stars for Japanese. If it's as expected and has free beer, it's 5 stars for Japanese. If you see anything with rating 2.0 and over in Japan, it's a normal place.
TheBlueMan Dag sedan
Eyy I work there! 28:04
Mark Maxwell
Mark Maxwell Dag sedan
The Russians would kick these idiots asses all over Europe......👎
Tyrone Biggums
Tyrone Biggums Dag sedan
Where can you buy those upside down situp benches?
Vegan Space Scientist
Vegan Space Scientist Dag sedan
I'd really love to try a speed wall and see if I can even complete it. Does anyone know if there is one in Sydney, Australia?
Noah Bratschi
Noah Bratschi 8 timmar sedan
Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym - Villawood